kept stitches.

Jeong So-hee also attracted attention with her bright appearance like a 20-year-old, but when a young girl wearing a cute royal hanbok and a wig on her head stood proudly on the right side of Chairman Lee Ki-chan and stood guard against them, people could not pinpoint what she was, but she felt something strangely curious.
It is said that the flowerpot and wreaths sent by the client late to learn that the hospital’s hospital director had been replaced that day continued for almost a week.이혼할때재산문제

After all the events at the hospital and hotel, Chairman Lee Ki-chan and his party stopped by the sports center on their way home in his car driven by Chairman Lee Hoi-
Not only was Jung So-hee’s car there, but she was encouraged because the mystery had not yet left work and was aware of the company’s work. Ever since the inauguration ceremony, the mummy has called in the executives one by one to understand their work. Hae-ryeong was helping her with all the necessary documents, taking notes, and taking control of the company. When Chairman Lee Ki-chan and his party arrived at the sports center, almost all of their work was being worked out.
Knowing that the spirit needed a car right away, Jung So-hee gave the key to her car.
Mi-ryeong suggested that all the women of Lee Hoi-chang should gather, and Mi-ae came to Lee’s house with Mi-ae, so all of her women gathered at Lee Ki-chan’s mansion that night.
There were seven in all.이혼후재산분할
Ilnam had a birth mother and a sea breeze. Ilnam seemed surprised that his mother, who gave birth to him, was so young and beautiful.
Ilnam seemed to be interested in Seol A-young’s group, which was decorated like a doll.
After Il-nam went to bed, the women gathered and told stories.
Just in time, Ilnam, Miryeong and Haeryeong decided to live there by plating the empty detached house and buying furniture.
Jeong So-hee decided to live on the first floor of the main building, and after Ilnam went down to the detached house, the second floor of the main building was repaired a little bit and renovated into a study room, and Seol A-yeong decided to use it. To sum up, Jeong So-hee will be on the first floor of the main building, Seol A-yeong on the second floor, and Ko Mi-ryeong will be using the detached house.이혼준비
All preparations will begin tomorrow and we will move as soon as we are ready.
Kichan, who was watching a meeting of women, said to them when their consensus was over.
“Why don’t we each register 200 pyeong of land next to this house, one in front of Go Mi-ryeong, one in front of Seol A-yeong, and the current building in front of Jung So-hee, each building as big as the current main building, tear down the interior walls, and leave only the exterior walls?”
Women are all thumbs and thumbs. So please bear with it even if it is a little uncomfortable until the building is completed like that,” said Lee Ki-chan said.
“What about you, Miae?”이혼준비서류
When Jung So-hee asked,
“Isn’t it better for Mi-ae to live here with So-hee?”
Mi-ae said shyly.이혼하고싶어요
“I’ll just be a maid.”
The women were all laughing.
“Yes, I mean. Help your wife when she goes out.”
A sea lion helped by the side.
Seol A-young held Lee Ki-chan’s hand still. She could not express herself because she had not yet learned to speak, but she held Lee Ki-chan’s hand as if she understood her words.
The gist was not to collect all of them here, but Seol A-yeong, So-so and Bichu wanted to live in the countryside.
It may be torture for a person 2,000 years ago to have to live in today’s Seoul. Lee Ki-chan told everyone about Seol A-young’s intention, and announced that he would seek a large rural house so that some of them, including Seol A-yeong, could live there.
Everyone laughed and chatted. In the meantime, the horsewoman cleaned up the annex and arranged for the women to sleep there.
At last, the night fell, and the Miseong sisters and Mi-ae went down to the detached house, and Seol A-yeong and her party decided to sleep on the second floor of the main house.이혼하고싶을때
Jeong So-hee, who had not yet entered the main room, was seen sitting alone in the living room in the eyes of the horsewoman who came down after giving a bunk bed to So-so Bichu, Seol A-young. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. Kichan went down to the detached house with his mummy sisters. While waiting for Ki-chan, Jung So-hee was feeling the unknown jealousy rising from her heart.
A horsewoman came across from Jung So-hee and sat down. The horsewoman couldn’t understand what happened last night. Not only did the patient, who said she would not live for six months, have completely given birth, but she seemed to have entered a magical world from Jung So-hee’s youthful appearance.
“Well…! Ma’am.”
Jung So-hee, who came to her senses at the call of a horsewoman,
“Why? What’s wrong?”
“Just let me know. What?”
“What do you talking about?”
“I’m dying to know what happened at home last night.”
“Nothing happened, nothing happened.”
“Come on, tell me. What?”
After a while of silence, Jung So-hee began to talk to the horsewoman as if she had finally made up her mind.

In the main room of the annex at that time, there was a mystery and a gichan. There were three separate rooms, and Mi-ae decided to sleep in the main room and in the small room.이혼하기
There was no bed in the detached house, so bedding was laid on the floor.
There was only one toilet in the detached house, so the first thing to do was to wash the face of a spirit and enter the inner room.
Kichan, lying in bed in the bed, slipped back to the back of Mee-ryeong, hugged her waist, and squeezed her breast. The mystery didn’t say anything, but she was rising with a firmness.
While kissing the mummy’s breast, a sea lion came in a moment later.
So in the main room of the annex, Gi-chan warmed up with two women. Mi-ae couldn’t participate in the game because she was on the street, but she saw Ki-chan out of her home room after finishing a stitches.

The horsewoman couldn’t believe what Jung said. Lee Hoi-chang’s cheek was so good, and he made Jung So-hee’s body so perfect in just one day last night, so I wanted to taste Ki-chan. But you can’t just say, “Please let me borrow your husband for a day.”
But in fact, there was another reason why Jung So-hee did so to Mal-rye.
The fact that all of Kichan’s women are in a group, but she is alone, was actually thinking of putting the horsewoman on Kichan’s list. If, of course, he was his secretary, his housekeeper, his status as he is now, it was his horse.
But even so, he said, “Do you want me to lend you one?”You can’t even ask, can you?
After killing each other’s true intentions, Jung So-hee was talking in the living room for more than an hour while she was talking about the last woman as she was, and she couldn’t say the last.
Gi-chan’s has grown and shrunk.In the saying,이혼재산분할요점정리
“Oh, oh, oh, oh my…!”
The horsewoman screamed so much, rubbing her body as if she were being stimulated more than necessary.
At last, the horsewoman,
“I wish I had tasted it….”
Like he said to himself, he gave up his true feelings.
So they finally began to plan, and Ki-chan, who did not know this fact, had been turning back to the main building for more than an hour, holding the two people in the separate house, and even taking care of Mi-ae and the living room.
The lights in the main building’s main room lights were off.
As Kichan entered the main room, he took off his clothes and entered the bed.
Jung So-hee took off her panties as soon as Ki-chan came into bed to see if she had been sleeping until then. Then he turned his back and pushed his hips all the way to Gi-chan’s side to take a back-up position. 이혼절차
Gi-chan grabbed her buttocks and pushed them straight into the medium vein. The woman did not enter well because she had no secretion, as if she were not fully prepared to accept the man. Gi-chan then dug into the precious kites. When the man tried to lift it plump but it didn’t go well, it turned into a ballpoint pen and dug into it.
At last, when the man’s family came in as sharp as an awl, the horsewoman said, “Oh…”and made a noise that might not be cognizant or doctrinal.이혼절차서류
In that posture, Gi-chan grabbed her buttocks and ran the Bang-China application episode. In the horsewoman’s womb, Gi-chan’s ballpoint pen bent like a rope of rope, and began to spin like a rope of rope. Turning left to the right and stirring for a while like a living snake, the horsewoman’s became moist as if it had been flooded. Then, Gi-chan switched to a heavy vein and began stitches on the hip.
The woman began to chant her breathless coquettishness. I felt strange because I felt that it was not Jeong So-hee’s voice, and I turned my hand around the woman’s breast and picked her up and rubbed her fingers between her fingers, but the stitches continued. The woman stood on her feet.
It wasn’t until I knew for sure that she wasn’t Jung So-hee by caressing her breasts.
“Who are you?”이혼하는법
Then the main room door opened and Jung So-hee came in and turned on the light. Then he took off his clothes and went up to bed.
“It’s Mr. Kim.”
Until then, Gi-chan had held the woman’s buttocks and kept stitches.
“Huh! The horsewoman?”
Ki-chan screamed with surprise.
“Just do it, sir.”
at the sound of a horsewoman
“What happened?”
“What’s going on? Dad ate another girl.”
Jung So-hee has been hitting her lips, dripping finely. Kichan exchanged saliva with Jung So-hee and changed the substance of the horsewoman into a medium-sized complementarity.
The horsewoman, with her hips caught, began to produce the coquettish she had endured so far with a spur that seemed to be pushed inside.이혼할때자녀문제
“Ugh… ha…Ha, ha, ah…!”
Hah was moaning and her butt was shaking like an earthquake, biting Gi-chan’s. The horsewoman seemed frantically to suck up Gi-chan’s as she bent on applying the gurgle.
“Pulp…! Pulp…Pull, pull, pull, pull…Punch…!”
Before I knew it, Jung So-hee’s breasts were being crushed on Ki-chan’s back.
Where Ki-chan and the horsewoman were connected, strange noises were occurring.
It was the sound of liquid coming out of the horsewoman’s while playing Mac.

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