답십리 entered

Holding Hyesun, I washed my lips and turned off the light in the room. And I listened to the phone. They had already cut off the phone line because the phone’s tone didn’t go down. He went to the window with her in his arms and looked down at the back of the curtain, and there were about ten young men at the entrance to the inn. Some of them seem to have entered the building.
You probably know they’re in this room. The hotel’s operation here was a disgrace to its owners, but they and even Gi-chan knew it was not good enough, and now they have to wait for their attack.한화암보험
With a deep kiss with Hye-sun, she pushed her to bed. The naive man is still distracted by the man’s caress as if he were dreaming, opening the browns and picking the brassiere’s hooks so that the man’s hands can easily get into his chest.한화암보험
With his mouth off, Ki-chan caressed her breasts, giving her a rough idea of what’s going on outside now.
And he hugged her lightly and told her not to be surprised and told her not to come out of this room no matter what.
I thought about putting her to sleep by pressing the transfusion, but I didn’t point to it because putting her to sleep would reduce her ability to cope with other things.
He pushed her into bed, laid her down with Ji-hye and Ji-sun, then covered her with a blanket, sneaked out of the room, locked the door and went back to the original image of Chairman Lee Ki-chan. I left my hair color yellow.
Some came up the stairs, some made some noise from the stairs as to whether they were coming by the elevator, and the elevator had been stopped on the first floor for some time.
The lights on the light bulb that indicated the number of floors were constantly changing as to whether the elevator was coming up.
Finally, the light bulb in the elevator stopped on the fourth floor.한화암보험
There were seven young people who got off the elevator. The two swords seemed to have come up with them.
Seeing Ki-chan standing tall in front of the elevator, the four of them were at a loss what to do, and ran off to the stairs. Perhaps some of the young people who had fallen into sleep after following the type of music they played last time were among them. When Lee Ki-chan was heard, the young people who were coming up the stairs seemed to be excited.
The pair of knives from the elevator bouncing their fingers against their shoulders, giving them no room to fight. The moment the cartridge hit the shoulder, their arms dislocated and rattled. It has already become impossible to fight. I put them back in the elevator and pressed the first floor. The elevator went down to the first floor. And Gi-chan picked up the pot standing for decoration and put it in front of the elevator. I pressed the elevator down button again to come up to the fourth floor and waited.신한생명암보험
As the passageways were divided into stairs and elevators, it was feared that the Hye-seon group would be kidnapped again while Gi-chan went down.
The elevator, which had not moved for a while, came up. When the elevator stopped on the fourth floor, it pulled the artificial flowerpot in the hallway and pressed it with its branches. After checking how many times the buttons were pressed properly, I went to the stairs and crept down to the third floor. It didn’t seem to have come up to the third floor yet. The young men, who were coming up the stairs, seemed to be in charge of informing the Ki-chan group when they ran away. However, when the main attack party was unexpectedly overpowered, it had retreated to the lobby on the first floor.
On the stairs leading down from the second floor to the first floor, there were about ten people in the lobby of the front door. When Gi-chan finally stepped out of the stairs into the lobby, some fled, and the seven remaining surrounded him, they all left the building in the parking lot in front of the inn.

The band was stunned when the two-knives showed up sweating from pain due to dislocation of their shoulder. And he was angry at the report that his subordinates ran away when they saw Lee Ki-chan. At last he decided to step forward. As the small brother was still in the hospital, he instructed officials, including Dok2 and Sashimi, to arm all members of the organization and encircle the inn building.신한생명암보험홈쇼핑
The families entering the war after a long time could see that they were blood-splitting and excited. The band itself seemed to be boiling blood. Seeing such a band, Mormotto from Yakuza, Japan, said he would also accompany him on the hunt.
The other day, she said that it was a high school girl who suffered from her brother’s small brother, so there was a possibility that they were trying to kidnap her today. If so, they would rather be trapped.
Now I had to shut my mouth.홈쇼핑암보험
‘Cause the dead don’t talk(?)
The bandit gave his men the final order that they could kill him. Instead, he ordered meat (the body) to be treated with certainty.
As soon as he went to the inn with a weapon, he did not know that his shoulders were dislocated and his blood was collected and he was piling up on the side of the parking lot.
With little noise, the war was continuing as a war of attrition for the bandmates.
The family, who already knew Gi-chan’s face, had fled, and it was becoming a bland fight.
When the band and the Mormotto finally came to the parking lot in front of the inn, none of the men who came out first were seen. There were only six young men who accompanied the two.
“Long time no see you?”동양생명 암보험
“Oh! President Lee! What happened?”
He pretends he doesn’t know anything.
“I heard these guys were trying to kidnap my granddaughter, so I’m looking at them.”
“How about we end the war at this point, since we don’t know each other, since he’s got some hands?”
The band was still outnumbered, but the number of players already exceeded 40. Of course, some of them would have run away, but I wanted to stop this fight that seemed unlikely to win.
“That sounds good, but I don’t think you’ve ever rented a building and renewed a contract?”
“It turns out that when I was in a nightclub, the faces of the men who were interrupting the business were seen today, and perhaps the bandmaster was interrupted at that time….”
“………!”동양생명 암보험
It was only when he realized that the band had interfered with his business by releasing his subordinates to take over the management rights of the nightclub. The lack of an answer further hardened my mind.
“I think we need to withdraw from this building now.”
The band’s face turned into a poo-chewing face, and there was no answer, and Chairman Lee Ki-chan’s unilateral declaration continued.
When Mormotto looked at the band and asked if it was the only one, he felt ashamed.
The fact that the so-called master of the night in Korea, and that he is recognized even in Japan, is unable to help an elderly man of this age who is already buried in the ground….동양생명 암보험
Kichan knew that the man who came with the band brother was Japanese. Kichan was a generation who had been educated in Japan when he was young. Therefore, I could speak a little Japanese. It’s not easy to talk now, but it wasn’t that difficult to listen to. From their conversation, when they saw a bandit’s guardian, or a band that was stuck in front of him, they thought they might have aimed for him today, they decided never to forgive him.
I slipped out into the empty space. A band of armed bandits surrounded him and came to the center of the alley. Mormoto looked like an ordinary old man when he just looked at it, but only after seeing a moving prayer, he seemed to raise awareness when he found out that he had come to Korea and met a master of martial arts.동양생명수호천사암보험
He received a Japanese island from a subordinate who had been performing from Japan, and threw away his sword and held a groundbreaking ceremony.
The fact that a warrior has abandoned his sword means he is ready to die.
“Uh! Look at this piece of shit. Who are you going to show up in front of?.”
As he spoke, a young man, who was looking for a chance on one side, lightly grabbed a steel pipe that he was holding firmly with his hands. It was a momentary shift to the Ro Woonbo method.
Mormotto had to watch the teleport and even think that maybe he might have to bury his bones here today. The young man, who had taken away the steel pipe, was stupid and just looked at the iron pipe in his hand and in Ki-chan’s hand alternately.
When Ki-chan grabbed the iron pipe in his hand and sobbed it into the air, the black and white steel stretched out from the iron pipe. Kichan could not carry all of his swords and steel. This is because the steel pipe seemed to be unbearable. And swung around like a prank. The objects that reached the sword were breaking beyond endurance. When Mormoto saw Ki-chan’s behavior, he greeted the sword first, thought of attacking it, and lightly laid Japan on Ki-chan’s iron pipe.
Unbelievably, the Japanese island, which reached Kichan’s iron pipe, was cut off. Iron pipes destroyed Japan so easily, just as they had the power to destroy all the objects that touched them by black and white steel.
Unable to bear the moment’s shame, the sword and the Mormotto, with all their might, became a line and dug toward Ki-chan.
Moving a step to the left, Mormotto’s lethal attack returned to nothing, smashing Ki-chan’s side. Kichan used a cartridge to destroy his pavilion, pointing to the transfusion of a passing Mormotto. Now Mormotto has become a body that cannot leave his descendants behind.
※Section: A human organ that produces sperm in testicles during a man’s external reproduction machine, commonly referred to as a bird egg.
And using the Ro Woonbo method, he blew himself up and pointed out all the blood of the surrounding young men.
Now the man standing in front of Gi-chan is alone in the band. Holding him responsible for the takeover of management rights, he was forced to make a band-aid promise to clean up all the deposits by tomorrow morning and leave without returning them. To Lee Ki-chan, who said he would add the crime of kidnapping women if he broke his promise, the band-aid went back with a shrug.동양생명 암보험
After Lee Ki-chan returned to the inn, the night club staff were coming out to finish the case busily below.
When Gi-chan returned to the inn, the innkeeper ran away, too.
The elevator was still fixed on the fourth floor. Kichan went up to the fourth floor and went back to the figure of Ki-chul.
Knock knock.
“Who are you?”
“It’s me. Ki-chul.”
As Ki-chan entered the room at ease, Hye-sun changed and cheered, pushing her lips and sucking her tongue.

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