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“It would be even better if this marriage were to be loved as a wife, but since you already said it wouldn’t happen, I don’t expect it. And I don’t want to make speculation that you want to break it down with your greed.” “I have nothing to ask for. Why would you marry me? If you break up the marriage now, it wouldn’t do any harm to Sujin and me.” Yes. It was only now that Su-jin could turn back before she regretted it. There has been talk about marriage, but now was the right time, 동양생명실속하나로암보험  with no announcement yet, and nothing known. “That’s something I don’t really understand. It’s true that you have a crush on Yuchun, but I thought I might be able to accept all the terms of Yuchun and marry him, but now that I’m trying to be a stranger to Yuchun, I might regret it.” There was no word in the interval of about five minutes. Despite the clear absence, each other’s minds wer 동양생명 암보험 e dizzy, but the words that could not be said were just confusion. Su-jin was nervous as if she had said something she couldn’t say to Yu-chun, but she seemed to have expressed her opinion. Yuchun just seemed to be thinking hard about something. “Let’s get married, let’s, before…” After a long silence, Yuchun brought out the words. Perhaps after Su-jin’s answer, she wanted to say what she had been t aia암보험 hinking about. “I want you to marry me,” “I want you to marry me.” “I want you to marry me?” Su-jin asks again with a slightly disappointed tone. According to Yoo-chun’s father, who is trying to hurry to get married, he announced to the public at the right time and said he wou aia암보험 ld get married that month, but he had already made up his mind. I’m trying to put the marriage off for a little. “We need time.” “I think  원스톱슈퍼암보험 you’ve already made up your mind. If you’re thinking about me, I’m fine.” “Me, Sujin, you have enough time in the meantime, but… Dear Junsu, I would like to give you some more time to be with me alone. I’m the one who needs to be nice to the side because I’m  원스톱슈퍼암보험 in the wrong direction, but if I get married now, I’ll be thrown out of course. “That shouldn’t happen,” he said, adding that he would postpone his marriage for Kim Jun-soo. No matter what happens, he will get married, but Kim Joon-soo, who is call 원스톱슈퍼암보험 ed, should be given time to strengthen his mind so that he can keep his position even though he is not around. When I hammered a hole in the frozen river with an iron hammer that showed no sign of rust, I had glistening snow like a river that still glows in the winter. Kim Jun-su, they say it’s because of him. “Do you love Kim Jun-soo?” “Oh, ha-ha-,” Su-jin’s sudden question makes Yoo-chun’s ey 라이나생명암보험 es curl strangely, and he laughs, creating deep wrinkles at both ends of his eyes. He seemed to shut his mouth and swallow what was apparently about to burst out into a laugh that was unbearable. Is that his biggest laugh, “Why, why are you laughing? It’s not a fu 라이나암보험 nny question.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” I didn’t make a loud sound, but the low low-pitched laughter of Yoo-chun was like a pleasant bass sound laid low like the center of the music. “There hasn’t been a single person who’s asked that question before.” “That’s rather weir 라이나생명암보험 d. I’m living with him, and as you said, Kim Jun-su seems to be no one to Yu-chun, but… It is possible to mix physically and live together with anyone, and now it is Kim Junsu. I’ve never thought of love,” Yuchun doesn’t know that not thinking is like not realizing   라이나암보험 it. The reason why he could not reach a conclusion in his mind, even though he already felt it clearly, was because he was so clumsy at the intangible of emotion. If you don’t just keep your eyes on them and reach out and trim them, they will rot and become w 흥국생명암보험 orn out. When you reach out late, you don’t realize that the only thing you get is a dried-up regret. A person who was hopelessly stupid, suddenly, and violently selfish. I hope he doesn’t realize the feelings he’s pushing for because it’s just love. Love is not a big  흥국생명암보험 deal. It’s just a fickle, fickle, fickle thinking that changes and then comes back, and then changes, and it’s just… It’s just a tyranny of a particular relationship, so during that brief moment you realize and maintain… Must feel and express fully. It’s just 흥국화재암보험  for a while, and it’s an abandoned enemy that doesn’t know when to change. # “This is so…” Yun Ho stands in the middle of the living room, scratching his back head. After an episode with Jae-joong during the day, I thought I’d get along with him, and the amou 흥국화재암보험 nt of money I need is very much a bet. – 700 million won, it’s already the last level of regret, right? It’s 700 million. It’s the highest amount of money you can’t ignore, even in the past when you’re not getting along with your father and you’ve been full of material. We cannot dare to ignore the regret that the transaction was too much for Yunho. I should have listened to the amount and decided, bu 현대해상암보험 t I think it’s worth the challenge. For now, he wants to be reconsidered, but just looking at his silhouette in the air makes me want to hug him frantically, but there is no more internal disorder. I said I’d satisfy his greed, but… In the end, it was for myself. I was impatient to have it. Even if it was a reckless attempt, to relieve the dry thirst of not leaving a single moment… The sound of strong friction in a lump of iro 현대해상암보험 n rings loudly in the house even before the thought of “Quang-” is completed. Yunho, who even clenched his fists with firm determination, shook his body with astonishment. ‘Oh? When did you get here?’ ‘Changmin.. Would you show me a sense of closing the front door a little bit for my neighbors who live with me?”Do you watch that, too?” Returning students is fun.” Huh? Oh, yeah.” “I think the only person I’m going to see on that program is a return student, which is fun, but… It’s not that funny anymore. But most of all,  현대해상계속받는암보험 the trend is people who are looking for laughter.” Chang-min puts all the groceries he brought in his hands in the refrigerator, and is busy spreading his personal thoughts to the extent that he missed the point of what Yun-ho said. Standing next to him with his arms folded, Yunho even nods, saying, “It’s right now.” “It depends on your personal opinion, don’t you think they’re really smart? “I was a 새마을금고암보험 mazed to see it and sometimes even wrote it down.” Still, he continues to talk, keeping his eyes on cleaning things up in the refrigerator. What did you buy so long that I still have half the things to organize. It’s all about food that needs to be refrigerated deliberately. Yoon-ho, who was standing with a dumb expression like a dumpling in Chang-min’s words and actions, suddenly recalls the pho 새마을금고암보험 ne conversation with his younger brother Ji-hye. While looking for an excuse to tell Changmin, he won but missed the timing because he couldn’t remember every time. I squatted in front of the open refrigerator and looked down at Changmin, who carried t 우체국암보험 angerines one by one in the bottom of the vegetable compartment. – Yuchun’s getting married, and my father said… Didn’t you know that your brother would get married if you knew he liked it? “Yu-chun is getting married.” A tangerine falls from Chang-min’s hand and rolls under Yun-ho’s foot. Yunho picks up the chaiing tangerine under his feet and throws it exactly into the box below. Changmin,  갱신형암보험 who lost his sight for a while, picks up a bag of tangerines and pours it all in and stands up. “Good for you.” Gather the black bags of tangerines together, tie the knots, and reach out to the water guns in another bag. Changmin continues to speak with a trembling voice li  비갱신형암보험 ke a bag in the constant rustling noise. “I’m about to… “I might have a New Year’s Eve.” Yunho, who used to spend a lot of power on the refrigerator, quietly closes the refrigerator door. “What seat…” “I said, “Junsu.” The person’s empty seat.” Yunho opens the door of the refrigerator and cleans it up again. It was an empty refrigerator, so it has quite a lot of ingredients. “With Yuchun’s unconsciousness, he’ll collapse into jealousy and greed. He’s gonna run out of here. Like me…” Yunho could not find the source of the words he h 비갱신형암보험 ad just heard, whether it was the sound of the bag in Changmin’s hand or the voice of Changmin, who was in a dull, dry manner. “When Yuchun gets married, aren’t you just like Junsu?” “It’s different… …because I’ve been through it once.” “…..” “I’ve been through it once, and now I’m next to Yuchun. No, not from the side, but from the back. It means you’re strong enough to stand. Yuchun’s brother is as considerate as he can, and he doesn’t want to go. You don’t even cling to it, you make me expect something, and the other person wants more than that. Without knowing it was him who was eventually tired of the terrible thing of exploding love…” Yunho was stuck in his seat and couldn’t move a step until Changmin finished cleaning up and walked into his room. “In the end, it means that the bad guy is Park Yoo-chun.” A person is only a weak, vicious creature that has no choice but to be so desperate that there will be no more mistakes in what he regrets. Long kiss Long night_Specific relationship #15 “… …sa….,” “…Ummm,” “……….Director Park!” I’ve already called in a few leaps and bounds, but there’s no sign of waking up.

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