“Oh, good… Ha, ha, ah…”
At last, the horsewoman breathed hard, and stopped her tempering and stopped her voice as if she had lost consciousness at the height of her pleasure, and could not breathe for a while.
While attacking from her buttocks, she pulled out of the horse’s back and laid Jung So-hee on her side.
It was So-hee who had already taken off her clothes and entered the bed naked. It must have been washed clean, but Jung So-hee’s smelled like soap. By the side the horsewoman wheezed and groped at Ki-chan’s bottom, wrapped around her and wriggled with her hands.유책배우자
Jung So-hee’s was open at a glance.
Jung So-hee’s thighs were left wide open. Jung So-hee was breathing heavily with her eyes closed and her crotch wide open.
Gi-chan was caught in the horsewoman’s mouth and playing with her tongue.
Kichan opened Jung So-hee’s legs even more without paying attention to himself.
Jung So-hee threw up a delicate one.
Jung So-hee’s seemed to be slowly getting wet.
I stretched out my left hand and touched Jung So-hee’s breast, and pushed my right finger slightly into her, and it went in lightly.
She had already finished all her preparations.
After fiddling with her cleats for a while,
“Ha! Ah…! Ah…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
When Hah spilt, she sat on top of her, connected the genitals and dug into the mesothelioma.
The horsewoman licked Ki-chan’s whole body, licking him with her tongue, as Ki-chan’s dog went into Jung So-hee’s. She lay face down on top of Jung So-hee. The freckles, freckles, and freckles on the horsewoman’s face were things she didn’t want to see against her eyes. Then Ro killed Jung So-hee, squeezing the horsewoman’s with her fingers.
Jung So-hee’s cries and the chirping of a horsewoman continued for a while.이혼사유
When she finally poured Gi-chan’s “ga” into her, Jung So-hee’s thighs were lifted up and shook her whole body.
After killing Jung So-hee, she carried her horsewoman to the bathroom.
Because I wanted to make sure she was accepted anyway.
Let the horsewoman get warm water in the bathtub and she sat on the bathroom floor with her legs crossed. And he told me to wash my body with warm hot water, and I just did a dry breakfast.
Already tonight, Kichan’s had worked hard several times, so he felt like he had to clean up before taking over the horsewoman’s body.유책배우자이혼소송
The horsewoman was enchanted to see the colorful gases in Ki-chan’s body become a round ring and turn and enter his nose again.
Finally, Gi-chan put her on his lap and connected her genitals, handing out the flabby inner hem. The horsewoman had a great pleasure as the hot air came through the place and spread throughout her body, with the stitches of Gi-chan’s, finally taking off all the dead skin and getting a new skin. He was reborn as a young man in his 20s.
The beauty of the horsewoman was also dead, and when the blemishes and wrinkles were removed, she would not fall for anyone. In addition, the sheer size fits Ki-chan’s taste perfectly.이혼무료법률상담센터
When the work was over, he brought her into the room, laid her down beside Jung So-hee, and began to kill her once again. The communion between the horsewoman and Jung So-hee did not stop in the main room until that night.
Three adults on a double bed are narrow for themselves, and no one thought the bed was narrow that night. That’s true. There was no moment that night when there were three people with their backs on the bed at the same time.

So the night passed by, as Gi-chan pressed down on the young sisters in the detached house, and Jeong So-hui and the horsewoman in the main house.
The next morning, Il-nam ate breakfast and asked how many times he had put on make-up as if it were amazing to see the new horsewoman. After the family had all eaten, Lee Ki-chan took his mummy sisters to the center.

There were still problems left for Lee Ki-chan to solve at the center. It was a small-time job yesterday that tried to prevent Ko Mi-ryung from taking office as the new president.


Something that was beyond comprehension happened yesterday.
He released as many as 50 subordinates, but failed to prevent Ko Mi-ryeong from taking office as the new president.
In addition, none of the men who mobilized on that day were awake because of a sleeping disease called the mystery of modern medicine.이혼무료상담
Last night, there was no prayer at the night club, so if other families knew about this situation, they would be in big trouble.
The Jijon faction sent a special envoy called Mormotto from Yakuza, Japan, not long ago, saying, “Isn’t the Jijon faction the master of Korea’s night?” It was clear that if they knew about the internal situation of the Jijon faction, they would try to change the negotiation target to a different family.
This morning, the substitutes of Jeonju and Daegu have added some personnel, so it won’t be a big problem from today, but I still feel dizzy when I think about whether there was any friction with other organizations yesterday. It would be understandable if there was a war, but it was a bland thing to think about it, which ended without it.
Anyway, I had to pay attention to security. I was acting as if nothing had happened, but I was heartbroken. He wanted to take a break from his camouflage business, the fitness club, today, but he was pretending to know people who were going around and exercising on purpose because he might be aware of the place where other family members come and go.
It was around 10 p.m. that Kim Yang (Health Club accounting lady) called. It was Chairman Lee Ki-chan’s call.
I went to the chairman’s office to meet him.이혼변호사
Even though the secretary’s office informed me that he was here, I told him to wait a long time and he said to come in. When I felt like it, I felt like I wanted to turn it upside down.
“How have you been? Chairman.”
“Oh, you’re late for greeting. This is President Ko Mi-ryeong, the new president.”
“Nice to meet you. My name is Go Mi-ryeong.”
A woman named Ko Mi-ryeong, who was introduced as the new president, appeared to be in her 20s at first glance. However, he was the one who had the beauty to attract customers even if he ordered strips at the nightclub. Perhaps the new woman of Lee Hoi-chang(?)
After losing the time of greeting, he stared blankly at the woman’s face.
Her skin is so good because of her outstanding beauty. Even though I didn’t seem to have makeup on, my skin and outline were so good. Now that I’ve come to my senses,
“Why are you so distracted?”
She smiled and almost lost her mind.
“A bandmaster, so who made you interfere with the exam?”
At that moment, he forgot what Lee said. No, I had nothing to say.
In this case, I thought it was necessary to control the lead because I thought it would be a loss if I was pushed back, but I felt a sense of intimidation as if I were pressing down on my chest.
Not an 83-year-old old man, but at that moment he felt a great prayer from Lee.
At the moment there was a touch of a small head. Someone said that a person with money has the right personality.
He was a man of great strength due to the war, but he forgot what to say for a moment ago.
“Now that the test-taker is in office, you’ve lost, all you have to do is leave….”
In short, it was a call for unconditional surrender, but there was nothing to answer.
“I’m sorry about your men, but why don’t we find a compromise here?”
“I’ll find a way to give birth to your men’s sleeping sickness, so you leave this sports center.”
“Give me time to think.”
“You know better than I do that you don’t have time. Do you want time?”
That was the case. It was a burden that 50 people were sleeping in a situation where they didn’t know when to go to war.
In fact, he was practically the vice president of the sports center. It was deeply involved in various interests.
In fact, he was using the gym for free while serving as a troubleshooter behind Lee. A momentary lapse of judgment has cost him his base now.
At last I had no choice but to accept.
“Remove all facilities inside the club by tomorrow. I’m not taking over any of the facilities. All you’re going to find is a deposit. Not a single dust left in the club after tomorrow belongs to you. If you sign a document that says you’re out of the club, I’ll make sure your men are born right out of the sleeping sickness.”
I couldn’t complain a word. If it was a war anyway, it was a small piece of music that I had experienced before.
We lost the war anyway.이혼상담변호사
“Okay, I’ll sign it for you right now. We don’t have any items we can take right away anyway. I give up everything that’s in place. I’ll sign it and withdraw right away. Your men…?
“All in one place, please.”이혼상담비용
It was a health club that cost hundreds of millions of won just for facilities. The small brother was giving it up too easily. I thought I would go to war again when the children got better, but I had to completely erase the idea of going back to the gym that Ak So-hyung used to do after only three hours later.
“I love the music. Then sign these papers here, and withdraw from the gym for now, let’s take a day off from the gym, and bring all of your sleeping soldiers to the gym within an hour.”
The small brother signed the papers and released his men to assemble all the men in the sleeping bottle into the health club.
All the sleeping dogs of the Jijon faction have been transported to the health club.
Gi-chan called home and brought in Seol Ah-young, So So-so and Bichung from the house. Because I felt like there should be someone who knows military prowess.
As many as 50 healthy young men lay dead on the floor. A selfish party came in there.양육비소송
Chairman Lee Ki-chan was accompanied by three young girls alone. The scene of Lee coming into the gym with three girls like dolls made him feel like a leader of an emerging religion.
Lee Ki-chan sat in the middle of them, turning his seat on the bridal seat, and began to sob.

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