독도 I turned around to sleep more, but I couldn’t sleep. 포도

I turned around to sleep more, but I couldn’t sleep.
But going to school at this hour is crazy.’
All I have to do is get there by 8:30. But I’m not trying to force myself to sleep when I don’t come.
It’s a pity. I jumped up on a count of three and decided to do that “crazy thing” once.

“Oh, it’s cold.”동두천개인회생
It’s 7:45 right now. I’ve come with such a slight delay. There was no one in the classroom.
‘…thank me for the guy who’s on duty today.’
I opened the door, threw the bag into my seat, and went on a correctional tour as I had been accustomed to.

There’s a lot of clattering.
In front of me heading towards the stairs, a couple of men and women just walking up the stairs show their backs, and their hands are hand-held.
held on to At the end of the hall ahead, not the staff room, but the student bathroom.
There is only another class in the second grade.구리개인회생 If you don’t have a bag, you’re never going to school.
The couple in the front class. He’s probably going out and coming in. I’m not interested in going down the stairs.
I was going to,
‘…that girl comes early…’
I stopped my foot.
‘…we’re playing with it until home time.’
But that guy who’s at the forefront right now doesn’t look like a disguise, and I’m following him.
The girl doesn’t seem to be forced either. When you see him holding his hand.
…but I still feel uncomfortable.
I came up with a plan before they moved away. I just thought, “Hey, there you are. Chairman Bu
You can yell at a woman, ‘파주개인회생 Lesher!’ Then that man will shrink. a woman too
I’ll follow you. On the other hand, if it’s not her, she won’t be bothered by the chairman’s
That’s it.

“Oh, there you are!”
I purposely ran with a loud voice and struck a woman lightly on the shoulder. And she turns around.
As soon as you see it, you’ll avoid looking (you’ll definitely ask ‘Who?’)
It was.
“The chairman is calling, let’s go.”
“Oh, yes. Is that so?”
It worked out so easily. When I looked at the man, I was surprised, and he looked embarrassed and took over the woman.
Oh, I looked at you.
“Well, I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’m sorry. I’ll help you next time. Mr. Tarot.”
“Net…? Oh, yeah, go ahead.”
The fellow, called ‘Taro,’ 일산개인회생 dawdled and ran opposite her hand. That’s the mold.
You don’t have a rim. You have a similar voice. “Taro is not your real name either.” (Useless common sense, the most important thing in Japan)
One of the common surnames is Yamada, and the most common name is Tarawa.  If it’s a girl, it’s Hanako.
(花花 것은) It’s more of an abstract thing than it really is.) Well, here I am.
The work is done. If you tell me about their plans and add the words “Be careful” from now on…
The girl was dithering on the wall.
“…where does it hurt?”
I talked to him once.
“Oh, hey, I’m sorry, but…”
She raised her face and looked at me. 포천개인회생 What caught my eye before my face.
…cold eyes. eyes that are likely to suck something up  Empty. When I met that eye. I felt
It was an appreciation. My eyes weren’t showing me.
“Excuse me, but could you hold it for me?”
Don’t tell me…
“I can’t see….”
…that’s how it was… Everything he said yesterday makes sense. I can’t see.
Do you need disguise, do you need vigilance? The only thing to be aware of was the guardians around you.
It’s a throw.
“Oh, if it’s a nuisance, just…”
She was hesitating, blushing to the point of her face.
Once I calmed down my startled chest a little bit, I found myself with a small face, white skin, glossy long hair.
Somehow this mysterious-looking thing goes with the eyes.
It was creating an image of being의정부개인파산 pretty.
No, more than that, we have to help the disabled.(Why would a disabled person have to be in a normal school?)
I don’t know if I got it or not, but I threw away the profane idea and took her hand. First of all, the hands of reason
So, she had to hesitate a little, but when I felt my hand, she held it without hesitation.
All. Aha. That’s why the taro guy, too, was like this. When they see this, they say, “I trust everybody.”
Did you say that?
“…thank you….”
Smile softly. Well, that’s a pretty smile.
You can’t come all the way here, you’re lying. Oh, my God.
As I hesitated, she looks up in wonder.
“… …so… Where’s 수원개인회생 your class?”
Class D in the third grade…”
It was a senior…
“What’s your name?”
“Himekawa Kizuna…”
“Eh… I mean… Himecawa… senior. From now on, when you’re alone and someone you don’t know suddenly gets twisted,
Even if the chairman calls you, you shouldn’t follow him.”
“So, I’m not supposed to follow… Oh, well, let’s…”
I said so, and let go of my holding hand. Then, he ran back to the classroom without turning back.

“Is Mr. Yamashita absent today?”
While I was sleeping, I suddenly opened my eyes to the homeroom teacher’s voice.
Certainly. My front seat is empty without a bag. That’s a big deal. That lichen… No way, what I said yesterday.
He’s not coming because of… I don’t think that’s ridiculous.I didn’t ask you to die.
I said no.
After all, until the end of the sixth period 수원개인회생전문변호사 that day, Hirose did not come. Well, it has nothing to do with me. minute.
Myung must be rolling around with a man somewhere.

Still trying to lie down after boiling the instant, Mr. Kyoko called.
“Really, when are you coming? I’m hungry…”
“Hoo-hoo, sorry. I’m calling because I thought it would take a long time. I think I’ll be in in about a week.”
“Without Mr. Kyoko. I’m powerless.”
“Oh, no. Will you do that on the phone?”
Ponsec… I’m so frustrated that I didn’t do it for a day.
“Mr. Kyoko, right now… What panties?”
“White silk… Your hair looks a little dark…”
Mr. Kyoko whispered in a rather obscene voice, and I was slowly standing in response.
“I just took off my pants..수원개인파산. He’s gone… in Mr. Kyoko’s mouth. I want to put…”
“Where is it?”
“Aing… bo… ji…(A piece of useless common sense. Japanese slang equivalent to  오manko코
“I’m touching it now, softly… Go through your thighs and rub your hands against Mr. Kyoko’s lewd…”
“Ha… Ah… All right…”
“How’s it now…?”
“The top has become hard…”
“Twist with your hand…”
“Ha, haah…”용인개인회생
“Is the lubricating oil coming out of the tank?”
“Uh… I’m going crazy…”
“Is there anything in the neighborhood that can replace me?”
“Hmm… no…”
“…what do you mean…”
You can’t just use your fingers to get to the peak. That’s what I’m not satisfied with with Ponsec.
The same… I said good night to Mr. Kyoko, and then went to bed as I wished.
It’s in front of you even if you don’t see it, right? 5
Yes… in fact…
Abaoaku and Kili were the same people!
Even if you don’t see… It was my early nightly work…

Readers A: Who is Abaoaku?
Readers B: Well, who else is Kili?
Readers A: Five? Looks like it’s pretty much written.
Readers B: Well, it’s my first time seeing you today.
Readers A and B at the 성남개인회생same time: Another one who’s not a star….
Kili-gun:……(Wraps a string around the neck.
————– Chapter 5
Class D in 3rd grade…
There is only one person in the classroom.
Himekawa Kizuna…
I was swept away by a sense of duty that I didn’t know anything about, and I had to come early today. They’ll give up.
Because it wasn’t the same. So early in the third grade corridor, before the homeroom hours around her classroom.
I looked down to

His homeroom teacher said that he was sick. Then it’s certainly not my fault. My horse.
There’s no virus in it. It’s because you took care of yourself wrong.
…you don’t have AIDS.

It was raining.
But early today, I left home with an umbrella.
Today is the fourth day. Going on patrol to protect the blind.

Go up the stairs and look far into her classroom. I still sat still. early in one’s
I don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You can’t even read books because you can’t see. Sleep like me?
She slowly rose from her seat. Walk towards the door.
“…there…who are you?”
…how, how?
“At this hour a few days ago, I could only hear footsteps coming up the stairs… The sound of walking down the hall.
It’s not Lizzie..하남개인회생. who’s there?”
…blind people have good ears.
I turned my foot down as it was.
“Wait, if you have something to say…”
With her hands out in a hurry, she came running. Uh, what are you doing? I can’t do that.
Oh, my God, I took the wrong foot on the stairs… What do you mean, it’s time for a live broadcast! I’m the one who falls, ah.
I got it by the skin of my teeth at a rag. I got it right, but I lost my center of gravity, and I fell backwards.
I had no choice but to hit.
Damn it, fall-!
I hugged her unconsciously, and raised my head to avoid a concussion when I fell.
After a flash of stars came to my eyes for a moment…
‘I’m… alive…’
He didn’t fall off that high staircase, but he hit his back a little hard on the floor.
There seemed to be no abnormality.
“Wow… are you okay?”
She was burying her face in my chest, and she lifted her face up and said, “My face–the wealth that I suspect is my face.”
I looked at the안양개인회생  powder.
“Wow… it’s okay… Ah…”
I looked up, and now she’d come over me with her hips right above me.
It was burning. …so-wi speaking, horse-riding posture…!
“Ah…? Ah…”
She turns her head in wonder. 오산개인회생 Oh, my God. What if it gets bigger now?!!
“What, what–“
She puts her hand on my bulging face. As you can see, eyes.
For this invisible woman, she can’t help but panic.

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