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No wonder Kim Jae-joong looked so outspoken.” Chang-min briefly pondered whether to throw the towel he was wearing on his back of his head or not, and turned his body to see the closing visit. All is terminated by Adam, who has emerged from somewhere somehow. Chang-min, who likes to eat but doesn’t like to cook, and Yun-ho, who doesn’t have any favorite food, made the dishes with unrelated ingredients that Jae-jung bought. The apron 천안개인회생 개인회생신청서류 , which had never been bought and touched, was used for the first time by Jaejoong, and the dishes, which were not unique to Changmin’s taste, were more glossy than usual. Jae-joong belatedly saw the chewing gum he picked up on the floor of the living room and gave it to Chang-min. Chang-min, who said a word with a face that was uncomfortable to plant, sat down at the table, put down a large egg roll with a small piece of carrots and green onions in front of his eyes, and said, “Old, the price of the gum is all.” Yun-ho saw Chang-min’s face in a long time. Chewing, constantly chewing gum, Jaejoong kept dropping dishes containing other foods on the table. Unlike Chang-min, who is full of joy and praises all kinds of things, Yun-ho was just using chopsticks without saying anything to the point where he wanted to spit it  당진개인회생 개인회생신청서류 out of the vanity of the creator. “Hey, isn’t it delicious? Do you want something else?Maybe he was nervous, but Jae-joong slipped the chewing gum to his molar and said with his hand stuck in his apron jummer’s knee. They said they still make it delicious with ingredients that are not found in harmony. There is a bit of sadness in the corners of his mouth, which is dragged down by his hand, even though he is twisting a hairdo that is stretched out from time to time with his hands are twisting with rock. “…I’m eating with my nose  아산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 because I’m lost.” The thumbs of my left hand holding chopsticks are gently lifted. Although the air was as light as a flash, Jae-joong smiled and sat in front of Yun-ho. Contrary to the blunt words, “Did he starve, why?” to Changmin, who seemed to be possessed, Jae-joong, who pushed some side dishes in front of him, and Chang-min, whose eyes were smiling enough to make the line 서산개인회생​ 개인회생신청서류, pushed a spoonful of rice into his mouth. I can comfort you, lean on you, or if you can’t, I can take off the scar. a pretty good composition, unbalanced but full of possibilities to match Long Kiss Long Night_Specific Relationship #25 The direct elevator door on the high floor of S.P. opens in pigtails and falls down to Yu-chun’s firm face between. The smooth, but more r ​논산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 igid than anything else, the heel of the marble floor was ripping the floor with a rather large, curled up like his hard-bitten molar. A deliberately tight schedule, visible and deliberately adjusted, can be passed on by a small sigh. A sudden business trip to the U.S. branch can also be passed with a nod. On the day of returning from a business trip that had never been 공주개인회생 개인회생신청서류  discussed, I was able to close my eyes and skip the engagement ceremony. You refused to have dinner, which could simply be a meeting between a father and a son before a business trip. Of course, Yuchun’s intention was also not a simple dinner. I was going to ask you a favor, not a vow or a request, for the boyfriend of my son, whom you already knew. I was going to ask you a favor, rath 홍성개인회생 개인회생신청서류 er than persuade my son, Mi-rae, and anyone who would never know that he would give up in the future. It is like saying that he will not talk anymore. Yuchun was angry at the old, prim, and eventually exhausted belief that she would only push ahead with whatever she said. your tired stubbornness He suddenly crossed the line of anger that nothing was involved in. Until when on earthl 보령개인회생 개인회생신청서류 y. You intend to wield your son, Father. Boom- The dark, chestnut-green door burst open and hit the wall loudly and closed in the recoil, but it was recessed rough again by Yu-chun’s hand. Although it was a time when the blue sky was completely clear, five or six elderly executives, including Geon-hyung, the father of Yuchun, sat side by side at a long table. The room, which was stopped for a moment, was filled with the sound of the thick heels of the stream approaching them. The clicking sto ​수원개인회생전문변호사 개인회생신청서류 pped right next to the dry type, and Yuchun gathered his hands neatly and bowed slightly to the executives. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Due to unavoidable personal circumstances, I have to discuss something with the president. I’m sure you’ll understand, and you’ll see me…”Yu-chun turns his head and looks back at Geon-hyung once again. After taking care of the files that h 수원개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ad been spread out on the table, they greeted Gun-hyung and Yoo-chun side by side, and urged executives to step out. As soon as the sound of his shoes disappeared behind the door, Gun-hyung’s eyebrows crouched. “I can’t stand being rude. “It’s getting clogged.” “Has there ever been any damage to your father because I was rude and uneducated?” “What do you mean?” “Have I ever disobeyed him and acted my way?” “Well, what are you talking about?” “Well, what are you talking about?” I stood up, tapping the table w 수원개인파산 개인회생신청서류 ith his palm. Although it was not close enough to face Yuchun right in front of him, Gun-hyung was surprised to see Yuchun’s eyes, which contained a little bit of resentful light, as the difference between sitting and standing up was quite different. “You can just leave it. Don’t touch anything, just leave it in my place.” Now Gun-hyung is angry, too. There is no way that the father will miss the shaking of his son, who was only confident with his firm will. My eyes are shaking like crazy. It was an unexpected variable. “The more 용인개인회생 개인회생신청서류  you do this, the more I’ll kick out a snake-like fellow who won’t let go of my son. Even if I’m doing everything I can, then…I won’t marry you. If he would, I wouldn’t marry him that I didn’t want to.” “Yes, I… What the hell are you thinking? Did I teach you to cut off your mental faculties and make a wrong judgment that isn’t so rational!” Geon-hyung forced down the hot anger that rose under his neck. On the contrary, the cold hand had to be held firmly instead of the hard-pressed anger. “You didn’t teach me. My fath 성남개인회생 개인회생신청서류er didn’t teach me, so I didn’t know how to control it except to do what I wanted. I only know how to hold Junsu if  안산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 I want to hold him, and how to hold him if I want to. If my father comes out like this, I might still want to take Kim Jun-su to the house when I get married.” “This guy!!!!” “Ta-a-a-a-doodle-up stone-like palms are stuck in Yuchun’s cheek. Although Yuchun had never been beaten before, her cheeks were already reddening with her hands, which were crushed with stronger intensity and torn heart than ever before. “What the hell is he to you? How dare you turn your eyes upside down and do  안양개인회생 개인회생신청서류 this to this father!!!!!!!!” The face of Yu-chun, who has gone back, slowly faces to the front. Dark gray eyes, always irrelevant to everything, are more profoundly black than ever. More sincerely than ever. The teachings for the values and conditions that you instilled your son to death from an early age have become part of the body and become a self-confidence of Park Yoo-chun. But what you didn’t teach me. Kim Jun-su is the one who taught me the most difficult thing that my father didn’t teach me without lifting a hand. Just like the invisi 오산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ble air filling the space, naturally permeate the heart rather than the forced injection. “The only thing I have left… Feelings.” I can’t tell if it’s the love of whoever says it. However, if love is the synthesis of all of Yuchun’s own emotions through compliance, you may not believe it, but you may. I just thought of it. There was a time when he was happy when he laughed, the tears 평택개인회생 개인회생신청서류  he shed hurt his feelings, and he was constantly angry at the guy who was falling apart and moving away. All unfamiliar feelings. I didn’t want to push because it was strange but warm. “So please don’t gnaw at the only heart left for me.” Is it a misun 화성시개인회생 개인회생신청서류 derstanding that the face of the Geon-hyung is softened by the voice of Yuchun, which rings low below a certain line? I meant it. How could a father be comfortable to see a cold, hardened son with no emotion? Seriously, it was rather a pleasure to get used to Saram by doing things that went against him many times. Only for Saram, who has a different surname. ” Throw it away. It’s not that kind of feeling…”I’m a person, too. I didn’t know, but I was a human. Father, please step back. Please.” I think Yuchun and his father have done everything in words now. What should we do if something comes in between the absence of Y 화성개인회생 개인회생신청서류 oo Cheon for a week? Even if you break up your marriage right now, it will be repeated one day. Now there is no choice but to let one give up and admit the other. “Think of me as a child that I’ve never had before. Please know that I am not comfortable with you either because I acted rudely to you. The medicine… will be done as scheduled after the business trip.” Yuchun turns around with his eyes sweeter than his swollen cheeks. It’s obvious he wasn’t comfortable, either. I wanted to have one person by my side, and I didn’t have the filial piety I had for my father That’s how much I want you to know. …all this is for you. After leaving the conference room, he loosened his neck-tightening tie from side to side and took his cell phone out of his inner pocket as if he was a little tired. “Sung-min. Let’s put off all our dinner schedules until tomorrow morning. So… what about Junsu?

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