From: Anmaga

From: Anmaga

Lady Toshiko Part III Translation 

Six years after the girl Toshiko, the story went on to part three of “Lady Toshiko.”
It’s you.
I ask for your generous love for my previous work.  

– Lady profile?

3rd grade, 20 years old
164 centimeters tall and weighs 48 kilograms.

Sect. 1. Toshiko, a female college student, 20 years old


It’s completely late.

 Toshiko Fukuzawa turned to his watch as he walked. It’s already close to 2:00 a.m.
It’s time.
Toshiko has been at a game center called Magic since about three months ago.
be in the E.T. It was supposed to be over at 8 o’clock today, but the replacement was supposed to be done.
I was so sick that I couldn’t come here, so I was asked to extend it to close the store.
I threw it away. 상주개인회생

Toshiko is a student at the Seisen Women’s University in Chiba Prefecture, and she became a third grader this month. Versus
I am majoring in Japanese literature in my studies.
And it is still very inconvenient to commute to Chiba Prefecture because my parents live outside Tokyo.
I rent a room apartment and live a single life.

 I’m glad the class is closed tomorrow.
Thinking of such things, Toshiko was in a hurry to step into her apartment.
After getting out of the shopping mall with the shutters down, they enter an alley where the houses stand side by side.
You can hardly see a person at this time of day. In a quiet, very quiet space, ddudduddudduddudu
Buck Walk can only hear the sound of hills with a slightly fast tempo.
Then Toshiko’s pace of walking gradually slowed down and soon stopped.

 What do I do, bathroom? Uh-huh.! 영천개인회생
Is it because of the coffee I drank while I was working? I felt a little bit from the time I left the game center.
There was, but I came all the way here and I had to pee quickly.
It’s already April and the wind at night smells like spring, but tonight is winter.
The wind is cold and the body is cold as if it had gone backward.

 There are still four or five minutes left to the apartment. But, you know, there’s nothing you can do to get there.
It wasn’t a feeling.
Toshiko suddenly came up with a nearby public restroom in the park. There.영주개인회생
Turn left at the intersection in front of your face and you’ll see.
Toshiko started walking again. I wanted to get to the bathroom as soon as possible, but I didn’t have to.
Lee didn’t do anything. The body vibrates when you run, and the irritation causes you to urinate unnecessarily.
Because I feel like I’m going to go to sleep.

 Then he saw a public toilet building on his left. Fluorescent lights in a dark toilet
The light is dimly shining.
Toshiko barely gets inside, closes the door and sits on the toilet. I’m embarrassed. Panty and panty Star.
I pulled the King down at once, and then I collapsed, and at the same time, the golden waterfall from between the crotchs.
He let out a vigorous gush.

Hook, you barely made it.!!!경산개인회생
A sigh comes out of the mouth in a muddle, freed from the tense situation. One minute later.
What would have happened if it had been.
Finish the work and wipe the urine with the tissue taken out of the bag. after a rough finish of grooming
When Toshiko was about to let go of the water, she stopped her hand in a muddle.
I thought I heard someone outside.

 Maybe it’s just me?
After sending the water away, Toshiko came out and looked. Two between the ladies’ restroom entrances.
There were several compartments, but there was no one there either.
Was it just my feeling? !!!
When I happened to pass in front of the men’s restroom to get out of the park exit thinking so,

 ”Please!” You should’ve done this.”
 The same sound again, this time I heard a little better. 문경개인회생

What’s going on in the men’s bathroom…?
Toshiko was surprised. Because it was a woman’s voice. Let’s go close, I’m sure.
There’s a noise coming from inside the bathroom.

Whoo-hoo. . . .you don’t sayin’ that…Look at this!! Hey, girl! Yours.
You’re asking me to do it, aren’t you?”
This sounded pretty clear. Besides, this is a man’s voice.

 I’d rather not care. . . . ..
What on earth is he doing inside? Because I have a general idea.
But contrary to the feeling of leaving, one cannot move from the position. on one’s own account
Even if you know you can’t help it, you can’t help it because it bothers you. getting cold
The body was hot enough not to get caught, and the beating of the chest was ringing loudly.

 ”Oh, oh, oh, please.”대구개인파산
Toshiko can’t stand it now, with the harsh voices of a woman in control, is a gout.
Going to Rae, I was trying to get on a box with a flush pump.
When you climb it, Toshiko reaches where there is enough window.  
There was still hesitation, but the desire to see is greater.
Toshiko peeped into the bone.

 Ugh. . . . 대구파산신청
 Toshiko managed to put up with what seemed to be a cry. It was an expected sight, but it was also.
I couldn’t help but be surprised to see it in person.
The woman had her skirt turned over, and under it the panties pulled up to the knees. And…
He is touching the wall and sticking out his exposed lower body towards the man.
The man was moving back and forth by putting his hand in the woman’s.

 ”Oh, please don’t!” Ugh!」
 Looking back with a face that looks like a woman is about to cry, she appeals to the man.
 The man is wearing glasses and dividing his hair into three parts. About 30 years old.
She looks like a scholar, but she’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt.
The arms are strong, and the strength seems to be strong against the body. 춘천개인회생

The woman’s side, meanwhile, has a brown bob-style hair, and the face she turned around is still, uh…
It is better to describe a girl than to say that she is a woman.
A mid-teen, high-school student, whose exposed hips are not yet grown-ups.
No, maybe a middle school student.

 ”Look, you keep dripping with dew, don’t you?” But stop it.」
 마세요Don’t say such a shame! 」원주개인회생
The man called the teacher laughed at the girl as if he were belittling her, and intensified the movement of his hands.
. . The rattling sound comes to Toshiko’s ears.

The girl is reddening her face to hold back her shame. I managed to talk to two people talking.
It seems that the man is a teacher at the school, and the girl is also his student.

 ”Okay, shall we go in now?”」
The man took off his pants, pulled out his erection, and found himself in a crack in the girl’s buttocks.
lean on somebody
“Please, stop crying.”
The girl turns back with a sad expression. But men don’t care. Slowly back.
Stretch forward, breaking into the girl’s interior.

The girl groaned painfully.

 I can’t stand it without this squeeze!!!」
The man hugs the girl’s slender waist, pulls it out slowly and starts to stick it in.

 「. . .앗, 앗, 앗. . . . .」
 ”Slowly the speed of the ball goes up, clap clap!”
The sound of struggling from the girl’s lips is popping out.

 Now, you can’t see it anymore. ..
Toshiko was admonishing herself several times. But every time a man moves his back,
I can’t turn my eyes to the robustness that appears to be between the girl’

A sweet nasal sound came out, and the girl was already feeling it. a sad ticket just now
Affection is changing in the face of the ecstasy. He twisted his back hard on his own back.
Ask for a man’s lips and actively follow kisses.

 ”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.」속초개인회생
The girl seems to be getting close to the climax, raising the lewd sound. Men are also close to release.
Now, little by little, the movement of is decreasing.

 ”Kaah! I’ll give you my water!”
The man pulls the girl’s butt close and holds her back.

 ”Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.”
 The girl vibrates her body to the release of the man.
 After watching everything through, Toshiko came down from the box without any sound of footsteps. that
As I came out of Rigo Park, I started to run like a shot.


Toshiko’s apartment is located in a quiet residential area about 15 minutes’ walk from a nearby station.
It’s a strange tatami studio. It’s only been two years since it was built, so it’s very clean and ordinary studio apartment.
be slightly wider than Especially, the floor is floored, so it’s clear that the bathroom and room are distinct.
I liked Toshiko very much. It also takes about 40 minutes to get to your university.
be conveniently located

 peeking at the dirty companionship of a man and a girl in the park’s bathroom, and when they came back to the room, bees.
It was almost 3 a.m.삼척개인회생
Toshiko’s own panties when she’s naked to take a shower and relaxes her panting breath.
noticed the moistness of the inside cloth. I’m so ashamed of my actions again.
It was lush.

The twenty-year-old nude, reflected in the mirror of the earth, looked dazzlingly shiny. in the senior year of elementary school
The body, which began to develop rapidly, was already in middle school and would not be inferior to adults.
It was balanced, but now, at the age of 20, it’s about five centimeters taller. 철원개인회생
Another body part is also increasing its maturity much more.

Burst is 87 centimeters, a small increase in numbers, but the C cup at the time was E cup.
The low size is definitely up. 원주개인파산
The shape of the breast is not drooping, but rather beautiful. Again, that apex.
It also has a thin pink color that doesn’t change, and the shape of the bump is really once.
It is so sexy that you want to wash it.

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