joined the company.

Ko Mi-ryeong joined the company on a recommendation from the accounting institute in Seoul.
It was one day after Ko Mi-ryeong joined the company.
Friends (Lee Ki-chan’s friends are almost dead now, but they are rich and have nothing to do) and a friend appeared very young at the drinking party.원주개인회생 개인회생신청서류
The drinking party of grandpas should not be associated with local supermarkets, taverns and taverns. Around that time, the fairies who served such people in Gangnam were doing a great job. Some fairies say that there were more than 100 fairies in the house alone.
(Why do I write so complicatedly? I would’ve just written that one of the women in the fairy was Go Mi-ryeong.
Anyway, when other friends asked the young friend, he told her to buy a drink, saying it was not information he could usually give. What kind of bar is that for?강릉개인회생 개인회생신청서류
Anyway, that’s how the information they’ve heard was a legendary jade-door inhalation technique.
The reader probably doesn’t know much about this jade-door inhalation, so I’ll let you know about it, but never abuse it. If you do something wrong, you’re not one person, you’re two people.
It has long been common for an old man to hold and sleep with his body in his arms, which is called skin inhalation, and the word jade-door inhalation is simply sucking one’s mouth into the jade gate.
Similar to this, there is a kind of jade root inhalation, which was used as a secret method for rejuvenation along with octogenarian suction in the old noble family, which is said to be a male inhalation of the energy of the man, and a common feature of jade root is that the wife absorbs the spirit of the bachelor, and the jade root of a woman who has lost sympathy, or also has no medicinal effect.속초개인회생 개인회생신청서류
So it is said that the ladies of the old days left the unsympathetic man in the bedroom and drank with urine when they woke up in the morning and the straw. Likewise, the grandkids of the nobility reportedly used this trick on the girl’s jade gate to inhale their energy over the young girl who had not lost her sympathy in her bedroom. But the interesting thing was that this flag was to die when it was lifeless, so if you drink it in a different bowl, you should drink it yourself.
For your information, if you visit an old-fashioned high-priced house, make sure to check out the bedroom connected to the main room or the reception room. The author confirmed the existence of the bedroom in many places. No, I haven’t seen the master bedroom yet.동해개인회생 개인회생신청서류
What’s interesting is that the expensive guides and manuals that explain this bedroom were slightly distorted.
I can’t say where, but I’ll just have to record one.
-This is the room where the owner of the house sleeps to put the servant to sleep in case of sudden death or emergency. -It said.
In the past, it was said that even his wife did not always sleep with him, but decided to share a date with him. That’s why his wife gave him a jade muscle inhalation in his home room, and in love, Nam Jung-ne allowed him to do a jade mouth inhalation.
Anyway, it was said that the house was a mess that day. Looking for somebody, but where would he have been?
If he had been to the fairy on that day, he could have received hundreds of millions of won from the financial resources of the gathered old men, and a story about a madam who was there that day is still circulating like a legend.
Anyway, it is said that the old ladies paid tens of millions of won that day to check the curtains of the girls they had usually claimed as fairies.삼척개인회생 개인회생신청서류
Our Lee Ki-chan was also tempting, but it was just a few days after that.
A mistake of millions of won has occurred in the accounting department. A covert internal investigation was under the direction of Carrot Lee Ki-chan, who, a few days later, came to Lee Ki-chan’s house by a lady named Ko Mi-ryeong.
And crying, he begged for forgiveness, saying he had stolen the money.
He said he would sell his body and pay the money back.
When asked where she needed the money, her single mother in her hometown graduated her as a haenyeo, and she met a shark and went deep into the water. I got a diving disease and cried that I needed the hospital bill.
(Submersible: You have to go deep into the water and come out slowly, but if you come out in a hurry, air bubbles occur in the blood because the pressure of the nitrogen that went into the blood disappears and becomes a gas. The disease caused by this causes death, unconsciousness even if light, quadriplegia, etc. -Believe it or not-)
When asked if the hospital expenses were enough, he sighed and cried sadly, saying, “It’s only the beginning and I’ve only just come to my senses.”철원개인회생 개인회생신청서류
At that time, Lee Ki-chan’s wife was also unable to move due to the heavy wind, so Lee Ki-chan felt sorry for her situation as a young girl.
When asked how to solve the problem of lodging and lodging in Seoul, the price of the room was so high that he rented a room with a friend and lived alone, which cost about one-third of his salary.
Lee Ki-chan, who came to the company the next day, called in the accounting manager and told him that he had ordered Goyang (Ko Mi-ryeong) to spend money on urgent matters and sent about 10 million won back to Goyang.
I was told to treat the use as confidential expenses for the president.원주개인파산 개인회생신청서류
When Ko Mi-ryeong came to the president’s office with 10 million won, Lee Ki-chan gave the money to her, adding it to her mother’s hospital bills, and asking her to earn the money and pay it back.
He’s got to be a city councilman. -The author’s strong argument–)
Seeing Ko Mi-ryeong crying and thanking her, she paid for the room, paid for the meal, and let her live in her house, asking when she would make money to pay back the light.
To Ko Mi-ryeong, Lee Ki-chan is a fairy (a fairy is a woman), or an angel (an angel’s last name is a man? Or is it a woman? -Very curious) or more. Having grown up without feeling her father’s love under her single mother, she may have felt her father’s affection toward her.춘천개인파산 개인회생신청서류
Anyway, alcohol is always the problem.
As Ko Mi-ryeong stayed at Lee Ki-chan’s house and stayed at work in the same car, rumors of all sorts spread throughout the company.
But nothing really happened between them until Ko Mi-ryeong quit the company.(Written by author)
It was six months after Ko Mi-ryeong came into Lee Ki-chan’s house and lived together.
Again the old-fashioned old-timers’ meeting was at the fairies. Perhaps because he was making an accident, another grandpa appeared very young.창원개인회생 개인회생신청서류
Carrot questions followed and answers were obvious, and the second clinical trial of jade-door inhalation was a complete success.
When Lee Ki-chan was drunk and came home late that day, it was coincidentally a mystery to greet him. Already, Lee Ki-chan was using separate rooms with his wife.
In addition to his wife and housekeeper, he also had a nurse-turned-career residing in the house for his mobility-impaired wife, who no one had waited for Lee Ki-chan.
When I sat on the couch in the living room and asked her to bring me some cool cold water, she came to the living room with honey water.
In the meantime, I was asleep in Ki-chan’s living room. He helped Ki-chan to drink water and moved into the room where Ki-chan lived, stripped him of his outer garment and laid him on the bed.
Now, let’s go back to the live broadcast.창원개인파산 개인회생신청서류
I was looking down at Mee-ryeong, lying on the bed, taking off her socks, and then suddenly…
“Are you really right?”
This is real. I never meant to sexually harass a ghost.
“The boss’s gone, too. It’s real, so is there a fake one?”
“No, I mean, don’t you really know men?”
“How many times do I have to tell you? Even my father passed away when I was a child, so I touched him for the first time today when he helped me. Not even my dad has ever grabbed my wrist as far as I remember.”
“You were a woman, really, a woman in the womb…My… my… my owl…!”
I was asleep doing it.
That was all Mr. Kichan showed interest in the mysterious.
After seeing Lee Ki-chan fall asleep, Mee-ryeong went up to her room and couldn’t sleep.
Lee Ki-chan saved my mother’s life, and she’s interested in my body, so……
Finally, she went into Lee Ki-chan’s room at night and lay naked beside the boss.
There is a no-mark chance for Mr. Totally Ki-chan. It’s like a natural monument. Kichan, who didn’t even know that, woke up in the morning because he was thirsty.창원파산신청 개인회생신청서류
I was surprised and looked closely at how MI RYEONG was completely naked and hugged her waist and fell asleep.
The mysterious, who woke up while still warming her arms, gave more strength to her hands and dug into Ki-chan’s
I felt a sudden sobering up.
What did he do to her?
I had no idea what to do with someone younger than my first place than my daughter.
But thinking about it, I felt like I said something while drunk yesterday.
Lightly sweep the back of a mummy.
“Mid! Don’t do this. I’m a man, too. You won’t get married later.”
Mee-ryeong said firmly.

창원회생신청 개인회생신청서류

“Mr. President, I’m not going to marry a ghost. So don’t feel pressured by the Mysterious. Yes!”
In fact, some of my granddaughters were of the same age as well. I wondered what it would be like if I touched Mee-ryeong, so I talked to her about the jade-door inhalation, and in fact, I was drunk yesterday, so I asked her to get dressed and go out.
Mee-ryeong pleaded with Ki-chan to let him repay his kindness, saying, “It’s not like I’m offering the jade-door inhaler.”
Lee Ki-chan grudgingly begins to inhale ‘s energy from that morning.

창원개인회생 개인회생신청서류
That’s how the spirit became a woman who gave Ki-chan energy from that day on.
Lee Ki-chan’s recollection ended when he was told to fasten his seat belt when the plane came over Jeju Island.

The plane landed safely at Jeju Airport.
Jeju was completely different from other inland areas from the atmosphere of the airport. The street trees were planted with small iron. Leaving the airport, he climbed into the back seat of a taxi and let him go to the village of Ko Mi-ryeong in Seogwipo and closed his eyes.
asked the driver.

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