know what to do with this."

“The police must be busy too, and I don’t know what to do with this.”
When Lee Ki-chan indirectly revealed that he had no intention of handling the case, the man driving the Bongo seemed more moved.
“Thank you, sir, and thank you again!”구미개인회생 개인회생신청서류
While doing it, he was nodding his head as he said lines that seem to be in a soap opera these days.
The police came to a final conclusion.
Next time, the bongo driver was given a ticket for violating the crosswalk signal so that he could not say anything else, and each car was to be fixed by himself.
And if anything happens next time, he gave me his contact number and wrote down the witnesses’ contact numbers as a reference.
When a young man in his 20s thanked him and asked for his number, the man scratched his back and gave him his business card.
OO night club – Park Chan-ho-
(Why are there so many likes and dislikes at night these days?)
Park Chan-ho of the night club had a strong sense of justice and decided to make a special reappearance in the second part,” said the writer.경주개인회생 개인회생신청서류
He gave his card to the young man and parted with him.
Somehow, lekker cars were gathering after learning that there was a contact accident.
Lee Ki-chan’s BMW was able to move to the maintenance factory, but Lee Ki-chan, who had no desire to drive a car with a crushed trunk, sent his car to the factory where he always maintained his car and took a taxi to go to the repair factory.
I gave him a business card to contact him as soon as the car was repaired, and he took a taxi home from the maintenance factory.
When Lee Ki-chan arrived home, he tried to ring the doorbell and the door was unlocked.
Have you been locked out(?
As I entered the house and headed for the main building, I heard something like the sound of water flowing from somewhere.
No, after listening carefully, it wasn’t.
It was a sound from the detached house. It was the sound of birds coming out of the main room of the annex. He tried to enter the house casually, but was dragged into the main room window with strange curiosity, and had to cover his mouth with his hand. The room was too clear. There was a man and a woman working in the room for a long time now, and it looked so beautiful.
The woman was holding the door handle of the room and bending her legs in an L-shaped position, and the man was holding her waist and slowly going in and out. The main room’s windows occupied almost the entire south wall, so the room was very bright. So I could even see the dust in the main room.안동개인회생 개인회생신청서류
It was a pity that I couldn’t see the woman’s face properly, but her full-chested chest and her slim figure were as beautiful as an illusion.
In the morning, Cha Il-bu, the driver, heard that his lover was sick and hospitalized, but when he thought he was already here and doing it, I couldn’t envy Cha Il-bu’s youth.
The woman and the man were working in front of the door, so they could not find Lee Ki-chan until they turned their faces.
Fluid was dripping down the floor on the woman’s thigh. The sound was soundproof and could not be heard out properly, but the sound of a woman was as low as the sound of running water.상주개인회생 개인회생신청서류
The man’s completely escaped. It went back in. When it came out completely, water was dripping from the end. Looking closely, the floor was so slippery that the liquid was scattered.
There seemed to be a flood in the woman’s body.
As the slow-moving man moved violently, the woman’s mouth opened and a faint shriek came out.
“Ah… ah…!”
Then the woman flirted. Then he could see the woman. The woman being attacked by a man was surprisingly his wife, Jung So-hee.영천개인회생 개인회생신청서류
The man seemed to be the next driver of his car.
Lee Ki-chan seemed to have a white head rather than angry feelings.
I couldn’t think of anything. But the only thing they were so genitalized was that they seemed to be as beautiful as looking at a beautiful piece of art without being seen as dirty or mean.
Lee Gi-chan shook his head and entered the main building and went to his room. Then I buried myself on the sofa.
And thought.
I thought I should let So-hee go now. I thought maybe I loved her with all my heart.
Her own life without her seemed meaningless. At that moment he thought of death.
It was only after hearing reports that Western celebrities were getting divorced and loved, that he was a fool to think that might be the case.
Yes, if you love someone, you can break up.
I’ve decided to leave this house now. I just left home with a few cards and a wallet with some cash in it.
Now the walk became heavy when I thought it was a house that perhaps would never come back.
I left the house and locked the gate. Then I went down the alley.영주개인회생 개인회생신청서류
When I thought I was running away from home at the age of 80, I burst into laughter. In this situation, I felt so shabby to laugh.
I took a taxi to his office at the sports center and packed the documents in the drawer.
A few days ago, it was a document from Heungshin.
While organizing her will this spring, she asked the Heungshin Center to find Ko Mi-ryeong because she needed it, which said she was currently living in Seogwipo and working as a haenyeo. It was all about her address, a record of her sympathy, and a few photos. Wearing a black female diver’s work suit, she came out of the water and had a bright smile on her face.
I wanted to go on a trip somewhere. Far away.…
When I thought of that, I wanted to meet Ko Mi-ryeong. She was the one who gave birth to her only son. For some reason, I thought I should meet her at least once.
I called several places. It was to get a plane ticket to Jeju.
I couldn’t get a ticket for today’s flight. It was only through a greeting who had met as a city councilman that he could get a plane ticket leaving at 1:20 p.m.
I looked around the office once again and left for the visit. I wondered if I could come back.
Coming to the front of the elevator and returning to the office, he took out everything in his pocket, including his cell phone, and put it in a drawer. I turned off my cell phone altogether.
There was nothing in my pocket other than a wallet. There were only ID cards and a few credit cards in the wallet.
I contacted the accounting department to get some cash and some money in a hurry.
When all the preparations were complete, he left the room. I was thinking about using the employees’ cars, but I wanted to leave without anyone knowing.경산개인회생 개인회생신청서류

There was an old gentleman with his eyes closed in the room of a Boeing plane heading to Jeju. The interior of the plane was cozy and pleasant.
The gentleman had his eyes closed after the plane took off.
Of course, the main character is Chairman Lee Ki-chan. I opened my eyes when I was serving the stewardess’ drink, drank a cup of green tea, and then closed my eyes again.
A fluffy cloud of May spring was grazing under the wings of the plane.
It was already 17 years ago when Lee Ki-chan met Ko Mi-ryeong. Lee Ki-chan was sixty-six at the time.
It was about three years after the doors of Sports Centa were opened.
He was already losing his function as a man.
Around that time he was feeling skeptical about the years he had lived.
When I was young, I lived for the fun of growing the land, and then for the fun of raising five daughters. When his daughters got married, he realized how big their karma was only then.문경개인회생 개인회생신청서류
Perhaps thanks to their wealth, their sons-in-law thought they got it well, but it wasn’t.
Since he had no son, his daughters would open their hands to him, whose wealth was everything.
His daughters opened their hands to him whenever they could, including business needs, more houses, and pocket money.
Finally, on his sixty-fifth birthday, he gathered his daughters and sons-in-law, and each of them was a building (all of the buildings that Lee Ki-chan had were standing on a piece of land in Gangnam’s Myeongdang, all about five stories high). One loan and one hundred million cash were distributed.
And he said he would give 10 bags of rice every month until he died.
Finally, he declared that he would donate all of his wealth to the Heart Disease Children Foundation when he died.
※That’s the only public foundation that the ignorant old man knew. No, it’s not true that the author is.
The daughters opposed it, but they were forced to accept his declaration because if they objected, they would leave no building, and if they had a daughter who would make a profit in addition to the money they would give, they would not send the money they would give every month after month, they would have no choice but to accept his declaration.
When the daughters and sons-in-law wrote their names, signed their own autographs, stamped their seal, and submitted their seal, they distributed their property as promised.대구개인회생전문 개인회생신청서류
Of course, all the property was in the name of my daughter.
(Legend to story, so the sons-in-law of the house have not been able to keep their spirits up in front of their wives since that day until today.)
The son-in-law’s consent forms are now waiting for the day to be unveiled at the lawyer’s office, which only Lee Ki-chan and his only son, Lee Il-nam, know, along with two tapes containing his will to nurture him.
In renewing his will this spring, he decided to distribute his current residence and two buildings to his current wife, Jeong So-hee, give his daughters some real estate regardless of the agreement, and leave all his property, including sports centa, to his son and son. At that time, it was the guardian of a minor, Il-nam. At first, he was thinking of becoming Jung So-hee, but he knew already that So-hee had a man, so he could not be her guardian.대구개인회생 개인회생신청서류
So he found Ko Mi-ryeong, the birth mother of Ilnam, and had him take guardianship until Ilnam became an adult. After writing the will, he asked the Heungshin Center to find out the current state of Ko Mi-ryeong.
He was relieved when he received a report that he lost his husband without a child and was living alone as a haenyeo in Jeju.
But today he got on a flight to Jeju to meet Ko Mi-ryeong.
Since the opening of the sports center, money has been coming in frantic.

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