estate outside.

The contract was originally supposed to be made with the company’s representative, so Chairman Lee Ki-chan had to directly manage and manage it, but after giving Jin Tae-rang the title of CEO, he handed over contract management within the sports center to him and the chairman’s office switched to a system that manages private buildings and real estate outside.
Jin was using the blind spot to collect slush funds that were not in the contract while renewing the contract.
In the case of General Affairs Director Chung Min-tae, vending machines in the company were mainly private sources of income. As the building was large, the number of vending machines in the building alone exceeded 100. He was able to manage it by placing public officials and staff there and pocket money.이혼소송위자료
The president of the gym was small. The small type was a gang leader, but Lee Ki-chan, who had a lot of real estate facilities, had to mobilize power in some cases, and naturally entrusted the operation of the gym. But from some point on, this little brother was talking to Jin Tae-rang.이혼상담과 이혼법
Second, the lawyer advised Jin Tae-rang not to hand over the sports center, and that it is absolutely advantageous for Lee Ki-chan’s party to enter the sports center even by force, so Jin Tae-rang called the small brother and asked for the number of people to prevent Lee Ki-chan’s group from entering the center.
Before 8 a.m., there was a banner saying, ‘We’re going to close for the time being,’ and all the passageways to the sports center were completely closed by the shoulders of about 50 people mobilized by the type of music.
After eight o’clock, Chairman Lee Ki-chan was briefed by Jung Min-tae while having breakfast with Jung So-hee, and told Jung So-hee to come to the company by ten o’clock, and immediately drove out. But he could not get into the parking lot.
People working at the sports center and company employees were stopped trying to get to work, and were gathered in twos and threes across the road. Several banners were posted on the outer wall of the building saying it was going to be closed.
When five gangsters blocked the entrance to the parking lot and couldn’t get in, Kichan got out of the car.
One of the gangsters who was blocking the entrance looked at Kichan with broad shoulders, who was in charge, and had broad shoulders.유책배우자이혼소송
“I’m sorry. We’re closed for the time being due to internal construction. Go back.”
and said,
Kichan has decided to use sorry.
When the interior was called out, the eyes of the deafened gangsters gathered on Ki-chan.
When their eyes met, I was sorry.
“Ah…! I’m tired. Let’s go home and get some sleep or a good month’s sleep!”
The gangsters hurried back home as if they had thought of something busy.
Perhaps now they will fall into sleep sickness for a month.
I put my car in the parking lot and Kichan walked around, making everyone go home and sleep in sorry liquor, so I chased them away. The company staff and the people working in the company all came across the street.
I don’t know how he persuaded such a brutal human being, but I think it’s a relief anyway, people were busy following Lee Ki-chan’s instructions.
Take off all the banners that were hanging, and instead take them to their places.
“To commemorate the inauguration of new president Ko Mi-ryeong.”
‘All charges 50% in three days’
There is a banner hanging.이혼소송변호사
These days, even banners are used by computers. The banner is completed in less than five minutes by simply typing in a letter. Once the letters are written, the banner is finished by inserting a stick at the end of the sewing machine. So it takes less than 20 minutes in total to make the banner.
Before nine o’clock, everything had been sorted out and the sports center was operating normally.
Jin Tae-rang had a head start, so I thought about going out and seeing the situation, so I went out to the company, but I was shocked when the company was running without any problems.
Entering the president’s office, Lee Ki-chan was waiting.
“Ah…! I’m tired. Let’s finish our work quickly and go home and get some sleep or a good month’s sleep!”
I’m sorry. I’ve decided to put you to sleep.
But I did what I ordered last night before I went to bed, and then I ordered to go home and sleep. Jin Tae-rang busily left the president’s office.
Looking at Jin Tae-rang busily leaving the president’s office, Ki-chan came to think vaguely that sorry drinking is a part of hypnosis.이혼소송전문변호사
When I used sorry alcohol, I acted like a hypnotized person.
In less than an hour, Jin Tae-rang was the first to give up his legacy and return to the chairman’s office.
After Jin Tae-rang left, Ko Mi-ryeong took Hae-ryeong, Seol A-yeong, So-so and Bichung to the chairman’s office.
I felt the president’s office brightened up.
Seol Ah-yeong and So So Soh Bi-ch’i were still in court.
It is said that there is only beauty left in the house. Miae claims to be a housekeeper and works in the kitchen at the Gomi-ryeong house.이혼소송비용
As soon as everyone sat down on the sofa, Jung So-hee came in. Now all the women of Gi-chan, excluding Mi-ae, are gathered.
Kichan introduced everyone.
“Sister! I’ve heard a lot, but I’ve never seen you before. I’m Jung Sohee.”
Jung So-hee greeted Ko Mi-ryeong by calling her older sister. And the following greetings, but Seol A-young and her party, have not yet been able to greet each other properly because they have not been able to communicate.
Toward the end of the greeting, Seol A-young and her party accompanied Jung So-hee.
After receiving greetings from Seol Ha-young and So So So-so, they looked like a dark hanbok doll. They are all a couple more above the women they met when they competed in the beauty pageant. I was almost discouraged.
In addition, they were all grouped together. Ko Mi-ryeong had a cousin named Haeryeong, and Seol A-yeong had two cute maids named So-so and Bichu, but she was not alone (?
For a moment, I came to think that I could be bullied if I do something wrong.


While we were greeting each other, a note came up from the secretary’ office. It was a note that the next governor had settled his retirement allowance at the accounting department.
On the phone, he ordered the hospital’s secretary to prepare for Dr. Kim Ji-hye’s appointment as hospital director at 2 p.m. today.
By 10:20, all the executives were gathered in the president’s office.
I let others stay in the chairman’s office, and took only Ko Mi-ryeong to the president’s office.
Chairman Lee Ki-chan introduced Ko Mi-ryeong and announced that he was the new president.
At the meeting, Chairman Lee Ki-chan announced the schedule of the day to senior officials.
At 11 o’clock, after holding an inauguration ceremony attended by only employees at the president’s office, he went down and declared that he would have a simple get-together at a restaurant in the building from 12 o’clock.
I have asked the executives to go out now and inform the entire center of the inauguration of President Ko Mi-ryeong.
And the meeting was over.
The executives busied out of the room.
The center’s speakers continued to broadcast announcing Ko Mi-ryeong’s inauguration, and less than an hour later, the two-story corridor with the president’s office was completely filled with wreaths and flower pots sent by the vendors.
At 2 p.m., the inauguration of the hospital’s chief was to be held at the hospital.
People were fascinated by the beauty of new president Ko Mi-ryeong, who appeared only in her 20s.
Moreover, she was completely overwhelmed by the outstanding beauty and atmosphere of the beautiful women around her, Jung So-hee, Ko Hae-ryeong and Seol A-young, So So So-so.상간녀 소송
That morning’s uproar ended with just one heaping, and Ko Mi-ryeong’s inauguration as president was safely over. After a brief meal at the restaurant, Ko Mi-ryeong and Hae-ryeong were left, and the rest of the people went to the hospital.
With the help of Hae-ryeong, who had served there in the past, and was quick to take over everything in the sports center.

Chairman Lee Ki-chan and his party went to the hospital.
It was the first hospital in years. When his eldest son-in-law died, he came to the morgue, where he did not come after his fourth son-in-law, Ki Sung-nam, came to the hospital.
Fourth son-in-law Ki Sung-nam was in a state of panic. It was the beginning that a large sentence of death, which had been dying of uterine cancer, appeared to be so healthy. No matter how high-tech medical examinations were conducted, cancer cells could not be found. No, it was reported that no trace of cancer could be found. He went to see it himself, but last night it wasn’t his dying brother-in-law. He looked healthier than his younger sister, his wife, and there was nothing wrong except that he had no hair. Or maybe my hair has already begun to grow, and it was so prickly like a man’s chin who hadn’t shaved for a day.상간녀 위자료 소송
It was never that he was not thinking about preventing Kim Ji-hye from taking the hospital post with the contact of Jin Seo-heon (Lee Ki-chan’s second son-in-law). But just after ten o’clock, it was carried along with a message that Jin Tae-rang, the youngest of the group, seemed to have taken sleeping pills, but by all appearances, he was not in the state of taking sleeping pills. And many studies have shown that they did not take sleeping pills. We analyzed blood, urine, and even gas in our breathing, but nothing came out. No drugs or poison were detected in the stomach, even though the stomach was cleaned just in case.
I was just sleeping. When I checked the brain waves, the brain waves that were sleeping continued to come out and remained unchanged. When he was hospitalized in the hospital room and came to the hospital director’s office, Chairman Lee Ki-chan and his party were already preparing for the inauguration of the hospital director. He had already given strict instructions to the department of business, but somehow his nameplate was removed from his desk, and instead, there was a plaque called “Hospital Director’s Doctor of Medicine Kim Ji-hye.”남편바람
He went down to the department of business and tried to yell at the section chief, but was rather caught by male nurses and kicked out of the hospital. When Kim Ji-hye’s father was the head of the hospital, he won people’s hearts with a generous heart, but when Ki Sung-nam took office as the head of the hospital, he handled everything on his own and was the object of security from people in the hospital, which in a way was a natural result.
I was worried about the mishap, but nothing happened.남편불륜
Kim Ji-hye officially took office in the hospital’s director’s office and became the hospital’s chief, while a celebratory party was to be attended by senior officials at a nearby hotel at night.
When I had time to lock up after the inauguration ceremony, Jung So-hee sent a text message to Il Nam’s cell phone telling her to take a taxi home because she couldn’t take her car with her today.
It was the four women around Chairman Lee Ki-chan that caught people’s attention throughout the day. One person standing on the left of Chairman Lee Ki-chan was Jung So-hee, while the other three were young girls.

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