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” Indeed, now I can see the manager’s brother waving his fist at me in a tremendous way behind the face of a female MC who can’t speak anymore as if he’s speechless. ‘You’re gonna die after the show! With his hard-working gesture behind him – really, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. …. I never wanted to be a singer. I wasn’t i고양개인회생 nterested in it from the beginning, and frankly speaking, I might be more right to say that I despise it. Thanks to my brother, who used to be an underground singer, I would never fall into such a dirty world, and all your people would be dirty. And… because I believed it. I didn’t want to be a singer –파주개인회생  but I didn’t hate dancing and singing. No. – I rather like it so much that it’s a problem. I enjoyed dancing and dancing in the rhythm here and there, and I enjoyed singing because I grew up watching my brother. And I loved it very much. – “… …Yun Ho-hyung … Yun-seok, with 의정부개인파산a worried voice, spoke to me stealthily. Yunho, who had not been focusing on the broadcast in a crooked manner from the beginning, seemed to have been worried. In addition, Yoon-seok sighed quietly, looking at Yun-ho, who showed no response, as the manager’s brothe일산개인회생 r’s personality was supposed to be mediocre. ” ..Lastly, let’s listen to Real’s song. “A really obstinate person – Yoon-seok glanced at Yun-ho, who was hard at dancing beside him. He’s really… He was a man of great ability. But not so greedy. To the point where his skills were wasted – he was, like that, rotting his skills. It’s a waste… I envy you, what I admire… It’의정부개인회생 s you, you’re so cold, and you’re the one with God-given skills. Yuchun? … I think… My brother deserves more respect …… Deeply  <03> Written By. Jaen, it’s been a bad morning for Yuchun. A heavy limp body, a ping – a spinning head, and what I don’t like the most – a hoarse voice. ” My voice’s down, if I were a music pro, I could lip-sync. ” ..I know. – Today, it’s airwaves. ” Unfortunately, all three of today’s schedules were airwaves – two sho남양주개인회생 ws and one documentary-style talk show. “It hurts…” ” …… what can I do, I’ll bear it. Chang-min seems to be sad, but he can’t even say, “It’s probably the same. What I’m going to bring out when he’s in my situation. “Why did you start shooting in the morning, really? That’s how the New Year’s morning of Korea’s top dance group TVXQ began, from the nervous Jin to the sleeping Junsu. Yu동두천개인회생 chun was hiding behind as many members as possible. Anyway, it wasn’t all that pleasant to run into him. Who would have known – that the show-off schedule, which he didn’t want to come, would be with Real. To be honest, all the programs that I like to invite and confront many celebrities under the title of ‘New Year’s Special’ were there, so Yuchun was working on the schedule with the intention of “I’m going to make it easy today.” 양주개인회생 Don’t look at me like that, really. His eyes, which were staring straight at him, began to feel burdened. Yuchun, who had been hiding behind the members of the group, stood up with a embarrassed look on his face and stood still, surprised by the voice that stopped his movements accurately. ” Why do you keep hiding? “…oh, why is that MC so impatient to eat me up구리개인회생  again? There were quite a few celebrities who didn’t like themselves because they were ordinary Park Yoo-chun of the talented TVXQ. – Please let it go today. I had been longing for it. ” …….. The … It’s…” “It’s because Yuchun is sick today, she’s been sniffling since the morning.” Chang-min took the words tactfull고양개인회생 y in a laughable voice. At Chang-min’s words, the female MC’s eyes were briefly directed to Yuchun, but were turned back to the camera with a big smile on their eyes. Hugh – For now … It was a great illusion that… ..was it okay? More burdensome than that, Jung Yun-ho – ’cause his eyes were no longer on me. .. For God’s sake, you bastard. Can’t you focus on the show? Yeah, yeah, I’m the one파주개인회생  who got into the entertainment business because of me- well, I don’t understand, but I’m going to move on! But why – You’re so mean to me. Oh, please, for일산개인회생  today… Don’t bother me. “… man… Park Yu …. Chun? ” Pinky-pinky – with so much heat left that it’s hard to even stand up now. I’m a little bit of a childish team name, and I, and…an indelible to one’s The voice of a worried Jaejoong, who was vaguely heard… Where ….Did you hear that? “Ba… Park Yoo-chun!” Oh, my God. – I can’t see or hear anything now. Woong-woong – a cool breeze with the sound of hitting, and a very cool scent. …. …., damn it. Falling … Am I… Deeply< 04  W Written By. Jaen Duranduran, the sound of the words on the street as soon as he opened his eyes – the members talking with serious expressions, and the whit의정부개인파산e ceiling – again. Pretty flowers in a white vase… flowers? ” …do… Changmin… ” ..uh. Yuchun, you’re up. “With a look that seemed to hide something, a little grumpy – I tilted and looked at the other members’ faces. I don’t know why they’re all so stiff. I don’t like it. Come to think of it, it’s a hospital. – Here. Suddenly, I remembered that I fell down with a pingle, and I was depressed at the thought that I was just bothering the members

광주개인회생 again. “That …… Yuchun ……?” ……?” Without saying anything – a newspaper that sticks out. Trying to ignore my glaring eyes, they were just staring at the newspaper without saying anything. Newspapers… I can’t help it if I’m scared. What else, what does it say? ” I don’t know if… The same schedule with Real, I should avoid it.” I hurr광주개인파산 iedly opened the newspaper thinking, “Huh?” As soon as I opened the newspaper, what I saw as soon as I opened it was Jung Yun-ho, who was hurriedly carrying me, who collapsed during the broadcast – that guy. “… …why, this guy? ” ..the first thing I ran as soon as you fell down, I was hesitating and I carried you on my back. And – the media’s reaction to it … ” What’s the media’s reaction? Why? – Did you do something wro순천개인회생 g to fall down? You’re wrong to carry a fallen man on your back, aren’t you?” .. The problem is, Jung Yun-ho mentioned your name on the show the day before. She confidently said, “Give me your name,” Park Yu-chun… You know, you said, ” …. So what, the two of us– you’re going out? Make sure you… I’m not saying that’s… There are a lot of people who see with st여수개인회생 range eyes – this is it. ” At Chang-min’s words, he gave a dejected smile. Now you really, really, have no qualms about it, and you’re pushing a decent person into a homosexual. – I thought…God damn it, what the hell! ” It’s okay. – Maybe, it’ll calm down soon. ” With the sour words of Jin, the noise outside came to my ears. And… they’re all here, and the reporters are making me feel even more depressed. Down… ” …… what about you? ” ” Huh?목포개인회생 ” ” You too… Me, do you think so? ” …… Park Yu-chun – ” ” You’re going to… You think he’s gay? “I’m scared, I can’t even look up, Park Yoo-chun! I couldn’t see the faces of the members, so I bowed down – tears flew down my face. dot and dot, colouring the white quilt. ” … Never, ” …… eh?” Never, never, never. ” There were Chang-min, who answered with a force of Chinese characters, behind such Chang-min – with a soft smile, others nodding their heads. ” We, we believe in you. Because you’re – TVXQ. “Yes …” Alone… 무안개인회생 Don’t be sick, bad boy. ” …… eh… ” Maybe – again, something that might start.Anyway, I don’t know if they’re keeping me up with this hard work. I have something to tell you. “I was so nervous, and the hand of Yu-chun, who was trying to trim his hair looking in the mirror, hardened. You do광양개인회생 n’t think – and the face I glanced at in the mirror is also… Jung Yun-ho, that guy. ” Me…? For what? “Coldly, coolly, calmly – rewrote these three words into my head and touched my head again with my hesitating hand. Nevertheless, Yuchun was chewing her lips unconsciously, as if her anxiety had gone away. All eyes in the waiting room – they, Jung Yun-ho and Park Yu-chun.It was no ex해남개인회생aggeration to say that. Not only has it already been on the media once, but today, for the first time since the news broke, Yunho and Yuchun had to run into each other in a waiting room. If it were anything, TVXQ or Real would have avoided it, but today’s show was a music program that might have a significant impact on album sales. That’s why people who didn’t have to go to the waiting room gathered and the waiting room was booming. ” Look at people, don’t do this. ” Quietly and quietly, whispered enough to only Yunho to hear, Yuchun stood up from the chair where he sat – and was about to take a step to the spot where Jae-joong and Jin-yi were whispering. “Senior!

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