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Wearing a neat suit that looks good on his body, Yunho put his legs on the desk and shook the front axle of his shoes that his mother had personally wiped in the morning. It’s well past noon, at this time, when you get up and look at the bedsheets smoothly. Changmin said, “I don’t think I’ll be going into the officetel anymore, so eat well.” Oh, really? He said, “I’m bored every day because I’m not here with Changmin.” “If Jae-joong calls me… Tell him to be well, take care. If you’re sick, you’ll be fine.’ I’ll compress my will to enter the company and go to work the next day. Yuchun said it was

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거제개인회생 잘하는곳  a suit that was more comfortable than anything else, but Yunho is feeling the pressure equivalent to a hospital suit in a mental hospital where he can’t move properly. I was sitting in an office chair without doing anything to get to noon. If I didn’t have an MP3 player in my suit pocket, I would have gone upstairs right away. ‘Daddy, I don’t remember the other day. I will be the right son from now on if you don’t do anything that never mind. Can’t you give me 700 million won for that?’ …but I’ll get slapped. I took out the earphones that I had stuck in my ear when I heard the door sound between the end of the rock music that was ringing and the next song started. The man had a good impression but a keen eye. He put down the binder that came in next to his arm in front of Yunho and gently put down the leg that he had put on the desk as he bowed politely. Yunho also tries to answer without saying anything, but unlike his bowed head, his eyes are facing the end of the tie, which has been sticking out of the man’s top clothes. ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Lee Hyuk- From now on, the general affairs of the director’s company… “Oh, Mr. Hyuk-soo. My tie is sticking out.” Yun Ho, who points with a smile at the tip of his chin, finally looks down at me and picks up his tie. The boss, who was trying to tie the horse again, took the cigarette case out of his inner pocket, shook it off, took one out and took it to his mouth. The son of the chairman. I was very nervous. My son, who had only been told in the back talk, said he would come back and run a business, so I was tongue-tied. At first glance, he looked arrogant and natural, and his smiley face didn’t seem to have any needless hypocrisy. “Excuse me, the building itself is non-smoking, so smoking cigarettes…” He quickly shook the half-burned cigarette ash into the pot on the desk, stood up, opened the small ventilation window under the window, and smiled again. “That’s fine.” “Oh, well.” “I look forward to working with you. I’m the head of the planning office, and I’m not much different from an intern who knows nothing. Hyuk-soo, you need a lot of help.” “Yes, I look forward to working with you.”Well, what do we do now?” “You should always be present at the board meeting where the president will attend. You should be familiar with the company’s business affairs and with each person in charge of the company’s actual work, and at the same time be responsible for the current status and responsibilities of the project work carried out by each of the Young Up, Planning and

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사천개인회생 잘하는곳  Development teams. Tomorrow, you’ll learn from each department in the company, and I’ll tell you about today’s schedule.” “Oh, there’s a lot to do. Don’t you have a party, Park Yu-chun, but he’s doing fine.” “I have an afternoon schedule today. The chairman will be present at the Daesung Group’s Boy and Girl’s Best Sponsorship Dinner.” “…….” “Sir?” “Did you say Daesung Group?” “Yes, it is.” “Are you sure that Senator Kim Jung-woong is a total shareholder of Daesung Group?” “Yes, sir.” “Yes, sir.” “I see.” Filters that were burned to the end were hard to reach. I thought he might have met someone, but his eyes look a little sad to say that. There’s a mountain to report, but Hyuk-soo can’t even speak out and just stare down at Yun-ho sitting still with his hands on his desk. He unwinds his fingers and looks up. The face, which seems to have been trimmed with a solid blade, is quiet for a moment. “I’m sure you’ll have a lot to do, seriously. Please take good care of me.” A long-cherished name appeared at the end of the mute and faintly open mouth. I’ll pick you up soon. * When you open the second drawer of the TV table familiarly, a few medicine cartons come out with a rebound. He took out two pills that were rolling around the inside of the bottle and pushed them into his throat. After swallowing it, it seemed to be stuck around his neck for a long time, so Ryujin squeezed his dry saliva and handed it over to his throat. My fever has gone up a lot these days. She slowly wrapped her hand around her forehead and sighed deeply with the lingering

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부산개인파산 잘하는곳  fever. Another shock came to mind from an American doctor, who said, “There should be no more shock,” but the paper that just came into my eye got all kinds of nerves, and my mind sank rather quietly. The letters contain traces of the past, which I used to tease as bad as my handwriting. I’ll be busy from today. You won’t have time to see my face. It’s a fine day. So I couldn’t stay home. I’ve decided not to think about anything else. All you can see is what you see, right? Do you know Virginia? Come visit if you’re bored. – He ducked on the table while staring blankly at the paper notes that had been lined with content. The fluttering paper has been as light as the changed one. Junsu is a little bit soft. I didn’t think it would be his illusion to do so. He can stare at the past calmly, and speak of the past as if he had worn it. The top of the foot is light in front of it, leaving the present behind, and the heart that may have been worn out is now unrelenting. So it was a relief. If it’s hard constantly, it’s hard. You can’t live. If you shout it out, you’ll never catch him. Even if I wanted to go now, I decided not to send it. With all my might, give all my heart. I decided to embrace you in my arms. I only know myself and I will hug you because I love you so much. I sometimes get sick of me. I am selfish and cruel as you told me. I want to burn you down and vomit you out again, so I’m gonna smash your throat with my fingers. The wounds in the neck have been left untouched for a long time and become festering. It’s all your fault and you need to heal, Junsu. * Pinch your fingers to the beat that resonates to the inside of your heart, and you can also nod your head. I shook myself for about an hour on the stage, but I didn’t feel any excitement. Virginia, after a long time, is half of the people who laugh and enjoy themselves, far from the outside world. All kinds of futility and despair were receding all over his body, but Junsu could not be bothered by the fact that he belonged to it. I dyed my hair during the day. Blonde hair changed only the end of the brown base to red color, but it was awkward for no reason, so I kept touching it. Yuchun always said he didn’t like the yellow hair. I think I’ve heard him right now, so I’ve got a bitter smile coming out of my mouth. I came to the table because I was annoyed by the constant peeping eye on the stage, but some bottles of beer that fell on the table alone were more despondent. Back to square one. As if ruining Ryujin’s life, Junsu drank all the beer that had only a small bottom in a sip, feeling no different from the time when he came back to Korea and hit his body. What to do. What can I do? After thinking for a long time, there is no answer. I decided not to go back to him, but I just want to see Yuchun so that he shuddered. I want to go back and be with you, shedding tears

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at his feet. I wanted to tell you, but my changed eyes seemed to prick me instead of sweeping my back. Sometimes I heard news through the media, but only reports on the impact of the upcoming marriage on socio-economic and other companies. I didn’t know, but the stream was covered in gray. I see him in front of me, and I’ve lost my way to him. “Kim Jun-su?” I turn the lid of the new bottle and raise my head to take a sip, and the man standing next to the table calls my name in a hoarse voice. Don’t you remember me? We’ve met once or twice. We don’t have any.” They seem to have met once or twice at one night, but their memory is not good enough to remember each and every one of them. “Thank you for remembering me, but I don’t know.” “I’m sad, but it doesn’t matter. “How about joining the class together?” One of them whispers across the back table and one of them whistles. As they were also in favor of rain, Junsu unwittingly rolled up the ends of his lips. “There were so many rumors that Kim Junsu was on the stage, so I was looking for him on each floor just in case.” “So lucky to be on the same floor.” “So what?” “Oh? No, well…” “I feel like I’m drinking alone today, so I just want you to go. And if you’re able to handle the glances on the stairs, I’ll think about it for the next night or so.” “You’re still sharp. I’ll take care of it all, so pull it tonight.” “What’s wrong?” I was reeling from sitting in a barrel where I grabbed Junsu’s arm and dragged him. He shouted nervously and threw it away, but there was no sign of letting go of his caught arm. Perhaps drunk, he tried to get up by putting his hand in Junsu’s other armpits, saying, “Even the scuffle is fun.” As his discomfort and irritation hit the top of his head and hit him hard, he missed Jun-su’s arm and fell on the table, and the bottles that had been placed on top of him plummeted to the bottom. ‘Bitch, I tried to say good things, but you said no!’ ‘So follow me when you say good things. Like last time, Junsu, who was picking up the jumper he had been wearing while paying attention to the attention of the table due to the small uproar, looks up at the man in surprise. The man, who was so distorted, picked up what he had said and pondered it. When I saw him again, he looked familiar and raised my eyes.

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