avoided kissing.

When Gi-chan sucked his lips, she washed his lips together and put her tongue out into Ki-chan’s mouth.
It was usually her who almost avoided kissing.
Ki-chan’s mouth, which is over 80, smelled old and dirty, so he was consciously avoiding it. But strangely enough, now there was no smell.
Jung So-hee held Ki-chan’s soft pulse and gently rubbed it.
Jung So-hee’s voluminous breast curve, sitting next to her, caught Ki-chan’s eyes.
Gi-chan changed his constitution to a heavy meridian. Then, her pulse, which remained in her usual condition, was gently dancing in her hands.
Gi-chan stood up from the bath and went out to massage Jung So-hee’s back.
Her hands had been sobbing and she was injecting some energy into her blood.
When Ki-chan’s hand touched her back, Jung So-hee felt the unusually hot heat spreading throughout her body. Ki-chan stood up and I felt sorry for missing it.동대문구이혼전문변호사
Stimulating the blood around her waist, she lay down her upper body with her hands folded in her knees. Then Gi-chan, who had brought her back up, took the leggings off her body, and took off her bra and panties. And now there were only two naked men in the bathroom.
Hugging Jung So-hee’s back, Ki-chan sat in the bathtub. Kichan’s, which turned into a heavy smokescreen, cut off Jung So-hee’s and entered the uterus.
Again, Ki-chan changed his mouth to a carburetor and began to send hot heat into her womb.
Inside Ki-chan’s body, there was still a great deal of flabby inner hem.
Of the two inner layers eaten by the young sisters, the amount inhaled by the younger sisters was less than half. Once Kichan had collected it in his own Danjeon, he had melted it little by little and sent it into Jeong So-hui’s body.
Jung So-hee was thin on the outside.강동구이혼전문변호사
But the inner flesh was full and balanced, with flesh where there was flesh and bones where there was bone.
Jung So-hee was sitting on Gi-chan’s chair, connecting Gi-chan and his genitals.
In Jung So-hee’s body, Ki-chan’s was emitting hot heat as he continued to pulse.
As if enjoying the smooth texture of Jung So-hee’s skin, Gi-chan was touching her white flesh, tapping her blood, touching her breasts, and pressing it, as if she was enjoying the smooth texture of her skin.
Jung So-hee may have thought she was just receiving a strong caress, but what Ki-chan is doing now was more than caress.
As the considerable amount of heat spread through Jung So-hee’s whole body, she began to use the heat to burn away the waste matter in her body.
Then she unfolded the yin and yang laws and began to change her constitution.
Ki-chan sat on the bathroom floor with his legs crossed, connecting the genitals in a position facing Jung So-hee. Jung So-hee was finely colored with pink all over her body, as if excited by pleasure.
The small veins were used to make thin, long, and soft, and pushed into Jung So-hee’s. Finally, it was put to the end of the uterus. Then he took it as a passage and began to inject the hot heat into Jung’s body in earnest. She was holding her waist in her hands, immobilizing her body.송파구이혼전문변호사
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s too hot.”
Jung So-hee twisted her body as if she was trying to get out of the heat that spread inside her, but Gi-chan did not budge and hugged her tightly to keep her genitalia from falling out.
At last a scream burst out of So-hee’s mouth. The heat that came into her body, as though it were a pleasure, a pain, and an unidentifiable sensation spread from her center to her whole body, was circling the bloodstream, spreading without boiling over her whole body.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please forgive me. It’s my fault. I will never sin against you again. Ah, it’s too hot there.”
Finally, Jung So-hee struggled to move her limbs and made a sound. But Ki-chan was completely embracing her with both arms, sending heat into her body, helping the hot energy spread through her whole body.
The heat from Jung So-hee’s body gradually died down, and her skin peeled off like a bunch of snakes peeling off her skin. And it was repeated, like baby fat. Jung So-hee’s face had returned to her former, enemy’s, face. He returned to his tight, tangy skin, and now his hips, which had been falling down little by little, are up again, and his features are clearly changed, bringing all the curves of his body back to life.
Jung So-hee’s body has completely changed. Now the wrinkles around the eyes are gone, the wrinkles on the neck are gone, and the breasts that have begun to spread to the side and become a little droopy have been collected, and they have risen as small and towering as that of ‘s.강남이혼전문변호사
For some time, Jung did not seem to notice the changes that were taking place in her body. When the hot heat from the jar subsided, he let out the Dannae again and washed Ki-chan’s lips. Soon enough, he opened his mouth.
“Dad! I love it. I’m sorry.”
“So-hee! I love it, too. Sohee!”
Jung So-hee had her naked skin on her skin as if she had something like white flour on her face.
Jung So-hee pulled her out of her body and raised her up.
The toilet glass was blurry and she couldn’t see her body.제주도이혼전문변호사
The glass became transparent when hot water was sprayed into the glass with a shower.
And as she sprinkled shower water on her and dropped the things on her body to the floor, the mirror in the bathroom lit up the body of a woman-like, amazing woman in a piece of the birth of Venus.
Jung So-hee seemed to be unable to believe that the woman in the mirror was herself.
Like a woman in magic, looking blankly in the mirror, turning and looking at Ki-chan,
“Daddy, what happened?”
Without a word, Gi-chan hugged her tightly and pushed herself into the bathtub, sucking her lips.
Jung So-hee sat in the bathtub, snoring and pulling Ki-chan’s neck.
Still in Ki-chan’s arms, Jung So-hee looked happy. Gi-chan let So-hee’s hand go. Jung So-hee’s body was still wet from the shower, but her skin was a little reddish, giving off a dazzling glow.
Jung So-hee trembled, wondering if she was already excited to be back with Ki-chan. Gi-chan wrapped around Jung So-hee’s breast and sucked up.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Um….”제주이혼전문변호사
As he listened to Jung So-hee’s voice, Gi-chan lowered his body and connected Jung’s with a medium of soothing and pushed him in.
When Jung So-hee began to suck at her nipples, she relaxed her strength from her body and held Ki-chan’s head and pushed him to her chest, making a sound.
“Daddy! Ah… Ah… Ah….”
Once again, Gi-chan confirmed that Jung So-hee’s hand was holding her body, and stood up holding her hands under her calves. He stood up with his body connected to Jung So-hee in a face-to-face position. Kichan, who entered Jung So-hee’s body, was continuing his pulse.춘천이혼전문변호사
“Ah… Dad… ah… Ah….”
Jung So-hee always had to do it with a guilty conscience. So I had to keep my breath away. It was because she did it so quickly when she first played with Ki-chan, but after that, she had to feel like she was always guilty to solve her physical cravings in a man who was not her husband. But not today.
It’s a husband.
When she thought so, she wanted to make a sound to her heart’s content, as if she didn’t think she needed to put up with the excitement of Gi-chan.원주이혼전문변호사
“Dad…! Dad…Great. Very, very…”Oh, good…”
Gi-chan stood up and shook her body with a thud, pushing her with his body, opening the bathroom door and moving to the bedroom. Then he pushed her into the bed, putting her on the bed.
“Huck…! Dad…Good… good…”Ah, Dad…”보은이혼전문변호사
Jeong So-hee’s cunning, which began to scream before she even began, was ringing in the room with a breathless exclamation when he gave her a stitch.
As the bed creaked and Jung So-hee’s teeth rose, Ki-chan quietly picked up her transfusion and put her to sleep and left the room.

Kichan was about to leave the room when he turned around and came back in, covered her body with a blanket, put on her pajamas and left the room.
I was going to look around the house because I thought all the family members in the house would wake up from sleep because of her breathtaking doctrines and the creaking noise of the bed.강릉이혼전문변호사
Jung So-hee’s naked body, a beautiful woman who fell asleep while being attacked by a man, was the temptation itself.
Darkness is no obstacle to Ki-chan. I came out and stopped by Ilnam’s room. As he stroked his son’s head, he seemed to be dreaming of a complicated brainwave. With a transfusion, covered with a blanket to sleep. I’ll have a good night’s sleep by tomorrow morning.
As I went downstairs, Kim came out of the kitchen, went to the front door, and dragged the front door quietly.
And without a murmur, he went back to his room.
When Ki-chan locked the front door, followed Kim into the kitchen room, he became naked and hugged her. I didn’t want to say no, so I stayed still and tried to take off my pajamas while washing my lips.
As her lips quicken in the dark, Ki-chan sucks her tongue together, and in the dark comes the sound of still tapping on the window. Ki-chan quickly took Kim’s blood transfusion and laid down his seat. And as I covered myself with a blanket, the man’s voice sounded quiet outside the window.
“Open the door!”청주이혼전문변호사
When Ki-chan quietly woke up and opened the door, the man outside the window seemed to be quickly heading to the front door.
When Gi-chan went to the front door and opened the door, the man outside,
“Follow me!”
He spoke as if he were ordering and went down to the detached house without turning back.
Gi-chan quietly followed the man down to the detached house.
As Cha Il-bu enters the main room as if he thinks the person who followed him is Kim, he hugs him and pushes his lips.
Ki-chan’s right hand heated up on Cha Il-bu’s cheek.
Cha Il-bu’s face went off as a cheerful brawl exploded. Kichan turned on the light in the room.

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