독도 "Yes, it’s three to one, and you can see it." 포도

“Yes, it’s three to one, and you can see it.”
Of course there was a tarot, but… But he’s a maniac.

And then it was time for the checkup, and I went out for a little while, and then I came back, and they had to write a little note.
Leaving behind a gruesome message of “Fully good,” he drenched only the fruit and ran away. You rotting bastards.
Tired of dealing with the bastards or getting a checkup, I fled to the world of sleep again.
Oh, my God, you’re supposed t 다이렉트암보험 o be here.’
the idea of being a hindrance in the end

I heard something in my ear. Before I even opened my eyes, a little cold hand on my face
It felt like you were touching me 비갱신형암보험. I opened my eyes. It was a little dim around.
‘What the…’
The hand seemed to fit. With his head fixed, he opened his eyes more gently, and by the bed,
A senior was standing.
“You don’t hate me…”
She was muttering to herself. It must have been. His voice tone is lower than usual.
Most of all, just by not calling me Yong-hyun, I can see that you’re talking without being aware of me.
I did. Maybe, he thinks he’s asleep.
“…I believe.”
“Even if it’s my own illusion…”
“Even if you don’t see it, it’s as if it’s the fact that you’re in front of your eyes…”
“Me and yours, the Kizuna woven into the trials, that surrounds us…”
‘…Kidsna? That’s your name, right?’
“I believe….”
‘Oh, no…Kizuna is…’
My thoughts, stopped there.암보험비갱신형  On my left cheek, where the senior put his hand on his own, his face.
Because I touched. No, this is…
It’s your lips….
The senior put her lips on my cheek, to me.
There was a shudder in the moment.
However, it still didn’t move.
“…Anatawa (you),”
The senior, who had his lips removed, murmured again.
“Watakushino, Daisezna Hitodes…(My, dear…))”

Soon after, Keithna sat down in a chair as if nothing had happened and fell asleep on my bed.
It was a shape. Se-s-s-s-s-s-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-
It can’t be… but the senior I just had, the feeling that he wasn’t…
‘By the way…’
In the midst of a complicated rush 암보험비교사이트 of ideas, I resumed the earlier one that had been cut off.
I’ve only heard it in my senior’s name, so I didn’t even think of the original meaning.
It’s, Gulle.
the bond between man and man
An invisible abstract string that binds man with man.
That’s the original meaning of the word.
‘I can’t see… With me and my senior…”
I told you it was made of something. I can’t remember.
Isn’t this how it works anyway?’
Looking at my senior sleeping next to me, I shot ‘Another Me’. Soon after, you’ll hear sarcastic remarks.
I came here.
Will that really satisfy you?
‘Why is that? I think you’re a precious person.’
So why don’t I tell you that without waking you up?
‘Well, that’s…’
We don’t know for sure yet.
Don’t think about wasting your time, do it right.
The excitement is only directed aia암보험 towards extinction.

It’s in front of you even if you don’t see it. 15-
Hello, this is Abaoaku: Kili.
Lunar New Year is coming. It’s time for daughters-in-law to get busy.
I’m a conservative person, and I feel like I’m not a good housekeeper.
It’s bad. Laundry, cooking, parenting, and all that stuff is going to turn into solicitation in about 10 years.
But what’s even more ugly is that the men in the kitchen are wearing aprons.
It’s work. I’ll never! That sort of thing…

Mother: Hey, what are you procrastinating about? Hurry up and open the taro! And then you know how to pound garlic, right?
Killie: Yes, ma’am.

…sometimes, sometimes.

———-chapter 15
“It’s a meal, Yong-hyun.”
When I opened my eyes to the poking sensation, my senior was sitting with the plate on his lap.
“I’m surprised to see Yong-hyun sleeping. I heard that if you take such a good rest, you’ll get better soon.”
Now, the senior takes a bite of the rice, and he goes near my face. You’re gonna have to eat fast.
It was very hungry, too.) I asked my senior.
“Senior, when did you get here?”
“It was around the time the hospital 우체국 암보험  people ate.”
It would be the best answer for her with no clock in sight the clock.
“I was sleeping. Well, what have you been up to?”
“I slept.”
“You’re a tough guy, too.”
But it’s nothing to compare with me. You didn’t keep sleeping while I was sleeping, Mr. Kyoko.
Sana, you could have been guarding me without sleeping a wink of sleep. Maybe that’s why you’re so tired.
“Come on, a bite of the soup.”
in flakes
“…why don’t you eat anything?”
“I’m not hungry.”
“Sound of a fool, like a stick-in-the-wall.”
I took chopsticks from her 농협암보험 hand, and took the rice.” (Is it because she slept a lot?) (Is it because she’s a doctor’s check-up?
Because of this effect, it didn’t hurt much to raise the body.)
“Come on, you too.”
I was going to poke it in my little mouth, but the left eye is swollen, so the distance is measured.
It didn’t work out well, so I had to poke chopsticks around her mouth once before I went in.
“Good boy.”
“Yonghyun… I am a year older than Yonghyun…”
That’s what she said, but she mumbled and swallowed rice.
“It’s like a couple…”
“…if there’s such a disgusting couple.”
She laughed.
I didn’t expect anything more than that from me right now.

“It’s snowing. It’s getting late, but I don’t think it’ll last until tomorrow.
Everything. Anyway, it’s White Christmas. Have a nice Eve, everyone.”
I couldn’t sleep any more, so I turned on the television and watched it with my senior.
I was surprised at the broadcast from the lecture.
“It’s snowing?”
I thought it would rain as usual.
I raised myself because I thought it 현대해상 암보험 would be enough to stand up. I had a little aryan pain,
It wasn’t impossible to walk. You said, “I’ll go ask.” But I don’t care.
Anyway, I walked to the window.
The cold wind swarmed. I’m wearing a patient’s uniform, so I’m shriveling up.
And the motion made my side prick.
“Yonghyun County!”
The senior staggered to the window.
“Ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s okay.”
I crouched down and looked out of the open window.
falling slowly, and quietly, in a slightly reddish sky, giving off a cold light.
chiseled ice flakes in a crowded, glittering city of lights, rather the platform
Ah Han light was weaving a carpet of pure light everywhere, as it boasted of its own life.
When I looked down further, many people were walking without using umbrellas.
“Is it snowing…?”
“I see… it’s quiet….”
“I hear there’s soundproofing in 메리츠암보험 the eyes.”

The senior, with invisible eyes, was looking out of the window with me. My shriveled body keeps shaking.
It was. Without thinking, I held her shoulder in one arm. with no thought whatsoever, dan
Because Ji is there.
You didn’t say “ah” as usual, you put your cheek in my arms like a cat.
Everything. It was warm. The texture of the senior artist, which is passed down through a thin patient’s uniform is.
“The couple who spent time in the snowy night will be together forever…”
Forever… …the love of eternity, the feeling of eternity without futility. The continuation of a throbbing sensation.
However, there has been no strong backlash against it now. Instead, I…
“You are…”
“I think I can like others forever…?”
Why did they say that?
But I wanted to hear it. Directly from the senior.
From a senior who yearns for a romance like a novel.
From the senior who called my name even though he was hurt by me.
From a senior who dreams of such a신한생명암보험 beautiful thing instead of an invisible eye.
From the senior who held me up, who was afraid of getting hurt and tried to run away alone.
always dotted with realistic logic motivated against another me,
From Himekawa Kizuna.
“Like a novel, do you believe there is such love?”
I asked again. But before my senior even raised his head, I kept saying.
“I mean…I’ve been thinking there’s no such thing.  It’s only possible because it’s a novel.
I didn’t accept it. You’ve heard of it, haven’t you? When it comes to love, the feeling of liking something that makes my heart pound,
It’s all caused by chemicals in the brain. That’s why it can’t be longer than 2 years.
I’m going to walk on the road to that kind of futility, wasting my time and energy on purpose.
I’ve been thinking it was. I just thought it was a rut.”
The senior asks.
“Yes, the rut. animal rut I thought it was no different. It’s just that animals do it instinctively.
Only, it’s different that we can always lead it impulsively.”
I was, before I knew it, spilling out what I had been thinking. No, maybe your answer.
I might have asked my senior 동양생명암보험  because I wanted to get this word out rather than listen to it.
“Yes, and the fact that I hurt you that day… It’s no different from an impulsive rut.  sexual assault-like
You know, rape, that’s it. It happens to people who don’t like it.”
“That’s how I hurt my senior, and I’m fine alone, that’s what I thought….”
“I don’t like you, talking shit.”
And her heart is still “태아보험다이렉트 duck-d.
‘All is Calm, all is bright…’
In the tranquil sky, in the busy streets, there was a faint echo of songs celebrating the night.
The eyes are still, Sarak Sarak.

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