복숭아 What shall we do? 물냉면

“I’m sorry he threatened to break his favorite Kitty Rice Bowl. “
“Are you sorry? “

Eun Hyuk of a glowering at the East Sea the closing of a folder, and cell phone asked. Eunhyuk smiles brightly and nods his head. And come close to the East Sea was on the bed down and Eun Hyuk said.

” If you’re so sorry? ”
“…… eh? “

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Whooooooooooooh! You’ve never raised a child! Ugh!!! ”

East Sea has a point of view that an appointment. Eun-hyuk is blowing his nose with a tissue and making a fuss. Eun Hyuk and donghae donghae living with the home of uncle. Essence is
Eun Hyuk to be quite a head of Tut, tut! – and tongue, and flies around doing high kicks and look at Eun Hyuk is constantly lying about the I’s been said and donghae.

” … things happen without me. “Blow up. “
“I thought it wasn’t Sunday when you said you were going to work!! “Boooooong!!.”
‘ Then get that to donghae? ”
” The East Sea is an excuse to hate it, can’t. !!! ”
” Still a son. ”

Eunhyuk is staring at Jeong-su instead of blowing his nose at Jeong-su’s words. Jeong-su shakes his head and gets up from the sofa and enters the room. Eunhyuk picks up a new tissue from the sofa and snores – then looks at his watch. The hands of the clock are pointing to one o’clock. Eun Hyuk a sigh of relief came up with a complete rest, and the end of the donghae.

Dad, you know I’m on cleaning today, right? By the way, I have some appointments today. If you are so sorry, please clean the house for me. ’
What? That’s not fair! ’
You’re not sorry, are you? Let me see. ’
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Son! My… I’ll do it. ’
My dad’s so sweet! He’s so sweet! Well, it’s gonna be a lot of cleaning. Jeongsu’s uncle’s room is dirty, too. You know you have to go to the bathroom, right? Well, then I’ll have some. I gotta go out, huh? Daddy! Give me some food, ‘

Eunhyuk sighs deeply and wakes up from the sofa and looks around the living room. Then, he takes out a blue head towel from his apron pocket, puts it on his head, rummages through his pocket, and wears a mask. And let’s do it with our fists clenched. Eunhyuk, who shouted, takes out the vacuum cleaner and starts pushing the living room… But he’s still a son. Dad does all the favors. Lee Eun-hyuk! Way to go!


The East Sea? ”

At the sound of the door opening, Eun-hyuk, who was scattered on the sofa, raises his upper body and looks toward the front door. East Sea was trying to come in quietly Eun Hyuk of the twitch as if surprised by the question and stop for the job. Was it loud opening the door? I was going to come in quietly.

” donghae? “
“…uh? Uh. You weren’t sleeping? ”
” How can I sleep when you’re not here? It’s just a slap on the wrist and dad. ”

Good night to East Sea is just – slightly shaking hands, and fits easily into the room away. Eun Hyuk donghae the behavior of the strange up on a couch donghae strode in front of the visit. Smart – and tap a couple of times a visit to get Eun Hyuk. – with words, said donghae the visit of the year. Eun Hyuk donghae’s voice heard as soon as I opened the visit of the donghae

But it’s too late. Eunhyuk has already entered the room. Cover the East Sea on her lip and a quilt coming to a boil and is jammed..

” … donghae? “What’s wrong?
” Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. Go to sleep. ”
” How can I sleep when you’re like this? Did someth

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완주개인회생 개인회생잘하는곳 ing happen? ”
” Nothing happened. ”
” You know how well I know you, don’t you? So get up. ”
” Nothing happened! ”
So why are you… Yes? It’s donghae Huh? “

Eun Hyuk donghae of the gently waving the shoulder says. And under the blanket, heard voices of the donghae.

” I don’t know if he’s shocked. ”
” Okay, so get up. ”

Eun Hyuk that carefully at the end of the East Sea that cause upper body. Eun Hyuk grinning and looking at donghae. Cast a furtive glance at her head that was the East Sea is down and Eun Hyuk, Eun Hyuk of suspected in as soon as he took place and see the eyes are two or three times to feel shaky and Eun Hyuk’s hand.I started. Eun Hyuk of pupils in the donghae here’s what it looks like. Under the eyes, there is a blue bruise, and the mouth is bursting with blood.No, it’s not flowing, but it’s dried up. I knew this would happen. Just sleep, why would you want to know that?Anyway, Lee Eunhyuk’s dad. Buy it and be shocked! Very!!!

“Oh, son? “
“Yes… “
” Did you put on any make-up? Uh… what’s wrong with your face? ”
” Make-up? What celebrity am I? To dress up. ”
“Did you fight? “
“Huh? Kind of… ”

Eun Hyuk had hands in the donghae donghae deungjjak of the puck – and hit. Fall in front of a flop with the feet, to a puppy and nyang his yap East Sea.

“Who said that!!!!!!!!!”
“How do I know that, “
“What–what? Why don’t you know!!! Why don’t you know when you fought? ”
“… …was a local bully. ”

Donghae of some and then get your chin on the shoulder., and Eun

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Hyuk teed off at the end of the donghae

” …. who won? ”

“Hahahahaha!!! Are you sure you did? ”

The next day, to school early in the East Sea and sungmin … a friend before he reeled off a list of things that happened yesterday. Sung-min, who was with us at the scene of the fight yesterday, laughs out his belly. Massages on the East Sea is under the eyes and lips by hand, a band with Japan and Seongmin cry.

” So, what? What did you tell him? ”
” Of course I said I won. ”
“Really? Hahahahaha!!! You won so well, you paid me to win, hahahaha!!! ”
” Shut up!!! You can’t tell your dad that we got hit a few times and sent the punks away! My dad is so competitive that if he finds out about this, he’ll go through the whole neighborhood and find them. You’re worse at fighting than I am. ”
” Then I won’t tell you, so buy me some bread. ”

I’m afraid it’s not Lee Sungmin. Dice the East Sea is seung min cry to my feet after bobbing and hands. Sungmin has established donghae jumped up from his seat and left the classroom with an amused expression on the signs to the cafeteria murmuring, the donghae to follow … Like a toddler. Foot, arrived at the East Sea bugeuldae like what despite a swarm of ants in the morning and they’ll stare slack-jawed in front of a stand. Seongmin the East Sea pointed a finger install a booth looked at him and ignore the jostle and the donghae, Seongmin.

“Bad boy. How can I get through here!!!!!!!!!”

Give a sharp sound, toward the East Sea is seung min, Sungmin has established Paris began to find the street and find the ear with his fingers. Why are you buzzing? Is there a fly in your ear? D-Nev. Seongmin such a familiar voice comes in and teed off the back of the donghae

” Honey, do you think he’ll get in and out? ”

East Sea is to look back and turn your head hwek. People who may be in one piece, Waen donghae and smile and see. East Sea is finely the tail of your eye, and he speaks with the ball a little pinch of a donghae him.

” Isn’t it too much for a baby to get in? My baby. You look so soft. What if I get in trouble? ”

His words to the East Sea was on her lip and step forward toward him. He was wearing a long, white finger but glancing over rimless glasses and into and at the hands of donghae What do you want to eat?- asks. East Sea is he will get me?- I asked him, who quietly nod your head. East Sea are two face lighted up the cream bread, cream and chocolate milk two!- is not doing this? You can’t help it.

Oh, hey! ”

East Sea, which they call a person to go to the cafeteria and through a lot of the husbands. En? a slender with your eyes to look at him and turned around and East Sea.

” …… I’m not asking you to pay me later! ”
” Foot, of course. Pretty baby? Do I look like a person? ”
” Pretty baby? That’s enough!! “Be- “

He runs sungmin … is popping the tongue to the East Sea.
In his derogatory remarks toward the donghae that.

” Anyway, my baby. You’re pretty even when you’re doing it. ”

Who the hell is he?


” Isn’t he really funny? They say you’re pretty. I told you to buy cream bread and milk, and you brought chocolate ice cream bars? Chet, “
” Why? It’s just delicious. ”
” You didn’t eat cream bread. Are you okay? ”
“Bread. You’ll buy it for me later. ”

Seongmin with a natural lips on one side in a belligerent tone of the Seongmin swaying slightly evil eye East Sea. Such donghae jjaeri of the still hear the bite on his own words what a happy face and wash away the chocolate ice cream, Seongmin. Lee Sung-min is the best. But it’s cute in Leah’s eyes. What shall we do?

” donghae. “
“Why, “
” What was his name again? ”
“Kim Young-woon. “
Kim Young-woon? Mm-hmm, he buys me ice cream and looks very nice. I’ll have to lead you to visit sometime. ”
” If you want to go find me, you can go. Why are you dragging me? ”
I’ll treat you to something delicious. ”

Seongmin stopped the absurd remarks of the East Sea. What’s wrong with you?- Looking back, Seongmin chamber off the middle finger to the East Sea, Seongmin walk with quick steps

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인천개인회생전문법무사 개인회생잘하는곳

부천개인회생 개인회생잘하는곳

김포개인회생 개인회생잘하는곳  of the pat with one’s shoulder and his shoulders to go to the room.Start. The behavior of donghae feel wonder, Sungmin has established a strengthened head street and drew a circle and uses their index fingers.
“Are you crazy? “

Here we go.  한다.

” Mmm. This is Yuhan, right? ”

Eunhyuk entered Yuhan High School with a red lunch box in his arms. Children are swarming here and there probably because it’s lunchtime. Eun-hyuk tried to walk past the playground and enter the building. Then, a voice heard from behind.

” Hey, that pretty girl there? Can I help you with something? ”

Eun-hyuk turned around with a look of displeasure, and strode to the person smiling, revealing his cute snaggle teeth.동해와 똑같은 교복을 입고 있는 모습에 은혁은 단번에 이 학교 학생이라는 것을 알아챘고,  자신보다 한참 어린 학생에게 이쁜 아가라는 소리를 들었다는게 기분 나쁜지 그를 살짝 째려봤다. He pinched Eun-hyuk’s cheek a little, whether the figure was cute to him.

“Hey!!!!!!! How dare you pinch my cheek!!!!!!! “

Surprised by Eunhyuk’s voice, he gulped and looked at Eunhyuk with round eyes.

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