복숭아 He’ll be here soon. ” 물냉면

He’ll be here soon. ”
“Are you a friend? “
“No, Hotch… ”

East Sea is constantly looked around the street or a person who doesn’t really like. The essence of such donghae place your hands on the shoulder and say.

“Don’t worry, she’ll protect you. ”
“… …why did you come out? Get in the house!!! ”
“Huh? Mom’s protecting you. ”
“Hey, get in there quickly!!!!! ”
” … and NOW !!!! ”







I should go home as soon as possible, said his way through the integer is a queer look once looked upon by the donghae donghae turned away in the name of the voice. Tall with a handsome looks, with people waving to the donghae and running. Let’s at the water’s turned around and donghae, donghae is full of nasty sign of expression. How much I hated it. Pay on the shoulder of the water is small as a curse — eissi donghae, why? He’s so handsome. He’s smiling.

” … also to become intimate with, good yeotttanikka!There are so many pretty people here. Now that I have good looks more beautiful than this one, and donghae father I didn’t hear the head? ”
” You’re holding on to it! I knew this would happen, really! That’s why I told you to hurry in! ”
” …… pretty. Is that why you asked me to come in? ”

Integer is donghae pet his head and asked, East Sea, saying! hit a then-record of arms.

” …. You know, donghaerang What’s your relationship? ”
” my sweetie …….. donghaerang It looks like this will be a relationship? ”
Don’t tell me… You’re not dating, are you? ”
” They say you catch people, don’t they? ”

Young-woon takes a step back with his eyes wide open at Jeong-su’s words. Young-woon chews his lips and makes a face that’s so precious. Yeongun Yeongun and bite their teeth and teed off in the face of the East Sea was at. Water is such a big hug and says the donghae

“… baby! “Good-bye, “
“ ………. ”
“Huh? Baby. You don’t like how I greet you in Park Shin Yang version? ”
” …… eh? “
” East Sea a grudge against him! ”
” …… ahh. Don’t hate me!! ”
“Then give me a kiss here, “
” …… there’s a lot of people. ”
“Ay, how about that? Huh? Hurry up! ”
“Okay, “

쪽- 동해가 정수의





볼에 입을 맞추자,  버스정류장에 서 있던 사람들이 수근대기 시작했고, 동해의 앞에 서있던 영운의 표정이 일그러지기 시작했다. Yeongun in front of The integer of the ball a little pinch of the East Sea is lovely donghae, saying how close to say in a small voice within whispers and to donghae.And lunged back into the apartment. East Sea is such a stiff wave to an integer. stiff when confronted the arms of the pat with his fist.

“… …what’s wrong? ”
“… your lover is very cruel. ”
“What? “
” You know what he said to me with that pretty face? ”
” What did he say? ”
” You know what she said to me in that pretty voice? ”
” What did he say? ”
“Hey, I don’t know!!!!!!!”

Yeongun East Sea is a nun’s mate – or the deungjjak gwaensiri snapped a grimace slightly after the tail of your eye, at a time when confronted said.

“The bus is here!! Hurry up and get on! ”

Yeongun is to take the bus along the back of the donghae the transportation card and looked back. an apartment that looks like a transparent window Despite the East Sea call for a while looking blankly out the window when confronted. … Until the apartment is completely out of sight.

‘ ……do you want blood? Then geondeuryeo, and … ’

Jung-soo, who came home in a daze, hugs Eun-hyuk, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, from behind. Surprised Eunhyuk. Oh, surprised! Jeong-su bursts out his arms holding such a silver bulletously.

“… what did you get? And did you buy a band-aid? ”
” ……. “

Jung-soo, who gave a small exclamation to Eun-hyuk’s words, claps and scratches his back head. When Eun-hyuk noticed that he had not bought anything for Jeong-su’s behavior, he sighed and glared at him, and Jeong-su replied, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is all!!! ”
“I forgot. Well, “




“How can I cover this!!!!! ”

When Eun-hyuk points to his slightly dried mouth, Jeong-su speaks with a sly look.

“…you asked me to hit you.”

Just a few hours ago. Heart overwhelmed with Eun Hyuk of responding like crazy on the actions of the donghae is instinctively ran to an integer that read the newspaper asked out of you. Jeong-su, who was staring at Eun-hyuk, nodded carefully and punched Eun-hyuk in the face with his own baby strength. Eun-hyuk, who was sitting in a daze without any defense because he said it unconsciously, fell down and caused a disturbance.

“Are you really hitting me?! ”
” They’re going to grant you a dead man’s wish, and can’t you do me that easy favor? ”
“… this… this… man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jung-soo, who ran into the room to avoid Eun-hyuk screaming at him, locked the door tightly and sat down on the bed just in case Eun-hyuk came in.

” …you told me to hit him, but what happened to that handsome bastard?…… did I speak too harshly? ”

Park Jung-soo tilts his head.


” and !!!!!!! “

Yeongun seen.. the back door opened, and half the donghae deureureuk The atmosphere of the class, which had been quiet since it was a self-study time, suddenly starts to be noisy. Yeongun strode into the classroom, cover your face with a book to grab the wrist, and this telling, which makes a great fuss of the donghae donghae says, saturation, and wouldn’t say.Escape from the scene. Yeongun disappear and the emergence of one teacher who was a sudden nod off in front of the pulpit of when confronted by the eyes if none of, and donghae kkumppeogigo.Mate ieunhyeok, disbelief is only suspected his mouth wide and how.

“What’s wrong with you!!!!! ”

Let’s stop the school backyard Yeong-un Yeongun resist the hands of this time – and the East Sea. Rubbed the red and swollen right wrist and the Yeongun cry when confronted, a sigh of relief is cooking off the East Sea and ask to donghae

” …… the guy I saw this morning… ”
” …. Why. “
” Are you really dating? Are you sure it’s your girlfriend? ”
” …… why!!!!!!! ”
“Tell me quickly!!!!! “
” ………………. No, “

Snow wide-eyed when confronted by the end of the donghae not. Yeongun once again caught both hands on the shoulder rubs to keep your wrist of the donghae donghae to ask.

” ……….really not? ”
“Yes. It’s not my girlfriend, it’s my mom. ”





It feels like I was hit in the back of my head while I was still walking.Yeongun standing in the face and now by the shoulders of the donghae beongjjin feel maybe now it will be like this.

“… …mom? Then who wants to marry your father? “Huhhhhh!!

Young-woon suddenly collapses and bursts into tears. Tears pour out sadly. It became aware that when confronted, saying he is crying at the look of land once looked upon by East Sea is Huh! see her crouching and smiled at Yeongun pat on the shoulder. Yeongun to rear its head, grinning the East Sea. East Sea is and she wants to be like that the shoulders of donghae Park pushed her with both hands and the more sad and cry when confronted. Before I knew it, fell backwards and the East Sea that stretches its legs and keep their hands on the ground with the body back.

” …… did you fall in love at first sight? ”

Yeongun, who were surprised to a question of donghae hikkeuk – Yeongun like that, and started to hiccup and East Sea, which is laughing out loud. Stolen, and as a consequence from brimming with tears in my eyes cry like that, East Sea Yeong-un and stare at the Yeongun is donghae said.

” …….. my mother. I’m not marrying my dad. No, I can’t. ”
“Huh? “
” …… my real mother’s brother, my father’s friend. What do you mean, “marriage? ”
” …… what? “
” …….. Didn’t I tell you before? My uncle was my mother. ”
“ ……….. !!!! ”

[ And… Mom to me. It was my uncle. He was my mother!!!!!! ]

East Sea is now told you I think what snow looks wide-eyed and donghae when confronted.His dumb expression slowly turns into a bright smile. Moist wet eyes curl like crescents before they know it. Unique snaggletooths are revealed. Kim Young-woon is smiling. Would you be so happy?

” ……… …my mother’s name. You want to know, right?”
“Yes! “

Young-woon nods his head with sparkling




세종시개인회생 eyes. You nod too hard. 헙.

” …….. Buy me ice cream and I’ll let you know! ”
” Ice cream? Well, do you want me to get you an ice cream cake? Just tell me! I can get you all the kinds in Baskin Robbins! ”
…foot, Park Jung-soo. ”
“Huh? “
Park Jung-soo. ”
My last name is Park, my last name is Jung-su… Hehe, what a beautiful!!!! ”

Yeongun jaekki and laugh out loud again at the end of the East Sea, and, boy, Love is a very sudden, I guess. Mom. Now look forward to the love that will come to you. You don’t know if you’re too surprised by a sudden love? What should I call my mom if Young-woon and mom go well? Can I keep calling you mom?

” What do you want to eat?, donghae I’ll buy you everything! ”

Kim Young-woon is excited. It’s lunchtime, but you shouldn’t go out of school. Completely ignoring the rules of the school, Seongmin Yeongun go out with. and donghae I didn’t have a student council back then, so that’s great! They clap their hands. Yeongun entered the house of fraud is located roughly in front of the school significantly and directed by chopsticks in hand and hand movements to donghae donghae to ask.

” Hey, am donghae What’s wrong with Young-woon? ”
” I’m crazy about love. ”
“Huh? “
Just pick what you want to eat. I’m gonna have to pick him up! “Phit, “
” What are you talking about? Ah, you decide what you want to eat, right?

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