body mirror.

Of course, these underwear are not normally worn by a middle school girl, but a friend and a bag before.
When I went shopping at a store’s underwear, I bought it on impulse.
Soon after, he changed his clothes and looked at himself in a full-body mirror.
short-sleeved white blouse, miniskirt with flares of red large grid stripes, blouse
A red ribbon tie gave an accent to ‘s chest. loveliness and health as a middle school student
It has a sexual attraction  It’s definitely the perfect fashion for Toshiko.어린이보험비교

 All right, this is all I’m ready for…
  Toshiko goes to the front door, wears beach sandals, and stays healthy outside the scorching sun.
The crab ran out.

The third part of “Teacher of Science Yoshida,” which was intended to be uploaded with the Japanese writer, was delayed on his homepage.
Only “Hagwon, Girl, Romance, Erosist Novel Girl Toshiko” will be uploaded this week.
It’s the same. I hope you enjoy reading it.

From: The innocent angma  <— Is this ID all right? It’s an ID recommended by Nakjang.
Girl Toshiko Part 1 Part 3 to 4 Not Designated 

I’m going to post three or four pages of “Toshiko, a Girl.” Have a nice weekend with my gossip.
It has to be sour.

Sect. 3. Flowers on the Plains

  Ah-ah, I’m tired. 비갱신어린이보험

  When Toshiko came out of the open dock at Ishikawacho Station, she looked up at the sky and inhaled.
 In summer the sun was long, so there was still light in the sky, but the hands of the clock were.
It’s already trying to point to seven o’clock.
 It took you a while. ..
 Looking at Mickey Mouse’s watch, Toshiko thought.
I thought it would be good to go home after watching the movie, but I started window shopping.
I was late because I wanted to see this and that. an unaccustomed heel
My legs hurt a little because I had to walk for another long time with ‘s high sandals.

  Come to think of it now, I don’t even eat lunch.
 As soon as I came up with something amazing, a sense of hunger quickly attacked me.
It’d be nice to eat out, but if you make it yourself, you’ll have good ingredients when you get home.
You don’t have to spend unnecessary money.

  Toshiko began to walk home. 메리츠내맘같은어린이보험
 Tomorrow was the day Toshiko’s parents came back. When you get back, you’re gonna be like you’ve been.
Plain masturbation cannot be done. And come back to boring tomorrow.  What is Toshiko tomorrow?
After that, I felt as if my summer vacation was over.
Tomorrow morning…Uh-huh. No.
I’m in a hurry to get home with such a nasty idea, Toshiko from behind.
There was a call to somebody’s feet.

 ”Hey, there, there’s a…..」
When Toshiko turns around, a man in a T-shirt runs.

 ”What is it?”」
 The man is in his early 20s, tall and slender, in the detective drama “The Sun!”
It looked like Shinji Yamashita from the actor who came.
“Sorry, I’d like to ask you the way, but how can I get to Ishikawacho Station?”
 The man asked Toshiko with a troubled look. on the way back from a friend’s house
It is said to have been thrown away. 메리츠어린이보험
  Toshiko explained the way to the station, but she seems to have no idea. Tokyo is around here.
It’s an adjoining suburb. So the bus is running, but more than going to the bus stop, here.
It is fast to walk from the station to the ramen station. But the road’s a little complicated, so I’m not from here.
It may be hard to figure out.

 Okay, I’ll show you to the station.」
 ”Yes, thank you.」
 I was definitely tired, and I really hated going back to the station. But a man’s troubled face
When I saw something, I couldn’t let it go. Besides, men are pretty good looking, so I’m going on a date.
I felt it would be good to walk together in a mood.

 ”Yes, I’m free anyway.”어린이보험가격
 ”I’m sorry, I’ve never met you before. . ..”
 ”Then, shall we go?”
 Toshiko began to walk along the road with the man.

 「 Are you sure you don’t mind?」
The man said thank you many times, and said with courtesy several times.

 「 Don’t worry. There’s really nothing special.」
 Then, is today a company holiday?」
 Uh, what kind of company….?」
 ”Oh, then you’re a college student.”
 No, I’m still in middle school.」어린이보험비교
 ”Oh, really?」
The man was quite surprised, as he had never dreamed of Toshiko being 14 years old.
It was.

 「I thought he was about 20 because he was mature.」
 No, I’m in middle school. Haha~
  Toshiko was shy and covered her face with both hands. But inside I look like an adult.
It was pretty good, too.
It’s the first time I’ve walked with a man like this.
 On the way back from school, when I saw a couple walking with their shoulders in their arms, Toshiko said,
I was envious of him. So even if it’s a simple guide, this is how you walk with a man.
Go on, I feel like I’m on a date.

 ”Students still have a long way to go. How far should we go?”」
How long did he walk? The man asked. I don’t know how much longer I have to walk.
It was a face that I couldn’t guess. 
“It’s pretty remote around here. We have to go further.」
 Then Toshiko came up with a shortcut.

Even if it was a short cut, it was a road that was not easy for people to take, and it was a course that led to a small mountain path.
All. If you go past that place, you’ll arrive at Ishikawacho Station a little earlier than walking on a normal road.
You can, but because it’s completely unpopular and dangerous around here, at the school in Toshiko, that’s what it’s all about.
It was forbidden to pass through the place. But it’s also a shortcut to school.
Some students, including Toshiko, sleep because no one is watching even if it’s prohibited.
State was taking advantage of that direction.

 ”It’s close by this way.」
  Toshiko pointed in the direction of many trees.
Can you walk to this place?」경증치매보험
 ”It’s all right. There will be a way for now.」
  Toshiko first began to climb the forest path.
First it was surrounded by tall trees, but a short walk opens the front, and a vast meadow.
It’s out. Even if it’s a little grass, it’s just a small height that doesn’t exceed the shoes, and it’s pass.
For a person who does, it’s hard to walk because he can walk on grass and walk on a side road.
I don’t feel anything.

 The forgotten fatigue and hunger come.
First, let’s have a meal and take a rest when we get to the station.  
Thinking of such a thing, Toshiko hurried along.
The next moment, Toshiko was startled as if her heart were going to stop. A man suddenly came from behind him.
It’s what I’ve been hugging him.
What are you doing?」
 This is really the body of a middle school student. Good body, perfect kill….」
The man took his breath out in a hurry, and took the tops of Toshiko’s chest over the blouse. Joe
Unlike before, the eyes glow like a hungry beast.

 ”Hey, stop joking around!」
  Toshiko was trying hard to twist herself away from the man’s arm. But Toshi
With the power of the nose, it was nothing more than a useless effort.

Yes, let go!」
 ”Don’t do that. You brought me to this remote place, and I actually wanted to do it with a man.
Wasn’t it thrown?」
 ”Different, not like that!」
 ”Well, you can’t say that. I’ll be cute for you. Kka ka ka~”
  Toshiko hugs her shoulders and shouts, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
I threw it away.

 Stop it! 」
  Toshiko scattered her hair and desperately resisted under the man.
“Hey! Don’t run!”라이나생명치매보험
  Toshiko’s face was fixed with the man’s thick arms.
 The man approaches the face.  His face, fixed with his thick arms, cannot move, and his vomit.
Siko lost her lips to a man.
 The first kiss that any girl dreams of, it’s in this form. . .Toshiko’s eyes.
Tears of resentment flow from
 The man approaches Toshiko with his tongue screwed up, his fierce lips sucking up her lips.
Here it comes. A thick cigarette-scented saliva drips into my mouth, and Toshiko is sickening with disgust.
Became crab.

  Oh, someone, somebody help me!한화치매보험
  Toshiko regrets her carelessness, and doesn’t help anyone who isn’t likely to come.
I was desperately demanding in the sound.
The man touched the breast of Toshiko’s blouse and tore it at once.

 ”Car, please, please stop!」
 The scattered buttons pop, and the front part of the skin becomes cold. Go on, Braggie.
It was pulled open and overflowed with rich breasts.

 Oh ho!- That’s really good.Are you really a middle school student?’
 The breast of Toshiko, exposed before the man, stands everywhere and does not destroy its form.
It was rising abundantly. a fresh, pure peach color that rose shamefully to the apex.
The nipple stimulates the man’s lust.
 Men turn to breasts like marshmallow.한화생명치매보험
Touch and turn with; cling like a hungry beast and do not let go.
 Roll the lovely nipple with your tongue and suck and spin it. At the same time, the other side of the breast won’t rest.
make fun of
「Please, really, stop! Hahaha~~
Toshiko sobbed at the hate and terror that came upon her.우체국치매보험

 ”Ka-Ka-Ka, it’s coming after you like your hands are breathing in.”」
 The man gasps and persistently covets Toshiko’s breast.
 The white-skinned breasts are becoming increasingly dirty by saliva.
“Oh, no!”
  Toshiko shouted, scattering her hair like crazy. The man’s hand will walk the skirt.
This is because he has been caressing soft parts on his underwear. 흥국생명치매보험
  Toshiko tried to turn down the man’s hand by closing the dropout with difficulty, but only a few of them.
The crevice was forced open and finally allowed the intrusion.

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