I’m not as broad-minded as G.E.M.
“Ji-hye! Never be surprised no matter what happens in this room.”
“Yes, Grandpa….”창녕전문이혼변호사
“I happened to get something huge in Jeju this time. I think we can use it to cure your mother’s illness.”
“Wisdom of studying modern medicine, although you may not understand it, modern medicine will not be the end. ……….”
Kichan thought he needed to show something for sure.
I sat on the floor of the room with my legs crossed and began to sob.양산이혼전문변호사
Then from Gi-chan’s body, something like water vapor rose up and circled around his head, turning brilliantly into a rainbow-colored light, giving off a glow of brilliance. The number of rings that emit light increased by one layer to nine.
At last all those things turned back into a gas and went into Ki-chan’s nose.
Wisdom could not shut its mouth.
And maybe grandpa could really save Mom.
“Ji-hye! Take off all your mother’s clothes and lay her on the upright.”
Wisdom could not disobey his grandfather’s words.
All the clothes came off Hee-sook’s body. Hee-sook also moved her body so that she could easily undress herself.
Lastly, when only panties were left, Ji-hye hesitated to grab it and take it off, and then looked at her grandfather. When Gi-chan nodded twice in his eyes, Ji-hye did not hesitate to peel it off.
Hee-sook’s naked body was not such a stylish body that stimulated a man’s. He was all wrinkled and naked. The breasts had changed so much like envelopes where the contents had fallen out, and the lower abdomen had the fat still remaining, and the thighs lay so bare, with only bones.​진주이혼전문변호사
There was no conspiracy in the woman’s, not just her hair, so she was showing crumpled white bare skin.
Ki-chan reached out his hand and began to elicit the chi by sticking it to her chest and moving the pendulum into her body.
Hee-sook was so exhausted that she thought she wouldn’t be able to treat her.
For some time, as the chisel moved with her hand on her chest, the wrinkles were spreading as Hee-sook’s body, visible to the eyes of Ji-hye, sought vitality. What should I say? If you pump air into a flat balloon, will it be like this?
Then full-scale treatment was under way.
Now let’s cut this down here, knowing that there was an inappropriate treatment between the father and daughter (the Clinton version).>
After three hours of treatment, Hee-sook recovered to a healthy early 40s.
Now, if Ji-hye and Hee-sook go out together, people will never believe that they are mother and daughter. Now you’ll recover if you eat well.거제이혼전문변호사
Let’s finish the treatment. Hee-sook fell into a deep sleep. The sheets smelled of waste from Hee-sook’s skin. Hugging Hee-sook, she went to the bathroom and gave her a clean bath, ground her bed sheets, and laid Hee-sook on it. Ki-chan and Ji-hye even gave him a bath, but Hee-sook did not wake up. After waking up the room and crying again in front of Ji-hye’s eyes, Ki-chan left the room, telling her to prepare for Ji-hye’s inauguration as the head of the hospital tomorrow.
Then, with a face that believed that his mother had been completely cured, Wisdom to his grandfather,
“Thank you, Grandpa…And you did a great job.”
He replaced me with a greeting.
I tried to leave the room, but I came back and said, “Good night…”As he stroked the face of wisdom, he touched the blood transfusion and made him sleep deeply.

Gi-chan returned to the second floor bedroom. Jung So-hee was sleeping without knowing the world.
I gently unwrapped the blood transfusion while sucking Jung So-hee’s breast. Do you think So-hee fell asleep while entering the room from the bathhouse?
“Dad…, don’t strain yourself.”통영이혼전문변호사
However, Kichan was out of breath as he pulled out of his breast. Kichan’s hand went into her and scouted her. As a result, I thought it would be too much to insert right away because my teeth were already dry. It was therefore necessary to damp her down. Gi-chan washed So-hee’s breast and turned to put his face into Jung So-hee’s. Then, naturally, the bodies of the two men faced each other in a 69-point position. Kichan hugged Jung So-hee’s thigh and lay face to face on the ceiling. Then naturally, Jung So-hee’s body was raised upside down over Ki-chan’s body. Jung So-hee’s put her right on her face and washed her from below. Jung So-hee used to be sucked a lot by Ki-chan. Kichan spoke of precious fuel self-determination. Then it became a small, plump, and soft one. Jeong So-hee held Ki-chan’s hands to see if he was so cute, and put his roots in his mouth. It was her usual grossness who never put his in her mouth. Today he puts his tongue around his mouth and sucks it in. Kichan pulled Jung So-hee’s thighs, putting his tongue on the and gently sucking at the small one. So-hee also chewed with Ki-chan’s in her mouth. When Gi-chan sobbed his pulse, his family began to play it in her mouth.문경이혼전문변호사
“Well, um…Uh, uh, um…!”
He finally makes a moaning sound. She was already wet enough.
Gi-chan turned her body from the bottom to the bottom. When the two faced each other again, Gi-chan switched to a medium-split and went straight into her.
Perhaps because of her sufficient caress, she immediately let out a sickening sound as Gi-chan’s Ga entered her body.
Jung So-hee was shivering and turning her hips in response to the pleasure that was spreading from her lower limbs. Gi-chan gave such a deep kiss to her, and Jung So-hee was moving around holding him tightly. Ki-chan began to move his waist little by little from below.
“Puck…! Puck…!”
There was a noise similar to that of walking on muddy roads in boots where the two people were connected.
It was the sound of Gi-chan’s in and out of Chung’s.
“Daddy… good… Ha! Dad…”Ah…”​안동이혼전문변호사
“So-hee…! I like it too…Ah… Sohee, I love you…!”
As Gi-chan climbed up to her body and started stinging vigorously again, she ran out of breath and finally ran 100 meters, then became as if she were in a state of difficulty breathing properly, making a sound as she gasped.
For some time the room was tangled and noisy with her coquettish, the creaking of the bed, and the noise coming from the bottom facing each other.
Finally, Jung So-hee began to tighten Kichan’s waist with a dud, and Kichan kept stitches while sucking her and squeezing the breast with his other hand.
She let her thighs loose and her voice stopped, as if she had lost consciousness at the top of the euphoria, and then she said, “Hoo…” woke up with a long sigh.
Ki-chan never packed anything and played inside So-hee for about two hours. Finally, the two began the story of Dorando, lying face to face and caressing each other’s bodies with their hands.
Still in her vagina, Gi-chan’s family, which had been changed into a small vein, was playing Macnori as if breathing in a ping-pong ball.
“Daddy… do I look like someone else today?”

“So you don’t like it?”
“Dad… no. I love it so much. I don’t know how many times I thought I could die. I love it.”
“Oh, I have to tell you the story of Jeju, and suddenly a man has changed and came back, and you must have been surprised, so……….”
When Jeong So-hee heard Gi-chan’s story, she exclaimed and told the story of taking out the ghostly Se-reul from the crate of a Korean-style house, she became like a mummy and dug into Gi-chan’s arms. And while I was in the mood, I poured out all the stories of beauty. Of course, I took out what happened with my eldest daughter Hee-sook.
After hearing the story, Jung So-hee couldn’t shut her mouth.
“So how many women are all me?”
Then Gi-chan suddenly hugged her and pushed his tongue through her lips, sucking her lips.
Unbelievable, she was clenched to keep her lips open and not to give her tongue.
Then, Gi-chan’s family, which was inside Jung So-hee’s body, swelled greatly due to the medium and moderate pulse. He clenched his teeth, but he unwittingly said, “Oh…!” burst and in the meantime, Gi-chan took over both her lips and tongue. And once again she climbed over her body and stitched vigorously.
Jung So-hee, who was gawking with the pleasure of spreading from the bottom to the whole body again, already found that this man had become a monster that he could not handle by himself. When I gave up, I felt nothing but pleasure. Now he clung to Ki-chan with a scream of cunning as if he could not stand it.
At last, when she felt a feeling of desperation, she spread out as if she had fainted. Then came down from her body and lay beside her again, hugging her in an opposite position. In her vagina, Gi-chan’s family, which had been changed to a small vein, was naturally playing with the beat of her heart.
Finally relieved, as Jung So-hee hugs Gi-chan,
made a noise of 김해이혼전문변호사​
with one hand touching her chubby breast, flexing her arms in her arms,
“So-hee screamed so much, and the bed creaked, that the people in the house would have heard it, what should we do?”
“I don’t know…”
So-hee’s face blushed like a new bride. Kichan’s big Mac.
“Aha… Dad.”
As she did, she caught her breath again, twisting her body and waist.
“But there are still too many seven.”
From Jung So-hee’s expression, he knew that she meant to forgive him.
“I don’t know if it’s going to get longer.”
“Daddy…? Don’t you think it’s too much?”
“So-hee! I’m sorry, but if it’s fate, it can’t be helped.”​상주이혼전문변호사
“If you really don’t like it, I’ll divorce you. If you want to leave me and live with a man who only cares for you, I can let you go…….”
So-hee covered Ki-chan’s mouth with her lips, saying she could break up with him.
And after sucking Ki-chan’s tongue for a while, he took his mouth off and said,

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