복숭아 appearance!! 물냉면

Yeongun his brothers to not stop in Lower your voice to Yeongun the East Sea, and was Seongmin sokttakttae pisik at the end – and laugh. Seongmin, is to say to East Sea says. – Let’s say, Seongmin and nod your head when confronted is looking at. Huh Hut, Kim Young-woon got caught wrong. Who is Lee Sung-min? Isn’t it Lee Sung Min who loves to eat despite his cute and smart appearance? People should not be judged by their appearance!!

“Hey, three rolls of gimbap, four servings of tteokbokki, three servings of sundae, and fried food would be nice, right?” Four servings of fries, no, no! I want three servings of everything in this house! ”
” …… eh? You… Do you think you can finish that? ”
“Of course. You don’t know me yet, do you? ”
” …… hmm, the… Yeah. Oh… Ma’am!!! I want three servings of everything in this house!!! ”

As Young-woon shouts out of the cold sweat, the woman, who was quietly frying, looks at Young-woon with a surprised look. Young-woon bites his lower lip and covers his face with his hands. That’s when confronted and move it’s OK is exciting! Well, how do you eat all that stuff?

“You guys know this, “
“Huh? “
“… …take care of yourself if you don’t finish this. ”
” I don’t think I can handle it. ”
“Hey! “
” I’m gonna go screw my mom. ”
Oh, East Sea, ” but you !!! Lee Sung-min. You take care of it! ”
“…… I’m going to eat it all!!! ”

The East Sea only I couldn’t even think straight when confronted a willed himself and shouted at. Kimbab is seung min is in front of you yalmiwo The wind splashed all the rice plants. East Sea the U.S.`s – Come on! You said, slap Sungmin’s back! The sound was loud, and Young-woon, who was in front of Sung-min, was busy splashing rice on his face. Clap clap clap! I’m so proud of you!

” …… you really ate it all, “

a mere tens of thousands of won for lunch Bang-bang a





구리개인회생  loud voice that I bought lunch and strike out all of their money. How many people spend tens of thousands of won at snack bars? Only a few. Only a few! First of all, when confronted, we turn to Seongmin U it will see the table he set yesterday is a report and donghae There is not a grain of rice left on numerous plates.Young-woon gently shakes his head and comes out to a snack bar. Sung-min, who was tapping his stomach and smacking his lips, smiled at Young-woon and said, “I ate well.”

“…you saw it again. “Hey! “
“What? “
” …… I didn’t see it that way, but you eat quite a lot, huh? ”
” Hehe, I’ll hear that’s a compliment! ”
“Think as you please. ”
“……Hey, Young-woon. ”
“Huh? “
” that of either. East Sea, you Look over there! ”

With his eyes wide open, Sung-min points to the gate with his fingers. Seongmin the East Sea and when confronted with his head and gyauttunggeori songarak a club in their hands when viewed through the school gate located at the end of the student teacher and the director of red with a nameplate.Lead Ministry are seen. the three men whose mouths were wide open in the wind Yeongun says and follow the signs, East Sea was ill at ease offends our country to do. I’m trying to sneak around and follow Young-woon…

” There! Three people!!! ”

I got caught.


” …… how did you come up with all this? ”

Dress in wavy, poljjak poljjak running around East Sea to an integer that asked. Pack in a suitcase with two who wore high heels in sneakers that had been reported to the donghae jjoreureu running constant It’s like a child.

“…hehehe, I just wore it because Eunhyuk took care of me.”
“Thanks anyway, Mom, otherwise I’d be on fire in my ass! ”

Snuggle up and speak at the waist of the East Sea. Yeongun, after high heels to standing by and behind the water of the donghae donghae the shoulder todagi to. Young-woon, who suddenly got high heels, smiles and looks at the high heels worn by Jeong-su. Young-woon thinks about Jeong-su, who appeared in the student department earlier, he smiles. Three people who were taken to the student department on absurd charges of trying to skip school. East Sea are cooking only out a sigh as they knew and desperation, and Yeong-un and seung min is continuing to student teacher of nothing like that make excuses yeotttamyeo.At that time. The student and the door clicked open, and a person appeared who shocked the three. A person who appears in a white dress and a pink cardigan, with his hair loose a little longer. Park Jung-soo…

“… …I thought some angel appeared. ”

At Young-woon’s words, Sung-min opens his eyes wide and looks at Young-woon. An integer that walked ahead and put arms around each other’s shoulders and often stare and smile and donghae. It was funny to see him holding high heels in both hands, but Young-woon’s eyes looked really pretty.
” …… Younghoon… ”




“I was looking around with my eyes wide open, and when I found us, I found him smiling so brightly and I thought he was so beautiful. ”
” ……………. Don’t. “
“Huh? “
” …….. It’s nothing. ”

Sungmin’s expression, which somehow looks bitter. Seongmin like that within grinning and when confronted in her arms tightly around high heels don’t know what the expressions of the donghae to. I must be crazy.  Why is my heart so broken that I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m… I’m really crazy. Sung-min stops walking and looks at someone walking away smiling brightly with his left chest clasped. a happy-looking face next to the essence

“… …don’t love me. ”

Something I didn’t say before. Sung-min sighs and mutters to himself.

“Sungmin!!!!! Come on! “

In the distance, signs shouting and the East Sea. Seongmin, ran the nod often stare but soon and give donghae donghae … Love, it’s so sudden. When my heart suddenly throbs, when my heart aches because of someone else’s happiness, when I have a desire to have someone, it’s… All of a sudden, love came into being. One love that fills your heart, sad and painful…

“… Hello? ”

While sitting still on the bed and reading a book, Jung-soo picks up his cell phone, sweeping down his startled chest at the sudden vibrations.Jeong-su, who tilted his head to the number he first saw on the screen, opens the folder and puts his cell phone to his ear.

Hello, this is Young-woon..
“Oh, “
– I… do you have time now?
“Yes. I have time, but what’s the matter? ”
– I’m at the bus stop in front of the apartment…
” …… you want me to come out? Okay. Can you wait a minute? ”
– Yeah…
” …then I’ll hang up. ”
– Yeah…

The integer closes the folder and looks at the clock. The clock hands almost point to nine… He’s probably in the middle of a night study hall. Jung-soo, who had tilted his head, soon roughly answered Eun-hyuk’s question about where he was going, and then left home. Come to think of it, Jeong-su is dressed the same as in the morning. Narcissus in loose training. Another smirk at his shabby outfit- smiling Jung-soo gets off the elevator and exits the front door of the apartment. When I see Young-woon stamping his feet among many people, Jeong-su runs slowly.

” Young-woon! “
When Jeong-su smiles with a slap on Young-woon’s shoulder, Young-woon blushes.

“… yes. “
“… …what’s going on? ”

Young-woon, who was staring at Jeong-su’s face asking what was going on, grabbed Jeong-su’s wrist and headed somewhere.Jeong-su, who was dragged to Yeong-un without saying anything, stops at the entrance of a park and calls Yeong-un’s name quietly.

“… …why don’t you have someone you love? ”





“Huh? “
Why haven’t I loved anyone so far? ”
“… …because I didn’t want to. ”

When Young-woon asks, letting go of his wrist, Jeong-su answers, poking his hands into his pants pocket.At the sight of Jeong-su smiling bitterly, Young-woon pokes his lips with his tongue and says,

” ..why didn’t you want to? ”
“… well, that’s… ”
“ …….. ”
” …… my heart ached frantically from the love I had chosen as a child?…… the wound is so deep that it still hurts sometimes. ”
” …… do you think you can’t heal that wound? ”

Jeong-su nods carefully to Young-woon’s question. Young-woon sighs and heads into the park, holding Jeong-su’s hand.

“…could you close your eyes for a second? Don’t ever float.”
“Yes… “

Jeong-su closed his eyes and Yeong-un puts his hand on Jeong-su’s shoulder and goes deep into the park. Jeong-su, who knows nothing about English, only gulps down his saliva because he is starting to get nervous. After a long walk, Young-woon stops walking. And Jung-soo opens his eyes gently when Young-woon says it’s okay to open his eyes.

“ …….. !!!!! ”

Jeong-su, who opened his eyes without thinking, is surprised by the view in front of him and only blinks. a scene reflected in the pupil of an integer Numerous candles were burning heart-shaped, and trees planted around them were decorated with twinkling lights that could only be seen on Christmas. Young-woon goes into a heart-shaped candle, sighs deeply, and says.

” … I’m dead tomorrow at school tomorrow. I forgot to go to study hall today. I skipped a late night snack and came here to make this. I’ve been asking people for their understanding. ”
“…….. Young-woon, “
I know you’re surprised. We met for the first time today and you are my junior mother. No, he’s my uncle. There’s a big age difference between us. ”
“…….. Young-woon… There’s a… “
Don’t say anything. Listen to me. ”
“ …… ”

Jeong-su nodded silently to Young-woon’s words.

There’s love at first sight. You’ll know when you see that I decorated this for you… How about me, beautiful people, kkeoltteokttae donghae ears for your father for East Sea, and I’ve face in his fist, right. ”
“ ……. ”
“But now I’m a pretty person in my head. ”
“ …… “
” ………….. I think you’re the only one… ”
“ ….. !!! ”

a smiley Young-telling Jeong-su bowed to Young-woon’s mournful yet soft voice.

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