“Shall we take you to the crossroad?”
“There’s plenty of time, so go somewhere nice and safe.”
“Yes, I’ll just take you to the crossroad.”
And the conversation with the knight is over.

서초구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류

On that day, Mee-ryeong urged Gi-chan to do a jade-door inhalation immediately, but Lee Ki-chan and Lee Ki-chan were arguing that they couldn’t do it, and the sun burst.
At daybreak, the spirit urged Gi-chan to do the jade-door inhalation, but when he saw the two of the people in the house starting to move and doing so, he got in trouble, so he told the mummy to go back to her room and start in her room tonight. And I could barely send her to her room by persuading the Mysterious that she wouldn’t have to come if she changed her mind because I’d give her enough time to think today.
The ghost said it would never happen and went to his room.
Gi-chan told his wife earlier that day that he wanted to welcome a mysterious woman as a houseplant daughter-in-law.

※Flower Daughter-in-law: A woman who is very old and incapable to see and enjoy like a houseplant for rejuvenation. It is said that there have been cases where the ceremony was formally held. -Believe it or not.-

Ki-chan’s wife was three years older than Ki-chan. I always felt sorry for not being able to have my son, and I usually felt sorry for him after the heavy wind, so I allow him to do so.

송파구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류
A woman’s quick wit may have been in play. It could hav

e been a self-protection instinct to obey her husband and keep her eyes open, if she was supposed to do so anyway, whether she was for or against it. Instead, Ki-chan decided to do the same, as he advised him not to take him out to the company but to take him home.
As soon as her husband left the room, Ki-chan’s wife called a mysterious woman and gave her a considerable amount of money, asking her to take a break from the company and serve her mother-in-law as a daughter-in-law.
The ceremony was accompanied by a request to prepare for the arrival of the father, even though he was not able to prepare for it.
He called the maid to take the maid to her hanbok house, and took measurements. He prepared all silk hanboks by tonight and put them on the spirit. From today on, he ordered them to call him Ah-sei, the house’s flower girl.
There is a legend that Ki-chan’s daughters, who later found out about this, were both father and father, but the sound of their mother kicking their tongues that they were more delicious shook Jangan, Seoul.

도봉구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류
Anyway, that day, the spirit replaced the robes with hanbok and officially became Kichan’s flower girl.
The spirit took a bath with the housekeeper that day and even finished the bridal make-up that Ki-chan’s daughters had when they were getting married, and came home with a few hanboks.
And from that night she took off all her clothes and slept in bed to give Ki-chan his energy, and to absorb her energy, she was given all the body she wanted.
Ki-chan really seemed to be rejuvenating after he began to inhale her energy.
I was motivated by everything, and my business went well.
Buildings were scrambled up to the ground he had.
It wasn’t particularly expensive.

은평구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류
As soon as the building was built, the construction cost was deducted from the deposit. And then the rent came in, so there was no need to use any brains, think, or even do anything.
All this came to be attributed to the spirit’s supply and the inhalation of the spirit was a result of the spirit.
The first thing Kichan did for the mummy after she was hit by a haystack was to bring her mother, who had been suffering from quadriplegia due to a diving disease, to Seoul to be hospitalized at a university hospital for the best medical care she could do in the country. Only three months after she came to Seoul, she walked out of the hospital on her own and left the hospital, and she came to Kichan’s house and thanked Kichan even after hearing about the mysterious being Kichan’s flower girl. And he also asked Ki-chan’s wife to take good care of his daughter.

노원구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류 
But how could he have done that to himself.
Being alone with the spirit without anyone else, the mother of the spirit took hold of the spirit’s hand, and could not blame you for what you did to save my life, but she could not cry out, “I’m so sorry,” but she sobbed with breath. Upon hearing that, Mee-ryeong said, “I love my boss so much, so don’t talk about it.” She said, “I’m really happy,” and she didn’t shed a single tear.
For the mummy’s mother, who is going back to her hometown of Jeju, Ki-chan is said to have given her enough courtesy to stay on until she dies.

At first, Mee-ryeong slept with her naked body so that Ki-chan could inhale her energy, and one day she was suddenly told to come out of the office that Ki-chan would want her body, that she would be sucked up, that she would be sucked into the body that Ki-chan wanted, that she would be sucked out of the office. Anyway, she showed her devotion to do whatever Ki-chan wanted for him.

노원구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류 
But after three months, I felt like I was able to get a sense of pleasure by doing something fast.
At first, Ki-chan just sucked the liquid out of it, but sometimes he even swallowed it when he asked her to pee. As such a strange relationship continued, Gi-chan learned how to make the spirit feel pleasant, and over time, he stimulated her and continued to be crafty until her body quivered with pleasure.
For Ki-chan, who she always wanted, she became a woman only for him, Lee Ki-chan, who always kept her body clean and always waited.
They were getting used to each other without even realizing it.
Ki-chan sometimes bristled with a desire to bring her down, but only inhaled her deceit as promised at first.
It was one night in March of the following year, about nine months after Ki-chan began to absorb her energy.
Kichan, who came in after a drink, came into the room and both of them were about to take off their clothes, and as they went to the bathroom, they asked the spirit to go to the bathroom together.
Taking the ghost to the bathroom, he begged me to let her pee. For Gi-chan, the spirit sat next to the bathtub and opened her crotch wide.

강서구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류
In fact, in the case of jade root inhalation, there are few cases of liquid leaking because women suck a man’s straw, but in the case of jade gate inhalation, it is almost impossible to swallow it without leaking because there is no straw.
(※ If you don’t believe it, try it. If you can drink it without leaking, I’ll stop writing right away.)
But Ki-chan, already mastered, had the ability to inhale nearly 99 percent.
The ghost raised her legs and posed to Ki-chan, sitting on the bathroom tile floor, so that she could be seen clearly. Then Ki-chan put his lips exactly on the top of her two, and with the ball. It began to suck lightly. Then she applied force and began spraying the liquid. She eats blandly these days. Because if you eat salty, your urine becomes more salty. But Ki-chan, who had been drinking well for a while, stopped peeing.
The amount of urine in the spirit was too much to swallow in a moment.
Unlike men, women can’t control their urine.
So a mysterious yellow urine spilled on Ki-chan’s face and chest, who was sneezing.
At that moment, Ki-chan was said to have felt sexual desire as he took the piss of a mysterious man. Gi-chan felt at that moment as if he had received a tremendous amount of Gam-roju from heaven that an angel gave him.
To the last drop, she took her urine with her whole body and asked Gi-chan, who was in ecstasy, to pee on her body as well.
Normally, she wouldn’t have peed on her in Ki-chan’s character. But that day he rose without a word and aimed at the spirit. and began to urinate on the face and breast and whole body of the spirit. Her whole body was wet from her head and yellow urine dripped from the tip of her nipple.

강남구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류

The bladder was full after drinking, so a considerable amount of urine poured out.
The Mysterious also thought he could do anything for the real man, receiving his warm urine from head to toe. And the spirit said she wanted to have a child that looked like Ki-chan.
It is said that when a woman feels love for a man, she wants to have a child that resembles him. Perhaps this is the animal instinct that remains in humans(?)
What makes you want to leave a person’s genes in the world because of yourself if you love him.
Anyway, that day’s jade-door inhalation, which began with Ki-chan eating her urine in the bathroom, began with each other taking a shower with urine.
When the urine shower was over, the two people soaped each other’s bodies, rubbed their bodies, shared their energy and shared the pleasure of petting. In the bathroom, the spirit held him with both hands and soaped him to massage him, and Gi-chan was tired of soaping all over her body, especially rubbing with the breast. So full of soap bubbles, Gi-chan rubbed her front chest with both hands behind the mysterious.

강남구개인회생 개인회생신청서류 개인회생신청서류
Then Gi-chan put a little stiff between her buttocks and rubbed it around her anus. The mystery giggled with great delight when Gi-chan did so.
Taking her out of the bathroom, Ki-chan put her in bed and began to lick her whole body with his tongue. Licking and sucking the breast alternately, sucking her lips and twitching her tongue into her ears, then breathing warm breath into her ears again and again, biting the nipples and sucking the whole breast, caressing her belly button and sucking the inside of her thigh. When Gi-chan lifted her calf and licked it with his tongue, the mystery was in such a state of vertigo that she felt dizzy.
Slowly licking his tongue from his legs again, he approached the spirit and made her lie down. She opened her knees, raised her hips to the sky, and took a prone position.

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