“Daddy, as you may have known, I wasn’t such a virtuous wife. However, it was only after my father went missing in Jeju that I realized that he was the only person I truly loved in my life. It’s true that I got married because I helped my tilted home, but I wouldn’t have gotten married if I didn’t have a love heart. No matter how many women there were around him, my first love was him. So I think I’m going to have to be nasty about all those women. Bring them home tomorrow and live here. Yes!”
“Thank you. Sohee, thank you.”일산이혼전문변호사
Then, Gi-chan hugged her tightly, kissed her, solved her again, and then pressed her again.
They were stuck like that until they heard a man leaving the annex.
“Maybe Cha Il-bu is leaving this house, after hearing the door open and close,
“So-hee! You’ll have Il-nam go to school for a few days from today.”

“I sent out the next driver.”
“Good job, I thought I’d have to let you out otherwise.”
Upon hearing So-hee’s words, Ki-chan thought it was a good thing that he sent out the next driver.
“Let’s just do that for the time being and use the driver again.”
“No, I’ll be responsible for Ilnam’s commute to and from school, so if there’s no other reason, I just don’t want to have a driver.”
“Should I? I’m sorry to So-hee, but….”
“What are you sorry about? I’m Il-nam’s mother.”
“Thank you. For thinking so….”

It was not until she woke up in the morning that Mal-nyeo (pen-name: Kim Mal-rye) knew that she had slept naked. Apparently, the next driver came into the room, kissed her, and then lay down and thought that the next driver would have left the room while sleeping.남양주이혼변호사
I had to hurry to feed my husband to school.
Kim got up, cooked in the kitchen, prepared side dishes, then went up to the second floor, woke Il-nam up, took him down to prepare the meal, and went to the next driver.
But there was no next driver. I looked around and found out that the next driver had already left this house.
Thinking that I should let the president or his wife know that the next president has left, I went to the main room and knocked on the door, and the answer was not his voice. Only then did I come to my senses and go upstairs thinking that the chairman had slept on the second floor yesterday, but Jung So-hee came down from the second floor.
“My wife doesn’t have a new driver.”
“I know. I’ll order Ilnam to go to school, so send him to the place where he eats.”
Jung So-hee’s calm-talking face came out of a bright glow, and there was no wrinkles around her eyes that were visible without makeup, so she looked like a person who had technically put on makeup. There was a scent coming out of her body, how should I say it? Dongbaekhyanggi(?)
The scent seemed to be much better than the scent of camellia flowers.
“Samo, are you wearing makeup?”
“No, I didn’t even wash my face. Oh, the toilet drain on the second floor seems to be clogged, let’s fix it today.”
Jung So-hee’s dead skin, which came off last night, blocked the sewers and kept the water running until morning.
Jung So-hee’s face was brighter when she washed her face in the bathroom downstairs. Then she, the horsewoman, looked and looked strangely, tried to smell the scent from her body, pushing her face on her clothes and sniffing her nose.
By pushing her away,


“Did something get on my face?”
“No, but how could you be so clean overnight? And what is this scent?”
Jung So-hee couldn’t say what happened last night. So I smiled brightly with a blurry face.
Then the whole world at her laugh was getting a feeling of lightening up all at once.
It seems that even the small water warts on the neck have been completely peeled off.
A horsewoman is staring blankly, humming and going out with an old towel. Then she threw out her car from the garage and hummed it, sprinkled water and wiped it, and the horsewoman felt a sense of life that she had no idea what it was.
“Oh, I’ve changed, I’ve changed too much.”포천이혼변호사
While talking to himself and going to the kitchen, Chairman Lee comes down from the second floor. I saw it yesterday, but today, it seems that President Lee has changed. In the past, he had difficulty moving up the second floor. So I changed the main room downstairs, but seeing him coming down today, there was no sign of that at all.
“Have you slept well?”
Watching the woman say hello,
“Did the horsewoman sleep well, too?”포천이혼전문변호사
While sitting on the couch in the living room, the woman felt that she had changed even though she couldn’t say anything.
Sitting on the couch in the living room, listening to the newspaper,
“Go to the master bedroom and ask Hee Sook’s mother and daughter to come out and have breakfast.”
I was answering the question, and I went to my bedroom and knocked on the door, and the two of them were at the same time.
“Come in.”성남이혼변호사
When I opened the door thinking the patient was lying down, there was no patient, and the mother and daughter were lying down and having a friendly talk. There was a scent in the room that was indescribable. It was similar to the smell that Jung So-hee used to give off in the morning.
To a horsewoman who looks at her with a startled eyes.
“What’s going on?”
Hee-sook asked again.
“The president wants us to come out to eat.”
“Okay. Tell him I’ll be out soon.”
The horsewoman has called Hee-sook the eldest sister since she was young.
“Are you the oldest sister?”성남이혼전문변호사
“Hoo hoo…”
Hee-sook smiled brightly, and the smile was as bright as that of Jung So-hee, whom she saw in the morning.
Something seemed to have happened to all the women in the house last night except herself. Even in Hee-sook’s face, a halo of light was spreading. When I smelled it, the fragrance spreading in this room seemed to flow out of Hee-sook’s body.
When Hee-sook and Ji-hye went out to town, people seemed to see Ji-hye, their daughter, as an older sister.
When I came closer and compared Hee-sook’s face with Ji-hye’s face, I felt more and more so.용인이혼변호사
There were no black mushrooms on Hee-sook’s face. Only the head was so greasy as the middle head. Hee-sook picked up a wig and wore it on her head as if she was burdened by the look of a horsewoman staring at her closely.
Then, she became the face of a woman who was never seen in her 60s.
“How did this happen?.”
It was beyond my comprehension. Wisdom said to the horsewoman, who tilted her head.
“Oh… I took off the sheets in the bathroom. You’ll have to wash it. My mother made some mistakes, so….”
It was beyond my comprehension that an old woman who made a mistake last night had turned into such a fresh middle-aged man.
Hee-sook to the horsewoman trying to check something out,
“You must be busy in the morning, so go out and work.”
When she heard the sound, she rolled up a bedsheet crumpled in the bathroom and carried it out.
In the living room, Gi-chan was dialing the spirit.용인이혼전문변호사
It was a phone call to come to the sports center by 10 a.m. today. It was a message to dress up, dress up and take over as president.
The spirit suddenly whined, “What should I do?” but soon said she would do so.
I hung up the phone and connected the general manager. The general secretary convened a meeting of senior officials at 10:30 a.m. today and ordered them to prepare for the appointment of the new president at 11:00 a.m.
And to mark the inauguration of the new president for three days from today, all customers were asked to hang placards saying they would halve their fees. 하남이혼변호사
General Affairs Minister Chung Min-tae was out of his mind when the chairman, who had been missing for more than 15 days, suddenly appeared and gave such instructions. But I had to prepare. But in the company, he was a staff member under Jin Tae-rang.
I also had to report to Jin Tae-rang. I hung up on the chairman and immediately put in Jin Tae-rang’s phone.
“Yes, this is Jung-min.”
“No, what are you doing this morning?”
“I heard the chairman is taking office as the new president today?”
“What is it?”
I had the idea of cutting my son-in-law. But the nightmare suddenly became a reality.
“I just got a call to get ready.”
“What should I do?”
“Do as you are told.”
and hung up the phone.
While thinking, “Should I just sit down like this?” I thought I couldn’t back down like this, so I called my lawyer, the second execution, and asked him what he wanted me to do this morning, and then I was diligently calling somewhere.
Let’s talk about the organization and operation of this locked sports center.
The company was composed of Lee Ki-chan as CEO, Jin Tae-rang as CEO, and the secretariat for managing the chairman’s personal property under the direct control of the president, the planning and management office for managing the operators in the sports center under the direct control of the president, and the compilation of Part 1 and Section 3.
The first part was the general affairs department, and under the general affairs department, the business department, which mainly sells and manages tickets, mainly the public service department in charge of repairing and repairing machinery and electricity, and finally, the accounting department in charge of the receipt and disbursement of money.
The actual number of people working at the sports center was over 100 and no one knew exactly how many people were working in it. It was because of the specificity of the sports center.
The actual number of people managed by the sports center was less than 30 people, even if they combined two rooms, one section and three sections. The rest were all people who worked under contract with the company.
For example, there may be a case where you go to a bathhouse and come out with your hair done. There are barbers and hairdressers in the bathhouse, even in a small neighborhood. However, barbershops and hairdressers in this bathhouse are sometimes hired and operated by the owner of the bathhouse, but most of them operate by paying monthly rent with a deposit. Even at a local bathhouse, the deposit for a barber shop is about tens of millions of won. Those who own such independent business in bathrooms alone are barbers, hairdressers, massage parlors, scrubbers, and shoeshine.안산이혼변호사
There is a tooth, back, and a canteen in the bathhouse.
There are always more than three barbershops in the sauna facilities of Kichan’s sports center.
Therefore, the deposit alone is hundreds of millions of units and the monthly rent is several thousand.
Currently, the sports center manages baths, swimming pools and bowling alleys, while the rest of them have been subcontracted.

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