Summer Vacation

Girl Toshiko Part 1 Not Designated 

Red Anthem’s new translation night story, “Girl Toshiko,” has begun. “Science teacher
It will be published in a series like “Yoshida”, so please read it carefully.

Chapter 1 Boring Summer Vacation

 Ah-ah, see if there’s anything interesting going on. . .

  Toshiko lay in bed with a big sigh. 메리츠실비보험
 Exactly in the middle of summer vacation, Toshiko was having a boring day.
Usually in any school, homework comes out during the summer vacation, so I’m playing around all the time.
It’s a cliche that Dunn’s students are struggling with their last night’s scattered homework.
Turn. Last year, Toshiko also had a bath and a wrap that blew until 3 a.m. on the day of the start-up.
I had arranged my homework until I was crying and reeling.우체국실비보험

 This year, however, he sat at his desk from the first day of summer vacation to avoid repeated failures.
Oh, I finished my homework for 10 days.
I tried to make it fun, but my friends went on a family trip or a relative’s house.
Most of them were absent when they went out to play. That’s what I’m saying. It’s something you can play on your own.
There is a limit to that, so there is no time left.

The hot days that seem to be getting drowsy continue, and when you stay still, you sweat like a waterfall.
It’s coming down. After taking a shower in the morning, it didn’t run on the gourd for about two hours, skin.
I feel bad because somebody sweated and put on a T-shirt.

  Toshiko closed her eyes, and breathed a big sigh again. If you’re doing this, you’re going to be sneaking up.
It reminds me of a teacher named Kato, who is a teacher of physical education.
Sir, what are you doing now?
. . .
Since Kato is usually in charge of half the men’s physical education, women’s classes, such as Toshiko, are learning.
Time was like a health class on a rainy day, but a quick, brave face and a vigorous physique.
It was popular with other female students as well.
The teacher is well known as karate in his school days, and has never won intercollegiate competitions.
I was told that there was.

  Mr. Kato. . . . 삼성화재실비보험
Toshiko thought of Kato’s face.
When I laugh, my sunburnt face overflows with white teeth, giving me a very refreshing impression.
Toshiko began unconsciously spinning the tops of her chest from above the T-shirt.

 「. . . . .」
 teased and rubbed as if to make a soft chest uplift with five slender fingers.
All. The cheeks turn red, the breath becomes a little more violent.
Continue to caress your chest with your left hand and touch the groin with your right hand.
Rubbing and lifting.

 ”Mr. Kato.”농협실비보험
  Sweet sensation, a pickled sigh comes from Toshiko’s mouth. Go of short pants as the right hand remains
Crawling into the radish line, beginning to rummage through the secret part from above the panty.

 Toshiko, Toshiko!」
 Suddenly, there was a mother calling from downstairs.
 A dreamlike feeling flew away at once, and Toshiko returned to reality.
 I’m about to get better. . . .I’ll always be like this….
  Toshiko slowly got out of bed. I’ll probably go shopping anyway.

 Toshiko, I’m sorry, but could you go on an errand for me? 」
I could hear my mother’s errand from below. I see. It’s good to go anyway because I’m free anyway.
You. . .한화실비보험

 ”I’m going down right now, so wait a little longer.」
 Suppressing his anger by disturbing what he’s doing, Toshiko goes down.
I got off and left.

Toshiko Fukuzawa, 14 years old. a junior high school student attending Ikegami Middle School in the suburbs of Tokyo.
It’s a very ordinary girl in the year.

  Toshiko’s middle school is right next to the four-season station called Ishikawacho, at home.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the station. Since bicycle commuting is not permitted,
It’s a bit of a headache to go in summer or winter.  Toshiko’s house is exactly two of them.
On the boundary of the academic district middle stage of the school, there is another school, Shin-Tanaka Middle School, which is on the street.의료실손보험
Since the side was close, I had the idea of going there.
The uniform over there is a navy blazer coat with an emblem and a checkered skirt.
It’s a trained uniform, but this is a very common Sera suit. Of course, the women in the middle school of Shin-Tanaka.
The students were very popular, but Toshiko has long admired Sera’s uniform, so even if it’s a little far away.
He chose Ikegami Middle School without wandering around.

It takes time to get around, but I could meet a lot of good friends between them, and the school breeze is very good.
Ah, I could get used to it right away. So Toshiko still chooses Ikegami Middle School.
I think it was good to do it.실손보험추천

The family is a harmonious family of parents, an older sister and four people in Toshiko. My sister, two years older than me,
Since high school has dormitories, most of them are not home, but the home is mild.
There is no place different from other Japanese average families because of their simplicity.

 Once upon a time, I wasn’t tall and I wasn’t noticed in Toshiko, but I was a fifth grader in elementary school.
The body suddenly began to develop when it became. It was around that time that there was a first sight.
He’s 159 centimeters tall, and he’s not tall enough to stand out like that, but he has long legs, so he’s actually…
look taller than somebody’s height Recently, some parts of the body have become round, and they have become quite adult.
All. fine eyebrows that draw a gentle curve, single-layered eyes with gentle feeling, love that is always close
A bitter mouth, and a high nose that won’t break the harmony of the whole…
They are placed in a small face by the balance of the cuttings.

 the appearance of children and adults living together, which is characteristic of middle school students, and the novelty
The charming little bobcart’s black hair matches well with transparent white skin.
to be doing 실손보험비교
In addition, Toshiko has never even experienced a Virgin, kiss.

Recently, girls have grown so fast that they finish their first experiences as middle school students.
I listen well to what is said to be considerable. But in Toshiko, such a story,
Somehow I felt distant from myself.

Recently, girls have a good physical development, so even in middle school, they are compared to adults.
There are many mature children who can’t be found. But the heart is still young, Lord of
It’s the same as having an interest in roughness, but it also has anxiety. practical, middle school
There is an overwhelming number of female children in life who still have virgins.

a girl of that age  Toshiko is usually at the level of a girl, but she’s not normal when it comes to sex.
is interested, and sometimes in school, I talk about something close to my friend.
But most of all, she’s still 14 years old, and she’s still beginning to feel like she’s a girl.

 ”It’s hot, as expected.”실비보험비교사이트
Toshiko, who came out after receiving a note from his mother, frowned on a cheerful face, a bicycle.
romped out of

 The night of the day was rare, when the father came back quickly, and three people had dinner.
  Toshiko’s father is a sales manager at a mid-sized trading company, called overseas trading.
Work, it’s hard to see you come back early. Also, most other families have dinner
Come in after you finish your meal, and sometimes when you eat at home, your father eats alone.
This was normal. But today, you come in less than seven o’clock, and you listen.
I even got a phone call from the company before you came.
I’ve never seen anything like this before. Besides, I feel very good unlike usual.

 ”Have a good trip, Dad. You’re quick to hear, you’re smiling, and you’ve done something good.
Are you?’
Toshiko was excited to move her chopsticks.

 ”Yes, shall I? as a matter of fact.메리츠실손보험
 What was the story of the trip that my father began to talk about, shaking his body.

 ”I have exactly a week off the day after tomorrow. Actually, I’m already booked.”
 My father talked with a smile as he ate the sukiyaki for dinner.
  Toshiko’s parents like to travel, and the reason why they got to know each other was because they met at the travel site.
Toshiko was listening from her mother. After my father got busy with his work, I…
Even though the night has not come out, my mother often wants to go on long-term trips, but my father.
I had to give up because of something. Maybe that’s why, despite the sudden suggestion, everyone is saying:
The seats were in favor.착한실손보험
Toshiko was also getting excited at the thought of going on a little trip.

But the excitement was blown away by the following father’s remark. 
 ”Oh, by the way, Tosh. I’m sorry, but you should protect the house.」
“Yes, what is it?”

 At his father’s cold words, Toshiko raised a loud voice in a muddle.
 Actually, this year marks the 20th anniversary of my mother’s wedding. with the idea of going on a trip to celebrate it. 
This is the story.」
 ”Yes, child. . ..”
When it comes to Toshikodo travel, since I went to Karuizawa with four family members when I was in elementary school, a prize.
It was quite a long story. I thought I could barely get out of my boring routine.
Is this happening again?
At that time, there was so much flashing in Toshiko’s head. And then…
“Okay, I can’t help it. The reason is ramen.’
 Uh, yeah?」
Suddenly Toshiko’s attitude changed, and his father looked dumbfounded.

 ”Okay, you two go. But there should be something corresponding.」
 Toshiko, “That’s what you’re talking about.” You’re gonna have to convince her in a cooler way. that
Raya’s dad would be more grateful for Toshiko….」
 What are you doing? You don’t even know how Toshiko feels.Take Toshiko with you.
My mother’s happy to be able to travel, but Toshiko’s well-deserved.
He has a sorry look on his face when he talks.

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