코로나" ………." Unnervedly -영주시

” ……….” Unnervedly – beside Yuchun, Junsu, who was alternately looking at Yuchun and unshakable Yunho, poked Yuchun in the ribs. It seemed to mean to do something. Yuchun, who was flipping the book irksomely, sighed at such Junsu’s touch and jumped to his feet as if he had made up his mind. And – by such Yuchun’s actions, everyone in the waiting room, who had been watching Yuchun and Yunho unknowingly, began to get very nervous. Is it finally a clash? If 포항개인회생 Park Yoo-chun is Na Jeong-do. ” Hey, Jung Yun-ho. ” ………..” There was no answer, but only Yun Ho’s two eyes were still, facing Yuchun. “Hey, what the hell are you…? Ugh,” Yunho’s hand grabbed Yu-chun’s wrist. Also – Yuchun, who shook his hand to get angry because he was curious구미개인회생  about it, was literally embarrassed by Yun Ho, who started walking somewhere with him. Park Yu-chun, who is being dragged somewhere with his wrists clung to him again – Chang-min, who will help him today – and his manager brothers were gone. “Hey, Jung Yun-ho – Lee, ta경주개인회생 lk about this! ” ………..” “Hey! Let’s talk here! Hey, Jung Yun-ho! “… don’t yell. Do you want to be a sightsee? ” ……that, but… “So be quiet, then, me too – ’cause I don’t want to be a spectacle. “Suddenly, Yuchun began to be frightened. Not only do we know the destinati안동개인회생 on of Yunho’s random route, but as time went by, people around him were starting to get less and less. And Yunho’s face right now… an expressionless expression in a word “I… Hey… I mean… ” …….” “Jeong Yun-ho, usi – just …. As soon as I thought, “Yun Ho’s foot stopped,” my hand drew Yuchun. And… ” …………… ” It hit me. Sweet dreamy fruit into the lips of Yuchen, and into it… More and more insi상주개인회생 de… Yuchun’s eyes, which had grown so big in surprise, were slowly closed due to Yunho’s hair that it kept tickling, and Yuchun literally lost its strength to the point where he had to put all the weight on the wrist caught by Yunho, the resident dance. I’m not rejecting you, me. Yuchun was surprised at the sudden thought. Park Yu-chun – kiss with Jung Yun-ho, not at all – repulsed.. I wasn’t feeling it. To the extent tha영천개인회생 t he himself is astonished. It’s not just that I’m not rejecting it, but Yushun is Maybe it’s gradually getting into it… At first, I thought it was okay to just look at him. – I wanted to get closer, I didn’t want to do it on purpose, and I saw him up close… Jung Yun-ho seemed not satisfied with it. What are you doing? – That’s what struck me, in that very situation. Yunho’s face, which almost leaned on Yunho – who pushed t영주개인회생 he drooping Yuchun into the fire – was incredibly red, not like the one who did the bold act. “Urrrr; “The pushed Yuchun fell to the wall to the point where it seemed quite strong. I thought it was quite loud when I bumped into him. Moreover, the face of th경산개인회생 e person concerned, Yuchun, was distorted with pain, so Yunho was restless. Are you okay? ” ………..” There was no answer, but Yunho didn’t care much because it wasn’t a question he asked for an answer from the beginning. It didn’t matter. Park Yoo-chun, who ignores him문경개인회생 elf – is used to it. It would have been weird if I had answered. Well, that’s what it is. Jung Yunho, from Park Yoochun. A strange relationship when you answer. Something familiar with being ignored. But why – strangely enough, you’re obsessed with Park Yu-chun? Why – What’s the reason? Why did you want to get close, even doing this job you hate so much? …… of course there’s no answer. As always. Even though I대구개인파산 stayed up all night thinking about it, all I could think of was just Park Yu-chun. Because it’s Park Yoo-chun? You’re obsessed because you’re Park Yoo- The answer is… Park Yoo-chun ….?” …” …… what’s the reason?” ……………” Why are you picking on me? – Jung Yun-ho. ” Yunho’s heart was filled with a voice that seemed to be crying – it seemed like he was coming. The bow covered his face, so I 대구파산신청ouldn’t see anything – Yunho seemed to see. Tears filled the black eyes of Yuchen. “……. Yuchen Line … “I, really. – Is he even a senior to you? ” ………” You said you respected me. You said you were a singer because of me. But why are you giving me so much trouble? Huh?! ” …” I… An old saying… ” I was confused enough, even if Yuchun didn’t push me so hard. But I can’t say anything. I respect him, th청주개인회생상담at’s why he became a singer. Of course it was true, all of it. But – I don’t know, Jung Yun-ho doesn’t even know. – How can you answer that? One thing is for sure – when he cries, his heart aches. I don’t want to give him a hard time. I didn’t mean to make it hard. ” ……I don’t care, now. ” ……………….” Just, do it your way. Rather – do it that way. The eyes of Yuchun, whose tears had already disappeared, turned to Yun청주개인회생ho. The challenging eyes made Yunho realize – deeply. Already, irrevocably far away. Yuchun will never give himself up. “I mean, he did. ” Yu-chun burst into a good laugh at Jae-joong’s mischievous remarks. Yunho’s footsteps, which were about to come down from the stage of the devil and enter the waiting room, hardened when he found them, and because of such behavior, Jae-joong and Yu-chun natu충주개인회생rally looked at Yunho. ” …… hello, sir. “… oh, hello. – Youngho, Yoonseok! ” Behind Jae-joong’s greetings, Yun-ho breathed a sigh of his own at the sight of Yoo-chun, who seemed only to nod. Yoo-chun, who said, “It’s okay,” said, “I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I h청주개인파산en’t been able to get away with it, making Yun-ho angry, timidly hesitating and not hiding. He treated Yunho and Yunseok with a real senior look, and that wasn’t much different from other juniors. It was not that I hadn’t thought about what to do. Yunho was in such agony all the time and, as always, was inconclusive. It was somehow good. ‘Cause I’m not avoiding it. – But I’m just getting depressed thinking I can’t really 제천개인회생t close now. ” Today’s stage was great – “Two-wook, playfully, smiled Yun-ho to thank Jae-joong’s hand on Yun-ho’s shoulder. Good senior, Jae-joong. – He is. Strangely, there was something that made people feel comfortable, and it was like a very sweet spring water for Yunho, who was very nervous about the sharpness of the stream. He was an ideal senior award for juniors. Compared to that, Jin Yi, who 음성개인회생 For Yunho, – Ah, of course, the unwelcomeness towards Yuchun is a mixed feeling of welcome and unwelcomeness.  Come on, junior Yun Ho! Do you have time today? “… oh, yeah? What do you mean time?” “You have it, you don’t have it?! ” … oh, this is the last schedule. “Kiduckkiduck. – That’s great. Yeah. ” …… Hey, Jae-joong! You don’t think you – “Dul-eul-eul-eul-eul-Yu-chun shouted at Jae-joong, but he opened 진천개인회생s mouth, looking only at Yun-ho, as if he had no sense of hearing Jae-joong. ” … come to ‘Deeply’ this evening at seven o’ “Yes? ” ” … Hoo-hoo, it’s Yuchun’s birthday. – O.K.? Yunseok, come with us. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yuchu옥천개인회생n, who was biting his lips angrily, noticed Yunho’s gaze at him and turned around and left the waiting room. …..Birthday? Suddenly, his heart fluttered and fluttered – Yunho completely forgot what he should do. Birthday? …… Shin, Yuchun’s birthday? A beating heart – a sudden sensation of being thrown away – Yunho was literally frantically excited by the cautious throbbing like a new groom who was about to get 영동개인회생married. Deeply< 077 Written By. Jaen’s forehead was slightly frowned upon by the noisy club atmosphere. Yoon-seok, who apparently followed Yoon-ho with a sigh of tears and mustard, was frowning with the same expression. The figure looked so similar that Jae-joong, who was watching them from afar, smiled. Here it is – raise your hand with the gesture, and Yuchun, who was sitting next to you, shuddered청주개인회생상담. Somehow – it’s fun, so Jaejoong is fresh. Perhaps Yuchun knew that they had arrived at the club even before Jaejoong found them. If not – don’t you need to overreact even by saying ‘blat’. “… hello, how are you? Yuchun nods her head carelessly to the unwavering polite language. It’s a far cry from being restless until they arrived. It was fun, no. – It was so much fun that I almost died, Jae-joong. ” … Kee-deuk, “Yoon-ho, Yoon-seok, Yoo-chun, and the rest of the TVXQ members and some close celebrities looked at Jae-joong. I can’t help but wonder what’s so funny, how he keeps his mouth shut. Their atmosphere was frozen over the face of Yunho and Yuchun.

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