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” Ta-ak. Again. – Hands in contact. When Yunho grabbed him with force, he frowned slightly with pain. It was so embarrassing that Yuchun felt like she was sitting there crying. “… this… Jung Yoon-ho – “I have something to tell you, senior artist – ” Yoon Ho-hyung!” Yuchun felt as if he had met a savior. “Yun Ho, are you crazy? Wh부산개인회생전문at the hell is this to you? – ! ” Yoon-seok. – You’re… “It’s you, brother! Don’t do this! ” This is again, what’s going on? – I’m confused. As long as the t부산개인회생 wo members of “Real” are fighting against each other, I’m in a state of utter bewilderment because I don’t even let go of the hand that Jung Yun-ho holds. ” ..yes, Jung Yun-ho – that hand, let go. ” ..a car… Changmin. “Yun-seok, who was about to yell at Yun-ho, 부산개인회생상담 stopped talking in surprise at the voice coming from behind him – Yun-ho, who was responding to him silently, saw Chang-min like that and soon closed his mouth – and stared at him quietly. ” Yuchun’s embarrassed, that hand. – Let it go. ” Warm, but somehow full – a voice with dignity. However, Yunho’s hand, tied to Yuchun’s hand, seemed to have never even made a small move, as if it had never been willing to통영개인회생 be released. God. – Really, stubborn Jung Yun-ho. Shake shake, as if to accept Changmin’s words – Yuchun shook his hand to shake it off, but as expected. Yunho’s hand only hurts more than Yu-chun’s hand, and he seemed to have no intention of releasing it. ” Jung Yun-ho – ” …… what if I let him go? ” …..” If you let me go, will you give me a chance to talk to you? “It’s, you know, you’re avoiding it, you know, 거제개인회생 later quietly between yourself. “” Jung Yun-ho, the big issue – you’d better avoid it in the first place. ” …that doesn’t mean nothing if you just avoid my position without considering it. “In Changmin’s eyes, the little mischief vanished. The frowned eyes of Chang-min represented that he was feeling quite uncomfortable now, and that Chang-min was standing tall and watching from afar what he looked like김해개인회생 and what I couldn’t do with him, Jun-su, Jin, Jae-joong – and Yoon-seok stand ready to jump with his anxious face. ‘Yes, sir.’ …… you, what the hell do you – what do you admire so much about Yuchen? ” And, the hardened Yuchun and… That guy, Jung Yun-ho. Deeply< 05 > Written By. Jaen ” Jung Yun-ho – ! Give it to me! “” The silence that had filled the waiting room was shattered and scattered with the shrill cries that had양산개인회생  soon came. Everyone stops their work and stares at the center – Jung Yun-ho, Park Yoo-chun, and Shim Chang-min. ” Jung Yun-ho – !!! ” It seemed like Real’s manager. Holding Yunho’s shoulder painfully tight, he was still immovable, as he grabbed his big, sturdy man – his hand held white. ” ……….” “Yun Ho – ! What are you doing, man? – ! Our manager brother, who ran out of breath with a loud noise, soon진주개인회생 to mediate the situation. Changmin didn’t give up until the end and wanted to hear the answer to his question, but… Yunho, who seemed never to move – Jung Yun-ho, only then, smiled – and was miraculously clasping his wrists; loosening them. Somehow a bitter sense of liberation, Yuchun stroked his wrists with the other hand, which had just been tightened. Rather than feeling sorry for his red swollen wrist – the scent of Jeong Yun-ho cut there was so, so throbbing that I didn’t know what to do. And the self-help Yunho’s smile and a heart that seems 사천개인회생 to be aching – ” ……. Park Yoo-chun, listen clearly. ” Yunho, who had kept his eyes on Yuchun even though he let go of his hand, opened his mouth. Without realizing it – Yuchun shuddered, but he was not avoiding Yunho’s gaze at him. “You’re, for the first time in your life – someone who owns the ability that Jung Yun-ho has fallen for. ” ……………” Okay? Don’t belittle yourself, your 거창개인회생 body. – Don’t be rude. ” ……………” Even if you do, I’ll – this Jung Yun-ho won’t allow it, okay?! “Turm – really, what could have been answered. Yuchun’s heart was literally choked up, so he couldn’t say anything. He’s just reflecting on Yunho’s constant ringing in his head. “Jeong Yun-ho owns the ability to fall in love with… owned by Jung Yun-ho the ability to fall in love with…Jung Yun-ho fell in love with…’ ………. are you all right, Park Yu-chun? “Suddenly, there was no more Jung Yun-ho in the original noisy waiting room, and all I could see was Chang-min, who was lost 창녕개인회생 in thought, and Jae-joong, who was asking if he was okay by hitting his shoulder, and Jin-yi and Jun-su, who were talking about something at the other end of the line, and — red inflated and unabated wrists………….. Yunho, armed with a look of “Don’t touch me now!” was riding on the van with angry gestures. Yoon-seok’s expression following seemed to be cautious to the fullest extent, and even the manager, wh부산개인파산 o had been curiously trying to stop Yun-ho, is now watching him calmly. ” …. You told me to stop it, Jung Yun-ho. ” …I guess it wasn’t. The manager, who calmly climbed to the front of Ben, calmly rummaged through the diary and calmly threw a spiny word at Yunho. Surprised, Yoon-seok cautiously looked at Yun-ho, but Yun-ho, who was facing out of the window, remained motionless.울산개인회생  ” What if you’re so free and you get buried? You think this world is so easy? Besides, TVXQ, why bother the group, huh? You guys are rookies, and you’re the best group. OK? ” Yun-ho’s face reflected through the window was slightly distorted, and Yun-seok began to feel all the more restless. I have to mediate, but I can’t help but feel frustrated because I don’t know how. After fidgeting anxiously, I looked up again at Yunho sitti창원개인회생 ng next to me. Unaware of what he was thinking, Yunho was just silent, with his eyes closed. ” ……brother?” ……” ……” …… …… you know. – Park …… Yuchun… All right… do it? ” ………” Yoon-seok sighed, lowering his gaze towards Yun-ho, as he had never thought he would answer anyway. Yuchun and Jung Yun-ho – Why is Yun Ho so obsessed with Yuchun? Yunho’s way of dealing with Yuchun… Until now, it was not Yunho’s figure that Yoon-seok recognized. Yunho, who was completely different and was even unfamiliar with it – that was Jeong Yunho in front of Park Yoo-chun. ” …….. I don’t know. ” …… eh?” …” ..I don’t know, I don’t know… Yoonseok, I don’t kno울산개인파산 w why I’m doing this… ” Ha-ah – complicated and strange, the thing about their relationship. ” You must be tired. Take a rest. Junsu was following me to the front of the room and taking care of Yuchun. As Junsu said, Yuchun, who looked really exhausted, looked at Junsu’s solitude without words, and walked helplessly. It is inevitable that a sigh of – ha – ha – will come out of the way as if it were about to fall. Yuchun lay plodding down on the bed, gazing at the white ceiling and sighing constantly. Once, twice, three times… Number four… five… The red bulging, the still unabated wrists suddenly came into my eyes. Exactly five… counted to And as soon as the wrist came into his sight, his head was black – Jun창원개인파산 g Yun-ho; it was inevitable.”…… Jung Yun-ho – “The name that I call softly had a strange feeling, so the sweet and bitter inner voice seemed to ring in his mouth, and now Yuchun reacted with a sense of surprise. Jung Yunho, what are you thinking? What are you thinking? You’re doing this to me, huh? Don’t make me confused. Just, just leave me alone… …please… However, contrary to such though대구개인회생전문 ts, the heart beating like crazy with its burning wrists… …Yuchun was so confused that he didn’t even know what to do. Even though I could feel the way she looked at herself, Yuchun kept her eyes on the book she was trying to read. Among the many people in the noisy waiting room, it was Jung Yun-ho, not anyone else, who was particularly focused on Yuchun, who never moved his fixed gaze to Yuchun. What the hell d대구개인회생 o you want me to do, Yuchun gritted his teeth. It occurred to me that it might explode if we keep going like this. Yunho – Jung Yun-ho, he wasn’t really considering Yuchun’s position. It doesn’t matter – I thought, of course. However, such a blatant expression of interest really matters. How long has it been since he grabbed his wrist in the waiting room? Yuchun was turning away from Jeong Yun-ho once again, moving his hands to the point where he was shaking his patience countless times in his hands were shaking.

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