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Director.” “If you don’t have a special schedule, let’s do it later.” “Yes, then I’ll go out.” Sung-min pauses while trying to turn his foot quickly, paying tribute to his heartfelt loyalty. I couldn’t see the schedule again and wanted to leave right away, but the “unusual” schedule struck my head like lightning. Even if he looks flustered, he must have a deep-seated image of a faithful secretary. “Oh, the chairman is leaving today.” “…yes.” “I’ll see you around the evening http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12600?category=0 , sir.” What I couldn’t forget was by the eyes of Yu-chun, who spoke and frowned at the same time with minor convulsions. Seong-min looked at the half-sentence of the two, feeling a chill of tension, but Yuchun returned with a polite expression and tapped the end of the Mont Blanc fountain pen on his desk, while Jun-su was still wandering about the neck of Yuchun. “Well, I 전주개인회생  ‘ll go out.” “Yes…” – As soon as I heard a small door that might have closed as if it reflected his cautious attitude, Junsu kisses me as if he had been waiti 익산개인회생  ng. “I did it for you. I wanted to kiss you.”The lips of Yuchun, who still mumbles without taking off his lips, are moved along with the lips of Yuchun. Come back between the deeply crossed lips, Junsu gently touches Yu-chun’s even teeth with the tip of his tongue as if he were making a gesture. Yuchun’s right hand squeezed Junsu’s neck. The back of the hand, which has been squeezed by the blonde hair, protrudes the tendon and pulls the compliance deeper. When Yoo-chun’s tongue, which had been tangled in Jun-su’s mouth, slipped out of his breath, Jun-su’s lips wriggled through his lower lip, and came down with a line along the  서산개인회생  neckline through his chin. As Yuchun raised his head slightly, he drew a strong line and drew a smooth line flexibly. Junsu, who took a moment to kiss that part, said, “I love the voice that I like, and I love that voice, and sometimes I want it. Like a witch in the Little Mermaid.” “What?” “Oh, it’s so disgusting to speak with Park’s face in my voice.” “I don’t think my voice is the perfect harmony on your face.” “Well, I don’t want it now, so I don’t need it.” “I’m not going to give it to you even if I need it.” Yuchun glanced down at the watch on Junsu’s wrist, and gave me the hand, and ga 정읍개인회생  ve me the arm around my hand. “What are you doing, I have a meeting in five minutes, so wake up.” “Then hug me for five minutes.” “Loud, you liked five minutes that even three hours were short.” I said bluntly and hugged Yoo-chun, who pulls Jun-su’s arm once again. It literally means hugging, and the rest of his arms hugged him to the elbow, making Yuchun’s head sound tight and perhaps breathless. “Saekma, hugging is a big deal.” “Now you’re going to strangle him.” “Simp 완주개인회생  le expression of affection, don’t you know? HUG-” “When did you become this simple emotion, Kim Jun-su” “From today, foot-” “I didn’t have the talent to untie Jun-su’s arms with no sign of falling apart, and I didn’t have the desire to untie them, so Yu-chun repeatedly uses Jun-su’s back from the top to the bottom with one of these drooping arms. Sometimes… this simple hug, that’s all right. Even though it was well past five minutes, I hugged him witho 김제개인회생  ut any movement. If either of them had any signs of movement, they could have used it as an excuse to get away from each other, but neither seems to have any intention of doing so. “You…” The voice of Yu-chun, who said he liked Jun-su so much that he couldn’t seem to do anything about it. There is nothing in Junsu’s eyes, which is facing Yuchun’s face after pulli 남원개인회생  ng out the force from his hand. It is hard to read such a colorless look that Junsu, who was full of life in everything, sometimes shines. Even if the same soap and body cleanser are applied to the body, it is said that each person has a unique body scent, but since when does it smell like this and that? When did you start to feel sorry whenever you got out of your arms? “Until when do you want to be by my side?” The slow and constant tone of Yu-chun’s mouth made it hard to know whether he was asking or answering. Junsu’s eyes were against the light coming through the berticals of a large double-glazed window behind Yuchun’s back, and at the same time, he smiled and smiled, making deep creases in his left mout 전주개인파산  h, but it might have looked a little bit bitter. I’ve always wanted to show you a pretty smile, but I couldn’t help hiding my disappointment. “Until Doctor, I’m tired of it.” It was always what I wanted to say. It is very fortunate to be by the side of the stream, including material affluence. But at some point, if Yuchun gets sick of himself… It was concluded before that there would be no reason to stay or no room to stay. A long time ago… ‘It sounds like you’re not leaving first, is it?’ ‘Yes… That’s right. http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12600 ” “Yes, well, then we won’t break up.” I’ve never seen Yuchun laugh out loud, but I’m confident that she’ll be around forever if she smiles with her eyes as pretty as the two wings of a ribbon, as if she’s not her own. “Well, I need you to get up before that. When my legs are asleep,” Long Kiss Long Night_Specific Relations #8 seems to have gone unresponsive, saying, “It’s not too much to say that Yuchun is l ​대전개인회생  eading the management of the company, so go to overseas branches for business.” “Sungmin, what time will you arrive?” “He’ll arrive at 8 o’clock. He said he’ll go straight to the appointment place. So you can leave around 9:10 p.m.” My father arrived in almost a month. It wasn’t 대전개인회생전문   a nervous state, but it wasn’t as light as it should be. I felt like I was about to be in front of my father’s eyes about two years ago. Today is certainly not just a father-to-son reunion, as was the end of what Sung-min said earlier. Political marriage, which does not attach meaning. I have never dreamed of becoming a loving husband and the best father figure by building a harmonious family, just a merger between the two companies. Having a proper relationship with a woman she’s never seen 대전개인파산   before, getting married and having children, and having no intention of touching on her private life, Yuchun just needs to inject the future given to a second-generation  세종시개인회생  person as if it were a syringe. With Kim Jun-su and Jung-do present by my side by side. That’s why I never expected a meeting like today, but I can’t erase this unwelcome feeling. Jun-su said, “Oh, I drove you back to the officetel.” “I know you’re tired, but I’m not going to eat dinner when you’re alone.” “Yes, I’ll go to the officetel.” “No matter what he does, he’s obviously having fun. Don’t be so embarrassed like before.” “Oh, yeah.” “I’m smiling awkwardly scratching my ear. Drrrr, Drrrr- “Yes” It’s  천안개인회생  such a short response that you opened the folder on your cell phone handed over to Sungmin with just one hand and answered the wrong answer. – What are you doing? Are you busy? “When did we start saying hello? ” – What’s wrong with your son’s answer? He doesn’t want to be happy, but what a 당진개인회생  re you doing? What are you going to do? Unlike blunt words, Yoo-chun’s eyes are gently bent at the tone of Yun-ho, one of his close aides, who is grumbling at Yoo-chun’s words. – You said he was coming today, “Fast news, are you following me?” – You’re coming in a month, right? Say hello – “I know you don’t want to know how you are, but I know.” – You rotten bastard, I’m hanging 아산개인회생   up! “Cook, yeah.” – Oh, man. Park Yoo-chun! “Why” – Hmm… No, he turns off the folder with a snort that makes him laugh at Yunho’s unpretentious behavior, saying, “It’s too bland.” Then, he lightly tapped Sungmin’s shoulder, standing next to him, and walked ahead. “Let’s go from Cheongdam-dong, ’cause we’ll have to finish our schedule before eight o’clock.” # “Well, should I have?

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