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“If you’re going to make a drastic change, I’d like you to reconsider from the beginning.” “You’ve lost your way of speaking, I haven’t taught you that way.” “My father taught me that. You said, “No matter what, mine is mine.” “………” “It’s mine.” My father has no right to change anything. Yuchun rises from his seat, bows deeply, and turns away. There was no anger in his gaze after his back, but the fist held on the table had enough strength to shake. “Nothing has changed 부산개인회생전문 , but if I’m tired of my horns and I fall… What would you do then, son?” # All the living room, room, and even bathroom lights were on, making it seem like it was daytime because of the already spacious interior. The living room of the bright officetel is too wide to see where the person who wasted the most power has gone. “Kim Jun-su…” As the time is right, he drags the slippers straight to find Jun-su sleeping on his stomach somewhere. When I opened the door of the study just in case it was not even in Junsu’s room and Yuc 부산개인회생 hun’s room, I could see that he turned on the stand with the light on and fell on the book. “I can’t stop you. Did you leave all the lights on in the house for fear of a thief?He pulls the tip of his slipper, approaches Junsu and puts his hand on his shoulder, and flinches and breathes out evenly. No matter how much I think about it, Junsu’s body, which is so sensitive, was sometimes amazing. Yuchun, who puts his hand on th 부산개인회생상담  e stand sensor and turns it off, carefully hugs Junsu and leaves the room. Fortunately, Junsu’s visit, which is also open, is pushed into his body and laid him on the bed to cover his neck. Sitting next to him, Junsu’s eyelids trembled, he bent his face and put his lips together. Then, Junsu naturally opens his tongue and walks around in the front of hi 통영개인회생  s mouth as if patting a sleeping person’s stomach. Strangely enough, Jun-su’s tongue, which is tangled in response, laughs and puts it deeper into the mouth and kisses it as if inhaling hot breaths. The kiss continued unexpectedly long without any sign of stopping, and suddenly, Yuchun opened his eyes and took off 거제개인회생   his lips with his hands wrapped around the back of his neck. “What, you didn’t sleep?” “Oh, man. Why did your hand go up there?” Then Junsu frowns in his closed eyes and slaps the back of his other hand with one hand. “So who told you to kiss the sleeping person?” “I s 김해개인회생  houldn’t have done that.” As Yuchun tried to get out of bed, Junsu hurriedly grabbed his arm. Yuchun couldn’t shake off his arms and just stood there holding him still, just like a little boy who was struggling to ask for 500 won. “Today, it’s, uh… “Not doing it?” “What?” “There’s nothing more to kiss a sleeping person.” “You’re not sleeping now.” Pull Yuchun’s shirt collar and sit on the bed as it is, and loosen the shirt button from top to bottom in a slow move. Yuchun, who was just watching how much Junsu does, removes the sheet and sweeps it down lightly on Junsu’s head. I think I can speak more easily than I thought  양산개인회생 now. “I’m… getting married,” says Yuchun in a toneless low voice, as she approaches her face with her arms around the back of Yuchun’s neck and her neck. “What, what?” “I’m getting married.” “Uh, when!” “Well, you didn’t ask me that.” I wouldn’t look so indifferent to talk about other people, but his way 진주개인회생  of speaking as if he was going to be a joke that would come out soon. “Not a big deal, so don’t worry about it.” “Well, yeah, but it’s kind of shocking. I can’t believe you’re saying that like, “Good night.” “Well, that’s what it’s worth.” “Well, then can I do the wedding ceremony? I thought I’d never laugh, but I was rather relieved that I accepted it calmly. In fact, I don’t know how much Junsu must have 사천개인회생   been thinking. You might have thought that Yuchun might one day get married and that the current relationship might not last until the end. Junsu will also know that it came a little early and that it will remain the same between the two. So it was a relief. “I’m Park Yoo-chun even if I get married, and I’ll always be the same, so you’ll always be Kim Jun-soo…” “…..” “Don’t be shaken.” I said I’ll do whatever you want, and I want to do it. As your son, I want to live up to your expectations an 거창개인회생  d be a good son. However, the only thing you want is to give up from the beginning. I just want to leave the emotional state aside, Kim Jun-su is my property. Long kiss long night_specific relationship #11 “Changmin, I have to go out.” “Oh, yeah. I’m fine–” I did bring Chang-min out that day, but I didn’t pry into or even hint at what 창녕개인회생   had happened. No matter how many times a soldier has learned all about human Samla Man, Yunho was never in a position to talk about Gunja, but he was never the only one who could not stay up all night and almost make fun of curiosity. However, Changmin’s eyes were full of freshness and he kept his mouth shut several times. What I just found o 부산개인파산 ut was that Chang-min had no place to live now, and this is a presumption that Chang-min was tied up with someone and ran away, so wouldn’t he be chased accordingly?” Yun-ho made an unthinkable deduction. I couldn’t afford other nasty ideas. For now, he was barbarous because he had 울산개인회생   Changmin. Fortunately, it wasn’t as spacious as Yuchun’s house, but it was Yunho’s studio apartment, which had a pretty large flat surface, so Changmin said he would enter the house, so it didn’t affect his standing. I couldn’t find any inconvenience because I was a quiet Changmin who did his job, but if I had to find something on purpose, I would have to say, “I’m hungry.” In Yunho’s real life, where he’s self-suf 창원개인회생  ficient, the anxiety that more than half of the living expenses, such as the life expectancy that his mother secretly sends out, are likely to be spent on food, and it doesn’t satisfy the emptiness that one tearful day. “Where are you going, brother?” “To be naked–” Sitting on the couch, chewing on bread and answering Changmin with a lightheartedly. The nature of the falsehood was different, but it was the same vein that the misunderstanding made it unfair. [Park Yu-chun, take me now] Just as he said in a sudden phone call, he knew he was in custody by calling Yunho Yuchun, and he was in “Ver Genia,” which had not yet been o 울산개인파산  pened, so a similar notice was absurd. It made me think that even if I had to be slapped on the cheek, I would have to engrave my name correctly today. And again, a new meeting, Jung Yun-ho and Kim Jae-joong, if possible, I don’t want to miss… # “Mr. Park, are you really getting married?” “Yes.” “You’re getting married to a girl you’ve never seen before? Really? “I’ve seen it exactly once. Maybe.” “Marriage.” “Do you really?” “Oh” Junsu, who persistently asks obvious and obvious questions, and Yuchun, who answers the same questions and answers without showing  창원개인파산  any sign, are already the same questions and answers several times. However, the slightest change in Junsu’s voice, which is being asked again, was already noticeable. He even emphasized the importance of marriage, but it was clear that Junsu was not taking it as much as it was. “Are you really… Are you?”The name ‘CEO’ placed on the front side of the desk and the English name of Yuchun are touched and touched by the name Crystal plaque. He tried to make an indifferent expression, but his voice, which is as disheveled a http://tellthetruth.co.kr/12602 s if it were out of his mouth, fell down on the floor before it could spread everywhere. “Are you really getting married? “When…” “… Kim Jun-su” “And…” Yuchun, who was silently writing something on the document, eventually raises his head and pokes his finger at the sharp edge of the plaque. I didn’t want you to play along, but I didn’t ask you to look at me like that because I wanted to draw attention. His eyes seem to have frown upon him, as if he were merely a nuisance to his work. “You made it clear that you were ge 대구개인회생전문  tting married, is that so important?” I couldn’t tell whether I was asking or pushing. I couldn’t figure out the intention of Yoo-chun’s question from his own head whether asking such an indifferent question with such an unsavory look was asking the importance of his marriage, or whether he was trying to cut off the annoying question. But if it’s the former… “It’s important, it’s important…I think I did.” The moment Yuchun spoke yesterday, he said, ‘Yes, it must be no big deal.’ In fact, apart from the depth of affection, our relationship, not love, friendship, o 대구개인회생  r love, is ambiguous unless someone gives us justice, but we can maintain it if we want, so it doesn’t matter until there’s a reason why he can’t be with him when he’s married or remarried. I did. So I lay beside Yuchun. I felt that I was the back of Yuchun who was sleeping next to me. I can’t sleep well even with the sound of Yuchun breathing out evenly. When I open my eyes… His back turned and his back came into my eyes. In the shadow of the faded light, Yuchun’s back was seen. “Why, what’s the point?” Like a sense of being late, his marriage, which was slow to reach, maybe…

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