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‘Are you surprised to see me all of a sudden?’ ‘I was going to meet Yunho and ask him how you’re doing.’ ‘Me.’ ‘Yes, tell me.’ ‘Can I come into your officetel?’ ‘….’ ‘I heard it’s empty.It was a car that I heard from Yunho not long ago. For some reason, Junsu hid his whereabouts and found that the officetel was empty. Chang-min, who had been eating and sleeping in a car that even Yun-ho entered his home, asked Yun-ho if he would accept him, but the answer from him was no. I want to cherish you and be successful, but I want to equally cherish you and perhaps push you to be in front of Yushan

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https://blog.naver.com/byejunyoung2/222082639432 무료상담센터for the sake of Yushan. So I try to lie. In front of Yuchun, she carefully puts out her mouth by combining black words that she has never said before. “I’m going back to school. I need a tuition fee, but Yun Ho told me to take care of the house, so I gave it out, but I got a call that it was sold. I don’t have a place to live. Just because your house is empty, I’ll pay you the tuition, so you can stay.” “It’s an empty house anyway. I don’t want to borrow your hand. I’ll do that until I have a place to live. Or… until he gets back, I’m just going to trust him for doing everything for me. You know I don’t like to be intimidated, right?Let me be.” He doesn’t talk. When it comes to compliance, I feel falsely accused of excluding myself. It reminds me of the old days when God was next to him. Although Yuchun was not able to meet him often in his hometown, he loved himself more than anyone else and even got a separate officetel, so I found out that there was a person who lived together. Changmin had left Yuchun on his own, pushed by him who had given him another heart. Kim Jun-su. I didn’t know Yuchun’s unwavering attitude toward him, but now I’m strong-minded and I’m back with confidence that I won’t leave even if Yuchun gets married and becomes a caring father of a child. I, Kim Junsu, don’t leave Yuchun’s side like you. I don’t want to regret it anymore. “There will be three rooms. There’s a separate dress room, but one will be full of clothes.” Of course most of them are his clothes. “Don’t go into the left of the two remaining side-by-side rooms. The room on the right is my room, so stay there. I don’t know if I went in out of curiosity. Don’t touch anything.” . . . . . the room that Yuchun hinted at will inevitably be Junsu’s. Leave the traces intact. Changmin’s dark eyebrows curl fin

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대구개인회생법무사 무료상담센터ely. Yuchun took the key holder out of the inner dance with a blurred look on the line that Changmin could not read at all. The key hanging from it is taken out of the holder and handed out to Changmin. “It’s an officetel key, but it won’t work. The door lock password is 1215. Don’t change it, too.” When I gave Jun-su an officetel as a gift, Jun-su smiled brightly and entered my birthday number. The sound of him hugging his neck and laughing loudly is clearly ringing in my ears. As Changmin hesitated after accepting the key, Yuchun turned his foot and turned around first, but the line snapped and the clock that was filling Yuchun’s wrist fell to the floor. Changmin picks it up and puts it out, but he looks down quietly without receiving it. “Brother?” “Oh, yeah…Let’s get out” Yuchun accepts the watch, inadvertently pushes it into his suit pocket, and puts his feet ahead first. Anxiety that strikes passes unnoticed and cunningly. between laughing at the reluctance of being aware and regretting the inevitable that had happened. The irrevocable poetry liver grows with cunning flowers that can’t be cut and rooted. a petal that is massively falling Get lost in that gray shadow and end up collapsing. Long kiss Long night_Specific relationship #44 It was Yunho who set a meeting with the good M&A expert a week later and read the data about Dae-sung every day before meeting him and thought of an alternative plan. Unlike his first meeting in plain clothes, Tony visited Yunho’s office wearing a slim, chock stripe-designed black rack suit. And silver-rimmed glasses. Unlike the dandy style he first felt, he appeared in a very suitable form for his job, and his mouth was

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안동개인회생 무료상담센터data, it was far less than what he had been looking for all day, but the content was important. The documents, which have been compiled so clearly that only the core is selected at a glance, include the size of Daesung’s assets, its performance for nearly five years, the status of shareholders’ management rights and shares of related parties. Everything was arranged on other companies currently engaged in friendly and hostile management disputes with Daesung. “Have you looked through everything?” “Oh, yes.” They were two in the bar, drunk and talking to each other casually. He took off his shoes and said, “I have a small foot, so I don’t have it at all. I don’t like the only double eyelids on my eyes.” He smiled at Yunho and said, “Are you a man or a gay?” In fact, he has a lover in L.A. and he’s a man, and I miss him so much. Even though he was full of personal stories, Tony didn’t bring up any personal stories since he came into Yunho’s office. When Tony passes the last page of the file and Yunho puts it on the table, he brings it up. “The primary purpose of a takeover is to buy a takeover company. Among companies with high asset value or holding new technologies, the approach is centered on companies with low majority stake. As you know, Daesung is not a very easy-going company, and it is not suitable for a company to be acquired by Hanjin. Still, do you have to take over Daesung?” “Yes,” “even if you bet on the company?” “Yes.” “Well, for Daesung and Hanjin. We have no choice but to take control of management by buying stocks in a hostile way. But in Korea, it’s practically impossible to do hostile M&A. Of course, there are times when you try, but there is little chance of success. In addition, the national sentiment is negative about hostile M&A. This means that even if we take over Daesung, Hanjin’s ignorance could be tarnished,” Tony hesitates a little. Waiting silently for his next words, Yunho pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his inner pocket and hands it out to Tony. Tony smiles and stirs his hand, and takes a bite and lights it up to breathe deeply. Tony breathed a small breath at Yunho’s outspoken answer, which never seemed to yield, or retreat. Breath is as dry as smoke from a cigarette that has no

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경산개인회생 무료상담센터t been smoked. He vowed that there would be no two reckless attempts. When we had only one initial failure, it was the same situation as it is now. Compared to the giant acquisition company, the acquisition company was a small company with unlimited wealth, and after being attracted to the company, it collapsed to the face of the acquisition company, the employee ended his life by committing suicide. He was his friend. He apologized to his friend who had died beyond his control and blamed himself. Never again. Even though Dashi has vowed never to play a game without a chance. I wanted to stand by this suffocating man who said he would give everything for his lover. Raise the end of the glasses you were wearing with your finger and look straight at Yunho. Tony smiled small, with his black eyes full of will. “While Dae-sung, who has shown great performance in the current market, shares have risen sharply as investors flock to the market, Hanjin has fallen far. At this rate, Hanjin is lacking enough to say that Daesung should take over Hanjin.” “That’s why I asked Tony for help. There can’t be a failure. It’s not enough.”The face that had hardened the whole time while Tony was talking about Hanjin’s loophole finally unraveled. Although he did not make personal feelings with late Yong-in, it was a relationship that had already started from the beginning when he started working with Yun-ho. We must help him

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대구파산신청 무료상담센터as much as we can to seize success. “Rear support. That’s all I have to do. I’ll use all my knowledge and abilities to support you, but I’ll practically step forward and step back. It’s up to Jung Yun-ho to bear the consequences.” “Yes, I’m already prepared.” “As I said at first, if you’re going to manage the company somehow, you’re going to have to increase your share price without worrying about rising or falling. Daesung’s total shareholder is Kim Jung-woong. His total stake is 23.75%, and unless there’s a big variable, he can acquire 25 to 30 percent of the shares, but it won’t be easy. “I think it’s not easy to ask for a stake in Daesung, either by buying friendly shares that are opposed to Daesung’s largest shareholder, or by negotiating on the premise of joint management.” “It’s a non-smoking building,” said Hyuk-soo, who had been drying up, “I can’t change the potted soil every day,” after rubbing off his cigarette in the ashtray that he had recently left and said Yun-ho. Tony, who had been pondering something about the words, begins his cautious horse head. ‘There was a stock transfer in the dark a few days ago.’ ‘Share transfer?’ ‘I almost couldn’t catch it. Fortunately, I got to know him yesterday thanks to a horse I heard from the stock market. Of course, I couldn’t find it because I didn’t have any data. Quite tactfully, someone bought a small stake in Daesung. If Daesung had noticed it, he would have taken the proper action, but since he hasn’t seen much of it yet, Daesung hasn’t noticed either. Is that it?” “Yes. He is currently Daesung’s second-largest stakeholder.

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