like a child

Toshiko was shaking her heart at the thrill of having Kato next to her. like a child
I felt like I was hugging Yin for the first time.

 There is nothing to worry about.」순천개인회생
Kato stroking Toshiko as sweet as a child, and with lovely eyes.
Toshiko staring at Kato….

Soon enough, neither side first matched lips. A long kiss like melting candy,
As he caresses Gu Gang sweetly, his hands are placed on the breast from above the bra. Toe
Siko reacts casually.

 ”Ah, ah, ah. ..”여수개인회생
 ”You have a sensitive chest, don’t you?”」목포개인회생
 ”I’m embarrassed. . .yes.”
 Don’t be ashamed. Being sensitive is a happy thing. I’m going to get you a new one.
I’ll let you run away!!! 」

Kato stripped Toshiko’s bra with a familiar touch. Han’s breast is like a fruit.
It’s overflowing with lum. Maybe it’s because Takahiro has so many caresses, but Toshiko’s is even better.
I get the impression that it has grown.

A faint pink nipple swallowed.  Toshiko’s innocent face is red-faced.
I was chiing.
 Toshiko’s flower wine is hot, with a sweet sensation sp무안개인회생 reading through the body like ripples.
begin to secrete as in
Kato’s hand stroked and raised Toshiko’s thigh from above the panty.
I start to search for the shameful things that come out and do.

 ”Ah. . . .sir.”
 ”It’s amazing, I can’t believe you’re already here.”」
Kato, speaking, rubs the center of Toshiko from above the panty as if in a circle. Simultaneous
Steadily suck and spin a nipple, such as a grain of rice, into the mouth.

 ”Oh, my. . . . . I’m embarrassed.」광양개인회생
Toshiko’s incredibly wet Vivu is known to Cato for its shame, white skin.
dyed pink
But that shame burns the fire of Toshiko’s sensuality.
Cato’s hand slides into the panty, and the juices overflowing as they caress the petals.
It makes this grubby noise.

 「. . .  앗.  앗 앗」」」
Kato’s use of fingers was subtle. Take the overflow from the petals, and bring it up to the petals.
Rubbing it like rubbing it, it sometimes comes in contact with the clitoris. The way to put that force in, get in.
Li Ming is exquisite, so Toshiko keeps her back swaying without quelling her excitement.

 ”Hey, Key, sir!” .Oh, my God!”해남개인회생
Kato kissed Toshiko’s lips again, tangled her tongue, stripped her panties and hung her on her legs.
Linda. Toshiko is struggling with a mellow sensation like her body is melting, and she floats her waist and makes kato.
cooperate with somebody

 Toshiko, will you show your secret flower garden to the teacher??」
 I’m so happy, Mr. Kato!」
 Toshiko was the first time a sweet whispering Cato in her ear called her name.
set somebody’s mood on edge
Kato makes Toshiko’s legs wide open, burying her face in the center.


When his base felt Kato’s hot breath, Toshiko was drinking it to the fullest.

 Kato looked briefly at Toshiko’s lower abdomen.
a spring grass soft VENUS hill, such as thin shadows contrasting with a mature body.
It’s cooling down.
As the flame running in its center expanded, thin milky white mucus overflowed, the door of
ride off to the side of the anus
The petals and their inner mucous membranes glow with thin pink. a few times already
It’s an incredible pretty thing to have a man.광주개인회생
Kato presses his tongue firmly on Toshiko’s petals, and “zips” them and puts them up.

 Toshiko pokes and vibrates the body..
With a throbbing sound, Kato’s tongue travels in and out of pink petals, and again inside the crack.
Breaking into광주개인파산

 「, 선생님. . .미,미쳐요!!」
Toshiko couldn’t stand the movement of Kato’s tongue, which caresses the six walls one by one.
Raise your back to fill the excitement.
At the same time, the clitoris is stimulated by fingers, and the occult is overflowing with sticky honey.
Crabs do.
“Ki, teacher, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
This crispy push that’s about to melt, and Toshiko’s foot is burning.
Blow the coquettish.

 The body is enveloped in a sense that seems to melt away. Cramp your thighs, Toshiko, herself.
up to somebody’s excitement and went


Kato raised his face from under Toshiko.

Toshiko’s body vibrates from time to time with the afterglow of a hidden orgasm.
Kato felt cute.
already glitters with Kato, take off the trunk, harden.
Expose and let toshiko’s crotch hold her waist.

 A hard touch touched the neighborhood, and Toshiko opened her eyes faintly and murmured.

 Toshiko, can I come in now?」여수개인회생
 ”Yes, sir.”
 Toshiko opened her legs more and more on her own to help Kato insert.
Kato dropped his back, pressing hard against the towering entrance.

 ”Oh. . . ..”
 Toshiko is gulping down the hot, hard texture.
a gallant erection of an arrow twisting the entrance to the door and slowly salivating inside the pitiful
I’m going out of course.

 When Toshiko found out that he had met Kato’s alter ego, she pulled her white neck back and said, “It’s very deep.
Breathed. 목포개인회생
As Cato begins to move, the sweet waves spread all over Toshiko’s body. Kato’s J 찌r
To the chi, the tops of the rich breasts sway up and down to the chi.

 ”Oh, I’m feeling good.” . .oh, sir!」
 When a healthy thing is under pressure, it runs sweetly inside the body.

When you’re hugging Takahiro, you feel like you’re humiliated, like you’re on a bad drug.
It was a feeling of drowning and sobbing. So when you’re not doing it, you’re shirking again.
I feel like hugging.

But Kato’s that is profound, like the body is melting hot. Besides, Car무안개인회생
Discussions are as sensitive as snow in Toshiko’s sweet spot.
It’s a tender stabbing.

 ”Oh, sir!”        
Toshiko hugged Kato tightly. The breast clings to Cato’s chest, the ingrained sweat and the sweat come together.
It’s melting.

 ”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ? 」
 I can see the end now.」
The fresh, innocent touch of katodo was gathering on the verge of release.

 Teacher, please, wrap it deep inside!!!」
At Toshiko’s wish, Kato stopped moving in a muddle.
“What are you talking about?” 」
 Kato said reproachfully to Toshiko.
Now, I’m pregnant. . .please. One more time, I’ll take yours.
I’d like to receive it with a lovely body.」광양개인회생
Yes, now Takahiro’s child is in the ship. So even if Kato is inside,
There is no problem.

 ”Well, then. All right.
Kato has started his movement again. The curve of the down line rises again.
initiate into

 ”Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sir!”
Behind the snowflakes, flashes twice and three times.
Toshiko shook her whole body shaking and reached the climax. 해남개인회생
Kato was inhaling.   There’s a lot of twitching inside, and a hot fountain. 
stuck inside Toshiko

  Inside, it’s like trying to get the last drop of kato’s meat stick.
Toshiko hugs Cato’s body tightly, a pleasant orgasm woman she has never known before.
He was lost in luck.


The day after being hugged by Kato, Toshiko went to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic with Kato.

 School and home are very menstruating, so we say we go, but in fact, we’re going to have to stop.
It was done.
Toshiko needs the consent of the guardian to terminate the pregnancy of a minor, so she needs to be kato.
In the wake of somebody’s father’s death, he wrote a letter of consent. Toshiko’s tooth when she was waiting for her turn.
After getting a simple checkup, I went into the operating room.부산개인회생전문

The time on the operating table was humiliating. The lower body is naked, and Toshiko is sheep on the operating table.
I stretched the lee as far as I could to secure my ankle. You’re a doctor, but you don’t know anything about it.
He has to show his shameful appearance of exposing his lower abdomen in front of a man.  Toe
Siko closed her eyes tightly, bit her lips and endured the shame.

The doctor inserted something like a metal rod into the vagina of Toshiko.
When it touches and digs in and moves, there’s a dull pain in the abdomen.
Daughter-in-law. I heard a “Drog” coming into the vagina.
It was a strange, frightening touch that I didn’t want to experience again.

The operation was completed safely and hospitalization was needed for stability.부산개인회생 
However, Toshiko wanted a two-day home recuperation, and after that time, she managed to study today.
I was able to go to school.

– That’s it for Chapter six.

Girl Toshiko Part 2 Final Translation 

Chapter 7 The Joy of a True Woman


「 How have you been? I haven’t seen you in four days.」
After class, Toshiko was called to Takahiro when she left the school gate.
While Toshiko was away from school, Takahiro also came to school and waited.

 Well. . .I caught a cold.」통영개인회생
Toshiko turned away. When I look at Takahiro’s face, I see the day-to-day scenes of shame come alive.
It’s coming.

 ”I don’t do it for the time being, go.” How have you been?」
Takahiro puts his hand on Toshiko’s shoulder, and as if to his lover, he’s in his ear.
It’s gone.

 Stop…!!! What if your friend shows you?」거제개인회생
Toshiko untied Takahiro’s hand on his shoulder.

 「 Don’t be angry. Actually, I’m already gonna be dragging my feet.」
 「. . . . .」
  Toshiko shook her head.

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