” …… Jaejoong, ” “Brother?! What’s so funny? “… ah, ah, ah, ah… Nothing, hoo-hoo. Come on, you guys sit too. “The Yuchun’s seat, the seat of Jung Yun-ho, may have been intended by Jae-joong – or by acci춘천개인회생 dent, but it’s become awkwardly so. Quite – it couldn’t be less than a funny situation, for people except Yunho and Yuchun. ” …… Happy birthday, sir. “Mumbling, the street was not loud – but it was so clearly embedded into Yuchun’s ear that it must have been Jung Yun-ho’s voice, his heart beating without hesitation again, that Yuchun kept drinking his innocent glass into his mouth. “… congratulations, let’s do it…” I feel like I want to shout, but the special Jung Yun-ho’s voice seemed to only be heard by Yuchun, so all the cries that came up to his throat w원주개인회생 ere gulped – pushed into his throat with the drink he had inhaled. “Yuchun, you. – Stop drinking, no matter how much it’s your birthday… man… ” Yunho’s expression sitting next to him was already – hardened. It was frustrating to watch the countless alcohols that went over Yuchun’s th강릉개인회생 roat, but what made the ironclad Jung Yun-ho fix his trembling fist on his knuckles was – Park Yoo-chun’s, loosened. Wasn’t it something? Slightly, thump thump thump thump thump on the lean body. At a glance – thump thump thump thump thump thumping sweet breaths that pass by. Every now and then, painfully pierced to the hot gaze of self… Really, Jung Yun-ho – he was d속초개인회생 ying. Tokyo, Love – Now, even Yunho is not sure what to say. When he got close to him, he was filled with unbearable excitement, and Jung Yun-ho, unable t동해개인회생 o think.a thing that might have turned out of Anyway – it didn’t matter. Near – if only. Now living close to him, like breathing – has become an important reason for survival. Jung Yun-ho… don’t think about anything. – What you want, let’s push on…What yo삼척개인회생 u want …… Park… Toward Yushun. ” …… I want to know, Jung Yun-ho. “What?” Yunho, who was bringing a devil’s drink to his mouth, paused and hardened. It didn’t matter because only Yuchun existed in Yunho. Yoo-chun, who looks directly at himself with a disappointed smile on his publishing face, couldn’t even raise his head properly. “Do you love me ….? “What?! ” Love – ? Never, never thought abou철원개인회생 t it, might seem stupid – but it did. Yunho has never thought of love. Park Yu-chun is a man. I love men. – La. ” …I’m …. ” I’m saying, it’s weird… When I see you… Strangely, it hurts here… Even Yunho felt heartbroken by Yoo-chun`s move, which poked his chest. Yunho sighed because he looked beautiful even though he was a little embarrassed by Yuchun’s loose movements. ” …… is strange…? Uh-huh… I, I know, I’d like to… ” 원주개인파산 what… go?” ” What is this…. You want to know… Don’t you…? I want to know. Why I’m heading so far towards you. Why I want you so much. I’m so embarrassed by the unknown emotion. Do you know? Why am I doing this? Why am I so excited when I see you? “… …love, tell me you do. ” ………….” Just – I wonder how it would feel to hear that. Tell me. “I’m …..” It’s my birthday. Think of it as a birthday present … ” I hoped you’d be playful, with those pretty, clear eyes. Then I’d laugh and tell him not to joke around and offer him a 춘천개인파산 . The eyeball for Jung Yun-ho straightened out, and there was no playfulness in sight. The serious, very sincere — in his eyes, only Jung Yun-ho is being seen. ” .. senior, I’m …. ” Say …. Look… ” ………. buy …. love… Do it.” .. again, … Tell me again. ” He bowed h제주개인회생 is head. I didn’t have the courage to look into the eyes of Yuchun. Yunho, who had been squeezing his voice that was not coming out, became very nervous as he felt as if he had been sober. I love you …. ” ………….” …… I love you, I love you… “Two, like a burst of water – once in a while, as soon as you start talking, you come out like a flood. I love you, I love you. A lot – precious. – It’s precious. There was no word went on.제주도개인회생 was really ironic that other people who had come up to the stage before they knew it, or the music that was banging in their ears, or the situation in which only two remained in the hall. I raised my head, I thought I had to. Close your eyes once and then turn your head 제주개인파산 like that toward Yuchun, who was silent. ” ……. West, Sun… The ship? ” Tears in her eyes filled with herself ran down as soon as Yunho’s eyes met. My heart aches – it’s getting dark. Because of the clearness that was flowing – even Yunho wanted to burst into tears. “You cry… Don’t… ” Swoosh, the tears that reached out and wiped were warm. Yunho’s eyes, which were gently closed to Yunho’제주도개인파산 s hands, woke up again and looked at Yunho as if he was familiar with it, and Yunho reached out again with his cold cheeks, unlike his tears. ” …… I love you ……” …………………….” I love you, Jung Yun-ho… ? Unknown, Yun-ho felt like crazy about the word that filled his head. I love you. – I love you. – Really, I love you….? Jung Yun-ho, really. – Do you love Park Yoo-chun…? Deeply  0 08 >Written By. Jaen. ” Let’s 신용회복위원회 개인회생 go back now, brother. It’s – it’s too late. When Yuchun fell asleep, Yunho looked up. Yoon-seok, with a stiff face, was silently looking down at himself. ” …… eh?” .. Let’s go, booze. – Are you drunk? ” “It’s not like that, I – ’cause I’m fine. It’s too late. My manage신용회복위원회 r might scold me. “Oh. -Yeah, yeah. -We should go. ” Stuck, it was two people who remained in the room. The rest of the people were not even thinking about coming in, and Yuchun constantly muttered something to Yunho and fell asleep. And Yunho… – Yunho, …. What did I do? Continuing. Blank – Would it be ridiculed to say that I was watching Yuchun who fell asleep in Hani? Yunho really watched 신용회복위원회 채무조정 Ju-wook – Yuchun only to not even know who was coming into the one coming into the room. Stupid – maybe it’s a job. ” Yeah. – Let’s go. ” Yunho, who turned around and tried to get up with Yoon-seok, realized that he could no longer stand up by something holding his hand. Oh – I did. Yuchun’s hand was held tightly by Jeong Yun-ho. The warm energy that I had felt in my hands for a while see개인회생신청자격 med to have been the temperature of Park Yu-chun. God- I forgot to hold someone’s hand. “Brother. – What are you doing? You’re not going? ” ……….. Yoon Suk. ” ………” You go first. I’m – I’ll catch up. Yoon-seok`s unknown gaze stayed with Yun-ho for a while. And he – soon after, without saying a word – opened the door of the room and disappeared. As Yoon-seok said, even if I went back to my accommodation now – it was obvious that I would be scolded, but I still couldn’t resist the hand of Yu-chun, who was full of tears. Someh개인회생파산 ow, I felt like I shouldn’t let go. That’s why. ” ……. Jung Yun- ” Turned away. What’s so sad? Another drop of tears flowed from his eyes. From his eyes to his cheeks and lips – again. Drenched with tears, he approached his lips carefully. The fragrant smell of his own sweet bre개인파산신청자격 ath tickled Yun-ho’s bangs. And – Yunho, as if he were tasting forbidden fruit – carefully bringing his tongue close to tears wetting his lips. Sweet and salty – but fragrant, the taste… Once again – close to each other – Yunho held Yuchun’s lips this time. The fishy feeling that smells like a rose at first glance, to Yunho – a really unfamiliar feeling. Yuchun, in his sleep, came round his neck. The smell of alcohol개인회생기간단축  in his tongue passed through him to Yunho. It didn’t matter. – You’d welcome this sort of drunkenness. You know what? Me. – I guess I’m drunk. I thought I was sober, but I was already drunk. That drink you were handing over – in this ever-pounding atmosphere, at your birthday party – and… To you. On your lips, on your scent… …” “What the hell are you, you! ” Whick – I didn’t have the courage to open the newspaper thrown in front of me. Yunho is not afraid, he is not anxious, he is afraid that this will hurt him again – that’s why he is hesitating. ” If you’re late, don’t get into trouble! What’s this, Jung Yunho? ” I couldn’t even hear the manager screaming something.With the tip of Yoon-seok’s hand, who carefully picked up the newspaper, all his nerves were focused. Sneaking – somewhere at the end of the hand that unfolds the newspaper. – Jung Yun-ho, Park Yu-chun What is the end of the mysterious relationship?

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