독도 "I don’t want to… I don’t know. The heat, the chemicals…" 포도

and was being absorbed by a huge white carpet, leaving a strange afterglow.
“I don’t want to… I don’t know. The heat, the chemicals…”
I buried my head back in my heart, and she said,
“But I know that ‘easy love, easy love, goes away.'”
“Yong-hyun, I just want to say 아파트주택화재보험 that people’s easily cooled affection is because they have problems with themselves.
I think.”
“They… themselves?”
“We don’t know for sure how much we value each other and how much we realize it.
It’s because they say, “Love, like, and so on.””
There is a slight resemblance to my idea.
“As Yong-hyun said, it’s transformed from a simple ​주택화재보험비교사이트 cold-hearted love to a love that I believe in.
In order to achieve this, when we act devoted and passionate to each other, the experience builds up and shines.
I think.”
The wind blew.
“A little, it’s cold.”
I closed the open window. Double-windowed, so I closed only the transparent window to keep looking out.
“…you know Romeo and Juliet, don’t you? As much as those lovers…”
“Senior, it’s a novel. I just can’t understand that.”
I cut off my senior’s horse. Novels are fiction. Romeo and Juliet…They lose each other before they get old.
It was a short period of love. Heathcliff, 메리츠내맘같은어린이보험 Catherine…Katherine only loves Heathcliff.
He planted a lot and died at will. They have something in common. Before the women got old and ugly.
A man’s feelings of rut disappeared before he could even cool off. No matter how novel it is, its natural,
Sagrard manipulated human emotions because they were undeniable.
It’s such an exquisite fabrication, so I can’t admit it.
However, the senior was only a little surprised, but continued to speak.
“…if I had a couple like that, I might have 비갱신어린이보험 loved them forever. As far as Yong-hyun knows,
Seo, was there a dramatic and romantic couple like them?”
…definitely, there wasn’
However, I’m still not convinced.
“So, Hotch, what the hell is that ‘dramatic, romantic’? To be devoted and passionate to each other.
What do you mean? It’s not just in the novel after all.”
My senior looked me in the face again.
“What are you doing, stabbing and killing for each other’s love?”
The senior shook his head loudly and slowly.
“When it’s just an act of ‘for the sake of the other’… a difficult trip with him or her
To build up a battalion….”
Toughly, building bonds…?
“Even if it’s painful, it’s accepted for 농협가성비굿플러스어린이보 the sake of the other….”
She paused for a moment, and looked at me.
“Finally, Yong-hyun…”
She was smiling.
“For me, hurt, fighting, bleeding, carrying me on his back, falling… I think he was trying to go.

There was no place for “Another Me” 비갱신어린이보험 to stand out anymore.
Because I could understand what my senior said.
And, because I could understand what my senior said.
What the senior said, that’s exactly what I had in my ear a few hours ago.
“…kids or…?
Unexpectedly, the senior whose name was called raises his head.
However, I didn’t call my 농협가성비굿플러스어린이보험 senior. the repetition of a jar
This is because I remembered the word for an empty seat that I couldn’t remember.
“Together by ordeal, Keith or…That’s what you’re saying, right?
When I saw my senior, I said, He looked hot at the moment, but soon he turned red.
Answer me.
“Yes… Kidsna. And as Yong-hyun said, there will be times when the love will cool down.
Then, look back.  How many trials they went through for their love,
“What we’ve been through, was it for love that would end up like this?””
“And then you cherish it again. Each other.”
“Kidsna, with the thickness of two men’s trials, is not cut by the sword of time.
Unlike his seniors, he was speaking fast and clearly. A few hours ago, the one that kissed me on the cheek.
Like my senior, I wasn’t like my usual senior.
No, maybe this is the real look of the senior. by the blindness of the eye
It may be her personality that  비갱신어린이보험 was naturally lost by throwing it away. But…
Either will do.
She, now before me, remains my ‘precious man’.
‘I checked.’
For another me who didn’t even breathe, I shouted.
‘Me and the kidzna, we’re all being mixed up.’
That’s what it is.
“Then, I can say it again.”
I put my hand on her shoulder and said,
“I like you, Hotch. So far, I can’t say what you call love, but…”
The senior looked up at me.
“Kids with seniors, we 신한생명 암보험 can just keep building.”
“Yonghyun County…”
“Did you tell me that one day? “We can build each other up.””
“But… thank you, but… Yong-hyun, I’m blind…You’re going to be a nuisance to Yong-hyun.
It’s going to be, in the future.
“It’s not easy.”
I once affirm her words, and then I went on again.
“But it’s not easy, so wouldn’t a stronger ‘kidsna’ be woven together?”
She dropped her tears, not a wink. Tears streaming down both cheeks, I’m Hwan
I wiped it off with my own sleeve.
Soon after, our eyes were right.
Of course, there’s no way to know that my senior is facing me in the eye. More than anything, tell your senior.
There’s no way there’s any such thing 동양생명 암보험 as ‘eye view’.
The hand unconsciously went up to the senior’s face.
Despite the sudden touch of his hand on the cheek, the senior showed no sign of shivering.
No, I don’t know, but the senior probably knows.
What am I trying to do?
It wasn’t something I intended to do either.
Only because you’re next to him.
I kissed her, I kissed her.
As soon as my lips touched, I shuddered. To aia암보험 the point where the front of your eyes. for a while each other
I enjoyed the feeling, only touching my lips.
To the senior, who seemed to have never kissed before, I slightly bit her lower lip and stimulated her. immediately after
His lips open. Slowly, the tongue moved. From her lips, sweeping inward.
Kizuna let out a light breath.
I touched her tongue, wandering from the inside, with mine. At first, it was burned.
The tongue, which had fled behind, couldn’t resist my persistent pursuit and ended up cutting edge to each other’s very cutting edge.
We savored each other so, with our tongues crossed.
It’s in front of you even if you don’t see it. -16-
Hello, this is Abaoaku: Kili.
I went to my grandmother’s house. 우체국 암보험 My family was sitting around eating pork belly on a stone plate. Except for me.
All members of the family eat well. I was just chewing meat in the corner.
Father:Put onions and garlic on a grill.
Kili-gun: …(What, an onion)
Mother:Oh, what about mushrooms?
Kili-gun:……(Bur, mushrooms are good to grill)
Grandmother: Hey, what are you doing, you should also put some kimchi on it.
Kili-gun: …(Gwae, it’s all right. You don’t have to eat it.)
Grandpa:Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… There’s pollack left. Let’s grill this together.
Kili-gun: …(Sighs for a moment)
Everybody: Hey, break some eggs.
Kili-gun: (Yi, these people!!!))
Onions, garlic, pork belly, pollack, mushrooms, eggs on a grill. Let’s try it.

———–chapter 16

How long has it been, no, no sense of time. Take your lips off, and put your faces back on each other.
When I gave it, the senior whispered.
“I felt it was a lie that I just wanted to embrace myself. I can feel Yong-hyun’s heart from the horse.
You said you’d lose. According 메리츠수술비보험 to Yong-hyun, who made it so easy without hesitation, he just wanted to run away from me.
I could feel that….”
Yeah. I was running away–
When you and Joong said, “I don’t like you,” it wasn’t about being honest, it wasn’t about being honest.
It was just a tear in his voice. as much affection for having a senior as for Hirose.
It’s just a hint to inspire the Party.
And it was just a deterrent to hold a senior who refused.
“And it’s not just my idea… I’m glad I know.”
Because I only thought of myself.
But I won’t run anymore.
I’m sorry, Hotch.
However, he didn’t say. Instead, I brushed her hair lightly.
And I thought, I want to love this person even more.
It was never a vain desire, 질병수술비보험 I was sure.
I want to do it for you. Only, that was it.
I carefully put my lips on her slender neck.
Kizuna seemed to flinch at the moment, but remained still with a flushed face.  Just like that, lips in the ear.
With my breath in my ear, a thin groaning kidna.
Turn your head again to position your lips with your neck. And put down the hand that held both shoulders. Go.
He put it all over her chest.
The senior was surprised. He opens his closed eyes wide and looks at me.
“Senior… …if you’re scared, you can hit me in the ribs and run away.”
But the senior, again, squinting his eyes, 착한실손보험 put his hand on my hand.
“No, Yong-hyun is now… It’s okay……”
“…what’s good?”
The redness of the senior’s face at the moment was clearly visible under the fluorescent light. I’ve been, uh…
When she laughs, she’s even more at a loss.
“It’s a joke, a joke.”
I hugged her shoulder lightly. She, too,

메리츠실비보험 put her arms down and wrap my waist….
“Eh, yo, Yong-hyun, are you all right?”
…will not get better in two days. Just because her arms were a little tight around my side,
There was a great deal of pain. But there’s a reason I have to do her because I have pain.
There I was. I held her in my arms, and walked backward to the bed in the hospital room.

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