복숭아 …… go to your house… ” 물냉면

” Then I’d like to ask you to cleanse our faces. I want to be home alone for a while. So, can we get some water, please? Seongmin, has, ” a bit you call me when you hear from anyone to donghae

sighing at Eunhyuk’s words Sung-min nodded, saying, “I knew,” turned around and began to trudge to his house. Eun-hyuk jumped up from the playground, taking away the essence that held him tightly. And when I turn around, Jung-soo grabs Eun-hyuk’s wrist.

” …… go to your house… ”
You can’t be alone. I’m supposed to comfort you, too. ”
” …… I’m very sorry to you. ”
“ …… ”
” Right now, me … What, I don’t have needed only dong


삼척개인회생 hae The sky is not kidding around, isn’t so funny? “I was just going to keep it in my chest… “
” …… I’m sorry.. ”
” ………. I’ll forgive you if you keep our Jeongsu well. ”

Eunhyuk turns around with a sad-looking smile. Jeong-su, who stared at Eun-hyuk until he disappeared, eventually burst into tears in his arms. Tears fall on her cheeks as she held back tears by patting Jeong-su’s back.

“… I’m sorry, Jeong-su. I’m sorry, Father. ”

somebody’s low voice fills the playground.

Click. Eunhyuk who came home stammers his hand and turns on the light in the living room. As soon as I turned it on, I saw a chocolate bag that was scattered on the living room floor. Eunhyuk tries to wipe the rising tears with the back of his hand and enters the house. With chunks of chocolate in a bag, Eun-hyuk eventually bursts into tears again with a chocolate bag.

Intake and also … … ” … the heueuk I am donghae ”

Donghae. What should I do, you … What can I do with my crazy heart? What can I do with my heart beating like crazy when I see you? Donghae. What should I do you … What can I do with your broken heart? What can I do with your heart that’s going to hurt like crazy? What should I do when I can’t even say I’m sorry… …I don’t want to be sorry… …I really don’t want to be sorry. I love you, I can’t help it… …I really want to love you. ……… The, forgive me this way I love you, am donghae


 – Kimjunsu’s Story. –



I ran like crazy. I ran like hell. As if I was being chased by someone, I moved my legs with the feeling that I would die if I was caught without anyone trying to kill me. The hot weather was driving me crazy but I couldn’t stop. When it stops, when it stops… I have to listen to my heart beating at an inconsistent pace.

” Ha-ha-ha-hak. “

How much did it run? With my hands on my knees and my back down, breathing heavily, I bit my lips slightly.tears mingled with a shower of sweat He kept breathing hard, roughly stealing his face from the back of his hand. Eventually, unable to control my shaky legs, I flung myself down the street and looked back at the street I ran to. I don’t even see the shape of the apartment where my father will be. When my breath had recovered to some extent, I took out my cell phone from my pocket. I opened the folder and sent a text message to Sungmin.

 「 Don’t tell my dad. Would you come here after som춘천개인파산 e comforting dad? You know the park we’ve always met, see you at the park fountain. 꼭 와야해. 」

So I closed the folder and tried to calm my shaky legs. I can’t stand the nausea. I think I ran too long. The longest running I hate the most.  Whenever I ran for a long time, I felt nauseous and my legs were shaking, so I couldn’t eat properly.

 [ Oops, everyone else eats well. What’s wrong with you? Anyway, I’m worried every time I do physical fitness. What if my son gets sick again?]

It rings in my head. My dad, who worried about me with a playful accent. Lee Eun-hyuk… a fool who lived only for me, gave up everything and gave me everything. It’s blurry in front of me. Maybe the tears are coming up again. It’ll fall off now, right? My sad tears will fall on my cheeks, right?

 I hated my son crying the most.

That’s what my dad once said when I was young. Ever since then I have never cried… Oh, except the day I first met this guy. Ji———ing. Suddenly, I looked at my cell phone because of the vibration in my hand. A name on the screen of a cell phone. Shim Chang-min. I carefully opened the folder and took the cell phone to my ear.

– … donghae?
” Why are you calling me? ”

동진제약 호관원 프리미엄 가격 할인


– I’m all on my own looking for you.
” …….. Oh, yeah? ”
– …… Uncle’s having a hard time.
“…I’m having a hard time, too. ”
– Let’s not wander too long.
” ..it depends on how I decide. ”
– …….. eh?
” …… I’ll wait for you to come, so come. Hang up, “

I closed the folder and put my cell phone in my pocket.

[ …… he’s having a hard time. ]

Why did you love me? Why did you love me? Why do you have to buy it?  I wish you didn’t love me. Then we’ll be smiling brightly right now. We played jokes and ate delicious food. Dad would have shown me that pretty smile. Eating the chocolate I bought… You could’ve gone on vacation with my mom… …because of my dad, that’s all. He took his steps slowly. Passers-by stare at me as if my uniform is sweaty and I look strange walking down the street. Just giggled – and smiled. I rubbed my finger on the school uniform that clung to my body and soon clenched my fist and bit my lips.

[… son!] Why are you wet like this? You’re going to catch a cold. But what about the umbrella I gave you?

I laughed and rubbed my uniform like this. But the difference between now and then is that my dad was standing in front of me and shaking off my wet hair towel. But now my dad is not in front of me.Why do you love me and make it hard for me? I’m so tired… …

” … donghae! ”

Sitting on the bench in front of the fountain. He was staring at the dreary sky. The sun that had been shining until a while ago was gradually disappearing. Looking at the sunset so red, I hear a familiar voice calling my name. I turned my head towards the sound. I can see Sung-min running toward me waving his hand.

” …….. Sorry. It’s too late, right? ”
“No, “

호관원 가격

호관원 프리미엄 가격
” …….. donghae … ”

I smiled at Sung-min. But when I laugh like that, Sungmin makes a sad face.

” ……why. “
“… don’t laugh. ”
“ …… ”
Don’t laugh and you. It’s so ugly to laugh. It used to be pretty, but now I hate it. ”

He burst into laughter at Sung-min’s words. Sungmin sitting next to me and staring at me. I leaned cautiously against such Sung-min’s shoulder. Sungmin’s consideration of lowering his shoulders to make me feel more comfortable. I closed my eyes carefully.

” … be not like and why …….. ”
“ ……… ”
” How can you hold him by the collar and love your son? You’re the only son of a… Why are you so mean here? ”
“… …because he’s a dad. ”

I can feel Sungmin stroking my head.

“… why don’t you go to my place and sleep tonight? ”
“Yes… “
” Go home tomorrow. ”
” …….. No, “
“Go. You have to go to live… Do you want to see him die? You want that? ”

I raised my upper body to Sung-min’s words. He looked at the sighing Sung-min with a resentful look.Sungmin pulls my head and knows his own arm. It’s cozy. Sungmin pats me gently on the back.

” ……let’s call my mom. ”
“No. “
“… …your mom’s not with you right now. ”
“Don’t be ridiculous. “
“You sent it to him. ”
“ …….. !!!!! ”

I took Sungmin away. Holding Sung-min’s shoulder, he opened his eyes wide. Seong-min with a sad smile told me.

“… …your mother. I don’t love him. I love your mom. Your mom. She grabbed my hand. Love will start now… ”
“ …….. ”
” … now your mother a heart to react, but am donghae ”
” …… yeah…”호관원 효과
“I’m so sorry to you, but… I think I should hurt you. ”

I couldn’t understand what Sung-min said. When I looked at Sung-min silently, Sung-min smiled and said to me.

“…… I’m gonna take Young-woon away from your mommy. Park Jung-soo’s Kim Young-woon… I will make you Lee Sung-min’s Kim Young-woon… …you must be having a hard time. I’m so sorry to say this. ”
” …… don’t hurt my mom. ”
” …………… Let’s go. “

It’s hard enough. I’m tired enough because of my dad. He is trying hard to endure the pain of tearing a corner of his chest. But a sharp dagger that stabs my heart. Another person dear to me. It hurts Park Jung-soo.” I told my mom that I hurt her. I should be resentful, but the back of Sung-min, who is now walking with my hand, looked so sad that I couldn’t say anything more… …mom…

My last name is Park, my last name is Jeong Su… Hehe, what a beautiful!!!! ]

a playful Young-woon horse I remember Young-woon smiling brightly and being happy. The one who has broken through my peaceful life… Lee Eun-hyuk…who will dig through the love between Park Jung-soo and Kim Young-woon who are peaceful… Lee Sung-min… What should I do? What should I do? To make you, your dad, your mom, your brother happy…

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