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It’s been so long that I can’t even remember what he said. He was one of the party members who gave him a hypochondriac with a desire to do something about himself. ‘You, you! That’s the boy!’ ‘Do you remember? I don’t think there’s any Park Yu-chun available today, so let’s follow him nicely. I’m not going to let go of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stood up with one arm inserted into the jumper and Junsu burst into a scream by the tough hand that grabbed the back of his hair. He reached out to grab a bottle and bury it in the face, but Jun-su was so clumsy in the air that he could not help

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상주개인회생 잘하는곳 but struggle. “hey man – what’s wrong with you? Junsu collapsed on the sofa because the power on his hair was gone. He bent his head and curled up without even knowing who it was. If I had been beaten, I would have been hurt. I wasn’t scared, but I kept covering my face with my hands because tears kept trying to crawl out. The cramp around his mouth did not stop, so Junsu even bit his lower lip. “I trust a few of my friends, and if you keep installing, I’ll bring all ten of my little boys downstairs– they like to play rough, and they’ll smash your stomach and chop your intestines. What do you think?” “……….” “So please go quietly–” “You chew….” “Please” with a nonchalant smile and a man looks down at Junsu once, spits on the ground, turns his feet around. While going to his table, he stared for a long time, and even his friends helped him down the floor. “Hoo-hoo, I’m scared I’ll get caught bluffing. Hey–“……….” “Listen to your face, you’re not hit anywhere, are you?” When I put my hand on my trembling shoulder, my whole body trembled and he shook his hand off. Sitting next to him, he pats Junsu’s back, which is quite quiet. Only then did Junsu drop his hand on his knee and turn his head. The tears that I endured and struggled to overcome fall down. And another drop. “I’m not that scary. Actually, I’m here alone, so I don’t have any scary little ones. Oh, it’s pretty. You’re going to get a lot of trouble with a guy.” “Park Yoo-yup…” “Oh? Do you know my name?” You look like him. No, I thought it was Yuchun. a road with a crushed heart torn to pieces I grabbed the front of the man’s dress unknowingly because I thought he was in front of me. Now, he smiles as he opens his eyes wide to Junsu, who shakes his head slowly to God’s question. “Oh, I thought you knew again. “I’m Park Yoo-hwan.” His eyes, which are round enough to shed tears, look at Yoo-hwan for a long time, and then they sink. He stares at himself with deep thorns in his eyes, giving him goose bumps. Yu-hwan was about to say something when he heard a recitation with a voice that was broken of resignation, but soon closed his mouth. “…….take me home.” “………” “Take me home…” * Do you know my brother?” “………..” I said Kim Jun-su, and I wanted to go to Yoo Hwan’s house. There’s someone you want to see. Take him. And when I first saw him, he said, “It’s not mine, but I’m used to

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문경개인회생 잘하는곳 it, so I’m glad to do that.” I didn’t know if you knew Yuchun or if you were just curious about the famous S.P.’s Park Yuchun, but I just thought. The example of the house was to grab Junsu’s wrist and readily head out to his home. Yu-hwan, who spoke only of his name and was firmly dressed, did not ask any further questions as he did not show any signs of opening his mouth to vomit out of curiosity. He didn’t have a house to take like his brother, but he drove to his home, but he just went crazy over whether it was okay to take him. My father and brother are going to dinner tonight. That’s when the house is empty until more than midnight. As expected, the house was empty, and Yu-hwan tried to turn on the living room light, but he just went upstairs, holding Su-su standing in the middle of the spacious living room. “Come on, this is my room. Don’t get out of here past midnight because your house is empty now. My brother and father are coming, and I don’t know you, but… My father would turn his back and kick you and me out of the room.” “Yes.” “Hmm, I’m going to wash up and watch TV.” “I’m going to come back and watch the TV.” I’m going to push the small bathroom door with my feet and check out Yoo-hwan, and Jun-su turns his foot to you and leaves the room. Sweat in the palm of my hand, clenched my fist, stood in the hallway of the room and opened two or three doors one by one. I felt like I was in a thrilling movie. It was the same tension that crossed the forbidden line. Just, just. There was a person who looked like Yuchun. His name was only similar to Yuchun. The only vague idea I had was to trust him. Shin, who has been sleeping in the car all the time, is a Korean village boy who has just come to Seoul from studying abroad in the U.S., is actually a great family member, and has a brother who looks like twins. I was convinced by all the babbling. This is his brother. Yeah, just that. I just thought there would be a stream in the officetel

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속초개인회생 잘하는곳 , but I never thought he’d be home. I try to open and close the last door at the end of the hall, but I can’t close it. Junsu stood in front of him, erecting his legs straight and opening the door a little more and entering. A faint scent of ivy. A familiar smell of Yuchen. I was sure as I struggled in the depths of my heart. When I turn on the light, a part of the stream that is revealed comes into my eyes. Some of the eyeballs in the officetel caught my eye, and Junsu pushed the switch again to turn off the light in the room, closed the door behind his back, and sat still. It is strange, but the fact that it is a space of Yuchun is one thing, and the connection is so suffocating and heartbreaking. “….haha…” Open up all the stuff that was blocked and blocked at once and pour it out. The heart sets its edge, pokes inside and cries again in the pain. Yuchun slept without confidence, worked, and entered the space where he spent the whole day without a sound, but he was not there. Both of them comforted Li and sat on Yuchun’s bed. Then he got up again and went to the desk where he worked, didn’t look dark, so he took his hand to the stand sensor after a few futile touches. When I look down at the stand through the clear sound of the silence that had been blocked by “Ddalang” unable to breathe, a bracelet hangs on the end of it and droops. ‘Cat drops on his arm’ and ‘Ugh… …black…’ closed his mouth with one hand and pulled out the bracelet with the other hand and grabbed it. The lost bracelet went back to him, but the lost self did not go to him. He skimmed the water off his cheeks and brought his hand back to the sensor, but he heard a gentle sound outside the door and crouched under his desk. Yoo-hwan and another voice are familiar to Yoo-hwan, who came out looking for compliance. “Oh, brother…? Why, why did you come so early?” “I was tired, so only I came first. Rest” my heart is beating. Painful, stop crying again. * Somewhere blurry, glancing at Yu-hwan entering my room, Yuchun entered the room. Yuchun tried to take his hand to the switch to turn on the light, but he just dropped his suit off, threw it on the floor, sat on the bed, and soon lay down his back. Then he went through the end of his tie and unbuttoned a button that was fastened to the e

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원주개인파산 잘하는곳 nd of his neck. “… …Kim Jun-su” sighed and his name came up. I didn’t mean to, but I want to keep calling my name. Will he come back if he doesn’t get married? I will abandon my name and bring him back to fame and family. What is Junsu doing to himself? It’s a thought that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. When I asked Yunho, “What is the matter?” I couldn’t get my hands on Junsu’s work and held my fist in my face. He said, smashing his back with that hard hand. You idiot, you’re not supposed to be alive. Is it natural to be so ignorant of your feelings? It’s love. It’s nothing! It’s love. Funnily enough. DllllllllllDlllK- The sound of the metal being crushed was heard and raised up. In-yeong stands up in the midst of darkness, and Yuchun is not surprised. Then the shadow gets closer and stops a little further, and then he stands up from the bed with a surprised face. My heart recognized him faster than the voice that rang out. So I couldn’t say anything. What was so huge that you couldn’t build anymore is falling apart. It was desperation. Long Kiss Long Night_Specific Relationship #41 BGM We had to say something to each other, but the only thing that came over our necks was the burning breath. Junsu left a few steps to Yuchun and stopped walking. I have a lot to say and I have a lot to say, but I have a lot to say, but I barely put it out of my mouth, which made me cry a little while ago so that I couldn’t leave my tear glands. Junsu took a deep breath. I think it’s a little better because it’s cooled inside my chest. “What’s going on?” “……” “How are you here, in my room?” Pretending to be changed, really changed. The way he looked so coldly at me doesn’t answer what he thought. Cold suits you, but it’s a remnant of memories, and if everything you want to hold on to has turned fierce, you can’t hold yourself with a light smile like before. Don’t look at me like that. Don’t look at all the faults as if they were on me. I came here because I missed you and my heart popped out first at a call that didn’t answer, so I stood up late holding my empty chest like that’s. I didn’t want to hide, so I felt sorry for the sick mass rolling around, so I stood in front. Why don’t you hug me? Standing before the familiar darkness, the dark brown eyes rise like a haze. The lingering fever around his eyes heated up again, and Junsu closed his toes.

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