anus penetrates.

then Toshi
The heart of the nose is choked with disgust, fear, and humiliation through which the anus penetrates.
I’m here.
The narrow-ended entrance was gradually enlarged and invaded.

 Oh, you’re so tight! Ka….」」
But Takahiro pokes the stiff.

 Stop it! Ow! Ow! Ow!의정부개인회생
Toshiko shrieks at the sharp pain of tearing up sensitive muscles.

 Takahiro sighed, pushing the male root to its source. this pathetic erection
a pushover in a rough place It looks like it’s torn and broken, and the blood is in the shape of a large circle of chrysanthemums.
It’s oozing out. 남양주개인회생

 ”Okay, I’m coming.”
 Takahiro slowly begins the dance.
It stimulates the job and something boils up from the abdomen. And the blood-stained Acheran chrysanthemum.
Toshiko’s consciousness is dazed by the pain, shame, and all these strange sensations.
They’re coming.

 ”Oh, it hurts! . . . Stop being sick!」동두천개인회생
The intense pain of a crackdown on you makes you feel like you’re losing your head off. But every time, Takah.
Hiro’s powerful stabbing returns to reality.

 Ouch! Ugh! Stop it now! Ouch!!!
Toshiko cries out, desperately repeating her pleas. Even though I know it’s useless,
I couldn’t stay without doing so.

 ”Hakhak.” It’s coming out now! Toshiko…”
 At that moment, in this Toshiko in Takahiro, there was a tremendous affection in the workplace.
I vomited out the liquid.
“It hurts! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!」
 Inside the bowel, the hot tooth is a scary touch, and Toshiko loses consciousness screaming.
I did.
No, no, no. I came back again. . . . .
With a hot sensation in his lower abdomen, barely Toshiko returned to reality from yesterday’s nightmare.
Can’t I go back as a normal girl now?
Toshiko breathed a long sigh. 구리개인회생

 Then Toshiko realized something important.
 The menstruation is not coming out. Toshiko was taken aback and thought about her previous menstruation.
It has not been released in the near two months since then.
Toshiko’s period is more like a rule than a thought, so this late job is now.
There was no such thing as.

Don’t tell me, baby.고양개인회생
  Toshiko’s eyes were dimmed. If you think about it, you’re not getting menstruation.
It is more strange not to be pregnant.
  Toshiko said she felt bad and left her afternoon class early. with a nervous heart, a mountain
I hurried to the ladies’ department.


Toshiko stumbled out of the front door of the hospital. Disappointed, as if the eyes were hollow.
It looks and is like a sleepwalker.  
Toshiko’s bad predictions were right.
Next time you come, come with your father or mother.」파주개인회생
In a blunt tone the doctor said to Toshiko.

 ”Uh, I. …”
 ”I’m pregnant, about two months.”
 It was a shock that seemed to have hit the head with dozens of tons of hammer.
The future is not well thought out there. But the responsibility for the baby on the boat…
I’ve been thinking that it’s best to have contraception, but now it’s like sex education.
It has come to no use. And then the only thing that touches Toshiko’s mind….

 I can’t help but kill her. . .일산개인회생
Toshiko thought. Unless you give birth and raise it, you have no choice but to stop. But, Boo.
It was unbearable to tell Mother everything that had happened so far. Of course, the cost of the layoff is…
You might get it, but if you say that, it really gets your parents really mad.
It will be something that makes you sad. And you’re gonna keep a happy family up until you do that.
I don’t want to.
However, even talking about Takahiro doesn’t seem to pay for it. obvi의정부개인파산ous
He will end up being kicked away.

  Toshiko put her hands on the railing of the sidewalk bridge. Down below, cars, buses, trucks, etc.
I’m running.
 I don’t want to die like this!!!
 Suddenly, Toshiko’s attachment to living in her heart boiled.
 She is still 14 years old, a girl whose future is full of hope is waiting for her. Takahi it
I can’t believe you gave up easily because of Ro. . . . ..
Toshiko closed her eyes and thought.

 Mr. Kato!
Toshiko came up with a gym teacher, Kato. Toshiko has been longing for Kato since she entered the school.
In summer vacation, I fell into masturbation thinking about Kato.
 Kato is in charge of men’s physical education, and the class Toshiko learns from him is the doctor of health on a rainy day.
It was only a class, but I will remember the face and name.
I might bother my very favorite teacher. But for Toshiko now,
That’s all I could think of.

  If you can help me. . . .
 Toshiko began to walk into Kato’s house with a firm resolution in his heart.
If Mr. Kato refuses to do this, that’s when he’s really going to die, Toshi.
Nose thought.의정부개인회생


Cato’s house was a mansion a little away from the school. I’ve been checking the list of teachers for some time now.
As it was, I knew the place right away.

However, as I pressed the chime, my fingers trembled with tension.
I heard the doorbell coming from inside.
After a while the door opened, and a training-looking kato appeared on the T-shirt.

 ”Who are you?”.?」
 I’m Fukuzawa from Group C, two years. Excuse me, you’re taking a break..」
Toshiko lowered her head.남양주개인회생

 ”Yes, what is your business?”」
 ”Yes, I’d like to talk to you about something. . ..”
 ”Really, come inside!」
Kato greeted Toshiko in.

 Yay! I can’t believe you’re greeting a pretty little lady in a shabby dress. I’m a little embarrassed.Ha ha.
Kato smiled and gave Toshiko coffee. Kato’s comfortable and easygoing personality.
Toshiko liked it very much.

 ”Yes, what kind of counseling is that?」동두천개인회생
 ”Yes, actually.”
Toshiko said, “It’s a shame to tell your favorite teacher a shameful story for a moment.
I was so ashamed that I couldn’t speak.

 Uh, Toshiko, tell me what’s going on?」
Toshiko looked up and saw Kato’s face. A sweet, refreshing smile, and a gun.
Strong body…
There is confidence next to Mr. Kato, who has so longed for him.
Toshiko, clinging to the warm heart of Kato, sobbing and talking about events so far.
started to

Go to the forbidden meadow while guiding Takahiro during the summ양주개인회생 er vacation, there you go.
The loss of the Go, the delusion that has since fallen into one’s mind, if you don’t masturbate for a day, you’ll live.
What he couldn’t do, and then he committed it in the same place, and since then, he’s committed it almost every day.
Talking about what’s there, and what’s pregnant, Toshiko’s brain tells me what’s been going on.
Resurrected like a horse lantern.And next to him, Kato closes his eyes and tells Toshiko’s story.
I was listening.
“Oh, yeah, yeah! Was it a big deal?”」
 Kato murmured as he stroked Toshiko’s hair.

 좋아Okay, I’ll fix the cost of the layoff somehow. But where is he now?
Do you have it?’
 I didn’t meet you today because I left school early, but after school, I was near the school.
I’m waiting. I think it will definitely come tomorrow.」
All right! I’ll keep him out of you. You don’t have to worry now…」
Kato said, patting Toshiko on the shoulder as if to encourage her.
“Thank you, sir. ..”
As expected, it was a good thing you consulted Mr.Kato…Toshiko, sighed deeply.

Finally, in episode 5, Toshiko’s unrequited love teacher Kato appears. What else is it going to you.
Do you think we’ll be able to develop the flag? Please look forward to it.

From: Anmaga

Girl Toshiko Part 2 Episode 6 Translation  고양개인회생

Sect. 6. Another Request by Toshiko


Sir, I have one more favor to ask you.」
“What is it? I do whatever I can.”파주개인회생
“Hug me. . . .
One more decision Toshiko made was this. If Cato helps you, he’ll be able to take care of his body.
I was going to allow it.

 ”Uh. . ..”
 Well, I’ve liked you for a long time. So, you’re gonna have to teach him how to get his body dirty.
I want you to clean it with your hands. Please.’
 ”No, but. ..”
There was a hesitation in Cato’s expression.
Kato also has a lot of experience in women. But Toshiko is a student of her school, and besides,
I’m still a junior in middle school.

 「 Am I unattractive? Sir.
 ”No, not really.”
On Toshiko’s active approach, Kato also gibbled.일산개인회생

 「Please let it slide. Whether I’m attractive or not.」
 As Toshiko stood up, she began to take off her clothes in front of the embarrassed Kato.
 Unscrew the ribbon of the Sera suit and unbutton the collar. Pull down the zipper on the side and put the top of your head.
When we pulled out of it, the enchanting breast tops wrapped in bras appeared.

 And then I unhooked my skirt, and I zipped it down, and the skirt clapped on the floor.
It fell off.
 Kato’s eyes were fixed on Toshiko, who became the figure of Brassier and Pantiman. a lively bird
A fluffy body like a slang shows maturity that is not thought to be in the second year of junior high school.
There is
The swelling of the chest, the strangulation of the West, and the Pantier. 의정부개인파산
Signed feminine rounded lower body, and slender glossy legs beneath it.
Everything is developed beyond imagination, with a face still young.

Kato was feeling his alter ego boiling hot.
Seeing such a lively body, even a disciple could not have remained casual. But here we go.
If God refuses here, this child doesn’t know what to do, the thought of it makes Cato think.
Started hitting.

 ”Really. . . . . Do you like it?”
Toshiko answers Kato’s questions and keeps her mouth shut..

 As Kato stood up, he lifted Toshiko up with his gallant arms and moved her to bed.

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