코로나called ‘entertainment’.영주시

My name is Jeong Yun-ho and I’m Deeply  < 01 > Written By. Jaen ” …” ” The protruding hand, indeed, is so baffling that I don’t know what to do. The others had already walked as far as I could, and I had to stare at my protruding hand in a bewildering way and keep my eyes shut. Jung… Yunho? “Yes, sir. – ” …. there… I don’t th용인개인회생 nk you don’t know. I just meant to say hello, so don’t get me wrong. ” Ooh. I’m telling you. – Broken way of speaking and challenging eyes. He must have targeted us at a glance. I’m telling you, at times like this, you’re always nervous.The power that came from the touch of his hand w성남개인회생 as as burdensome as his eyes. Unknowable tension, anxiety. How to interpret it. ” …… why…? ” Because of …… ‘” What?” ‘Cause you made me a singer. “We’ve been greeted by many rookies, but this was the first time a child named Lee – Jung Yun-ho was particularly tense. The hand, which was still held tightly in contact, was already awkwardly faltering, and nevertheless he was holding on to the hand and givin안산개인회생 g it a challenging look. “Park Yoo-chun – Won’t you come? Only then could I hear the voices of the members from the other end of the hall. I tried to get out of it, but my hands, which I couldn’t get out of, came loose like a lie. “Yes! Go now -! Tadadak – turning around and running over him like that… ……….I didn’t like him for some reason. “Who is it?” ” …… eh?” ” That’s her– The guy who was holding your hand. “I haven’t seen her before. – Rookie of the year? Or a big fan?! Uh-huh. No. – If you’re a big fan, you can’t be too proud. I knew it. – Are you a rookie? It’s” ashtray. My answer is to make a wild guess on one’s own without waiting. I thought I was getting used to it a little bit, but I don’t really like being a member of the same team. And in some ways, he’s as straight as he can be. On the contrary, Chang-min, who asked who he was and seemed to be doing something else but was waiting for my answer… Well, I did. It’s the most breathtaking type. But he was the mo안양개인회생 st meticulous one, so he was playing the role of our team’s strong backstabber. With earphones on in the corner, Jun Jin, who is eager to dance, is no ordinary person. The downside is that he is not interested in other things around him, while he is terribly engrossed in what he thinks is this. For Jun Jin now – as much as dancing. When it comes to TVXQ members – special person, you can’t leave out Junsu, too. He’s th오산개인회생  youngest but he knows how to control people. And I’m the only one who’s normal in TVXQ. “Who is it, brother?” ” …… a rookie. “Hoot – look at that. “Jae-joong proudly draws a V-shape at Jun-su’s question. Whether they are interested in the upcoming broadcast, the two of them were busy giggling and refusing to wear makeup. If you’re a rookie… You mean Real? “Real – ??” Yes, the most recent debut.. But it’s never평택개인회생  normal. “What do you mean …? ” I got a little closer to Chang-min, who was answering the question, with a sour make-up. He doesn’t seem to care much – though he talks sour. ” Your skills are extraordinary. Well – It doesn’t mean much. Isn’t that obvious? Make a group that surpasses ‘Dongbangshingi! – Because that’s their goal.” ………” What in the end? You’re just a rookie who debuted to step on TVXQ. How am I supposed to interpret that? “Park Yoo-chun…” Huh?” …… well, it’s not TVXQ if it breaks down, is it? “Yes… I know. ” I know. I know very well. – TVXQ’s… No, at least you’re the best guys I’ve ever had. But… Because it’s not… It’s not me. This is how miserable it is. I’m nervous and nervous. At all times, the atmosphere in the waiting room before the live broadcast was too subdued. Watching the monitor installed in the waiting room without saying anything, he never stops looking at the eyes of the alert. That’s one of the means to survive in this world – I he화성시개인회생 ard there are two rookie stages today. One is probably the – Jung Yun-ho’s group called Real… The debut stage of rookies, which is not always pleasant. I always think like this when I see them. They might kick us up. Nervous. – You have to step on it. What they can’t simply appreciate and appreciate is… This is the world of the eating chain called ‘entertainment’. The strong have to live, the weak have to leave in misery. Because it’s such a weak and strong world. It’s like that. “…. Yuchun? “Huh? ” … It’s those guys, Real – “Ah, two boys, wearing black leather jackets, were loading themselves into the rhythm. Heart beating music and growing rhythm. The dance skill of the boy, who is naturally rhythmic, has been… …as if he is covered by the rest of the members who boast such splendid dance skills. It was something that I couldn’t deny even if I didn’t know how to dance. A dance that isn’t fancy, but has a feeling. That was his – Jung Yun-ho’s dancing skills. “………….” Jin, who was still watching, popped out and went away with a fit of irritation. The atmosphere in t홍성개인회생 he waiting room, which had already subsided, was further subsided by Jini’s actions. Breathless, deep silence – in that silence, Yuchun, unable to take her eyes off the monitor. ” …… great … do …. “… Jung Yun-ho’s choreography… in charge of – La. ” Blank – Changmin’s words, which seemed to dwell on, followed by one Jae-joong’s words. Unlike Jin-yi, who was annoyed by a rookie who had better skills than hi보령개인회생 m, wanted to trample on him somehow and hold on to the top spot, Jae-joong was a man who recognized his ability as a man of frank and clear character. Compared to him, Shim Chang-min is such a thoroughgoing fellow that he easily feels inferior – but he doesn’t admit it like Jae-joong did. This time, I was mumbling, looking hard at the captions that appeared under the screen. ‘Cause you made me a singer. ‘Because of me​수원개인회생전문변호사 …? Why… Why…? You’re more capable than I am. But why…? Why did you have to step into the entertainment business looking at a guy like me…… eh…?…… I don’t know, Jung Yun-ho – you really… He’s a clueless fellow… you know? So… So I don’t like it so much… I don’t want to… I hate it so much… On the monitor, Jung Yun-ho, with a mouthful of a smile, performing such a dance that would 수원개인회생 be deeply embedded in many people’s memory… It was filling the screen. … With a soft smile. ” Who do you respect the most, Yunho? ” The female MC’s eyes, smiling brightly and pointing at the microphone, had a provocative look, as if she were seducing. It’s disgusting. – It’s disgusting. – It’s really…The dirty world. ” Umm. – Mr. Seo? Or… a foreign country… “…nim…nim. “” Oh, yeah? ” I wanted to hit her with her eyes raised deliberately and close to me, but she tried hard to hold back and open her mouth because of the manager who was watching her through the back there. ” … Park Yoo-chun. “Ba… Park Yoo-chun? TVXQ’s? ” ……yeah. ” Eee-e-e-e-e-e-y-y-yee-yee, her face was really unappealing. I wonder what kind of face I’ll get if I remove that makeup. Come to think of it, none of the celebrities I’ve met so far have not been so… Alas, there was just one thing – the studio began to rattle, but I didn’t want to worry too much. I was just telling the truth when I was told to have a musician I admire – and because there was no hesitation in it. The same member, Yoon-seok, next to me. He came to pull me off my back. – …. I told you. I don’t lie even if I die… Never… I’ll never do it. ” Why do you respect Park Yoo-chun? ” …… why did you come to MC? “What?” “Why are you MCing?” “He’s…he’s…he’s…he’s…he’s… ‘Cause it’s good. ‘” … Me, too. I just like it. So I respect you.

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