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“It’s your marriage partner. Of course I do, but… “What do you think?” “I’ll marry you.” I’ll marry you. I will do the marriage that my father wants. If you don’t touch anything on ‘my own’ marriage, which is just to foster meaningless succession… I’d be happy to. Long kiss Long night_Specific relationship #10 “Huh- I didn’t mean to 광주개인회생   hear the answer right away today, but I’m very glad you’re so ready to answer.” “It’s something I’ve already expected. Come to think of it, I just said my position without asking your doctor. I’m with Yuchun too.” “Okay, then.” Yuchun hangs up before Sujin t 광주개인파산 alks, grabs the mouth of the wine glass and turns it slowly in one direction. He looks offended at his behavior, which anyone can see when he asks her for a ritual, without thinking at all. Geon-hyung, who saw Su-jin with his eyes, holds up a wine glass and suggests a glass with a big smile. “Let’s be close to each other in the future, and we’ll have to arrange another wedding with Song. Su-jin tells her father well and, “Yes…” and “Chaeng-,” her red wine glass, which was blushed like Su-jin, comes up shyly and hits Yu-chun’s glass. Su-jin’s gentle laugh 순천개인회생  ter, which might appear on the calendar, scratched Yoo-chun’s ears in an unappreciated manner with the heavy laughter of Gun-hyung and the woman of the month. It was the first time for him to show off each other, but he never met Sujin’s eyes, talked to her first, or gave her a long answer throughout the hour. Sujin was told by her aides about Park Yoo-chun and Lee. No, the only thing I could hear was a word of 여수개인회생   concern, not what his personality looked like. Do you mind if I marry him? He’s not arrogant or evil, but he can’t find any emotion in it, and he doesn’t give meaning to anything, and it’s relentless to the man who’s become his wife through marriage, and he’s… There is also a saying that he is a homosexual, not a general personality.” Although she was  목포개인회생  n’t easily deaf or swayed by someone’s opinions, Su-jin doesn’t know how many times she made up her mind to go back to this position and think about her marriage again. “The ma 무안개인회생  rriage is so sudden… We don’t know anything about each other.” While Geon-hyung was away for a while, Su-jin asked rather modestly, breaking the awkwardness between the long voids. Yuchun’s focus, which was staring at the wine glass without thinking, is broken, and his eyes are on Sujin. “Soo-jin and I would feel the same way, a family affair.” “I didn’t kn 광양개인회생  ow it was going to be this urgent, because I’ve only seen your face once or twice in an economic magazine.” “Economic magazines, don’t most women read?” Oh, I didn’t mean discrimination or anything.” “Foot– I actually don’t watch that either, because I was curious about Yoo-chun’s fac 해남개인회생 e.” As soon as Yoo-chun beckoned the waiter with his right hand, the waiter came and poured the wine into Su-jin’s glass. As soon as he was about to move to Yuchun by turning the bottle slightly to finish, the mouth of the wine bottle hit the top of the glass and knocked it down. In the wind, the glass collapsed toward Sujin and reddish red wine spilled over Sujin’s white slim skirt. The waiter’s face was flushed like a red wine poured out of shock, and Su-jin’s face was shaking and screaming at the end of the day. When Su-jin jerked around the waiter with a slightly excited look at the unexpected situation, Yoo-chun, who moved to the next seat, wiped the red flag  http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12601 off Su-jin’s skirt with a napkin. To prevent Su-jin from being offended, she is careful to wipe her hands only under her shoulder. “What…” “I’m glad that Su-jin didn’t scream on purpose so that the waiter wouldn’t panic, and that Su-jin didn’t come to the manager and apologize to him for the death, and didn’t make any noise that paid attention to others.” “Oh… It’s” “Water may thank Soo-jin for not losing his job.” Standing next to him, he beckons to the helpless waiter, handing him a tinted napkin. Su-jin pushed her word 광주개인회생  s back into her mouth, as Yu-chun’s skillful sister-in-law cleverly dug into the moment she was about to yell at the waiter and didn’t embarrass her. “I hate loud noises.”Yu-chun whispered, takes off his Genha suit and covers Su-jin’s skirt. “Let’s cover the front door of the hotel. I’m fine.” When 광주개인파산   she said, “I’m fine,” Sujin couldn’t even say thank you. No matter how sociable she was, Su-jin bit her teeth hard because of Yoo-chun’s unpretentious behavior. I’ve heard that Yuchen’s every move seems to be considerate of Sujin, but even if it’s for him… Such a small consideration cannot be false. His own magic that makes even those who argue about his cold-hearted humanity end up blind. He’s a man who creates enough desire to be around. # “So, Miss Sujin, you’ll find a place with your father soon enough to see… Be careful when you get home.” “Yes, I’ll see you again.” “Huh-Huh, it’s good to hear. I’m suppose 순천개인회생  d to take Su-jin home, but I haven’t seen her in a while, so I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes stories.” “No — I’m fine. I’ll see you later. I’ll see you again, Yuchun….” “Yes, I will.” Get up from your seat and follow Soo-jin, who greets you shyly, and answer only briefly and then sit back down. No matter how 여수개인회생   many marriage partners he had, he had no intention of following the stranger who had no real face to see him off, closing the door of her car and even saying a word of kindness next to his fingernail. Sujin hugged Yuchun’s suit forward and said nothing between them until she left the hotel restaurant and walked out to the lobby. Yuchun put his right hand on the table and put it down against his left hand. Yoo-chun himself knows that he was only gentle with Soo-jin once, and that he also had a fir 목포개인회생  m look all the time after that. It is true that there was a thorn in Soo-jin’s behavior of treating her so much that there was nothing to say even if someone sarcastically said it was on purpose. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but I couldn’t hide my unwillingness. I saw from time to time the gap between my fathe 무안개인회생  r’s eyebrows narrowed. You’ll soon be talking about it, as well as about your future behavior, you face Gun-hyung with your head slightly bowed to the unexpected words, “I don’t have anything to say about your future behavior. It’s a surprise that I knew you would talk 광양개인회생   about Yoo-chun’s harsh behavior in front of his marriage partner, as well as his marriage partner. “While I was at the overseas branch, I proceeded with your wedding date more urgently.” “It’s true that I was embarrassed to hear about it as soon as you got here, but… I was not going to get married anyway, so please proceed as scheduled.” “I’m glad if you mean so, but there’s too much sound in your ears.” I started to turn around and reveal what I wanted to say. Yuchun’s eyes are on the building without a moment’s wavering. “I thought it would be better to make a wedding announcement early to cover up those ‘loomers’ who are just gossiping about to undermine you.” “You know it’s not Romer.” It’s finally become Kim. It’s the place where your marriage partner j 해남개인회생 ust came and said, “Are you going to tell this father, after all, with your own mouth? I don’t want to mention my Yun Ho, but I hope he won’t be like Chung’s father and son.” “I know you’re not too hasty. I’ve never failed to do what my father wants me to do. The same goes for this marriage. Didn’t I say I was getting married?” It wasn’t a rambling voice, but Tuo, whose ending was up, showed that there was some change in Yuchun’s feelings. “Come home.” “I’ll be at the office.” “Are you going to have a fight with your father? No longer have you been playing around with that little girl in the midst of the marriage talk… …have you seen Jun-su?” And I thought he wasn’t a touchy-fee to Yu-chun, so I th http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12601?category=0 ought he knew about Jun-su, but I thought he wouldn’t know the details. However, it is concluded that Jun-su’s appearance was not simply a matter of waiting for his son. I’ve heard and seen about your son and his boyfriend constantly. “I’ll get married. I’ll soon cover up the fact that you think is going to be a flaw for me. However,” the cold Yuchun’s eyes are just facing the air ahead. The gaze, which has not been disturbed and stopped without direction, is instead reflected as firmly entrenched and wedged into

부산개인회생전문   his devotion. “Nothing changes, nothing changes.” I couldn’t say anything to Yu-chun’s eyes, which immediately met his eyes. It is only the second time that I have seen the eyes of Yuchun, whose eyes have been stopped without shaking. When he forced his younger brother Yoo-hwan to leave for the U.S. after Yoo-chun, he said with the same look that he would let Yoo-hwan live with what he wanted to do because he would carry everything behind him.

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