복숭아 Although they 물냉면

Although they can chat about their recent situation by frying amylase in their mouths for an hour or two, it was uncomfortable to stay up all night talking about such things as chatter since the two were men. Unlike Yunho, who drove his car to Sokcho because he came to his senses and drove to do something, Junsu woke up from his sleep and looked at the milestone board that said, “What the heck!He shouted and strangled Yunho. “It’s not Park Isa, but you and the ocean at night!” Junsu laughed at Yunho, who scratched the back of his head and was just holding the steering wheel. The salty smell of the sea mixe 진주개인회생 개인회생신청서류 d in the air and spread to the boring and regrettable parts of the air, making it seem a little bit salty. The night sea itself was another new and pleasant mysterious setting, but that was all. When I got out of the car and looked at the sea, which was darkly covered with stars, the two of them became fresh again, smacked their lips, and came to the sea, so I thought, “Let’s eat sashimi and go back 사천개인회생 개인회생신청서류  home.” At the same time, I went to a sushi restaurant near Sokcho Port and ate only sashimi. I should have eaten only raw fish. The car keys of his pants’ back dance were completely forgotten, and Yunho emptied the glass without any hesitati 거창개인회생 개인회생신청서류 on, and the two bottles of soju, which had been emptied, were passed through the throats of both Yunho. Of course, Junsu and Yunho couldn’t go back to Seoul right away, and they just lay side by side in the sand, where there were only the sou 창녕개인회생 개인회생신청서류 nd of waves in the dark. Although he didn’t seem to have an unusual injection or drink, Yunho seemed to have the hang of talking about what he usually didn’t do well when he drank. The sound of alcohol in the car made Junsu open the car window a little, and at the same time, he could hear the faint but accurate voice of Yunho. It was so sudden that Junsu thought it was the sound of waves. “There was something different…”Let’s get some sleep, shall we? It smells like alcohol.”-“Maybe I’m saving you more than I can com 부산개인파산 개인회생신청서류 pare.”Junsu, who leaned his head against the back of the chair’s neck and thought it was a simple drunkenness, quickly pulled off the laughter he had put around his mouth with a very serious and accurate voice. “You wouldn’t have felt anything real in your life… He doesn’t know how to get it or give it to himself. What’s the truth and what’s the truth, he’s a very slow-witte 부산개인회생전문 개인회생신청서류 d child of human feelings between people. I’ve lived like that…Yunho, who had been lying on his back and talking with the “……” chair in place, closed his eyes. Junsu leaned his neck back while sitting down and listened to his voice as if he were talking in his sleep. Instead of closing my eyes, I turned my head and looked down at Yunho. “He’s very generous  부산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 about his own people, but that’s all… That was the end of it when whoever was around left my hand. And so did Changmin.By the way, Junsu, strangely enough, I think you’re different from what you’ It seems that he once did it before.” With a voice that is dark but full of calm, like the iron rolling of the pitch of the pitch-black sea, I could not understand what it meant to rescue the mischief from the distance and speak with a faint but clear accent. Yunho’s friendly reference to Yuchun could be seen from his locked consciousne 부산개인회생상담 개인회생신청서류ss. “Kim Junsu is an exception… ” Junsu’s thinly closed eyelids were gently raised. Junsu took a deep breath of salty air leaking out of the car window, as the tip of the solar plexus seemed to ache. Still, I couldn’t stop feeling tight, so I suddenly remembered a glass of soju left by Yunho earlier. “He’s clumsy and awkward to act once and for all. It’s not that you don’t think it’s invisible. Well, I’ve heard of this. I’m just saying…Looking closely at the background of a sheet of black paper, whether it was the sea or the sky, the top 통영개인회생 개인회생신청서류  part was a dense field of stars. It was a shining group that I had never seen in a clear night in Seoul. I threw down the window to the end and leaned my arm against it and put my chin on it. Even hundreds of stars couldn’t see anything, so Junsu stared 거제개인회생 개인회생신청서류  blankly into the middle of the sea. “What are you doing now…” I couldn’t see anything, so one of the faces that came to my mind became so clear… So I laughed. Director Park, what are you doing? I think I miss you already. He must have fallen asleep leaning on the window sill. Junsu, who had been hit by the cold wind that made his face turn white, shook off his alcohol and fell asleep as if he were not breathing when Yunho, who woke up early in the morning, took off his jacket and co 김해개인회생 개인회생신청서류 vered it. There was no sign of waking up until the car stopped in front of the officetel when I arrived in Seoul, and the sound of me getting up was, “Do you want to go again tomorrow?” As I had never come in later than Yuchun, the officetel was always empty when Junsu was always came in. It was a walk to an empty officetel that was nothing different, but I felt like I was being dragged instead of moving m 양산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 y feet. The sound of him dragging his feet and ringing the hallway disappeared at a moment, and Junsu stopped a few meters ahead of the open officetel door. It was too early for Yuchun to come, and the wide-open door didn’t look pleasantly welcoming. “What are you guys…Even if he didn’t have it, he wouldn’t have said the same thing with a heart of tears, even though he wasn’t there 진주개인회생 개인회생신청서류  or not, he wasn’t low enough to say it well to a stranger. “Are you Kim Jun-soo?” Just opened the front door and asked, taking off the glasses that the man was wearing with his arms folded in the front door. With one hand, I pressed down on my eyelids and looked at the man wearing glasses again, and another man came out of the study with shoe paws. Come to t 사천개인회생 개인회생신청서류 hink of it, the man wearing glasses was also standing on the porch with his shoes on. Junsu took off his shoes side by side and climbed up to the front door and passed by the man wearing glasses. “I am Han Sang-tae, a direct secretary to Chairman Park Kun-hyung of S.P. There was an order from the chairman to move all of director Park Yoo-chun’s personal belongings to his home.” Jun-su, who was passing by the man who introduced him as a secretary, stops gradually and looks at the three or four men coming out of the study. “Get down the porch right now. Take off your shoes and come in.They just look at each other’s faces in turn, but when there is no movem 거창개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ent, Junsu adds with a slightly rousing voice. “Come in with your shoes off and move on as you are instructed!” Although Jun-su’s behavior is likely to be angry, they also head to the front door in unison because their actions are not so right. Junsu bit the flesh inside his cheek and stared, and walked down to the living room couch with a thud, and sat down. I thought there w 창녕개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ould be only a few personal items in Yuchun, but it was not as small as I thought, as I had packed up five large trunks even if I picked up dozens of Yuchun suits in my bedroom closet and all the water guns in my study. While they were busily walki 부산개인파산 개인회생신청서류ng around the officetel, Junsu, sitting arm in arm watching Yuchun’s luggage pile up in a different way, got up in a fit of anger and strode to his condition. “Tell the boss, he’s not the cheapest man I can take down.” “It doesn’t matter because he’s your president and I’m not the one who takes it.” “He’s the father of director Park Yoo-chun.” “…Tell Chairman Park Gun-hyung clearly. What do you think Director Park is going to do to move things to his house? If you don’t have anything to wear, this is where you end u 대구개인회생전문 개인회생신청서류 p, okay? Tell him to move to the officetel.” When he tries to turn around, he calls him back in a calm tone, watching his eyes slightly distorted over his glasses. “And this… Director Park Yoo-chun asked me to deliver it to you before going on a busines 대구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 s trip.” Looking down at the head, he gave out a bulky head key and a thick white envelope that looked like a car key. Junsu glanced down two things that might have been really what Yuchun had asked for him to deliver, and turned around, tapping his hand on the back of his hand, walking straight toward the study and closing the door without looking back. Standing leaning agai 대구개인회생법무사 개인회생신청서류 nst the door, clutching the doorknob behind his back, I heard the front door closing. The sound of wind blowing in vain was still a laugh. “You’re funny… I couldn’t get my driver’s license, Mr. Park.” I didn’t know what he meant by traveling in a car and seeing the reality, but even with his short hair, it was clear that he was trying to cut himself out of Yuchun. He looked around the empty desk, including the bookshelf, LCD monitor, and stand, because he couldn’t take away the books he had been stuck i 대구개인회생무료상담 개인회생신청서류 n, and sat down with his back against the door. “I’m losing my energy in a second. This…When I was at my desk waiting for Yuchun, I liked to take him around and carry him to my bedroom, so I did that on purpose. I liked the smell of the book that Yuchun always saw, and the desk in the study where Yuchun always sat. Without him, I was sad to crawl out of such a small study. Rrrrrr- I’m barely keeping out the lump of liquid that’s about to burst out by pressing the mast on my eyes with my thumb, but the phone rings out of nowhere instead. As his eyes dried up in surprise, Junsu shook off his seat and picked up the wireless phone on his desk in the study. “Hello.” “…If you want to make a prank call, go to Yunho’s house…”…Junsu,” the phone and others slipped out of the clutches. I grabbed it with the other hand, but I couldn’t hear it again. I couldn’t hear another sound from the phone either.

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