what happened.

 Toshiko is ashamed of herself trying to masturbate, imagining what happened.
I blamed the sun.

 No, it’s a pervert to do this. 다이렉트어린이보험
 But Toshiko’s hands, regardless of consciousness, did not try to stop the movement.
The left hand takes off the button on the upper part and begins to caress the tops of the chest.

 with a word of refusal in the mouth, the right hand slides into the trousers, the rubber of the panties.
crawl between and begin to find the secret garden
「. 그래 . . 이제.. . ., 허락해..」
  Toshiko was under the delusion that she was being sucked.
 That’s what a magazine says: “A girl has a desire.”
I remembered reading. I didn’t think it was then, but I had this desire. . .?

 ”Oh, me, me, me.”어린이보험다이렉트
 Suffering from spreading ripples in his body, Toshiko was clearly aware.
All of it. He wants to be again…

So the first part of “Girl Toshiko” ends.  Part two is more and more about that one man.
suffer from her pitiful bodyLOL Please look forward to it.

And I started the self-proclaimed “Nakjang Ilbo” at the graffiti and went out as a failure. Now
I uploaded up to 2 pages, so please go watch it at the same time. It’s a poor article, but it’s my own satire and argument.
They put together. So I hope you’ll watch it with my gossip.


Girl Toshiko Part 2 Undesignated Part 1 and 2 

Toshiko in the delusion of Chapter I

It has been three weeks since September. Outside, it’s still hot as if summer is regretting parting.
The day was going on.농협어린이보험

 In class C of two years at Ikegami Middle School, there was the last English class. late more
In the classroom above the strong sunlight, the girls’ reading of the textbooks was gentle.
I’m coming by. I’m still in the aftermath of summer vacation, and I can’t shake it off, and I look out the window.
Some were still, some were struggling with the surging sleep, but Joe,
In a good classroom, almost all the students seemed to be taking classes with sincerity.

 The other five minutes. . . . 삼성화재어린이보험
 Toshiko Fukuzawa muttered, looking at the clock hanging on the wall.
I put my eyes down in the textbook, but my heart is here because it seems empty inside.
I feel like I’m not losing. Of course, the contents of the class are not in my head at all.

 One day during the summer vacation, Toshiko knew a man asking for directions to the station on his way home.
There was a visit to Korea. But in the meantime, a man attack on the meadow he went to take a shortcut.
The resistance of the writer’s will had become futile. 현대해상어린이보험
It’s fortunate that it ended without being caught or caught because my parents were traveling.
But the shock of Toshiko was that she was violated in the form of an important Virgin.
‘s big, and when he gets into bed, he’s acting horribly, and he’s gone from his head.
I didn’t.

 But inside the body, it’s sour like a fire, and you feel uncomfortable, but you fall into masturbation.
I threw it away.
 Since then, things have not moved away from the mind all day long, and the lower abdomen.
I heated up the inside every day. To calm it down, Toshiko frequently masturbates.
I’ve fallen into it.
Finish the class quickly. .. If it’s not over, I’m going crazy. ..
 Fight desperately against the filthy delusions, Toshiko stared at her watch in a feeling of emptiness.
Even if I try to concentrate on class a few times, I can’t stop thinking about unpleasant delusions.
Throw it away

 Once again, when that thick thing comes into me. . . .
Then Toshiko felt hot liquid seeping out from the inside of the petals.

The class was barely over.  Toshiko gets up quietly, reading other people’s faces, and goes to the textbook.
I tried to put it in the room and get out of the classroom.

 Now, the fact that several Classmate members are whispering about the strange behavior of Toshiko is…
Toshiko herself, was realizing.
 Toshiko, I mean… Don’t you think something’s wrong? a gross adult’s.
Loved, and a little bit of a weird..」
 Yeah, she’s weird. She looks like she’s losing some energy.」
 Also, you usually chatted with us during your break time, right?
 Yes, yes, but also, during class, he was sitting as if his eyes were empty.

 If what he did becomes known to them. . . . 어린이보험가입순위
Toshiko was thinking about dying at the time. To deny a friend’s gossip, rest
When I had time, I was trying to be more friendly with my friends and show a bright side. That’sir.
No matter how hard you try, unpleasant delusions dominate your head.
Toshiko left the classroom behind, pretending to know some friends. Actually, I want to run.
The wine was sour enough to But not to be seen with strange eyes, an excited mood.
tried to restrain something and walk as if nothing had happened.

 After a short walk out of the gate, Toshiko stopped and looked around. and the same crane
When I checked that there were no students at the school, I started running like a shot.

  Toshiko arrived at a recently opened supermarket.
The Ishikawa branch of Daisen Market is quite large, with four floors, even a supermarket.
Toshiko stopped by the bathroom here, masturbating has become a recent routine.

 The women’s restroom is on the third floor, and Toshiko has a fourth Western-style toilet inside.
Jenna was using it.
 Fortunately, there seems to be no one else in the bathroom.  Toshiko, get in the narrow secret room, key.
lock somebody up and pull up a skirt in a Sera suit.
 In the heart of Beige’s bikini panty, this great seeping from the flowering wine,
There is such a thing that the plot is dimly visible.
I can’t believe it’s become like this. . . . . . What’s going on with my body?
 Toshiko looked resentful and ungrateful of her own body that had become a tinted mine. But I
I felt strange if I didn’t take care of my sexual desire. http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12592?category=0
A dimly adorned island mother shrinks in her breath. First left hand
Take it over your clothes with something, rub the tops of your chest, and with your right hand sweep your thighs.
Touch and go up.인천개인회생

 ”Ah. …”
 Breathed from lovely lips. Let’s zoom in on the scales with the slender fingers, with the petals.
overflowing from
When I put the petals on top of the petals, the sensation that the whole body was numb spread across the lower body.

 ”Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.”
Toshiko put her left hand on the hem of Sera’s clothes and was making fun of her cozy breast like a dough.
at the same time, with the right index finger and the pinky finger wide open, with the middle finger. 
Touch and rotate the clitoris located in the upper center, as if in a circle.

 「. . .」
The sweet current spreads from the lower abdomen into the body, and Toshiko is likely to make a loud noise.
I endured it desperately.인천개인회생전문

 「 제발 …나를 . .어떻게 좀 . .」
Toshiko was also recalling what happened when she was committing a crime against a man. with broad legs
The sweet pain that I felt when I sucked at the shame with my tongue and turned around, I felt it in my lower abdomen.

Toshiko’s legs are wider apart, floating the waist and rubbing the petals more intensely. 
 overflowing from the inside without this tenacious aim, to match the movement of the fingers.
It’s making a nasty noise, like, uh, squishy.

 ”. . .  앗앗  앗 앗  앗 앗.”
 My head turns white, and I feel like I’m pushing something up my lower abdomen.

 Feeling as if he were going to make a loud noise, Toshiko was embarrassed and held her mouth in check.
From the mouth of his inhibited mouth the doctrines flowed out, and Toshiko shook his whole body, and he reached the orgasm.

 The ability to slowly wake up from excitement and think normally returned.  Toshiko sighs loudly
As he leaked something, he wiped some of it with toilet paper and took out new panties from his bag.
 In the past, masturbation had cleared my sexual desire, so I could concentrate on my studies, but now,
Unknowingly, the emptiness lingers, and immediately wants to masturbate.
  Toshiko didn’t want to go home much today.  My father is on a business trip to work, my mother.
He will not return until tomorrow because his relative is having a hard time giving birth. at home again
There’s only one Toshiko, so we have to protect her.
I’ll masturbate again when I get home. It’s nice that no one can see, but Toshiko is…
Such an ugly self was unbearable and disgusting.부천개인회생

 Then at the game center. . . .
  Recently, Toshiko frequently visited the game center. Only when you’re focused on the game, Sangs.
I didn’t have any lush delusions. But I don’t have much money to spend, and it’s 6 at home at the latest.
I have to go back to, so I only have a couple of hours to spare.
It didn’t work. But if I could avoid the delusion a little bit, anything would be fine.
As Toshiko left the supermarket, she headed to the main street of the station where the game center is located.


Sect. 2. After a reluctant dream

  Toshiko had that dream again this night.

Embracing with a pleasant warmth, Toshiko was walking in the woods in a Sera suit. But 
Toshiko was being attacked in an uneasy mood.

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