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When the side table was filled with water for about half and half, a heavy hand was placed on the forehead as if it were a small basin with a towel floating on it. Instead of asking me to remove it, I turned my head slightly because I thought it would be reassuring to see the warmth of the world. Ryujin just smiles at him with his shivering hands. I’m sorry about that, too. ‘Do you know you woke up in two days?’ ‘What?’ ‘You only slept down.’ ‘Two days? Have I been here for two days?Maybe because of the sudden loud noise, my head was ringing, but Junsu even sat up. I wanted to say anything more, but when I got up and sat down, I pressed the temple on my head twice as fast as I could, and eventually leaned my back against the bed

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아산개인회생 잘하는곳  side. Ryu Jin looks down at Junsu and stirs the bamboo bowl on the tray with a spoon and sits roughly on the left side of the bed. “Now I feel like I’ve had a fever, and I can’t eat anything, so I don’t have energy. I’m going to eat something.I have no idea.” Ryu-jin, who was sticking out a spoonful of the distant white porridge, somehow puts down the spoon, turns the tray with a moderately awkward gesture and puts it down on Jun-su’s thigh. I wanted to see him swallow his throat by putting the porridge in his mouth, but he also put it down because it became awkward. “I don’t want to think about it, but I want to eat it. You have to eat that to cheer me up again and push me out… “I’m going to run to Mr. Park.” “No…”……” “I’m just going to stay here without eating.” I’m saying a few words, but I don’t know if I’ve lost my energy, so I scatter words without any energy and keep my mouth shut again. The lips, which were thin and lighter than their flesh, were exceptionally white, and the new words were beyond comprehension. No, it was unexpected. He didn’t say he was back, but he said he would stay here. The name he shouted out instead of the sound of pain was not mine, so he said he would not go to him, who he thought would find as soon as he opened his eyes. I couldn’t understand it, so I thought I’d take out the speculation as expected. “As I said, this is the only place I came because I had nowhere to go. I don’t know if it’ll be for a while or more. Anyway, I’m sure there’s nowhere to go now. I really didn’t want to come, but my relations

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공주개인회생 잘하는곳  hips were so poor. I think there are some people in the house who are going to rot in Yunho Jung, not as much as you, but not as much as you… I don’t think there are many places there, so I came. So let me be.” I had nowhere else to put my foot on, not next to him. “I beg you…” he speaks very calmly. I think I’m trying to look like that. I wanted to ask if I was the cause, but the source of the original was not clear, so I did not readily bring it up. Ryujin’s constant questions, which he sat absentmindedly listening to Junsu speak calmly, are answered first. as if it were asking me not to listen “…we broke up. Maybe so.” Ryujin’s eyes grow bigger as if surprised a little surprised. My hand relaxes me. Should I be happy? Should I thank him for coming to see me? Nevertheless, I was just surprised. More than anything else, his breakup was quite a surprise. Suddenly, I thought it might be a natural emotion. God was always the one who wished for his happiness more than anyone else with penance. ‘Have some porridge.’ ‘No…”I’ll let you be.”Sitting quietly after saying that, Junsu finally picks up his spoon and says, “I’ll show you, so you can eat comfortably.” He gets up from his seat. He stood up as if he were going to go out and stopped for a moment. Only half of the 

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보령개인회생 잘하는곳  head is turned and says without even looking at compliance. There was a recommendation for compliance, but not for Jin Sim. “If you’re going to regret it, take care of yourself and go back to him.” Otherwise. I’ll be a little bit more greedy… I might not send it. “I’d appreciate it if I could, but I don’t want to see you regret it.” Tutuk. Hand-punching your face-bumping feet, and Ryujin hides between them. He followed the back of the scene with his eyes, and his eyes were glued to the bowl of porridge that had his thighs on it. When you put your spoon head on the white surface, it comes out covered with porridge. Take it to the mouth, moisten the dry lip surface and pass it over to the mouth. It looks as if it’s crawling across my eyes as it’s flipped over. When something hotter rises and blinks, it dabbles into the white porridge. I should have cried inste

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수원개인파산 잘하는곳  ad. It was better not to be all right at all. And all I can do is feel sick and hurt. It’s just regret, tears. unable to go to him Until I can’t remember a word that I still know nothing about. I already have a hole in my chest. I’m going crazy because of you crossing the street. I knew it. I knew you’d regret it, but I didn’t know it was this bad. …I feel like I’m going to die. Director, this is the end of today’s schedule. So I think you can go back to your house now. It had been a long time since I spoke. Nevertheless, Yoo-chun is only turning his back on Sung-min by turning his chair around without any sign of movement. At first, the boss who turned his back on him could have stood upright even if he didn’t look at the crowd, but it was hard to just stand still. Grab each other’s hands and wiggle them, and touch the ground with your toes. I want to go home too! It’ll be funny, right? ‘Let’s go.’ ‘What? Oh, wait for the car…”You must be tired. I’m sorry. And, uh, let’s go home today.” “You’re not going into the officetel?” “…I don’t think I’ll be going for a while.” Because he didn’t come back. It’s a boss who doesn’t say unnecessary things. It’s more than a hundred words. He seems to care for words, but he is a more straightforward and clear-cut person. However, he felt more speechless for

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안양개인회생 잘하는곳   two days because of his mood swings. When he gets home from work, Yuchun looks at documents in the car to pay for them tomorrow, or sometimes tells jokes to Sung-min, who is very close to him. I used to say a word or two in consideration of Seongmin driving. All the way to my home, I sit with my arms around the window frame and don’t even breathe. Besides, I definitely took him to the officetel until yesterday. At the entrance to a residential area full of useless high walls. Without going beyond the car window, Yuchun calls Sungmin without turning his eyes on the surface of the glass. I took off the foot that I put on the excel and slowed down. “While watching me closest. “Have I ever been stupid?” “What do you mean?” “Among all my actions, which you didn’t see at all, I wanted to blame you for…I’m asking.” “I’ve never done that before,” “but…” Yuchun said nothing more. When I glanced through the room mirror, it still only glanced out of the window. Of course, I didn’t know what he meant to ask. Climb a shallow uphill and turn the curve of the last alley, and you can see the chestnut-colored wooden gate right away. I’m trying to bring tea near the white brick wall between the doors, but I hear another low tone. With a little resignation this time. “I thought you wouldn’t regret it or something.” I feel like I’ve spent all my time thinking about you and regretting you to death today. I don’t want to make you a part of the past. You didn’t want to make it so simple and easy that you thought and thought constantly. Then the more I di

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화성개인회생 잘하는곳 d, the more helplessly I sank into an empty heart, and I couldn’t do anything all day. When I woke up after spending a day in an officetel without you. I thought I couldn’t come anymore. If I’m alone. I’m afraid even that place full of your body odor will be unfamiliar. I entered the house without difficulty with a key that was not used well enough to rust. While walking through the dark living room because the light is not on, he raises his head to the sound of a whistle coming from above. too light and cheerful to hear late at night in silence “Brother!” I returned home not long ago, but I didn’t have time to see my face. Don’t be so much like my face. I’ve had a lot of notes and I’ve only had it since I was young. My brother and I had a deeper friendship than family affection. My father’s greed is to be his own brother, Yoo Hwan, who hid it behind him. In the meantime, he has grown taller and seems to have grown up quite a bit, taking off his boyhood. Yoo-chun carefully takes his index finger to his mouth with his lips wide open with a spirit of shouting more than the welcome title. Yoo-hwan, who holds his mouth in his hands and watches Yuchun walk up the stairs one by one, stands with a smile that comes out of his mouth. Patting a couple of times on the shoulder of such a brother is not as much as possible, but a sign of welcome. I am truly happy that my brother is back, but the rock that weighs on his

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​ whole heart is not all. Don’t be so happy. He’s not back. “I hear you haven’t been home in the meantime– Apparently, she lives separately from her boyfriend. What are you doing here? By the way, the water here is nice. Do you know anything about it? It’s been a while since I’ve been playing around in Korea, so I should know where it is.” “Yu-hwan.” “Huh?” “I’m a little tired now. Let’s talk about it later.” Yoo-hwan, who was following me into the room and talking, closes his words at once. He’s a very quiet older brother, but at least. I thought he would welcome me rather than closing his eyes without seeing his brother who lay down on the bed like he was about to faint without taking off his clothes. “What’s the matter?” It seems useless to ask him anything, regardless of whether it’s work or not. With one arm over one’s eyes, it was impossible to read the most confident eyes of close friendship. Only for now. Such a fluffy body, the cold enemy, was telling me coolly. I just want to be alone to ask you to leave. “Yes, yes, yes, yes. I’ll have a reunion tomorrow. Good night, brother.” I’m sad to hear you lie down, but I still spin around playfully.

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