lower abdomen.

Actually, when I saw Takahiro’s face, I saw him in the lower abdomen.
Something hot was ticking at something hot. But in order to comply with Kato’s efforts,
I’ll never go back to that angma.
“Where are you going! Toshiko!”김해개인회생
Takahiro grabs Toshiko’s arm trying to get back to school.

 있어서I’ve forgotten something…I’ll be right back. Don’t worry!!」
 ”Don’t think about it, you must come back!!!” Otherwise, she’ll tell the school that she’s a lecherous woman.
Because you’re gonna spread it? Okay!!!
With mean words, Toshiko got angry and shook her body. He’s the one who’s gone mad like this.
This man is also to blame if he says that is the cause.

 ”Well, please wait on the meadow, not here.”양산개인회생
 ”Dear you. . . . .the place where I first came to do it.”
 ”Yes, do you mean you want to be violent with me then? Kakaka~”
Takahiro smiled slyly.  I want Toshiko to be forced to commit a crime.
I think he thought there was.

 I’ll be right there! Wait.’
 ”Okay. Then, I’ll go ahead and wait.”」
Looking behind Takahiro running, Toshiko was muttering inside.

 Now, today is the last day!!」진주개인회생


  Toshiko went to the teacher’s office and called for Kato.
“How did you get here?” Fukuzawa!!!”
 ”He’s. . . I’m waiting for you in front of the school. And me and him.
We’re supposed to meet on the meadow.」
 Kato’s face hardened.

 ”Okay!!!  But to punish him, he has to catch him on the spot. Yeah.
You go straight to the meadow and wait. Then I’ll grab your back and I’ll go get you.
I’ll help you!!!」
“Will it be all right?”사천개인회생

Toshiko was a little nervous. If Cato’s help is late, and Takahiro’s anger is causing me to…
You might get pregnant again if you knock it in. And then, back to that grumpy routine.
I was scared to do it, too.

 ”It’s all right, don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll help.」
 Looking at Kato’s face full of himself and tenderness, Toshiko decided to make up her mind.
From now on, I go with my teacher. With a reliable teacher. . . .
Toshiko was with Kato.


   At the entrance to the meadow, where his virginity was taken, Toshiko split with Kato and entered the mountain path.
All 거창개인회생

Sometimes a cold wind blows in and makes you feel that winter is approaching. in summer
The meadow, which was green when it passed by here, is now withered and brown.
Toshiko progresses slowly, vibrating her body with anxiety and tension.

Takahiro is not seen yet.
Where does it come from, and when you think about it, your heart beats and jumps into your mouth.
I think he’ll come.

 Someone suddenly hugged me from behind. It was Takahiro. He was hiding in the shade of a tree.

 ”Kakaka… you were sexy back then, but seeing you in your winter uniform again,
This is pretty good too!!! 」

 「. . . . .」창녕개인회생
In Toshiko’s mind, the scene of the loss of the Bead is revived.
Takahiro’s hands rubbed unpleasantly near the tops of his chest on the Sera suit.
It’s coming.

 ”Today is your last day.”
 ”Yes, what are you talking about?」
 I’ll tell you for sure. Today is the last day to be your toy!」
 As if rejecting all the unpleasant memories, Toshiko affirmed.

 ”Hey, don’t joke around. I didn’t call you here to see that!! How many days does a child have?
It’s weird not to see it. Kakaka~~」
Takahiro laughed and refused to believe what Toshiko said.

 ”I mean it, you’re done for today! You devil!!!」
Toshiko, looking at Takahiro laughing, made a solemn vow.부산개인파산

 ”What did you say?” She’s the one!!!
 「,. . . . .」
Takahiro, who is impatient to hear words that he does not think, chokes Toshiko with his thick arms.
Toshiko moans in anguish and raises her voice.

 What the hell is wrong with you today, huh? I like it, whatever you say.
I can tell without me that ‘s body already wants and feels me!!」
Toshiko was violently knocked to the ground. 
At that time, Toshiko’s flitz skirt goes up and shows a slight femur.
 ”In return for your defiance, I’ll make it a quick attack today!」울산개인회생
In that way, Takahiro hangs up Toshiko’s skirt and suddenly touches Fanty.

 ”Stop it!”
  Toshiko desperately presses Takahiro’s hand and avoids it. But under the power of Toshiko,
I couldn’t help it, and the white cloth was ridiculously peeled off.
 Takahiro exposed the lower half of his body, making Toshiko’s legs wide apart in the meantime.
I’ve been letting him put his back in.
Try to press down on the hot tooth.

If you accept it, you will go back to your days of disgrace. Toshiko is a cow as hard as she can.
cried Lee out in a clenched voice.

I’ve been waiting!!!」
Then I heard a voice with the sound of footsteps coming.
It was Kato, just before he came in. 창원개인회생

“I will not let this bastard die!” 」
Kato threw as much as he could, splitting Takahiro, which was weighing on Toshiko.

 ”What is it!” What about you?
 An unthinkable intruder came in and Takahiro quickly punched Kato.
Takahiro was quite strong, but not the enemy of Kato in Karate IV.
Kato was also hit by several shots, but he pushed Takahiro overwhelmingly for a moment.

Kato’s intense fists hit the abdomen. 울산개인파산
Takahiro crouched in the place, crooked in pain.

 「How are you? 만약If you ever do this to this child again in the future. Of course! It ends here.
I won’t.’
 Kato doesn’t even support Takahiro crouched in his fist, he’s accompanied by Toshiko.
I left the post


 Since Kato helped, Takahiro has never appeared in front of Toshiko again.

 Two or three days later, Kato went to Takahiro’s mansion, and Takahiro moved.
There wasn’t. The painful memory of being beaten by Kato seems to have worked.
Toshiko, who visited Kato’s mansion after school, was free to hear the story.
be enthralled by

You’re free now. Me!!!
From now on, I can study together and play with my classmates.

I’m done with the day, so I can enjoy my school life like before. That’sir.
When I think of crabs, the thick tears of joy flow and fall from the fine snow.
“Are you okay!! Fukuzawa.”ㅍ창원개인파산
 Kato gently caresses Toshiko’s hair, which is sobbing inside her chest.

 ”It’s all thanks to you. Thank you.’
 ”I’m glad you can be healthy and have a happy life.」
 Sir, I have another favor to ask of you.」
With a red face, Toshiko stared at Kato.

 ”What is it? Tell me?”」
 I’d like you to stay with me. Not as a teacher and a student. . .
That is, as a. . . .man and woman.
 ”Fukuzawa. ..”

After hugging Toshiko, a student at his school, Kato has a lot of conscience.
I was feeling remorse.http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12602
But then Kato felt more than a student about Toshiko.
It was a thread.

 ”Do you really like me?”」
 Toshiko stared at Kato with wet eyes, without saying a word.
After that, there was no need for words anymore. with one’s face close to the other, not to mention first
I started a big kiss.

 「,. . . . .」
Slowly patting and rubbing the tops of his chest as he kissed, Toshiko already sighed.
Start to spill.

Please transfer it to the bed. Sir!’
Kato hugs Toshiko lightly, puts her on the bed, and stands next to her.
He takes off his Sera costume and gives love to the entire body of Toshiko, who is in Jeolla Province. Takahiro
Toshiko, who has developed a complete sexuality with , has a body that spreads in the body.
roll over and over

“I’m going, Fukuzawa.”
Kato puts his back in Toshiko’s crotch and leans on his own at the entrance of the nasal septum.
I am going.

Toshiko tries to help Cato’s invasion by expanding her legs greatly on her own.
Dark red enters this poor valley like a 대구개인회생

 Toshiko breathes sweet breaths in joy of getting her favorite Kato’s alter ego.
When Cato slowly began to use his waist, it was like he was wavering.
He runs out of the body in a row.
And begin to be wrapped in a sweet, pleasant sensation like the body is melting. Takahiro
a completely heterogeneous profound feeling of censure and pressure, as one felt in one’s arms.
It was Han.

 ”Oh. . . . . .Toshiko, that’s cool.”대구개인회생법무사
Kato is also drunk with the touch of fresh beef and calls Toshiko by her name again.

This is the pleasure of a true woman. Toshiko had this thought.

 ”Ah. . . teacher, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”I love you!!!
As Hwanhee raised his voice, Toshiko slowly reached the first extreme.

[ post ]대구개인회생무료상담

This is the end of the second part of the girl romance SM gossip “Girl Toshiko.”

Toshiko, who was defiled by the wrong meeting and lost innocent Virgin… However, true love
Find a woman’s pleasure in Kato, and six years after that, the story goes, “Lady Toshiko.”
It leads to part three.

“Mrs. Toshiko” begins with Toshiko becoming a college student when she grows up.
It’s a story line that falls into a curse.  To all of you who have cared a lot about “Girl Toshiko.”
I ask for your love and support for my new work, “Lady.”

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