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After a long absence of answer, one of Yuchun’s black feet under his eyes is seen taking a step closer to him. Junsu unwittingly pulled one foot back. If you stop for a long time, you’ll hear the sweetness of time to thank you. Suddenly, the door opens and lights up brightly. Junsu shut his eyes with glare and Yuchun looked casually back at the visit. Yoo-hwan shakes his hand on the switch with a pretty surprised look. “Oh, uh? Why are you here? We’ve been looking for you for a long time.” “………” “Oh, brother, sorry. I brought him here, but he must have wandered in here. Keep it a secret from your father. Miss, come with me. ” His sister, who smiled at the place where she couldn’t even afford to breathe, pours it out with a sense of nonchalance that she doesn’t know anything. Junsu breathed small and turned on his stride. Junsu’s wrists are covered with a prickly noose to follow his gesture to step back from the door. The small heart in my heart melts down and I wonder if the emotional snare is Yuc

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김포개인회생 개인회생신청자격 hun’s hand, or if my other hand went crazy and held my other hand. I looked down and checked. His hands are stiff and firm with protruding joints. I didn’t tell you not to go, but I caught you. ‘Park Yoo-hwan, stay out.’ ‘Brother?’ ‘He’s got business with me. So don’t go out and stop worrying and come in. I’ll let you go on your own.” Despite his unclear judgment, Yoo-hwan’s wits raise his head and crawl out, slowly closing the door. There is a look of concern toward Junsu through the door, but it is eventually filled to the end. Junsu closed his eyes as he could see his eyes and facial expressions clearly, which he could only feel. When I open my eyes again, I can see the back of Yuchun, who turned around after loosening his hand holding his wrist. It is a situation in which the stability of the dark surrounding area was collected like a bubble and exposed to the nakedness, the back of Yuchun, and the body temperature of the wrist, which had been tied to just a moment ago when the red soup had not been erased. All senses revived and fat rose on the surface of the skin. “You got something to say?” Junsu asks Yuchun, who grabbed him and stopped him. In a clear voice. I wondered if I could become a snake’s tongue and so cunningly flip my insides upside down to make a voice. The man who shouted with his whole body, “Azalah,” does not keep his chest that is worn out by sharp blades inside. Still trying to be proud. I asked my blue-colored heart because I got sick. No answer. It flutters and produces only strenuous vibrations. It’s hard. “Hall to say?” “……….” “Will a stolen cat sneak into a room without its owner come out of its mouth? I gave you a chance to talk. Even if you left me on your own, I didn’t forget you enough to read your eyes, so if you have anything to say, say it. Now I’m pretty tired and I won’t be as hard on you as before.” Tuduk. The words Yuchun throws fall on the floor. I’d like to pick them up one by one and put them in my ears as I want to hear them, but they’re too heavy and sharp. Jun-su stood there staring blankly, as he felt his hand would be stabbed to the point where blood would flow. What I want to say. What I want to you. Take it back. I want to go back. I hate breathing without you. I hate being empty when I open my eyes after sleeping. I don’t like the sweet voice that talks to me is not you but old love. I don’t want you to be punished. I hope it’s all mine. I want a strange look that I enjoyed myself as yours, and a benevolent look that was kind to any fault without hatred and blame. Speak for me, kiss me on my lips and hug me. Like before. Hug me as affectionately as before. I don’t know where my neck is blocked, but the piles of emotion don’t pop out easily. I wanted to put my hand in the throat of the unparalleled vagueness and take it all out and spread it out before Yu-chun’s eyes. I regret this much. To the point where you look fine. “I’ll tell you then.” Yuchun takes out clothes to change comfortably in the closet, puts them roughly on the bed, and unbuttones each shirt. “Yu-hwan. He’s not that kind of guy.

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시흥개인회생 개인회생신청자격 ” “…what?” “He’s not gay, he’s not mean enough to simply hug anyone out. If you had any intention of holding on. I’m warning you from the start.” “………” “Get out of your brother’s room right now and sleep quietly in your brother’s room. If there’s a little bit of your voice coming out of his room,” … …” I’ll leave you both alone.” Desperate flows past the mouth of his chest, over both shoulders, and the back of his back, and then falls down on the floor. The straight back on the shirt that was unbuttoned at the end is smooth at this moment, but I feel so resentful that I want to put a knife in it. Words that have been spinning and spinning are scattered in a moment. It disappeared without shape, like a grain of rough sand blown by the wind. Booth, the piled-up horses disappear and the heart is pounding in the spacious space. “I’ll give you a hug instead. ” Instead of my brother,” the raging anger easily pops out. beyond measure As if I can’t even remember the feelings I hesitated to. “You know, I can’t sleep for a second without a human touch. Not with my brother, what’s the point of having such an iron nail in it? Shouldn’t I tie my tail if my neck doesn’t work?” “Hug you instead of my brother?” “…no, no. But I can’t guarantee you’ll only sleep with your brother tonight. “Good night” The heart that was dangling near the breastbone escapes from its feet and rolls before its eyes. Yeah, rolling endlessly in his room and coming back with his body temperature and traces. He retorted that what he had given was not a wound. He gave it to me to be hurt. With buried horses and bruised chunks in place, he quickly turned away from Yuchun. He reached out his hand to the doorknob and hesitated a little, but his shoulders, which were snatched as if they were digging, were turned and his body was reeling. It hurts. Yuchun’s lips are in a violent clash, and his shoulders are in pain, and his chest is in contact with Yuchun. It is painful to see the tip of Yuchun’s tongue, which penetrates through his mouth like an awl, but Junsu wrapped his arms around Yuchun’s back. Like a suffocat

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http://blog.daum.net/byejunyoung/143 개인회생신청자격 ed patient with a hot tongue that pushes it all the way to the end of the neck, he turns his body around, but does not avoid the lips he encounters. salvation that cannot be missed even at the end of one’s life Oh so was his kiss that I hadn’t forgotten for a long time. “Kim Jun-su, you. You will regret the boldness that you dare to do in front of me.” He spits out a broken word and grabs Junsu’s hair and throws it straight onto the bed. Pull off Jun-su’s crouchy shirt at once, loosen the claws of his pants and underwear at once and place them near his knees. Junsu stared blankly at the ceiling, flowing like wet paper, receiving Yuchun’s assault-like hand. Sensory rises in detail, emotions die hard. When Yuchun grabs Junsu’s front chest like squeezing it out, the pitiful pain bursts out of his mouth. Even that irritated him, Yu-chun squeezed Jun-su’s belly with his elbow and bit him hard on the skin of Jun-su. Now that the lovingly touching waistline is even twisted with desire, it is only filled with hatred, spitting out Junsu’s things in his mouth, raising his body roughly, and forcing him to turn back. The physique he hated. I want to hurt him forever. in a rage so as not to forget “Shi, no!” “Close your mouth.” Yuchun knelt down and sat down with Junsu’s skinny belly, and his lower body came up. Even the desperate act of lying down and saying “I don’t like it” seemed frivolous, and Yuchun pushed for compliance without giving a break. Junsu makes a sound of pain, which he has heard without time for a joyous groan. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ ‘ Take a seat in your mouth,” says Jun-su’s intermittent gasp, and even Yuchun’s voice in action. Although the warm thigh temperature of Yuchun, which is stirred by sweat, is felt down the buttocks, the still vitriolic tongue flows through 전주개인회생 개인회생신청자격

익산개인회생 개인회생신청자격

서산개인회생 개인회생신청자격 the blue blood vessels and freezes the whole body. The microscopic deities harden and shrink to the surrounding muscles of him. I wanted to close my ears by hitting my ears hard with a flaring, flapping Ma-chal of flesh. Jun-su’s fingertips holding onto the sheet and his lower lip, which had been made by covering his mouth so that no breath could escape, were white. The salty water droplets, which do not last long whether it is sweat or tears, fall under the snow without rest and are sucked into the pit. It was unbearable pain. The pain doubles with the same behavior as the scolding of an iron skewer, which excludes any emotion and hugs itself violently, and the groan of having to swallow it helplessly. But it could have been okay. With a crab in the stream. It alone can be tolerated and deeply engraved in the heart. all over his traces There was no sign of slowing down and Yuchun was not tired. Even though Junsu’s knees, which he was supporting, were loosened and his body kept trying to collapse, Yuchun held Junsu’s pelvis with both hands and suppressed his broken body with constant force. The sheet, which

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김제개인회생 개인회생신청자격 had been pushed under the mattress, was completely stripped of Junsu’s hand, and the strength was drained from the tip of his hand, which he had not even held, and whenever Yuchun pushed himself in, his hands were floundering. Junsu’s head, which had not even breathed an hour ago, hits the bed with another strong gesture. Though the situation had been done a while ago, Yuchun took out his own without hesitation, as he was still clinging to the bottom. Junsu falls helplessly because the supporting support disappears. Blood stains from the back of the thigh to the knee are clear. A few stems are even dried up. His back flutters irregularly, lying on his stomach, he must have lost consciousness.

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