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He laid his hand on his shoulder without a word. The firm shoulder of the son is so reliable that Ah Burge encourages his son with a long-cherished smile that he can’t even remember when it was the last time. Yun Ho bowed his head deeply and expressed his gratitude. As Yunho walks to Jung-woong, who is still sitting there in vain in the room where everyone has escaped, Yoo-chun, who was still standing, says “Let’s go” to Tony, who is packing his bag, and leaves first. “No way… I don’t know if you. “Daeseong is no longer a company for Hanjin,” Rep. I just got taken over by Hanjin and stuff. No way.” “Let me make a suggestion. Of course I don’t have a choice.Man” Jung Woong turns his face toward Yun Ho with his eyes wide open. He was tall enough to be a hat even if he stood up, but when I sat down, I had to turn my head up. Jung Woong looks up at the winner with angry eyes. In Daesung’s name, there is still a stake owned by the lawmaker, but there will be no significant profit left even if you sell or hold it. Currently, the property owned by the lawmaker is his residence in Sinsa-dong and a villa overseas. And that’s the name of the congressman

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. Maybe.” ‘What are you trying to say?’ ‘Lee Si-won. Choi Young-sup. Han Sung-yeon. Lee Sang-kwon. Shim Chang-min. …”Kim Jae-joong” “…what are you trying to say?” “South Korea’s robust young men who were robbed by the president’s sexual orientation.” You don’t know.Mo, I don’t know. I don’t know them. Do you think you’ll remember them belatedly after you blew up the scandal? I’ll do it if you like. I will not forget the pleasure of seeing you as a media outlet.” “What do you want, you?” Jung Woong’s face is convulsed with a trembling voice. He’s not a pushover. If the company is exposed to the media even implicitly committed sexual scandals at a time when it has become Lee Ji-kyung, the face of the National Assembly will be a huge social stir. Then it is clear that the media, including himself, will step up to dig into the taboos of various lawmakers. This also foreshadows the future of being buried in this society. “All I want is one thing from the beginning. “Kim Jae-joong.” “………” “I want his resignation letter that you have.” “…what…??” “Just give me the memorandum. I’ll forget what I just said when I left here.” Jung-woong had to feel more vain than the fact that Daesung had just been taken over. That’s all I wanted. Euljul, who was aiming for Daesung because of a memorandum, was devastated by it. I never dreamed that I would lose the biggest part of my life because of a single sense of humor that I had recovered from the bottom. As always, one’s regrets are late. Jung Ung opened his mouth in his seat and lost his gaze emptyly, and did not speak. Yunho smiled lightly and gave him a short nod before leaving the conference room. “By the way, Rep. I only wanted one thing. The reason I aimed for Daesung was my greed. I needed at least one shiny medal to get into as the next CEO of Han Jin. Then, in the future, J광주개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터

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여수개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터ial- Please.” When Yunho comes out of the main gate of Daesung’s building, Yuchun and Tony, who have been standing outside the waiting car, welcome him. Yunho smiled brightly, drawing a V of victory, and Tony smiled and shook hands with Yunho once again, as if he were proud. “Ha-ha. So the journey is not long. “It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s the first time I’ve ever done it.” “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for Tony, I wouldn’t have even thought about it.” “It’s also a success because Unak Yunho did a great job. “Good work.” Thorny shakes up and down with a force in his grasp. Yunho also smiled and put strength into his hands. With a short handshake of gratitude and lingering imagery, Tony smiles sadly and turns around. Yunho, who was looking at Tony’s back towards his car with the emergency light on the road, suddenly shouted loudly. “Ahn Seung-ho! Next time, I’ll have a drink in private!” Tony stands for a while and turns his head. Then, he smiles with his unique smile, curls his thumb and index finger, and holds the OK sign high. He gets into the car with a laugh that he’s never heard of before. As Tony’s car slides onto the road and is quickly absorbed into the surrounding car, Yoo-chun pokes Yun-ho in the head with his index finger. “Have you said hello?” “Huh? You’re still here.” “I think I’ve done a good job too. “I was worried that I would hear you say thank you,” said Yoo-chun, who is whispering in his ear, checking wristwatch’s hour hand. Lee Ryu-jin’s promotion has little time left. Yuchun, who left Daesung, said he would have headed straight to the promotion venue. But what’s wrong with you standing up and talking? ‘Isn’t Junsu meeting?’ ‘I met him. A few days ago,” “Did you catch him?” “………” Ignoring the words like that, Sung-min stands at the front door and walks straight to the waiting car. Yunho grabbed Yu-chun’s shoulder with his angry hand like a burning heart. “I told you to catch one more time!”Loud.” “That’s how I hold it! I told you to catch Jun-su one more time, asshole!” ‘You’re Jung Yun-ho. Stop it now. “I have a limit to my patience.” “Are you the only one who can handle it?” I’m at the end now!” Yun Ho brags as he glares at Yuchun with the spirit of hitting him. Beyond the limit, the anger that was held back by Yunho boils up with the anger is about to explode. I am no longer happy to have an unknown friend who kisses my lover and tells me to catch Junsu, who whispered sweetly in love. Yuchun soothes her heart by exhaling deeply and removes Yunho’s hand on her shoulder. ‘Yuchun.’ ‘Shut up and stop it, Jung Yun-ho. One more time, take the sound of compliance out of your mouth. I’ll kill you.” The cool voice rings in my ears, but Yunho now had no intention of stopping Junsu’s situation, which is about to explode. Breaking Junsu’s desperate wish, Yunho decided to pass on a time bomb at stake to Yoo Chun. Throwing it away or blowing it up with you in your heart. It’s your decision. ‘Junsu……’ ‘Stop it!!!’ ‘It’s not that I’m not going to you, it’s that I can’t.’ ‘I told you to shut up.’ “The day I met Junsu at a Japanese restaurant. Junsu came out and cried to the point where he almost f

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http://blog.daum.net/byejunyoung3/113 개인회생파산상담센터ainted.” My hand to open the door of the car stops in a flash. The hand of Yuchun standing there is so hard that the handle crumbles. Yunho continued to talk. If I were to make an excuse, I’d say I didn’t want to see you two wandering around anymore. As much as Junsu’s heart is torn. As much as Yuchun’s heart is broken by his compliance without knowing anything. There was a frustrating and painful truth. No matter what decision I made, I had the courage to respect my friend. “I said mean things to you. You pushed me out and cried like that in front of me. He cried so hard that he couldn’t control himself, so I helped him, but Junsu fell down by mistake and his hand was badly scraped. It was bleeding, so I tried to wipe it for him, and he was surprised and pulled out his hand.” “…….” “I asked him why. He doesn’t talk and just cries. I think you went to the officetel you used to live in. I got a call from Changmin. I guess Junsu cried so much in my room that he admitted it. Changmin asked if something happened. That’s what I think, calmly I asked you to say that I can not come off some the day, tried to die now to say that I can not come just to cry I made. I’ve never seen him get angry, so I thought he’d take some medicine.He ended up telling me, “Just tell me the point,” “I’m still shocked by more than I thought.” Only then does Yuchun turn around and come t

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거제개인회생 개인회생파산상담센터o Yunho’s front. He stands in front of Yunho’s eyes with his eyes that are about to harden and break. Yunho moistened his lips. “Junsu, what’s going on?” “That Lee Ryu-jin… He must’ve been an AIDS patient.” “……” “I didn’t force compliance. ” Junsu…” “Don’t talk nonsense.” “I’m AIDS-infected. Yuchun finally grabbed Yunho by the collar. Despite the strong tightening of his neck, Yunho continued his words without any change. Yuchun’s pupils become large and tightened again. He was the one who said it, but as if he had heard it, Yunho looked down at Yuchun, who held his collar with sorrowful eyes. What are you gonna do? The force that tightened his neck slipped out and Yuchun’s arm dropped down. The whole body doesn’t move like it’s anesthetized. Yuchun bit his molar and uttered a small curse. For now, it was also an expression of emotion that could be interpreted as a treacherous expression. “Now what…” Yunho was about to say, roughly sweeping the wrinkled shirt near his neck, but Yuchun suddenly turned around and went to the front seat where Sung-min sat, and opened the car door roughly. Surprised Sungmin opens his eyes wide and looks up at the yu cloth. “I’ll drive, so come out.” Pull out like dragging Sung-min’s arm, and Yuchun quickly gets into the front seat, moves the gears of the already started car, and kicks the accelerator. A black sedan galloping through the traffic. The signal had just changed and people standing on the crosswalk walked into the middle of the inner road, but the car with the stream ignored the signal and ran unconditionally and quickly disappeared from view. “Crazy” Yunho let out a small and a sigh of relief. No matter how much I spit out, the lump didn’t go away, so Yunho finally took a cigarette in his mouth. Bite the end of the filter tightly. Should I take care of a lover I can’t love again? After learning the truth, whether or not to truly end it. It’s all up to you now. Long kiss long night_specific relationship #51 Autumn always ends abruptly. The heat that had accumulated throughout the summer came before it cooled down, even before the lingering leaves of the dry grass. The winter wind sweeps away memories of the cold season. But I have come to thank even the rice-cold winds that have come deadly beyond the threshold of our season. The season I spent with you you

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