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A minute from now is going to be pretty boring.” …It’s amazing. I didn’t know waiting was such an unfamiliar flow of time. I can be happy just to expect someone to come to me. Besides, it’s amazing to me that someone seems to be Kim Jae-joong. Though not sweet, Jaejoong’s breathing is quite tight, which is a fast pace equivalent to that of his. The white, fine face of his face is so distorted by the urge, and the white breath that flutters roughly out of his mouth at regu 농협가성비굿플러스어린이보험가입순위 lar intervals is as cold and pathetic as its color. I should have gone to Gangnam Station where Yunho was waiting. Yunho’s excited voice on his cell phone made even Jaejoong float up and make him make a late appointment. It seems that he even hummed on the subway station. The call of Jin-hee, the oldest sister who had just walked in on an empty seat, ran out through the closing door. Sun-hee, the second oldest sister, was sold to a brothel as collateral instead of a private loan. However, due to Jaejoong, who was constantly getting money and paying back interest, fortunately, he stayed there and did simple chores. However, as the new law prohibits the establi 어린이보험가입순위 shment of a house-to-house village, she was only operated in dark circles, and the owner of the house reportedly sold her to a room salon in the center of Gangnam without even realizing that the private moneylenders had left Sun-hee. That’s a huge sum of money, taking full advan 농협어린이보험 tage of her virginity. Although the brothels were also a danger zone that could not be relieved at all, it had its own business in Pohang and some columnists, but there was no organization guarding the area as a whole. But room salons are different. In addition, if it is located in the center of Gangnam, the tower is clearly associated with the organization. Their haggardness and unseen acknowled 어린이보험순위 gment will not stop Sun-hee from doing kitchen work or simple work. “…please” Jae-joong jumps up the high end of the narrow escalator at Nonhyeon Station. The dent in the leg is too slow today. Unconceptual tears filled my eyes with frustration. Boom- Break the door that was pushed to smash the wall, and the powerful sound of the iron door rings the bleak and strange corridors of the middle and high-rise buildings. The shaking of the body would be the door when it was cold in the cold air. Jae-joong walks inside, brushing off his hair that sticks to his cheek like a wool with his index finger. At the loud noise, some big men who have alread 농협가성비굿플러스어린이보험가입순위 y risen from their couch seats, as well as those who were sitting at office desks, are clearly surprised by the appearance of Jaejoong. As the large people, who were standing on the sofa, approached Jae-joong with a big step, the man at the desk stopped them with a gesture. “Yes, what happened to Kim Sun-hee’s brother here at this time?” He changed the color and quickly became his natural face. He is always as sensitive as he is hungry, and his high-dividing voice fits perfectly with vulgarity. “What is a room salon… You’re wrong about this. I told you I’d get the principal soon!’You mean you can’t pay me back yet?’ ‘Soon… It’ll happen soon. I’ll pay you back no matter what happens within this month, so please… You know, she said, “You know what? Your sister, I couldn’t help it–” Get up, pushing 어린이보험가입순위  the wheeled chair back lightly. A cigarette is already inserted between his dry, bony palms. He pokes his upper body with his other hand, but nothing seems to be looking for. Jae-joong, who slowly approaches the front side of the desk, picks up a disposable lighter from between a magnetic plaque and a pile of documents and pulls the fire straight forward. The man knocks the cigarette to the tip of his mouth and rips up the lip line sharply like a sharp knife. “Get me out of there.” “The pimp who used to be here ate up money without me k 농협어린이보험 nowing it, and I suffered a lot of damage. Do you know there are one or two Gangnam room salons?” Jae-joong throws his lighter loudly on the desk, turns around the desk, and sits next to the bar where the man stands. Jaejoong’s head slowly turns toward the man standing with his hands on the desk. The face of Jae-joong, who flutters like smoke through the burning cigarette smoke, comes across the face. He came to me with an unceasing fascination and almost breathed back the smoke that was spewing out of his mouth. “You 어린이보험순위 ‘re not the kind of person who’s generous enough to leave the pimp on the money. The money the pimp stole is already in that safe, and he’s already contacted the room salon. Of course, you’ve been there for a visit.” Jae-joong’s naturally stretched hair, touching his shoulder, seems to make a faint sound. The man’s gaze is directed at a disposable lighter that floats in the middle of the desk. The business name and phone number of ‘Calipso’ are printed on the lighter side. “I know you’re not a good person, but you’re not a disa 비갱신어린이보험 ppointment or incapable person. …I’ve never said it before,” but he keeps whispering so low that it’s only blowing through his red lips. “And that you want me…The long-length cigarette ash, which had been hanging from it, drops onto the desk while the man reaches out and sweeps Jaejoong’s cheeks with his cigarette-in-hand. When Jae-joong turned his head, his hand stopped in the air and rubbed it against the ashtr

어린이보험가격 ay while watching a cigarette burning near the filter. The smoky aftertaste of the cigarette is still hanging around the tip of the nose. Only then could Jae-joong vent his breath when the man took his hand to the phone. “Oh, there’s Kim Sun-hee I took with me not too long ago. Tell him not to let him in the room. Just do it for now… Tell him y 어린이보험비교 ou can’t find him!” There was also a series of instructions, but only after Sun-hee’s safety was guaranteed, he couldn’t dig into any of his words in his ear. It was fortunate that the veins, which had been tightened with the pulse, had loosened. He puts down the phone and stands upright and turns back to his desk and opens it like a glance. ‘Yes, what are you gonna do for me?’ ‘Of course… “Money.” A giggle came out of his mouth and eventually burst out. You must have wanted something else, but you missed it. ‘You said you could deduct half the principal, not all of it.’ ‘So you said you didn’t need it.’ ‘Ha-ha, that’s great. “What on earth do you have to eat to build that kind of nerve?” “I’ve never had a nutritious meal to grow it, and I want you to say it’s not guts, it’s strong self-confidence.” “Not a decent pride?” “Of course, it’s d

농협어린이보험 ifferent from that. It’s quite different from putting me up to defend myself.”I believe in myself… Because I trust him who said he’d bet everything for me. The dull passage of time is heading toward 11 o’clock with two minutes to go. He had already heard a punk about his promise – a word of ab 암보험비갱신형 use for about 36 minutes. The streets, which had been expected to become quieter over time, were turning around in a more colorful way, and the windows of the car were foggy inside the car, which was heated by the heater, unlike the air that was frozen outside. About three hours. Rather than simmering, he is said to be plain and awkwardly disappointed. Take your finger to the driver’s car window and draw it short to the right, and the line is revealed and it soon runs down. Unconscious lines that only drew straight lines created a name at their disposal, and Yunho was sur 다이렉트암보험 prised when the name “Kim Jae-joong” was blushed on the window. One cold name makes a heart flutter, a loud jolt. The sharpness of a woman’s name doesn’t stop as she has the vivid crown prince in her eyes. It hurt. “……” The snow bearing the name was sour and the tips of the hands were numb and folded and unfolded repeatedly. While the lower lip liquor kept drying, he constantly swallowed saliva in his mouth. He’s not coming. He’s not having a heartache. I want to see it. In just three hours… I realized how much I missed Jaejoong. The ‘bulk-‘ door opened quickly and the car was quickly filled with a scent that tickled the heart. Yunho didn’t call him in to confirm. Breathing heavily, I waited still for the fluttering shoulders to recede. “Kim Jae Joong” “……” There was no de 새마을금고암보험 sire to seek answers from Jae-joo ng or hear excuses. I just called. The unexpected harvest of Jae-joong turning his head and looking at himself was full of spirits. A very strong wind was blowing. Passers-by’s hair fluttered everywhere and their clothes were torn apart, making them all look pitiful. What happened? The question that could not be answered by voice was conveyed to Jae-joong through Yun-ho’s eyes, but the eyes he encountered were heavy and dark and could not read anything. The smooth surface sparkled and seemed to shine, and his gaze 암보험추천  stopped in the car window behind Yunho’s face. The letter, which is slowly disappearing, still means “Kim Jae-joong.” Jae-joo 비갱신형암보험ng folded his right hand slowly and unfolded it, took his finger to the window next to him and drew some lines, which also became his heart. ‘I’m sorry…’ Maybe it means I’m sorry I’m late for not contacting you once. The heater was spouting hot energy, and the weight rose, starting from the neck stem. When Yunho pulls on the back of the neck of the ashes, his body is tilted to the side. Without a m 암보험비갱신형 oment’s hesitation, Jae-joong’s soft lips, which he thought would be cold, turned pleasantly hot, and Yun-ho seemed to be spreading warmth throughout his body. Jaejoong’s lower lip stops trying to babble to say something. Neither of them was eager to put their hot tongues into each other’s mouths with a relaxed mind. The fever gradually rises and burns each other’s lips, so it falls off completely and accurately at the same time without pushing. “It’s too late. I’ll take you there…” “Jung Yun-ho.” “…”Why do I keep thinking of you when something bad happens…?

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