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“Nice to meet you. This is Tony Ahn.” “Yes?” “Nice to see you.” “Ah…” I look down at Tony’s hand and hold Yunho’s still hand and shake it loudly. Only then does Yunho’s eyes shine and he smiles. a man of absolute Maybe even a savior to Jae-joong. My hands are warm. Yunho’s stable hand gestures and eyes are greatly reassured, with an emotional smile around his mouth. “First of all, I pass the time limit. Cocktail screening is also accepted. Now I’m going to hear what you’ve contacted me for.” “Is there a reason why I found an M&A specialist?” “Is it just for the company? For corporate growth by absorbing other companies? You look too young to be so greedy. Well, I hear he’s the heir to the company. Maybe. Is this it?” “……..” “Then fail.” Tony puts down his glass and shakes off his seat without hesitation and stands up. Yunho, who took the glass around his mouth and emptied it at once, continues to talk. When it comes to him, the heart comes first. So speak with your heart. “There’s something I have to protect. I went to my company, or my father’s company, to look for growth. After all, it’s for me. There’s a guy I need to bring in, and he’s the one I’m supposed to bring in even if I collapse. To do that, I have to put the company under my feet and step on it.” Tony, who was sta

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당진개인회생 무료상담센터nding back, takes his seat again. My face is a little stiff, but I still have a warm smile. Like Yunho, empty his glass at once and order a cocktail and a Negrony from the bartender. He tapped Yunho’s shoulder and asked if he was his girlfriend, so I just smiled. It smells like Campari. It’s bitter. “Pass!” Some people heard it and laughed at it, saying, “That’s all.” Yunho opens his mouth to Tony, who cries out for acceptance and says, “Huh?” After finishing two cups, Tony shouted a one-shot as he took the glass handed over by the bar tender and handed it over to Yunho. “I like your smile. I’ll make sure you get your boyfriend back. Let’s start work tomorrow, start negotiations tomorrow, and get close today.” I’m sure he’s a good guy, but he seems generous and playful enough to question whether Tony Ahn is right again, but Yunho decided to trust this person. The clear sound of two glasses clashing gently spreads through the glare around the bar. Somehow there was a long road trip left. Your feet may crumble to the bottom, unable to stand up. But I’m not afraid. If there’s a longing for you that can spread out in Aslahi’s body and live a day. If I could face forward without fear of anything. I’ve decided to do anything. “Oh, Tony’s personality passed, too!” Yunho shouts with a sea of laughter. Tony bends his eyes wide and laughs, and hits another glass of God on Yunho’s glass. For me, whose body is so tired that my tongue is strong that I feel bad for you that tears are so hard for winter, I decided to take this opportunity to be strong. Long kiss Long night_Specific relationship #43 said, “Director, Song Soo-jin left a phone message.” “What happened?” “I asked you to call me without further details.” Yuchun signed the last document and covered the binder on the desk. The marriage with him went so smoothly, with about three weeks left. While Yuchun was so calm as to abandon her thoughts, Su-jin was busily and busily preparing herself for the wedding, just like many women who were about to get married, as she was busy and busy preparing for the wedding. Yoo-chun’s indifference to marriage might make her angry, but she seemed to enjoy the days when she spent Ha-ru’s time as if she meant doing what she wanted. Even though they had no feelings for each other, she once told Yuchun that she wanted to see the beautiful cheeks and the wedding ring together. Yuchun forgot to go with her today, but Sujin must have called with a fluttering heart. “What’s your afternoon schedule?” “At 5:00, you’re not scheduled after the comprehensive presentation. Hanjin’s secretary Jeong Yun-ho contacted me, but he said he would contact m

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https://blog.naver.com/byejunyoung2/222082647591 무료상담센터e in the future for further details.”Jeong Yun-ho? Oh, you said you went into the company. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen it.” Yun Ho cried out “Free” as a self-proclaimed free soul. A stiff necktie and suit-dressed tanga was awkwardly sketched in his head, and Yuchun burst into laughter. In the past, he even mentioned the end of the earth, saying, “If the day comes when I enter the company and do my business, it is good to treat our country’s Tomorrow.” I don’t know what kind of wind blew and took a big step on his own, but a smart guy as smart as a sprout of baby hairs will surely lead to the top of Hanjin’s downward trend. Citing files piled high on the desk, Sung-min easily gets buried in the sharp intercom sound while his mouth is chattering. “Director, we have a guest here.” “Who is this?” “Mr. Lee Ryu-jin.” The hand on the button breaks in a word, making a thud. The lines on the face, which had been monotonously connected, evokes touch and flutter. When Sung-min bowed his head and left his seat, he lost his words and his stopped lips distorted, causing a low and deep voice. “Tell him to come in.” “Yes.” Sung-min stands in front of Ryu-jin, who was trying to come through the door in time to get out. When Yuchun rose from his seat and moved to the reception sofa to offer him a seat without greeting, Ryu Jin came up with a quick walk and sat down on the sofa. “Is it your first time seeing each other since your engagement?” “I think so.” “How have you been?” “Well, it’s been a repetitive daily life for me, but did you feel uncomfortable because you came all the way to Korea?” “I think S.P. agencies treated me

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용인개인회생 무료상담센터 more than I needed, so I was able to get along well in Korea. I’m here to thank you personally.” I put a CD case with a pile of wrapping on the table and push it in front of Yu-chun. I didn’t have time to pay attention, but I heard that the album was released nationwide not long ago. Yuchun glances down at the case, which is placed straight on the table. With dry eyes, the body of the boy is formed in a thin line rather than the first impression of the design of a simple jacket made of mains. Junsu left the officetel and had no way of knowing where he was hiding his whereabouts, but when I asked Yunho, he was strangely distorted and had a terrible reaction, so I only knew that he didn’t go to Yunho either. There was no knowing where he was standing and how he was eating well. The heart was piling up, the desire to see him vaguely, and the ashes were piled up in the fire that blamed him. In the sudden appearance of Junsu in his room the day before yesterday, he piled it up in one place and trimmed it into a lump, and it seems that the sargs in his body quickly spread and stick to the surface of his heart. The beat slowed down and became stifling. Since that day. “Junsu… I have him. “Do you know?” Ryujin, who read Yuchun’s eyes at once, uncoordinated and tightly tied knots, unravels them so easily at once. in a clear voice The eyes of Yuchun, who lost his energy due to the faded light, are watching Ryujin. There is no anger he thought of in his eyes that captures his feelings. I hoped for instability. shudder with impatience and anxiety, unrelenting hatred I didn’t take it away, but I thought it was a very poisonous look because of the loss of the stimulus and the twisted mind. B

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평택개인회생 무료상담센터ut it’s empty. As if the heart were watching the void that had nothing to be seen. What Yoo-chun captures as a breathtaking Ryu-jin is his perfect compliance. His eyes are directed at the observance of the air. There’s wind blowing in my body. It turns into a storm and quickly disappears as it takes away its cruel greed. “So” “………” “How long will you keep it?” Confidence. No, I ask you for granted, which is different from that. So, they decided to build up a network of swear words that were swept away. Remnants turn their blades more vicious like toxins. “When I came to Korea, the third day I observed compliance, he came to see me. As you know, the first was the launching party and the second was the album jacket. Until then, I only recalled memories with Junsu, and there was no way to catch the guy who pulled my hand out. It’s true that you couldn’t catch him. I’ve done a lot of wrongs.” “…..” “No matter how much I changed, when I was confident that I’d be left with him as much as my fingernails, I would kneel at my feet and do something wrong.” If I say it, will that soft-hearted person really ignore me? Director Park’s engagement ceremony. I was honestly embarrassed to see Yoo-chun who came in side by side with Junsu that day. “I stayed up all night with h

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https://blog.naver.com/byejunyoung2/222082644280 무료상담센터im with all my might, and even though I heard about the new person with my eyes glaring at me, I was confident.” Ironically, Ryu Jin looked like she was explaining the beautiful scenery to her blind lover, as if she was reminiscing about the emotional old days from Yu-chun. He was relaxing with a gentle wave. Yoo Cheon is still listening to his line with a blank look. “Suddenly, that’s what I thought. Will I be able to go back into the eyes that capture Park Yoo-chun all over? Meanwhile, Junsu reached out his hand. It’s full of wounds and crouching bodies. I couldn’t have caught him? I held him up in the blink of an eye, but this time I was greedy. I shouldn’t send it back, this is the only chance I have, like this.” “………” “I’m thinking of going to the U.S. with Junsu next month. “If you’ll find it. He’ll be back when I lift a hand.” “You won’t be able to go back. Maybe”……….” Married, congratulations. I don’t think I can go because I won’t be in Korea at the wedding. Then” an ambiguous end and Ryujin gets up.

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