복숭아 As soon as I put 물냉면

As soon as I put the phone I had just been holding onto my ear, the words continued as if I had waited in front of my eyes. “I thought you’d call me at least once.” “How did you know the number, no, no…”My voice is not good. Whatever happens, it’s…How’s my voice?”I had no intention of talking to Ryujin on the phone so defenselessly, but Junsu was already treating him with a loose mind. In addition, he was a little grateful for asking how Junsu i 상주개인회생 개인회생신청서류 s doing with his voice alone. “If you have unusually long end pronunciation when in a bad mood, you” gave a feeble force to the hand holding the receiver. Every time I scratched a part with my index finger, the protruding bone moved finely. “I wanted to hear your voice once… That’s all, I’ve been here two years to see you, but… He decided not to be greedy to see his face. …you don’t get sick, do you?” The voice that I lo 영천개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ved so much was sinking. I didn’t have any tremors or feelings, but the moist voice that came out of the machine with lingering feelings was coming from somewhere, even to the heart that Junsu had already thrown away. Nothing can replace Yuchun, but it was Ryujin who called his name now. “…let’s go…” “…It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive. I’ll sh 영주개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ow you” I never love him. It’s not a lingering feeling, and it’s been a long time since I burned down my past memories. Still, it was only possible to find him. Because he still contained himself. It was because the old memories, which were thought to have been discolored like black charcoal, were singing in a faint, white voice. It’s Kim Jun-su… and the land that was on the Lo 경산개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ng Kiss Long Night_specific relationship #28 was much lower. It wasn’t even clear if it was land, but it was clear that it was standing on two feet. I opened a hand that I didn’t know which side it was, but it was so dark that I couldn’t even guess th 문경개인회생 개인회생신청서류 e outline of my arm as well as the hand gesture, that the space itself seemed to tighten the whole body. There was nothing to find in the ruthless darkness, and I didn’t feel the need to find something, so I stretched my foot to a place that might be in front of me, but I couldn’t walk. I stood still and looked down at my two chest-wrapped arms because of the familiar, warm touch that rolled behind my back. His trembling hands clasped together to tie Yuchun’s hand was like a dry, heated hand like a branch of a sparkle that he had once held. What are you so nervous about? I had to hold the hand that hugged me like my heart was pounding. “I’m trying to raise a stiff, subdu 춘천개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ed hand and put it on the chest-pump hand, and…Master? Director Park” The closed eyelids of Yuchun are raised without a change. In the meantime, Yuchun fell asleep while sitting in an office chair and turned his head against the neck support. Because of his hectic schedule, he never slept in bed properly, but Sung-min is blaming Yoo-chun for waking him up because he was anxious. They told me to dismiss all the schedules within three days, but it was so tight that I could only reduce them by four and a half days, except for the minimum amount of time. In the meantime, not only Yuchun but also Sungmin, who protects him, had no time to sit down properly  원주개인회생 개인회생신청서류 and eat or lie down right away to sleep unless it was a luncheon schedule. Although he looks so neat, he looked a little at stake in the two days. “Oh, sir. I’m sorry… I have about 20 minutes to rest during the next schedule.” Yuchun, who didn’t move and only closed his eyes slowly, then sat down and pressed the front of his eyes as if he was tired. “Get the rest of the paperwork.” “You can rest a little longer.”…get it. Since he doesn’t want to go on, he doesn’t answer back to Sung-min, who asks, “Yes?” Yuchun can  강릉개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ee a pile of open files on his desk. Sung-min leaves the office after turning awkwardly with his eyes covered with questions because he didn’t understand what he meant. The flow of eyes, which were reading documents with a pen between fingers, stops at the same time as the door sounds and the view is blurred. “I should have held you.I wouldn’t have felt so heavy. The father and his wife, who had been around the chest, were burned to the ground, and they seem to say that this is probably heartbreaking. I thought it was 속초개인회생 개인회생신청서류  only a week, but I realized every day that I didn’t have enough time to relax. I don’t think it’s changed. I just realized a different form of mind. If your face keeps on getting caught in your eye and you can’t let go of it, if you’ve booked and canc 동해개인회생 개인회생신청서류 eled your flight several times… I’m sure you’ll smile pretty because you don’t believe it. Even if it’s not as simple as you think. Since the final work on the compilation album was in full swing, Ryujin was often visited here and there due to his musical composition. Junsu’s surprise surprise raid on Ryu-jin made it late in the evening, three hours later, when he tried to turn down the call he 삼척개인회생 개인회생신청서류  had been crying out for no matter how urgent he was, only to show his face for a momentarily. Although he said he would come quickly, he became increasingly nervous about the gap that was too far away from his expected time, which 철원개인회생 개인회생신청서류  burned his stomach. What caught Ryu’s eye was a pile of oranges piled up on the mat, which had not been a few branches in front of the building provided by the company. Junsu, who was particularly picky about food, was the only fruit he had been interested in and loved for a long time. Two years later, Ryu Jin took an orange to the tip of his nose without hesitation becaus 원주개인파산 개인회생신청서류 e he thought he could be happy if he liked the only fruit he remembered. The yellow and fresh scent, like Junsu’s head knife, did not disappear at the tip of his nose, creating a smile from his chest at Oh Ranman’s mouth. Ting- The heels, which were only quick until getting off the elevator, slowly slow down and then stop halfway through the low, cold marble corridors. The hand, which h 춘천개인파산 개인회생신청서류 eld a black bag full of oranges, was full of strength, making a rustling sound. The person who sat with his back against the door, which was tightly closed and would be as cold as a bardock in the hallway, with his knees raised on the floor, was as fresh and sweet as a yellow orange, so a nostalgic scent. As I put pressure on my feet again, the distance to approach became closer and my heart was getting shriveled. Another beating heart seemed to wear out. “…Why are you doing this with cold weather?” I check the front nose  춘천개인회생 개인회생신청서류 of the shoes neatly standing under my face, and Junsu’s back hair, which was buried in the middle of my knees, is shaking so hard that I can see his head. Junsu’s eyes, which met the eyes of love that had passed so high, contained neither welcome nor resent 원주개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ment he had seen before. Standing and sitting for a long time, Junsu’s right hand was raised toward Ryu-jin as the cold energy lingered to the depths of his mind. Rather than asking him to stand up, Ryu Jin took the bag he was holding with a smile and held his hand in another hand. A small but clear sound filling the air with “dangling” burst out of Junsu’s right wrist, whic 강릉개인회생 개인회생신청서류 h was slipping through. “Thank you…” It was Ryujin who brought him up, and it was Ryujin who said what Junsu  속초개인회생 개인회생신청서류 should have said.I waited. Two years later, I waited a day, so that all the hard times I wanted to erase would be a memory. I wish I had been more greedy. Even though the days of light gray smoke are still as deep as wounds, the time when you can take advantage of the long absence and find it again. I wish I could see you again even if I couldn’t laugh. I sincerely hoped for it. I should’ve cleaned it up, but I suddenly left, and it’s clean. Still” as he looked around and spoke to himself, Liu Jin followed Junsu to f 동해개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ind what he was still talking about. In Ryujin’s eyes filled with questions, Junsu sat on the sofa and glanced at the table with his fingers. Only then did I understand what he meant when he rubbed his spotless finger on his pants and smiled back. I’m just standing and watching Junsu who’s coming deep into the couch. The sword in the hand held in the hand that he grabbed slipped a hand into the bag at the sound of the bag, and took me out of the orange as big as his head and threw it at Junsu. Junsu is surprised and receives the yellow lump that suddenly bounced. Jun-su, who was not as nice as he used to be, smiled lightly and thought he would eat o 삼척개인회생 개인회생신청서류 ranges without even looking at them, but instead of just looking at them, Jun-su looked down at an orange full of his hands. “I guess I’ve grown a lot of loony. I… Before, it was only natural to peel a fruit like this and eat it. Now I’m used to being handed one by one.” “Kim Jun-su, what a dirty act to eat oranges like that. Come on… I’ll open it for you. It means the same thing, but it’s different from what Ryujin found in his memories. If you ask Ryu to have a one-sided drink that was never stable, Junsu… All that is now absolutely necessary. “It was last day. It’s all in the past, isn’t it?” Junsu asked, slightly putting the orange he was holding on the table. Ryu could not easily nod his head to the question that he could not readily answer. “So let’s live separately. You and I… Let’s not dwell on the burnt past. That’s all you have to do. Because I’m already happy.” I didn’t know I could put happiness in my mouth this easily. Aside from its existence or absence, you probably didn’t know that the definition of row blessings could simply be described as the present. Before meeting Yuchun, Kim Junsu said, “I’m here to say that.

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