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– The article, which begins with a childish title, said Yunho attended Yuchun’s birthday party, and the two stayed at Jook – ROOM unlike other celebrities, and Yunho did not return even after Yoon Seok’s death, and he stayed with Yuchun until the end. Questionable relation – La. What’s our relationship? Even me. – I don’t know. It’s not a ​종로구개인회생scandal with a female celebrity, it’s a man! “You know, he’s just– he’s a good senior, you know. It’s a newspaper like this. – It’s all obvious. “Yoon-seok, who has been staring at Yun-ho, who is just standing there without saying a word for a while, has come out with such a sense ​서대문개인회생of humor. The manager’s sharp gaze turned to Yunho. You must be waiting for an excuse. However, Yunho just kept his mouth shut in the eyes of the manager. ” A male-to-male scandal is unusual, and everyone’s attention is on it. ” ………..” “No. – I know. But, let’s be careful. You got it? ” A muted voice, but only that sharp look – can’t be lifted. He was patiently waiting for Yunho’s answer. Like when I persuaded Y서대문구개인회생ho, who refused to be a singer. ” ……okay. ” As if nothing had happened at once, I turned around and looked at the manager, looking through the schedule table. I know it’s not. Maybe he knows everything. – No, he knows. Yunho, who had refused to be a singer, sudde​동대문구개인회생nly accepted the offer, and he was so calm that he had already committed something about Yuchun. No – the strange comma on the back, sounds unusual. He – Lee Han-young knows Jung Yun-ho better than Jung Yun-ho. ” …… you, why? – Do you like Park Yu-chun? 동대문개인회생” …” I don’t know.” ..you’re a man, even though you’re a man. – Is that so? “I can’t– I can’t answer that. I don’t even know what to say about this strange feeling. ” ………” ” Love – I’ve thought of it. Maybe it’s a yearning. But “” ………” But – I mean, kiss… is it longing or love? ” ……brother. ” ” I want to kiss you. – I want to be around you, and when I’m around you, I can’t speak 중랑구개인회생been with a guy. ” ………” But – if you think it’s love, don’t think about anything and approach it. ” ………” I’m always – on your side. Whether you love a man or not, anyway. ” …thank you, Yoon-seok. Yunho patted Yoon-seok’s head, smiling unselfishly at him. Yoon-seok, who is still younger than him, is sh​성동구개인회생owing his feelings of love and Iran, which even he cannot tolerate. Warm eyes – Yunho of – and Yoonseok smiling like a puppy. And the one who was watching it all at the end. … Still don’t know, that confused feeling – from end to end. We’re getting tired in the eternal round-trip, but I don’t care. Together – if we can be together. Deeply  <09 > Written By. Jaen was an unwitting step towards her. I was just walking in front of Real’s waiting room. I tried to turn around quickly because I thought it would be no good t관악구개인회생o stand out in the eyes of other people when I was in the midst of such a scandal. But it’s the Yunho that’s been suffering.It was somebody’s voice. full of tears I was just checking his face for a moment. The waiting room was slightly open anyway, and in anticipation that this would be the last schedule to encounter him, Yuchun raised his hesitant hand and slowly opened the door. So that no one notices… Careful. Very slowly.At the far end of the open door I could see him in great confusion. At that moment, Yuchun began to feel anxious about what to do. He was always– he was full of confi영등포개인회생dence, but not now. Anyway, it happened because of myself. What do I do? – Yuchun bit his lips. ” Wait, can I talk to you – Mr. Park.” Yuchun looked back in astonishment. It was Lee Han-young, manager of Real. A person with a black notebook in one hand, with silver-rimmed glasses – a sharp-eyed person. The sharp eyes were on the stream. Stuttering – Yuchun unwittingly hesitated back. ” Just a moment. Either way – shouldn’t we face it someday? “… I… “Somehow under pressure, Yuchun was literal여의도개인회생ly scared him. But- as he said, it was inevitable. Their problems have already been reported twice. Nothing can be solved by avoiding. Rather – something that might get out of hand. Nod – and very carefully, as Yuchun nodded, he made a gesture to follow him with a nod. Tapping- Yuchun, who once gulped down at the sight of him walking ahead, turned his head back to Yunho. Visible through the crack in the door, he was now smiling brightly. Sneaking 광진구개인회생a colleague’s head – patting him. Yeah- That’ll do. A weak smile rose around Yuchun’s mouth. Anyway, you look best in a confident and bright way. Yuchun’s footsteps as she turned around and walked seemed lighter. “Are you all right? It was Yunho who just smiled at Jaejoong’s questions. Where did he go? – I couldn’t see Yuchun. – Of course, it wouldn’t be a good thing to have happened, but to make matters worse, I was informed that the broadcast would be delayed for more than an hour. Because it was a long-running program, celebrities without any other schedules were really excited about a dreamy break, and in that atmosphere, Yunho was facing other ​동작구개인회생? I went out for a while. “Splendid – Junsu replied with a meaningful smile. ” Not that. – It’s okay… I’m not okay. ” Staring coldly at the hesitant Yunho, Jini continued. Surprised Yunho’s eyes turned round toward Jaejoong. The worried eyes- Jae-joong paused at something felt in them. “Jaejoong? “… it’s all r용산구개인회생 ight. Just – I was just a little irritated. “Annoying? Somehow – it’s the image I can imagine. He’d throw the newspaper, he’d scream, and then… I’m going to brag and then… And then… Cry… maybe I threw it away. Yeah. I’m gonna cry… I’m gonna throw it away. I mean, it’s weird… When I see you… Strangely, it hurts here… Does it hurt? Am I hurting you? I just– I got close to you because I like you, and that’s what makes you feel bad and sick? Is that what it? So… Ignore me. You can forget it at all. I’ll hide so you can’t see me. If that’s how you’re happy- if you smile pretty, then that’s fine. That’s enough for me. I’m happy enough with your presence. Because you can lau동진제약 호관원 프리미엄 가격 할인gh. He raised his hands, holding a glass full of orange juice that looked cool at a glance. All the cafes in the broadcasting station were there – won, but somehow with burning thirst, Yuchun gulped down the juice. The cold juice was running down my throat. ……you know it’s not an intention. ” ..intention…? ” ” I’m not going to use Yuchen County to fly Real. “… so… It’ll be… “Real” enough if it’s not like that. No, stay afloat. ” ” ……….. ” ” …Maybe I’ll stand side by side with you. No, maybe– not necessarily. ” His eyes were full of conviction. Once again a burning thirst, Yuchun reached out to a half-empty glass in front – and swallowed it again with juice. Trying hard to gulp – so swallowed. ” I know… That it’s not an intention. When I look into Yunho’s eyes… ” …… I know Yunho’s heart. Maybe I know him better than he does. But… I don’t want to be rash. I mean– you know what I mean? ” …… eh?” …… Yunho just, uh, lost his judgment when he met a senior he admired so much. You don’t think Yuchen County is like that article. – What you think is… “No! ” Park Yoo-chun – Liar. Though he felt his chest tightened, Yuchun even denied it by clenched his teeth and shaking his head. No, no, no… It’s also true that you thought maybe– Park Yoo-chun. ” Then that’s enough. I just- I just wanted to make sure. You know, Yuchun, right?” …… I’ll get going. The show will start soon. ” Watching Yuchun shoving away his chair and hurriedly disappearing, Han-young sighed quietly. Took Took – Patting the coffee cup in front of you nervously. …… I’m sorry, Yunho. There’s no way I don’t know how you feel. But… – Now, that I had to do this… You’ll find out someday. I don’t deny your feelings just because you’re dirty. Just now, it’s not the right time… You admit it, don’t you? Right? ……… forgive me, Jung Yun-ho. This selfish bastard… You have to forgive…

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