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As if he had heard the last warning, Yuchun’s arm, which was placed on the arm of Chopa’s arm, is bent. It was originally mine. He said he would come back because he wanted to see and have it, but he didn’t mean he wouldn’t give it back, he said he couldn’t go back. The tension that I couldn’t find is rising, and my hands are numb. One day, he stands at the door and catches the sound of his hard-fisted voice touching the handle. A deep voice over the back of the ear leaves a mark. As if not to forget. “Mr. Lee Ryu-jin.” “………..” “If he can’t come back to me, I’ll shave my body off and make a path.” But if I can’t come, I could go to him myself. Even if my feet are swollen and I have to cut them off. Straighten up. I decided to go looking at Junsu Kim. Now we will.” As soon as Yuchun’s words were over, he turned the handle and stepped out of the door. Yuchun, who was sitting alone, didn’t get up for so long. I will enter the path of your tears, which you have not forgotten me in your eyes. * It’s already dark out on Ryujin’s way home. The sky is so wide and tolerant that it can be spent with painful thoughts after dark, but one night sky with clay like now is weighed down by its weight and shrunk, which makes one feel bad courage. Is there a courage to do anything for you, even if the day is long enough to giv

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여수개인회생 무료상담센터e you the meaning of existence? Ryu Jin stood at the door of his officetel and settled down. It’s for Junsu. It’s only for you. I’ll drop you to the bottom of the end, but you’ll be happy by my side. I made up my mind and made up my mind, which had already been transformed into the truth. With bleached eyes, Ryujin opens the door and enters. “You came?” “Oh, yeah.” Junsu didn’t come in yesterday. I didn’t ask where you went. I was just relieved that Ryujin came back from going out and was sleeping soundly in bed. After welcoming Ryujin on the couch in the living room and bedroom, press down on the remote control you were holding. During the endless channel, Junsu inadvertently pressed the power button with his finger that was not interested in the show, and Junsu woke up on the sofa. The table that Ryujin set up in the morning is cold without touching both side dishes and stews. Jun-su walks painfully into the floor and falls on the bed. “Junsu,” “…yes.” “Do you want to sleep with me today?” Ryujin had never slept in her bed since Junsu came into my house. It was simply consideration for compliance. He was still sleeping on the sofa, even though he asked Ryu Jin, who said he was sorry for Ryu Jin, who crouched down and slept on the couch, to sleep with him several times, and he hated sleeping with Junsu even though he even asked him to sleep with him in bed. Junsu, who was burying his face in a pillow at the suggestion of Ryujin, looks at Ryujin with his head carefully. Then bury your face again and speak calmly. Ryu Jin, who said he doesn’t really care about “do whatever you want” and hinted at his steady back, unbuttoned the coat he was wearing the day before yesterday. It was early to go to bed, but I thought it would be okay to lie down a little early and not sleep next to Junsu for a long time. After changing into comfortable clothes, turn off all the lights in the living room, and when Ryujin lay next to Junsu, the bed fluttered lightly, and Junsu, who was lying on his back, turns his back and lies down toward the ceiling. For a while, he closed his eyes silently, and Junsu opens his eyes at a different body temperature, which is neatly wrapped on Junsu’s lips. “What, what! Is this what you asked me to sleep with you?” Junsu pushes Liu Jin’s face vigorously and gets up in a flash and sticks himself to the blocked wall at the end of the bed. The chaotic silhouette that followed Jun-su’s compliance approaches again and grabs Jun-su’s arm with a thud. She sits around and shakes her arms with force, but she tries to get up to her feet this time because of the softness of the bed, but Ryu Jin winds her up and holds her in her arms

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https://blog.naver.com/byejunyoung2/222082650448 무료상담센터. He looks at Ryu-jin with fierce eyes, but his eroded eyes just silently look down on Jun-su. The lonely and unfamiliar eyes contain a mean silence. We need to get our arms out of here right now. Junsu did not take any action and even got a bitter shine. From the day he entered Ryujin’s house, he knew what he wanted. I also know the way he looked at himself every day with his lingering love. Just one thing won’t wear you out. I couldn’t find the only reason why I had to do so, and I was only forced to push my heart out, pushing away the old love that accepted me without hesitation. “I’m not gonna let you go. Junsu, don’t go… Please don’t go.” Emotions break down in an infinitely desperate heart. The absolute surge of rejection pierces through the wrinkles of the brain, but it hurts too much to leave the chest area where it is gently shaken by affection. He was the first person who cared about me and protected me. He helped me not to get sick from being squeezed by a wound, and spread out my fingers that grabbed my heart at every joint. I’m sorry for my unchanging voice so that I can relax a little bit by relieving myself of my love and support. He is an ugly man who spoke and apologized with his eyes. While it is impossible to lose Yuchun’s back, he persuades her that it is possible to close his eyes and not look at it once, and follows the smoke that bursts out like a thread. The body of the slut is not his own, and he sheds tears. His lips bump into the black water flowing through the tail of Junsu’s eyes. a bump of flesh that is neither fluttered nor sullen. The saliva that was constantly swallowed is pushed out to the tip of the mouth, and at the same time, it comforts the tips of the teeth, which are lined with hot tongues, like a poisonous fever. Soon, it slides deep and finds the tip of its tongue that stayed tongue. The tickling sensation of sweeping the back of his mouth made him feel cool and nervous. Ryujin’s face is buried in his chest, which is exposed by Jun-su’s shirt, which has been pushed up from his lips. Unlike when he said he would not leave anything behind, red seeds from the tip of Ryujin’s lips bloom in Junsu’s chest. A soft voice, which he never wanted to give up, explodes and fills the space, hits the adjusted black ceiling and falls back on Ryujin’s back. Junsu’s eyes opened when he was closing the buckle slowly and in no hurry. The hand holding the present holds back Ryujin’s hand. It wasn’t this one, by any means. The passions of the day cool off quickly. I couldn’t jump into the flames because I missed the heat. If he agrees with the past, he will be able to stay with Ryu as he said a

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거제개인회생 무료상담센터nd will not be able to move on. There is no intention of being swept away by rough waves and smashed into a rock. Ryujin is not the last person to dangle with all his might, dating back to the current. Yuchun. Even if you don’t accept him and lose him as he is, if you can chase one of his back. Now, he decided to spend the day with a person who grew up to be satisfied with it and was deeply embedded in his heart. “Not this one. I’m sorry to my uncle, but I’m not.” “Jun…..” “I don’t want to be around you. If you can’t stay, I’ll leave right away. I can’t stay long without him. It’s hard to breathe. I, Park Yu-chun, the person…” I get lost before the horse reaches my ears in the rough embrace of compliance. Although Junsu pushes Ryujin away due to the extreme force of releasing the buckle, it is only a weak trim to stop Ryujin, who has lost his mind like a man who is drunk with a gun. At once, he pulls down Junsu’s pants and underwear and pushes the bulging flesh out of his desire like a quick, thundering fingertip. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Repeated acts of intense greed scratch the inner wall without mercy. The rough bite and the gills burst and suffocated like a panting fish, Junsu grabbed the sheet and screamed. A magenta blood stream leaks out from the skin that was torn apart by a night with Yuchun. Other ripples that spread coldly inside Junsu, which are full of bitter pain. RYUJIN feels sad when he falls over Junsu’s heart full of crying. “Junsu…Junsu…” “Hmmm…Hmmm…I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

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거창개인회생 무료상담센터 Forgive me for trying to crush you to pieces with destruction. Ryu Jin said he was constantly sorry behind his back, turning his head to the wall and crouching. till daybreak Until Junsu fell asleep exhausted by the tears that he smacked mercilessly on his tear glands, Ryu cried more sadly and said sorry. I thought it was just a sinful mind for hurting. It’s just him. * After the presentation, Sujin contacted him just in time and Yuchun was getting ready to go out. After telling her that she wanted to wear the only wedding ring, she told her to go to Jewelry Shop, where she had put the arm chisel she had given Junsu as a present, but she laughed for the first time today when she was acting cute like “Come on, “Come on, I miss you.” Yuchun is walking around the desk wearing a jacket with a hanger on his teeth, and the secretary’s intercom rings. Yuchun opened the door himself without turning back. The female secretary who was sitting at the desk and Changmin who was standing in front of him look at Yuchun with wide eyes open as if surprised. “……” “Brother…” Yuchun, who stood silent, winked at his secretary and smiled a little at Changmin. Suddenly, his hesitating heart settled in a friendly smile, and Changmin smiled and opened the door again, following Yuchun.

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