독도 That’s how you think you owned it for a while… 포도

…will I cherish it forever if I have it? Then… …I want to have it. Just a few months in a relationship.
It’s better than cooling off and not feeling anything. But how can you have it? a human being
Silver is not an animal, so you can’t freely express the desire of the rutting machine as a social constraint.
I don’t even have it with you forever. So, vaguely, love, like…

That’s how you think you owned it for a while…
In that sense, he’s… It’s rather wise. Love, love, love. That’s how I feel.
It’s not picking one male, it’s cleaning up whatever you want.

Ding Dong-
The doorbell rang. Waking up from the thought, I looked at the clock. Ten o’clock. It’s a ridiculous time.  Kind
It’s time for the kids to sleep, and if you’re a well-educated kid, you shouldn’t visit other people’s homes.
It’s time. Who is it?
I went to the gate. It was still raining.
“Who are you?”
No answer was heard. I tried to get in, but again, on the doorbell, open the door.
I saw.
It’s hirose. And without an umbrella standing in the rain, he stood in front of the gate, completely silver.

“What is it?”
In the middle of the night, for what reason, why don’t you use an umbrella. At the same time, it’s not very good.
There is also a feeling 영천개인회생 that people are not happy about their visit.
The tips of the lips are blue.
“If there’s no business, close it.”
Looking closely, I was shaking.
“Time Limit.”
I was about to shut the door, and then turn my back in. But I’m coming in.
His low voice caught hold of him.
The low sound suddenly amplifies.
“Hey, you bastard! Oh, my God. She’s the only woman in the rain, and she doesn’t ask me to come in, she doesn’t ask me
Kara and Kara!
“…the door is going to break.”
“If you don’t let me in, I’ll break the gate!”
“Try it. Before that,상주개인회생 the policeman will come.”
Hirose sat back at the gate. I left the figure behind, and went into the room. Radish
I don’t know what’s going on, but how long will it take? You’re in the rain this winter and you’re in it.
Ryeo Na.
I jumped out of bed. This is too cruel for human beings. whether you like it or not, do
I can’t believe you put a rattling kid in front of your house in mid-November. An umbrella to kick him out.
I should’ve given him some help to kick him out.
I went straight down the stairs and left the front door. Right through the front gate, there’s a black shadow.
(Because the sky was dark red, it was distinguished.)
“Hey, come on in.”
Hirose looked up at me in his seat, and smiled faintly.
“…okay, there’s a hostess at home. I’ll tell you here. I…”
“You’re funny. Don’t annoy 경산개인회생 me any more. I don’t know why I’m doing this.”
I hugged him up.
…how does he know our house by the way? Did you call Ryutta??

Well, once he got to the front door like that’s…  He’s dripping. He’s in the water’s dripping.
You can’t take him in. I just put him in the bathtub. What a nuisance.
“Oh, the clothes…”
“Master Mrs. Kyoko, I’ll put it in front of you.”
I boiled the water, taking the sound of the shower’s pouring water into my ears. Let’s get inside the house for now.
Since you’re a customer, you should treat him or her. Fortunately, I know how to make green tea.
Take it off.

“So, I’m here for something.”
I asked Hiroshe, sitting still in my bed, sipping green tea. Hirose
Holding the teacup with both hands, he stared blankly at his face reflected in the car.
“What time is it now? Hurry up and say something before the car gets cut off.”
Nanasseh touched the collar of his pajamas and turned it around, whether he had heard me or not.
“I’ll say hello to the owner’s aunt and then I'”
“I’m on a business trip, he’s not here, so just tell me what’s going on.”
“But it’s amazing, I never thought 영주개인회생you’d let me in.”
“If you die in front of the house, what charge do you have later?”
She put her glass on the floor, and looked at me.
“…I don’t have any original companionship. I’m telling you.”
…to say that, in the cold rain, staged a sit-in in front of this house? I’m a little confused for a little freaked out of my minded me.
Crab, Hirose keeps talking.
“It’s my dad who saw me in the daytime.”
You… lie? No, you don’t have to lie to me about that.
“I, before winter vacation, move to Hokkaido.  So, Dad told you a lot of things.
I have something to tell you, so… We went together.”
“…she took out the money…”
I was a little embarrassed.
“Did you see that, too? I just gave it to 문경개인회생 you because you said you were going to see your friend.”
“Well…how did it go? You don’t have to tell me that. only so
You didn’t do anything crazy to talk.”
“I came to say that.”
She answered so naturally and easily.
“Because I didn’t want to leave it to you with the impression of such a woman who was digging for money.”
To me in a daze, she added.
“I’ve liked you since the beginning of the semester.”
“I am…”
I swallow my saliva for a while,
“You… you said no.”
said clearly, but with a cringe. She laughed. The laughter is not frivolous, it’s mockery.
Not even, just shy. Like you.
“I know. I’m a ‘dirty’  Like Yu-Jang said, I slept quite a bit with the boys I liked. So…
I know you don’t like me. But you know what?”
She said, empowering every word.
“The whore always gets paid,평택개인회생  but I don’t want to do it with someone I don’t like even if they give me money.”
“…I don’t want to. You.”
“Yeah. ‘Cause I’m ‘the cookie that everybody else’s been fiddling with.”
Here I am, working with Hirosé how useless the feelings he has for me now are.
The idea of waking him up exploded like dynamite.
“Maybe now, but as time goes by, I soon become nothing. Bar
Boy. Now you’re just raving over me…”
Let’s talk about it.
“It’s no different than Miss Amko. And after rutting, I’m just a bunch of rolling males.
It just looks like one. It’s nothing special. You’re mistaken.”
“How does Yu-jjang know how I feel?”
“It’s common to anyone.오산개인회생 Stupid.”
The collar of the pajamas flies through the wind and into the face. But I don’t get hit twice. I’m quick.
Kei Hirosé’s hand.
“To hit him again? One more time and I’ll hit too.”
The collar, which had been pushed back by the reaction of the air, is stretched back under the force of gravity. And the front.
A scent that touches your nose in the air that came over to… It’s the smell of Mr. Kyoko, the owner of the clothes.
The moment I sensed the scent, suddenly I was excited. Hirose is sitting on the bed. Mr. Kyoko’s pajamas
It’s Hirosse wearing, but the excitement of Mr. Kyoko in front of him. And I want to take it off.
‘s desire is…
“You don’t know… so… Don’t forget that feeling about Yuu-jjang even when you go to Hokkaido…Give it to me…”
Hirose stammered.
“Oh, no… I’m sorry… because you can’t like a dirty body… I… I’ll just go.”
I want to hug…
There is a woman in front of me now.
There is a woman who stimulates

안성개인회생 my impulses, not a teetering hirose at school.
Suddenly I was entangled with desire, and began to lose my reason. ‘The revocation has begun.’
A rut for breeding species. Because it’s an extremely pleasant act, animals say, ‘My species.
It’s for the sake of the people,’ he does it without a firm sense. So it’s instinct. a healthy man
When people see a woman, it’s the instinct of rutting.
Until now, the unconscious impulsive desire for Hirose, which has been well pressed with contempt or neglect.
It exploded in this instant.
In a world of jungle, impulsive sex, as there must be a lot for one’s species to survive.
-Spray the seeds first and look – is what happens. So until the sex function is degraded, the rut.
To change the use of a giraffe, not to be excited-that is, to be “impulsive” to someone you don’t like.
Human beings are the only ones that lead. Yeah. What if he slept with men just for pleasure?
Maybe it’s possible because I’m a cotton man.
The birthmark of instinct is like an animal, but the sexual desire of a human being subtly wrong.
…not dirty. He uses the privileges granted only to humans in a very “humanistic” way.
It’s a go. I’m just feeling it filthy. That’s what I think of her.
A little less contempt for; enough to feel excitement. How so far has it been?
Couldn’t he have made an angle? No, this idea is just a political party about what I’m doing against him.
It’s nothing but an excuse to infuse sex. 여주개인회생 And now I’m satisfied with that excuse. I also
Because now I’m doing impulsive rutting.
Let’s think so now. Now
You’re in front of me even if you don’t see me. 7.
Hello, this is Kili Abaoaku.
Encouraging mail from someone! Not much!
One at a time! …I received it. Thank you again and again. I will do my best.

Puppies that were passing by:Woof woof woof woof (puhehehehehe)
Kili-gun:……(Looking for a rat poison.)

—-chapter 7
He took the hand of Hirosé, 이천개인회생 who was about to stand up.
His face turns redder, and he turns his head.
Cute. It’s an emotion I’ve never felt before. Yeah, I’m out of my mind right now. Not really.
There’s no way he can look so cute.
I forced her back to bed. And just as it is, press her hands down, move.
I’ve made it impossible forsake.
Slowly, unbutton and peel off the pajamas. It was a wide garment, so it came off without a hitch.

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