복숭아 Ryu Jin pretended 물냉면

Ryu Jin pretended to play the piano and Kim Jun-su will lie on the grand top cover and take this cut.” The staff, who pushes the cap upside down, explained it to me, but none of it came into my ears. Ryu Jin-jin was trying to engrave even one of the steps’ explanations, but the movement was not big. “Come on, get ready!” Step on  메리츠태아보험 보험비교사이트  the portable chair that Step had moved, and went barefoot up the ivory-colored grand. I lay down on my back with my legs hanging down to the floor, but the skin was colder than I thought. He must have forgotten that his feet were floating in the air when he was about to roll up because his wing bones were about to freeze. Uhh, like a tilting accent, Junsu’s body flutters from the curv 태아보험가입시기 보험비교사이트  e of the sunken grand. I feel like I’m going to fall like a fool. “…!…” a finger that fell exceptionally thick and long, grabbed Junsu’s wrist. Ryujin, who was talking to the staff separately while Junsu was lying down, quickly turned around and caught him. With the force of grasping his wrists, his body was lifted so easily that he sat down again. Ryu Jin, who faced him closely for the first time in two years, also seemed surprised. I don’t have a tongue but it’s a bit spicy. The rough beard, which had always grown litt 현대해상태아보험 보험비교사이트  le by little, has become more like a cotton swab. “Please let me go.” When I twisted my skinny wrist, Ryu Jin easily pulled out. Junsu’s head turns to look at his back as he walks to the chair. No matter how much I look for it, I can’t see the scenery.  현대해상태아보험사은품 보험비교사이트  He hates leaving himself in such a strange situation, and his lips droop a little. It’s too cold…Little muttered, sitting on the cover, he brought his palm to the cold, hard part where he was to lie down again. “Here! Could you bring me a towel? “The model can cry on top of the camera.” Junsu’s body had a lot of heat. Exposed to cold water, cold air, or tea gowns as much as the heat in the body used to be much colder than anyone else. It hasn’t changed yet. Living in a long time. The faded man was still remembering it. I didn’t want it at all, and I couldn’t imagine it, so I didn’t feel awkward with my voice that never changed. “I don’t need it. L 태아보험다이렉트 보험비교사이트  et’s hurry up and shoot.” Junsu’s eyes wander through the crowd again before lying on the cold floor. I really wanted to finish it quickly because the scenery without the stream was awkward. My back was so cold that I was able to gain weight. The thin, brown body lying on the white piano was particularly emphasized, creating the scene they wanted. The photographer step 태아보험시기 보험비교사이트  ped on the simple chair and stood on top of it, pressing the shutter. When he turned his head, Ryu Jin’s face, sitting on the keyboard, immediately bumped into him, and Sue turned her head to the other side. Click, click. From the shutter sound, I moved my ears to the faintly flowing piano sound played in the studio. However, the volume was so low that it didn’t last for a minute. It was a poem in less than five minutes, but lying still gave me a big sigh. Junsu’s tender heart was heard loud, and his eardrums were shaking. The knuckles of Ryujin’s fingers seemed to pat the white and black keys. Junsu couldn’t breathe out with a big breath. Every time a lamp touched the piano, it rang o  태아보험순위비교 보험비교사이트 ut and the heart made a louder sound. ‘Huh? Is Lee Ryu-jin playing now?’ ‘…Shh,” the music that had only been flowing in the upper air had suddenly disappeared, and the actions of the people in the studio stopped. A photographer’s finger, which used to press the shutter, stops moving when he sleeps and then presses the shutter at a more vivid interval. I tried my best not to be impressed. All the snow inside the studio will already be directed at Ryujin, so Junsu himself will not look at all. Tigh 현대해상 다이렉트 태아보험 보험비교사이트  ten to the point that the side of the neck became stiff. “…only you listen.” Whispering. An inaccurate sound, as if speaking without moving one’s mouth, is buried in a piano sound and heard together. The writer standing above was apparently deaf. I misheard it, I just couldn’t help but listen to what I heard in a situation where I couldn’t just close my ears. However, the piano tone, which was so irritating that the forehead was frowned upon, looks familiar. I will wait for you…I cried funnyly when I saw a fam 태아보험비교사이트순위 보험비교사이트  ous 1960s foreign masterpiece called ‘The Umbrella of Cherbourg’. Well, with all this run-of-the-mill film, Jun-su, who was grumpy, broke a cry note at the end of the film with a rather obvious story. It’s also the reunion of a woman who became the wife of another man and a man who came back from war and became the husband of another woman in reverse, as if they were 유산방지주사태아보험 보험비교사이트   looking at each other calmly and affectionately at each other and crying instead of the two who broke up. I was hugged and sobbed by Ryu Jin, who comforted me with a small laugh. ‘Mr. Man… would you let me go so calmly? It’s so unfair. I loved you so much, but it’s so unfair…’I would have sent her, but you wouldn’t have. Whatever it takes to get back… He’d come. It’s not because it’s unfair, but because I love it so much that I can’t let it go.’ The lyrics of the song, a little sobbing, disappeared and was playing only in Ryujin’s style. The jazz piano accompaniment was played a little less than the original song because it emphasized improvisation, but the basic pitch was so pitiful that it was enough to stimulate the water glands of the eyes. I couldn’t get up and scream. My eyes are turning sour. Perhaps it has become too sentimental, immersed in something that has gone by. I wonder if it hurts to carry it in a sad way t 시험관쌍둥이태아보험 보험비교사이트  hat never stop. I can’t take it anymore. Doreu. The round thing rolled down from the tip of Junsu’s eyes, which was turned to the other side of Ryujin. Because I’m not looking at him. It was a good thing I didn’t show any damn tears. Yuchun’s not watching, so… It was a real relief. Long kiss Long night_specific relationship #22 “Thank you for your hard work.-” “Yes. Good work!” 우체국태아보험 보험비교사이트   It’s no easy thing to lie stiff for a little over half an hour. Liu Jin, who greets the staff first, hasn’t changed at all. The warm feeling that I greet others first with a caring look. He hasn’t changed enough to bother me. Liu Chin is still a warm person and still a warm-eyed person. Something happened to the company. I’ll go in first. Sung-min will take you home, so go straight home.’ The cell phone found in the crevices of layers of clothes kept Yuchun’s door messages for quite a long time that he didn’t even know when they came. Junsu didn’t even send an answer message because he felt sorry and unfamiliar. He wore a light gray turtleneck knitwear near his mouth and waited for Sungmin. Sometimes. Very sometimes I feel sad. I quickly fold it because it’s so natural and useless, but still,  농협태아보험 보험비교사이트  it feels empty when the wind blows all over the place. Because I’m a human being… “You look like you’ve never seen one before…When I just closed a folder on my phone and squeezed it with one hand, there was a sound that filled the space. It’s so strange, but I want to burn up the sound. What I wanted to hear was never your voice. “Kim…Junsu. Long time no see…There were only two in the studio changing room. Nothing stepped in the middle to fill up the space and not a finger in between. With an empty liver, Ryu and Junsu had no  삼성화재태아보험 보험비교사이트   to say in the enclosed space of the studio dressing room. Can I say that I’m still the same? The way I want to reach out is the way I am, and I know that everything you see me still remains. Can I reach out to you? My heart’s already out of me. Junsu saw Ryujin’s five fingers spread out into their own branches and then cuddled up again. Knowing that the hand was apparently directed at him, the hand remained silent. I could not say anything but shrugged at his movements. Ryujin rummages around, holds a small note in his hand, and scribbles it down roughly with a pen. Although he did it roughly with his palm as a support, his facial expression is more precious and even more hopeful than when he cherished one vote on the misplaced position in college. Junsu was already wearing his clothes and tried to go out, but he couldn’t because Ryujin was standing in front of the entrance. He was able to push him out of the way enough, but Ryujin was reluctant to touch his body temperature at the fingertips. The tip of his hand if he touches it anywhere. My whole body. I felt like a crack would go away in my hardened heart. I didn’t like it. I was looking down at the gray marble floor without any particular patterns, and just below my eyes, Ha Jan-paper came in. Though folded in half, it could be seen that Ryujin had written for a while with a deep heart. It was written in a half-folded piece of paper that had not been received or unfolded. I didn’t even look at the bad handwriting I used to laugh at. I didn’t even get a piece of paper that might contain a little body temperature. Ryujin was already smiling. So I had no choice but to reach out my hand. “It’s the contact address and where you are now. I think I can have my own way just in case.”Even if you don’t hear from me, since I’ve told you, there’s hope… Wouldn’t that be quite bearable for a day in Korea alone? “…don’t make me laugh. Never. I’ll never contact you. I sincerely hope you will never bump into each other again.

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