독도 Her slender arms wind up behind her neck, and with him, 포도

Her slender arms wind up behind her neck, and with him,
I’ve gained weight, and I’ve had more pain in my side.
“For your sake…’
I endured it without making a sound. 부산개인회생 I’ve decided to forget the tingling pain.
“Yong-hyun…! Really… Ahak, Jung, Mal, ah, ah, ah, I like…!”
In a voice interrupted by breathing, she shouted. her usual low-key voice
It was more than a ship. And, too, I answered 부산개인파산  her in such a trance.
“Sonbae, me too, (…I like you…(Growl!)”
With pain mixed in half and half, words could not have been properly followed. But…
Before I could finish saying ‘I like you too,’ she said.
“Your name, ha, ha… What do you mean, senior? No….”
…right. What I’m holding right now, Himecawa Keizuna. a white-hearted, white-skinned blind man
Girl. I’ve been corrected.
“Me too, Kiznaga, (Crowl!) All right…!”
It was a conversation between five-year-old boys and one another, but you…
In the shell of the horse, deeper than the whispers of love from lovers of all kinds of rhetoric,
And it has a simple meaning, I’m sure.
And, when we exchanged those words, the pain disappeared. (Maybe the senses were dull.)
I just, without thinking, embrace her hanging on to me, and speed more and more round-trip.
Lee did.
The pain was quickly amplified.
Black-haired shampoo that touches me with shaking, feeling the body temperature of Kizuna’s slender body that is completely adhered to.
Feeling the scent, and feeling the most sensitive parts of each other against each other.
And then…
“Yo, Yonghyun-gu…Ooh-oh-oh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.!”
“Kids… I… Ah!”부산개인회생전문
I felt everything about her, strongly, and implored in her.
“Ha… ha…”
“Huck… huck…”
A bout, after the climax of sweeping through my head, with the feeling of blood circling the body, my own.
What is passed on to her body is her pulsation. And, my own horn.
And the pain in the side that comes back late.
I fell down in bed with my senior.
The senior’s arm, which was wrapped around his neck, slowly loosened up.
And the tip of that hand, with one sweep of my head that fell right down on your chest, and then spit without a pulse.
I reached my hand that was scattered on the dash.
She holds my hand tightly.
And I also held Kizuna’s hand.
A silent message that crosses from hand to hand.
I could not express it in words, but I could feel it.
That would be the same for my senior, I think.
a warm 울산개인회생 feeling
A sense of relief, not awkward with each other.
Silence, as if you could hear the sound of snow.
And, fidelity.
All that, horse.

“…Yonghyun County.”
“Side, don’t you feel pain?”
“No, it’s okay….”
She, cock, pokes lightly in the ribs.
“It hurts.”
“Ugh… how can it not hurt when you stab it like that?”
“Whoo hoo…”
“Senior, you’re naughty.”
“…Kidsna, you’re mean.”
“Kidsna, who covers herself with a blanket (of hospital beds), smiles joyfully, as if she were in my lap.” a light just now
I turned off, so 창원개인회생 I could see nothing but the dimness outside the window.
“I can’t see anything, so it’s really frustrating.”
“Hoo-hoo, I always do that.”
“Oh, that must be frustrating.”
“But, it’s okay.”
“Because, even if I don’t see him, Yong-hyun is in front of me.”
She’s coming in close, I’ve also tightened her shoulder arm.
“Because Yong-hyun, who hugs me like this, is in front of me even if I don’t see him.”
“So is our kidna, too.”
There was a moment of silence. And it was Kidna who broke it again.
“Yonghyun County…”
“We spent time together like this….”
“Yes, it is….”
“We, forever to be…Cana.”
Kidzna laughed shyly. Oh, like I said earlier, the snowy Christmas couple is young.
Does it mean that it will be concluded in a person? However, I like such superstitions anyway.
‘If it doesn’t last forever, I’ll make it last forever.’

Surely, the feeling of love may 통영개인회생 be rutting. I still don’t deny it. Ha
But we can take it to eternity, not just a temporary instinct or impulse,
I accepted it.
Because we can feel how important we are to each other, and we can’t help but think about Kizuna.
It’s a stackable.
Because he’s a human being human.

I didn’t answer like that, but slowly sweeping her hair, my silent heart, her.
would have understood
Kizuna dug deeper. It’s as if a dog is wandering around in a warm embrace. so-called
Enjoying her body temperature, I also accepted a pleasant drowsiness.
And, uh…
Our Holy Land, it’s gone.
Feeling someone precious,
With eyes that seem to bless us silently,
It’s in front of you even if you don’t see it, right? -epilogue-
It’s finally over….
(But some people mistook 거제개인회생 it for the end of part 17.)
Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails.
There have been quite a few comments saying, “Isn’t that plagiarism or did you translate a Japanese novel?” But they say that.
You take it as a compliment that it’s “well done” enough.)
I will continue to do my best.”)

Cockroach: Hey, what day is the new sword?
Kili-gun: …
Ants: Hmm, enlistment isn’t that far away, is it?
Kili-gun: …
Cockroaches and ants: Get caught by aliens.
Kili-gun: (Mr. Mulder… Put these bastards on the X-FILE….)

“Hey, wait!”
“No, man. I’m busy.”
I took hold of my trousers and shook off the drooping ruta, and left the classroom with my bag in my hand.
“Please, we’re not getting along..”
“Catch any tall guy and order him.”
Ruta didn’t give up and kept clinging to me.
“Hey… give me a break.”
Don’t you know the 김해개인회생 famous saying, “Basketball is just a matter of time?”
“Who says that!”
“It’s this body.”
I shook off Ryuta, and headed for the stairs.
“Hey, damn it!”
He hit me in the ribs with a ball.
And the ball rolling and rolling, I kicked to Ryuta.
“Hey, it’s been a long time since it got better, and it doesn’t matter.”
“Oh… you’ve really changed. Where the hell are you going?”
“To make a kidna.”
I went down the stairs, leaving Ruta in a daze.

“Good work.”
“Oh, you….”
An old, shaggy old man who was listening to the radio in the guard’s room near the gate recognized me,
Smile with a wrinkled face. This old man saved me, janitor. I didn’t care at all.
However, he said that he always 양산개인회생 knew me coming to school early. That’s why I’ve been lying on the flooring.
Maybe he recognized me easily.
“Are you all well now?”
“You always ask me, Grandpa. That’s a long ago.”
At that gracious laugh, I suddenly think.
I’ve been building ‘kidsna’ with a lot of people in this way, just in case I don’t know.
Even if that’s how you feel.
Yeah, it’s with Hirosue…
The feeling of “hate” that has been instilling in her since the beginning of the semester. Ever since it knew her mind,
is sublimated to a kind of ‘kizuna’ with her. Maybe, I don’t like her.
Emotions may have become a “trial for two people” (a bit embarrassing to say with my own mouth).
That’s why I didn’t feel anything after her….
Yes. Kizuna is connected to everyone who knows me, everyone I know. that
Indeed, the motivation for me to communicate with the other person. It’s just that I don’t notice,
I just leave it as it is.
Because I didn’t know how to cherish it.
Because I didn’t know how to

진주개인회생 make it thick.
I left the school gate.
To meet the person who taught me the way.

The season when cherry blossoms are already falling.
Still, the cherry blossoms that fall in the wind can be appreciated as much as the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
I’ll let you win.
I wish you could see this..’
I crossed the sidewalk with that thought.

“Hey, Hotch.”
At my call, the senior who was groping and reading the book turns his head.
“Oh, come on. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m not a senior.”
“Ah, Mr. Himekawa.”
“It’s a joke, Kidna.”
Is it because it’s a little noisy. 사천개인회생 The neurotic librarian sitting at the desk across the street, smart.
Knock on the desk.
‘Clothes again, quiet, quiet.
I sat quietly, next to Keithna. The fortune-telling she’s reading, it’s obvious. ‘Ahn
It would be ‘Ma procedure’. For blind people, the only thing you can say is that it’s unique.
Occupation, massage parlor. Kidzna is trying to learn it. No, it’s rather more than just ordinary people.
It is even said to be a suitable job for blind people who rely on their hands.
…the problem is that most of the guests are male, and that’s a perverted middle-aged man.
So, Keith and himself have thought about the acupuncture point, but I think we’re going to have to work on the massage parlor.
“I thought it would be better.” (Those who touch their seniors during the massage, Son Mo)
I’ll twist the branches away.
“Self, self. So I just have to read the rest, right?”
I have chosen the book that Kidzna said.  This is not a braille book, but an ordinary book. I’ll take these out,
What I read to Kidna is the routine of the day. And Kizuna, you know, she’s going to be able to do a procedure
Sometimes I try. Such a house-like routine,부산개인회생  I really enjoy it.
“Sorry, Yong-hyun. Every day, every day…”
“No, no, no.”
If this helps our kids. You don’t have to say that.

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