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It was a life-threatening event, but for Ryu, selfishness was all he had to wait. If Junsu is not AIDS. Yeah, if it does, the guilt of the day, which is impulsive, will be gone. I asked for the results of Junsu’s training in the wrong way, hoping that he would be able to live in the future with compliance with whether he would have committed a crime due to a lifelong error. And the result of the disgrace that I’ve hoped for. He paid dearly for his wrong selfish actions and allowed Junsu to remain by his side even if he lived his life. Even if tears become the teeth of beasts, piercing and tearing off the flesh, I will never give up a happy smile. The day will lie down at your feet in hard winter, and I will be happy anyway. This allows us to be together. This is the last time I win against you. “I still want to go. I want to go to him.” “I can’t…Junsu.” “Then shall I die?” “Kim Junsu…” “Can you just let m

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천안개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터e die here, in front of you? I’m going to kill myself right now. Will you live like that for the rest of your life and regret it?” “No.” “Now how am I going to live?” Yesterday, when Ryujin returned from the hospital, he lay down on his bed, grabbed a full sheet, cried his eyes out, and shouted, “I’m going to America.” I stayed up all night crying and blowing almost to the point of scream. Ryu Jin approached Junsu, who had just said, “I’m going to die,” with his voice scratching the iron, and sat in front of him and swept the ball. Junsu didn’t cry even with eyes that looked like he was going to cry yesterday. Sitting absentmindedly, sitting emptyly with eyes open for Ryujin. “You’re going to America with me, Junsu. Let’s go to school again like before, and walk the campus that you liked. Lying on the grass in front of the school building, you lay on my leg like before and I will read you the book you liked. I will play the piano song that I played when I confessed to you again.”He gradually unfolds the scene of recollection in front of his eyes, but he also seemed useless, and he could not find any excitement in Junsu. Junsu mutters softly with his open lips. His name was buried in a pool of blood that was poured out of his throat with fragments of glass. It is placed around the ears exactly, but Ryu Jin pretended not to listen. After sweeping down Junsu’s cheeks, he wiped the water from the fine spring. Remove Ryujin’s hand and suddenly Junsu stands up. He brought a knife with him right away and stood up roughly as if he would take out his wrist, and what he had in his hand was a thick coat. “Where are you” “………..” “Where are you…” “… …you’re afraid you’re going to run away? You know there’s nowhere to go. I’m meeting someone.” “Go eat, you haven’t had a meal in days. What if I get sick?” “I can’t get any worse here. Can you get any worse in this body?Junsu turns his head when he says something prickly. Ryu Jin, who was watching Junsu’s back toward the front door with his coat button fastened, quietly called Junsu. Junsu turns around after putting on his shoes and tapping his nose on the ground. “I’m going straight to the U.S. next week after the album promotion.” “I know.” “I’m not going to see Park Yu-chun’s wedding in two weeks.” “I know.” “Yes…” “…I’ll be right back.” The door sounds quite loud in the living room. Liu Jin exhaled

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공주개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터 a heavy mass of blood. It was only when I heard that he was coming back from me, but I couldn’t stand it because it was harder than when I heard that he was leaving me. I’m relieved that I had to hold on and twirl your hair at the end of your hand. I don’t want to let go when I see your face clearly in pain with the skin off. I can’t let go. I’ll ignore your pain for a moment. And I’ll tell him not to get sick. * “We’ve already purchased a few friendly shares. Some shares were acquired on the premise of joint management. I think that’s enough. The problem is how much backlash it creates from the Daesung side,” says Yunho, looking around at the colorful Japanese dishes on the long table, putting a curimaki in his mouth and biting it. Tony, who is next to Yuchun and Yunho across the street, is busy explaining and listening. From the perspective of Daesung, S.P. is an open purchase. The most common method is the easiest way to eat and get in. But actually, Hanjin is going to push for a market sale. According to the commonly used technique, Park’s position is limited to parking, or stake reduction,” Yunho’s bite showed signs faster than expected. As a result, investors flooded S.P. and word of mouth was circulating in the stock market, who had already predicted a great deal of turmoil. Yunho and Tony met with Yuchun in a hurry to discuss contingency plans, and they were rearranging their script at the center of the industry’s great turbulence. Tony easily accepted and sometimes raised counterargument, as he understood the rough explanations and spread sharp points and better strategies. “The Daesung side is already showing signs of a counter-offensive. I think Park Yu-chun’s stake is absolutely defensive rather than something to do with it.” “If the merger opens up a shareholders’ meeting, it’s going to be a legal lawsuit. At best, we’ll file a lawsuit against the securities transaction law or a shareholders’ meeting, but it’ll be rejected because nothing is illegal,” Yunho, who was listening to Yuchun and Tony’s conversation, picks up the chopsticks he put down and puts a sus

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​hi in his mouth. Tony pokes Yunho’s side with his elbow and frowns. “You’re the only one in the stomach who’s going to be ready for combat. Stop eating and talk to me.” “Everyone wants to live. Why don’t you two eat? Anyway, Dae-sung will have no choice but to let go of the case. The opponent they think is S.P. Already, the shareholders, except for the major shareholders, are not likely to challenge you in the first place.”-“Yes. Well, do you know Park Yu-chun, Bear Hug?” “Let’s declare a public purchase and encourage the managers of the acquisition company to stop defending themselves?” “You know right away. It’s up to Park Yoo-chun to meet Daesung’s shareholders. If it doesn’t work, it’s an all-out war. Of course, Daesung can defend S.P.’s stock sale and make commission inevitable. There is a possibility that Daesung’s overseas stake could be secured as a support force, or that members of the Federation of Korean Industries could join as a defense force. They, too, can’t go against S.P. I’m not going to take Daesung’s hand.” “In other words, the main means of this merger is to pursue S.P.’s reputation on the back. In the end, Hanjin will attend the shareholders’ meeting and Yuchun will hand over your ownership shares to us. Then game over.” Easy.” “Oh, easy. It’s so easy that I’m tearing up. Very.” “What’s the variable?” Yuchun asks Tony, who’s swinging his brilliantly laid sushi with chopsticks. Tony grins his eyes with a polite smile, smiles at Yuchun, and deliciously Yoon-na picks up the salmon flesh and mumbles in her mouth. “Nothing like that, on my job,” Tony, who said he had to get up in a hurry because he had work, ate half of the food on the table and left, pounding his stomach. Since Yun Ho, who had been wetting his lips looking at a watch filled with his wrist since a while ago, was often seen, so Yuchun finished drinking the sake that Yun Ho had made a promise and stood up first. “You’re not going.” “Huh? Uh, I’m coming.” “Who” should I say Junsu is coming, but Yuchun stood beside Yunho, who chewed his lips and didn’t answer, and stared casually at him. Yoo-chun had no other schedule, but he turned his foot on his feet because he didn’t want to sit in a useless seat for no reason. “Then I’ll go first” “Yuchun” Yuchun calls Yunho as soon as he is about to open the sliding door. When I turn around again after taking off the ring of my hand that touched the dent in the door, the door is pushed back and opened. “……….” “Huh…? ” When Yunho says, Yu-chun looks back. Junsu, who opened the door and climbed up the wooden daecheong, stood right in front of him with his eyes wide open. Yuchun also looks at Junsu with surprised eyes. Among them, Yoon Ho was offering Junsu a seat in a relaxed manner in a situation that he guessed. Jun-su’s eyes, which had been flush

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용인개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터ed, regain their composure and stare at Yuchun, pass him by and sit on the other side of Yun-ho’s side. Even when Junsu sits and stares at the front without a word, Yuchun looks at Junsu in a moment, chasing him with his eyes. Only after Yunho says sit down, Yu Chun relaxes his tight muscles and sits next to Yunho. As soon as Yuchun sits down, Yunho stands up. “I need to go to the bathroom for a while. Talk to me. For your information, I’m staying for a long time, I ate too much.” Yunho goes out and a strong silence winds up the two. Instead of breaking the heavy silence, Yuchun took off the paper from the new chopsticks that lay in front of me and turned it in front of Junsu across the street. It was my first time seeing him since I saw him that night. Although he was asked to eat on a skinny body as much as he was in his arms, Junsu looked down at two pairs of chopsticks and didn’t want to lift them. If Junsu was in front of me, I would hug him right away. The heart is out of control and panting, and the water on Junsu’s shriveled retina catches my eyes. “Eat it. You can’t open your eyes when you’re so skinny.” “……” “Did you get so angry that you didn’t want to come back like before?” “……….” “I would have asked you to come back.” “……….” “If you want to burn my heart like that,” he recites in a low voice, without any accent. Instead of being angry or asking for an answer, he is just repeating what he had in mind as if he was talking to himself. Junsu stared at Yuchun, lifting the gaze that had been on top of the chopsticks until then. exact compliance

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